2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS: an electric S-Class with over 400 miles of range

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The 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS is an electric S-Class sedan with over 400 miles of range and a massive 56-inch touchscreen. The interior is packed with luxuriantly appointed features, and ride quality is refined. But do we really need more luxury EVs?
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コメント数 100
The Verge
The Verge 29 日 前
What car would you like to see an electric version of?
Javier Zakai
Javier Zakai 3 時間 前
@Major Quintana yup, I have been watching on flixzone for years myself :D
Major Quintana
Major Quintana 3 時間 前
a trick : you can watch series on flixzone. Been using it for watching all kinds of movies these days.
Derek Steen
Derek Steen 23 日 前
Subaru Baja. It needs a comeback. Very underrated utility vehicle.
Mark Plott
Mark Plott 24 日 前
VERGE - the EQS is just Another BORING Luxury car with NO performance. the TESLA model S PLAID + is the SUPERIOR one. MBZ has an Uphill climb with Competition coming from LUCID motors.
Sir V VCS 25 日 前
@LM “you’re mom” means “you are mom” or “mom is you”.
Tushar Sachdeva
Tushar Sachdeva 22 時間 前
The purpose of today's tech industry is to shove every piece of tech in every single thing. The most stupidest industry I've ever seen with no philosophy whatsoever
Neel Patel
Neel Patel 11 日 前
I feel like this is going to be the cyberpunk 77 of Cars. Good demos, good features which you can't believe. And this is the exact hype which kills a tech product
김준 11 日 前
it seems nice! it's like from the future
Nick Newman
Nick Newman 12 日 前
I see there's a car around the screen...
stucker78 15 日 前
Mercedes is being disingenuous stating that this car starts at around $100K. The 2021 S Class coupe starts at 109K. I would say this car will be more like 150K. Awesome car!
#kwabns 16 日 前
It would be much nicers if the screen was one seamlessly screen
118Columbus 17 日 前
Will be interesting to see how many people crash this since they are distracted by the wide screen TV on the dashboard.
vothry 18 日 前
This was painful, thinking about repair costs. Can you imagine one of those screens going out in the dash? Or a red dead pixel?!
Adam A
Adam A 19 日 前
Does it actually have the new rear airbags? A real contribution to safety!
Mufumbi John Mulenga
So how much to replace that screen? 😢
Captn Maico
Captn Maico 20 日 前
The UI design is horrible. Also the steering wheel redundant manual buttons produces an uneven design flow. Ofc some capabilities need redundant safe switches!, but if the radio fails or any other functionality, which does not keep the driver safe, who cares. Not impressed, interior is nice, but the UI and button overload totally destroys the point of a massive screen, not impressed.
A21_Harshit Baweja
That's too much screen even for a millenial like me.
Aditya Dodda
Aditya Dodda 20 日 前
Tesla's are successful because of the charging network. Even a 1000 mile range would be useless without superchargers.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 20 日 前
Good luck repairing the glass if it breaks. Lol
Binoj George
Binoj George 21 日 前
But, can it play Crysis?
V1Gibby 21 日 前
400 miles of range but very inefficient requiring many more battery cells
The teacher
The teacher 21 日 前
Good luck repairing the glass if it breaks. Lol
I had a Tesla Model S P85 from Desember 2013 to desember 2018. An amazing car with amazing driving abilities and speed. Drawback was the interior-and seats which at best was in par with a Vw golf. But again an excellent car overall. In Desember 2018 I replaced the Tesla for a Jaguar I pace first edition and wow the quality of the interior the luxury feeling and the 4WD experience was overwhelming compared to the Tesla. The battery in the Jaguar I-pace is 90KW and the Tesla P85 is as it says 85KW. But and here comes the big setback for The I-pace in typical Norwegian weather if about 12-15C the 2014 Tesla took me about 410 Km on a full charge - the 2019 I-pace merely manages to surpass 350Km. In the first 2 weeks when You own a 400+ Hp car the speed factor is overwhelming but as you get to be a more experienced and sophisticated EV driver - range is getting much more important. Now that i see this new Mercedes Eqs i see the best of all worlds with top notch luxury -driving range - and the most WOW factor off all electric cars until now. This is the new benchmark and it will be my present for myself for christmas this year.
Donnie Azoff
Donnie Azoff 22 日 前
Look out elon musk, you have got a real competitor now, better get the cybertruck right
mynameisJeff 22 日 前
Lucid is better
Rascha 22 日 前
The new EV luxury benchmark... !
D- Sean
D- Sean 23 日 前
Def not worth 100k. 60k at best
Akshay Goel
Akshay Goel 23 日 前
Side profile gives a feeling of Prius
iamone 23 日 前
That touchscreen lag like it’s 2012.
Oscar Estrada
Oscar Estrada 23 日 前
As a software engineer, i cannot understand why they allow those touch screens to have so much lag!!! The transitions to different screens should be quick and smooth. The same standard should be implemented on all touch screen actions. They literally have a whole car where they can mount a hidden ssd/hd to use for speed optimization of they really wanted to.
Captn Maico
Captn Maico 20 日 前
Thought the same.
Chris Hira
Chris Hira 23 日 前
Electrify America vs Tesla's Infrastructure.. uhm ill go Tesla.
Ro Ashley
Ro Ashley 24 日 前
This is the interior I’ve been waiting for.
Hit029 24 日 前
stepping into eqs is like stepping into a car from the future. well i got news for you. it is from 2022😉
Eric Vetter
Eric Vetter 24 日 前
You could probably go another 100 miles if you didn't have an electronic screen every 12 inches staring you in the face
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 24 日 前
Laggy map. Nice.
GLR 24 日 前
would love to drive in this interior
THE AMBIENT LIGHT IN THE SEAT😩 so many things about this EQS that gives me goosebumps, the hyperscreen is definitely my fav part of the car😍 can’t wait to see the night drive✨
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 24 日 前
Fancy but definitely will come with high unnecessary costs.
Amin Pérez
Amin Pérez 25 日 前
A suv model please.
Big kitty cat
Big kitty cat 25 日 前
The body look like a Corolla 😅
Evan’s Show
Evan’s Show 25 日 前
Cars became tvs
mena seven
mena seven 25 日 前
Nice Mercedes electric and high tech car.
Yong Cao
Yong Cao 25 日 前
I assure you...this guys doesn't believe what he said himself...
Yong Cao
Yong Cao 25 日 前
gosh, all the screens...They should go sell pads...
rasi rasi
rasi rasi 25 日 前
There will be no secrets, while being in the car. Connected all the time.
jason 25 日 前
Leave it to the Verge to get specs wrong on the Tesla. Their max range vehicle is 520+ miles.
Mark Fung
Mark Fung 25 日 前
Great cold open
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 25 日 前
The car looks pretty cool, but I’m happy with my Toyota Camry 😌
lati 25 日 前
We give you screens with UI from 1990s windows media player.
Mercedes already makes 2.6 second (0-60MPH) in their Mercedes GT63S with a 4.0L V8 630HP gas car. There will be AMG Electric cars coming soon & 800+HP & 1,200+HP. Mercedes has the #1 overall Production Car Record on the Nurburgring with the Mercedes GT BS (Front Engine / Rear Drive) beating Lamborghini AVENTADOR SVJ & Porsche GT2RS. Mercedes Won the Last 7 Formula F1 Championships in a row. Mercedes also is the #1 Selling Luxury Car Brand World Wide 5 yrs in a row. Mercedes is the Largest Truck Manufacturer in the World. Mercedes Invented 1st Car & Motorcycle in 1885 & 1886. Mercedes saved Tesla from Bankruptcy in 2009 & bought 10% and let Tesla use Mercedes self driving features & air suspension. All Facts. This company is nutz!! 👀👀👀👀🏆🏆🏆🏆🥇🥇🥇
Eveline Caroline Lienhua MingMei FenFang Huang
I Need Flying Car!!! 😁😁😁
Dénes Fűrész
Dénes Fűrész 25 日 前
It will definitely take away customers from the S class.
Sir V VCS 25 日 前
Nov 2021, selling my S Class. Dec 2021, getting and EQS for Christmas.
silverfox1234 25 日 前
The implementation of the screens are awesome, but the presenter is acting like the amount of screens in the car is groundbreaking. Other then the screen for the front passenger, the rest can be found in many high end luxury sedans.
Francesco Varrato
An always listening data leaking machine? And bugs around the corner ruining your expensive 4 wheels?
charles miller
charles miller 26 日 前
Why compare EQS WLTP to Model S EPA? Why not use Model S WLTP?
Sauce ur-patty
Sauce ur-patty 26 日 前
The UI is too Windows Vista
Omar Suwaidi
Omar Suwaidi 26 日 前
the best or nothing right
Adas A
Adas A 26 日 前
F...ck tesla. MB is the King!!!
Arani Roy
Arani Roy 26 日 前
They say if you put all the screens in the car together end to end you will have enough runway for a 747 to take flight.
sirus312 26 日 前
MB please team up with tesla your software is awful but the interior is king
matt neff
matt neff 26 日 前
The lag on that screen is unacceptable in today’s market. Makes me want to gag . “German engineering”
RiRi !
RiRi ! 26 日 前
i want this car so bad
Jawo Lamin
Jawo Lamin 26 日 前
Me: Hey Mercedes Mercedes: how can I help you Me: I’m hungry Mercedes: I’m ordering you an Uber eat
chukwuma okereke
chukwuma okereke 26 日 前
This is so beautiful
Maggs 27 日 前
never show an unfinished car just so to be first at reporting it. it's pathetic.
Seven Costanza
Seven Costanza 27 日 前
Oh, that MB EQS dashboard screen makes the Tesla screen look primitive. I am a old lady who likes big screens.
Salemdxb 27 日 前
Why looks of EVs looks so bad 😑
Amin Yussupov
Amin Yussupov 27 日 前
How tall are you
Matthew Mango
Matthew Mango 27 日 前
Can it drive itself? True luxury is autonomy, not plush leather seats and a fancy badge.
Edwin Barnes
Edwin Barnes 27 日 前
Some of those graphics look a bit Windows Media Player to me...
Susie lorber polden
I need a rich relative!
jh5kl 27 日 前
americans call tesla luxurious, wtf
John Wang
John Wang 27 日 前
How come the author didn't mention the detachable tablet between the rear seats is a Samsung tablet from 7 years ago?
C.C. Cerva
C.C. Cerva 27 日 前
Where did you find this guy 🤪
Nice big speedo display for gps fits for uber work👍
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman 27 日 前
Mercedes I'm too cold. Make up your mind, you just told me to put the AC on.
Mackan70 27 日 前
Now THAT is a good looking interior!
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 20 日 前
If a person drops 100K on a new car, the UI better be silky smooth and look modern.
Wha Tajoke
Wha Tajoke 27 日 前
I guess we'll be seeing an EV driving around the ghetto now. Is it available with blacked out windows and poppin wheels?
Alex K.99
Alex K.99 27 日 前
This video review is a lot better than the VW ID.4's. Well done verge! commenting on the tech side of the car and its place into the market, just what a tech oriented channel should do.
Nyankana 27 日 前
If a person drops 100K on a new car, the UI better be silky smooth and look modern.
Joe Tran
Joe Tran 27 日 前
I think is worth $50k
Jeremie Moludi
Jeremie Moludi 27 日 前
Marcus Dalton
Marcus Dalton 27 日 前
Hyper screen will be hyper expensive to fix.
Kevin King
Kevin King 27 日 前
How can having a whole dashboard full of screen be safe at all? Even having one small touchscreen in your car can be distracting.
Adam Bean
Adam Bean 27 日 前
A bit misleading to compare a pre-production Mercedes to a full production Tesla, and then call the Mercedes the range king. Why not compare it to other pre-production vehicles like the Plaid + or the Lucid Air, both of which “have” more range
truetierra 27 日 前
Even if I could afford one, no thanks. Way too much to go wrong.
Cheote ganava
Cheote ganava 27 日 前
Karl Young
Karl Young 27 日 前
Passengers don't use fixed screens anymore. They use thier phones
noel beggs
noel beggs 27 日 前
Better win the EuroMillions tonight to get this bad boy
Jon petter
Jon petter 27 日 前
As a hardware it s probably is the new king in EV but the UI is old. I guess Mercedes has to cut the cost somewhere...It would have been 10/10 car if the UI was updated....
Giordano Bruno
Giordano Bruno 27 日 前
Time to short Tesla.
Giordano Bruno
Giordano Bruno 3 日 前
@Jochen Liebig Even cults run their course. The probable upside potential is far lower than the probable downside potential. Even though it might continue to climb, I think the risk is worth the wager.
Jochen Liebig
Jochen Liebig 27 日 前
Don't. Never short Tesla. It's cult. You don't bet against a cult.
J Manuel Forero
J Manuel Forero 27 日 前
I can that few lucky humans would enjoy this car very much, but in the whole this effort to boost luxury to higher levels, do not really help humankind. A car like this, does not eliminate the problem of pollution. It seems that Mercedes Benz didn't understand the briefing, goal number one of ev's: reduce or eliminate pollution. Adding Alexa to the car is that last thing in the list!!
Chris Hughes
Chris Hughes 27 日 前
DRIVE 400 miles sit at a CHARGING STATION for 2 HOURS DRIVE another 400 miles yea NO THANKS ! 500000 charging stations across the USA all made in CHINA wonder what kinda return Hunter will get on his investment ?
Moises Santos
Moises Santos 27 日 前
Tesla who? Now that so many of the well established brands have plans to roll out Electric cars and are self driving etc, Tesla’s don’t seem to have that special factor, and just appear basic. But I guess only time will tell.
DJ FiveThirtyFive
i just imagine a car with a bunch of broken screens
kk P
kk P 27 日 前
Nick G
Nick G 27 日 前
Full view of car front at 6:54
Aaron 27 日 前
*Hey, to you reading* .... you are loved in this moment, just as you are, here's how we know: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”
Shesh Ramtohul
Shesh Ramtohul 27 日 前
The interior is awesome, but the exterior design 👎👎👎
Edwin On The Go
Edwin On The Go 27 日 前
With all those screens its gonna eat up all the power.
Jochen Liebig
Jochen Liebig 27 日 前
the bigger ones are oled, so it will depend on what they show
Rationalist 28 日 前
Catalina G
Catalina G 28 日 前
Soulful Relaxation
The car looks pretty cool, but I’m happy with my Toyota Camry 😌
Yacob 25 日 前
...said nobody ever when given the choice 😂
SuperTrooper 435
SuperTrooper 435 28 日 前
EQS Design team: "How many three-pointed stars you want in the wheels?" Mercedes Executives: "Yes"
Alberto Portugal
Alberto Portugal 28 日 前
That thing looks hot
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