137: LeBron James (Part 1) on Winning Ring #4, Offseason Moves, and Lakers Repeat Chances 

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On this 2 part edition of Road Trippin' the crew is joined, once again, by the one and only ... #KingJames. In LeBron's first time joining RT since winning his 4th NBA Championship we dive into a little bit of it all. What was #thebubble really like, the historic meeting that took place when the League boycotting a game each, his #MoreThanAVote initiative and what's next. We talked a little bit about the Championship celebration, his former and new teammates and will the #Lakers repeat?
King weighs in! PART 1, right now - CHEERS!
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riverofcustard 2 年 前
The fact that LeBron never goes to any shows/podcasts shows how loyal to his boys he is by coming here.
Harvey Greer
Harvey Greer 2 年 前
For real, I fucking love that comes back to do one of these every so often.
neptuneniq 2 年 前
he only does podcast or shows as long as it's a partnership with SpringHill or Uninterrupted. I know ppl want him on All The Smoke but he knows that wouldnt work for him since he has a deal with HBO.
Vincent T
Vincent T 2 年 前
he owns this company so it makes sense
cjt 2 年 前
@neptuneniq and he will never go to knucklehead, cause Q rich is a big Lebron hater.
James Cane
James Cane 2 年 前
Lamar Nosirrom nobody is talking 'bout Jordan bruh
Jamar Haynes
Jamar Haynes 2 年 前
LeBron is a great person I met him in a club in DC back in 04. I literally bumped into him while moving through the crowd. We talked for a minute. I was in the Marines at the time he thank me for my service then said " Wow Marines I don 't think I can do what you do." And I replied well I can't do what you do. We laughed he was real down to earth.
thats an awesome story. Thank you for everything sir.
matt 5 ヶ月 前
He’s a great man.
Shortie 5 ヶ月 前
He might have sneak dissed you
Justin P
Justin P 5 ヶ月 前
@Shortie explain
Your opinion does not matter....
Your opinion does not matter.... 5 ヶ月 前
​@Shortie maybe to someone who has a victim mentality.
nick wagar
nick wagar 2 年 前
To describe.this man as a super star would be a huge understatement. To call him a role model would be an even bigger understatement. Never been in trouble. Builds schools where family's can live. Been the biggest sports phenom in the news for what 18 years now? Never even a false allegation. Yet people dog on this man so bad it's ridiculous. And I grew up a kobe fan hating this man. People need to show him more respect .this man is incredible as a person and a sports figure
William R.
William R. 2 年 前
Heeyyyyyyyyy!!!! Preach brother! Could not had said it better myself. I am the opposite, I loved this dude from the first moment i was flipping through channels in my living room and saw him in the McDonalds dunk event for high schooler's. Went as far as naming my 2nd son James because of him. I hated Kobe growing up, and as I got older I learned to appreciate everything he brought to the game. And i was sad that I did not get to enjoy him more because i was so focused on hating him. So for all the Lebron haters..... Especially those who were huge Kobe fans. Enjoy what he brings to the game. He will not be here forever. This man is someone no matter the sport, no matter the flavor of what you prefer, he is a great person to look up to for many many reasons. He is a good human being overall and what he has done off and on the floor is jaw dropping. Rest in paradise Kobe and Gigi!!!
Onew York
Onew York 2 年 前
Lebron has been the *STANDARD BEARER* on "and" off the court from 2000-2020
Buffalo black
Buffalo black 2 年 前
Hear Hear!!!!!! Its insane how disciplined and focused he has been for such a sustained period of time. Intense human being!!!!
nick wagar
nick wagar 2 年 前
It's just amazing that this guy lives up to expectations and really maybe even succeeded them. This guy was supposed to be "god" coming in to this league basically. Actually I think he succeeded them with his actions on and off the court. He guy into the league at 18? Maybe 27 I think 18 but my point is he could've got in trouble at least once and would've been given a pass after all he was just a kid but nope not even once, truly remarkable/iconic human being.
nick wagar
nick wagar 2 年 前
@William R. I'm very thankful he came to the lakers because that made me start to FULLY enjoy him. Of course I watch from a far but now I enjoy every game very much
TY 2 年 前
We need more authentic LeBron interviews like this on JPvid 🙈
ClearHeatVision 2 年 前
YES!!!! have you watched the shop?
Mr. Steve
Mr. Steve 2 年 前
Mvp Player adults drink and smoke around kids too... Not every influence is picked from social media
Diggy Diggs
Diggy Diggs 2 年 前
Oh is he not authentic enough in his other ones?🤔🙄👉🏾
TY 2 年 前
@Diggy Diggs not so much in those after game interviews.
Kate Berg
Kate Berg 2 年 前
The chemistry between these four is something! I hope they do this more often. I loved the quarantine one just as much. They are all so comfortable.
Mr.YoungTV 2 年 前
I can watch hours of this ..Love the friendship they share!! LBJ 4eva
Jaime Ozoria
Jaime Ozoria 2 年 前
The king out here doing his boys a favor ✊🏾🔥
G. 2 年 前
They are boys, but he is doing his network a favor! This podcast is part of the Uninterrupted network owned by Maverick Carter and Lebron James.
Ismaeil Ajwa
Ismaeil Ajwa 2 年 前
@G. actually I think Roadtrippin' parted from Uninterrupted earlier this year
G. 2 年 前
@Ismaeil Ajwa Go check Uninterrupted’s page. Lebron is a business man. Lol You don’t give anyone your first real interview post title when you just got a $100 million investment in your own platform.
Inoke Rogoyawa
Inoke Rogoyawa 2 年 前
@Ismaeil Ajwa I don’t think they parted ways, they just got picked up on a few networks...I think they talked about it on a different episode...There was a network in Ohio, Arizona, and maybe Denver but I could be wrong...
Topho S
Topho S 2 年 前
@Ismaeil Ajwa they are still uninterrupted. It’s branded all over the background
Christine Margaritte Drilon
ahhh finally finished watching! it’s soooo good!! so funny, so insightful! i just have to say, for someone who’s not from the US, i’m so thankful for LeBron and the rest of the NBA for continuing to educate/inform us of societal issues regarding equality and racial injustice. it helps us understand and empathize better. you guys in the US are so blessed for having leaders (in every sense of the word) like them - i really wish we also have this kind of leadership and influence here in our country. thank you for this, roadtrippin’! i’m so proud of what you have achieved these past 3 years. to more awesome podcasts and videos! cheers!
Feba Sajan Varghese
Feba Sajan Varghese 2 年 前
It's so nice to see Lebron so relaxed when doing this interview
Chris Lo
Chris Lo 2 年 前
LeBron is blessed with a voice that really holds weight and that can actually work to make a difference. And he knows that and USES HIS VOICE to make POSITIVE changes in the world. Take note of the way he takes his ego out of it too.. that alone makes all the difference - it’s clear to see he’s VERY well rounded and well spoken. He does NOT have to do all he does. His legacy is already etched into history. He just chooses to conduct himself in a genuine , honest dude. SO MUCH RESPECT. WAY MORE THAN AN ATHLETE LBJ 💪
matt 5 ヶ月 前
He’s the best. This generations Ali. People forget Ali was hated by white culture, just like Lebron is today. My dad used to tell me how specifically he was hated, I was a very young kid when Ali in prime. He’s exceeded all the hype, which is unreal (almost impossible) considering the hype.
Notebook. 3 ヶ月 前
@matt And 20 years in, he’s held to the same standards as when he was 27. The hate is still alive, yet he remains one of the best in the league; showing why he’s the GOAT, just like Ali was. The Chosen One. 👑
HJ 2 年 前
I like how they interview lebron freely without filter. Usually LeBron doesn’t even do this type of interview. It’s so rare.I was dying for this interview to come out
Inoke Rogoyawa
Inoke Rogoyawa 2 年 前
Probably because he owns Uninterrupted
Onew York
Onew York 2 年 前
@Hawi work duh! the name of Lebron's company is *self explanatory* UNINTERRUPTED
Jay Hypz
Jay Hypz 2 年 前
James has come a long way 🙌🏾 Glad to be apart of his journey. A true GOAT on & off the court #Kingjames ✊🏿✊🏿
Jas Aulakh
Jas Aulakh 2 年 前
The Amount this man does for the culture and the people he can reach to is really amazing. If you hate him as a basketball player that’s fine, but don’t hate him as a man. #MoreThanAVote #MoreThanAnAthlete
Emmett Mombo
Emmett Mombo 2 年 前
I walked out because my time is very valuable. This guy's a BOSS!! 😄
Abdou Djam
Abdou Djam 2 年 前
yeah, man, reminds me of my dad :D
Gianni G
Gianni G 2 年 前
Bros, LeBron seems so comfortable here, just happy and chill... and most importantly, he seems real. Maybe it's a farce, who knows, but he seems authentic here. Awesome show, thanks for sharing!!
WickLyfe 2 年 前
Yes my favorite podcast The trio is at it again
Ayn2016 2 年 前
Mannn I never imagined u guys will get Lebron on the interview with all the spices! This is worth everything to watch!!!🤩🤩was waiting for this part 2💨‼️
Middddyyyy 2 年 前
I really appreciate that lebron acknowledge the teammates that are no longer playing for the lakers because I felt a way about cool being waived off the team so for him to say something about it made me feel good
Shaun Bang
Shaun Bang 2 年 前
I know the notion that a championship that doesn’t upgrade their roster and keeps the same exact team that won a ring never repeats but I really wish we could have kept Rondo and Dwight or at least one of them
Andrei Gabriel Labayan
Andrei Gabriel Labayan 2 年 前
“Marc who I’ve always loved. He has my defensive player of the year trophy in his house.” LMAO 😂😂😂😂
Char Rose
Char Rose 2 年 前
I love this interview. Lebron is so professional
Sellison TV
Sellison TV 2 年 前
Lebron one of the Greatest of all time and gets all of my respects
Steve Horn
Steve Horn 2 年 前
RJ looking transgendery these days 😆💯💪
Ankur Soni
Ankur Soni 2 年 前
Simply the greatest athlete ever
soccer pros
soccer pros 2 年 前
Nah tell that cr7
echaidlehands 2 年 前
@soccer pros with cr7?yeah its debateable..
OGGOAT_ _ 2 年 前
Ronaldo Jordan would disagree
Xanninja 2 年 前
@OGGOAT_ _ Why you riding both...
Perico Pinero
Perico Pinero 2 年 前
Better than Ali Bomaye? 🧢
Peaceful Naps
Peaceful Naps 2 年 前
We Need To Cherish Bron And The Inside Scoops He Gives Us. We Never Got This From Any Superstar In Any Sport While They're Still Playing. This Man Is An Open Book. A Legendary Book. Imagine If MJ Or Kobe Or Farve Or Jerry Rice Did This Type Of Shit While They Played
john gillians
john gillians 2 年 前
Lebron interviews are always dope to me. RT got what the others were salivating for
Josh Little
Josh Little 5 ヶ月 前
I always said, bubble era was to fvcking messed up. The anxiety it would've caused to the players. The will to play and compete at that time was crazy.
Mar_ 2 年 前
Great show guys 🔥
Sky walker
Sky walker 2 年 前
Best episode I love Richard and Allie!!!!
Alex Tomahawk
Alex Tomahawk 2 年 前
A great athlete but above all he is just a really good person. Which will always make him my GOAT.
Tilton Reed
Tilton Reed 2 年 前
Lots of grest stuff. First, podcasts led by players are far better than those with just media folks. Second, it is so good to hear directly from Lebron especially about social issues. Great work on the VOTE. 2 championships, one year!
Kevin 2 年 前
Damn u guys got Lebron on a podcast?? My god this is so rare and I was waiting for this. Thank you!!
Inoke Rogoyawa
Inoke Rogoyawa 2 年 前
He owns this Uninterrupted boss...He’s been on it before...Go check the other episode...It was around the time quarantine was first put in place
RŮDE 2 年 前
He's all around just a chill dude.
Asian ThreeQUISIANS 2 年 前
so chill lmao. People hAte this dude so much dawg like why. I understand not thinking he’s as good as jordon but he is a flawless off the court guy. A true role model for others.
Elite Productions
Elite Productions 2 年 前
@Asian ThreeQUISIANS he’s a good guy man has his own school and everything ion understand
The Forbidden One
The Forbidden One 2 年 前
@Asian ThreeQUISIANS I kind of blame the media on public perception of this guy because the only thing they ever post are just small excerpts and quotes from him instead of getting the full spectrum of what he says. Usually, listening to the media versus actually listening to the full scope of what an athlete is talking about will completely change your perspective on how you see an athlete, or anyone else famous for that matter
Glette Muring
Glette Muring 2 年 前
I think this the only podcast Lebron gonna be in, just because of Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye and the fact that Road Trippin is backed by Uninterrupted.
Reg Wise
Reg Wise 2 年 前
I feel that way too but hopefully he’ll will eventually be on all the smoke🙏🏾
Bro WTF 2 年 前
@Reg Wise that shit would be dope
Luvo Daniso
Luvo Daniso 2 年 前
@Reg Wise and club Shay Shay
King James
King James 2 年 前
And don't forget Allie Clifton she's been Bron's personal media person for every team he's played on his entire career! That's why she still have that Ohio license but now lives in L.A.
TheSilencer23 2 年 前
@King James this not true lol. She was on the Cavs broadcast team on Brons 2nd time around
Anthony Banks
Anthony Banks 年 前
Lebron is a living legend
PJ 2 年 前
RJ has always been one of the best, but I didn’t realise how funny Frye was until watching this show! I wanna subscribe but you guys really have to make your content consistent. There’s so much random stuff on your video list.
Kiroppi 2 年 前
This is why Bron's team sign guys like RJ, Channing, Dudley and them boys. You need solid vets with high IQ, who understand the game and understand that there will be times that they get them DNPs. So never question why Dudley was signed rather than Melo. The Chemistry between these guys are too good.
Merrill Holmes
Merrill Holmes 2 年 前
Max props to the great LA Bron and especially glad to know that More Than A Vote is moving forward beyond the November election! Now where can I get that cool shirt?
Shaun Bang
Shaun Bang 2 年 前
Wow that’s so crazy to hear Lebrons mom never voted before this election but it’s really relates as I felt the same exact way that my vote doesn’t count or matter especially since I live in California where it really does feel like my vote doesn’t matter since California is dead set as a blue democratic state. I’m surprised Lebrons mom felt that same way considering she is from Ohio which is a huge swing state that really matters which way it goes towards
NerdGuru 2 年 前
This podcast is everything man.... Omg RJ is funny asf yo😂😂😂😂😂
Project Hakha
Project Hakha 2 年 前
The Example Lebron James used that his mom is 52 years of age and this last election was the first time she voted because she never believed her vote coming from her community shunned by the rest of the world would have any impact, was very powerful
SweetNightmare 11
SweetNightmare 11 2 年 前
Yes I agree, when I was in my early 20s I seriously thought that my vote didn't matter so why vote, lebron also said that u don't only vote for the future president but also for your future senator and city council member and whatnot. This was beautiful to watch. Our vote matters so please be registered to vote n vote
Project Hakha
Project Hakha 2 年 前
@SweetNightmare 11 Thank you for sharing. Amen to that!
Jeremiah Salvador Juarez
Jeremiah Salvador Juarez 2 年 前
takumi 2 年 前
wait are we getting part2? DAMN I LOVE IT
Shaugn B.
Shaugn B. 2 年 前
40:50 I felt the same about Lebron before he came to the Lakers. I hated him on other teams but loved him when he came to mines.... same as I felt about Ron Artest....... and Matt Barnes.
radja dino
radja dino 2 年 前
Lebron is Truly A Smart Person He Speak Beyond My Expectation... Keep It Up Bron👏👏👏
Carlos Miguel Cruz Torres
Carlos Miguel Cruz Torres 5 ヶ月 前
Watching Lebron talking about Dennis on 2023, during the great season he's having with the Lakers... How funny that way things work...
jayyy 2 年 前
Not downsizing MJ but as far as I know he never got involved with problems like this always kept his opinion to himself always just played it off but bron on the other hand uses his name & platform for better rather if it does or doesn't tarnish his name & that's why bron is the Goat 🐐 of our generation 💛💜
_Marky 215
_Marky 215 2 年 前
Finally I found the real interview 🤦🏽‍♂️
Richkid Gordon
Richkid Gordon 2 年 前
share it tho, im having hard time finding it until i click road trippin with dwade and remember i see road trippin in the other video. click the profile and boom. i hate those reuploader tho
Jass Preet
Jass Preet 2 年 前
I can feel u bro
Lol feels the same way
Richkid Gordon
Richkid Gordon 2 年 前
Ben 1410
Ben 1410 2 年 前
Need Part 2!!!
Desroy White
Desroy White 2 年 前
i was definitely waiting for this one!
Genesis Odion
Genesis Odion 2 年 前
Part 2 please!!!
zach bell
zach bell 2 年 前
Come on y’all show RJ and Channing some love , this should have millions of views already
John Vand
John Vand 2 年 前
Love this interview.
s.o 2 年 前
Rare times when we get to see real Lebron. In front of media, he says what they want to hear from him
BALONEYYY.if u think this is the “real” Bron,he’s only letting y’all get a glimpse of the multiple personas he has.My guy picks and chooses which one he wants to show u based on the topic being discussed.😤💯🔥🔥🔥
WindUPSB 2 年 前
I'm no fan of Lebron James but this was nice to watch and listen to.
Eb 2 年 前
Lebron James knows what he is doing. He is giving them a gift..
Onew York
Onew York 2 年 前
get your FACTS straight Lebron and those 3 been road trippin since way back in 2015-2016 when they were all in Cleveland together .. that show has always been produced by Lebron's company
Eb 2 年 前
@Onew York Relax! I know he had a connection doesn't mean he has to be on the show..its still a gift. 🤷‍♂️
Onew York
Onew York 2 年 前
@Eb its Lebron's show .. duh!!
Eb 2 年 前
@Onew York Why are so excited 😆 Calm the F down!
Onew York
Onew York 2 年 前
@Eb take your OWN advice
Murder Man251
Murder Man251 2 年 前
Good job RJ and Channing with tha 🐐 🤴🏾
Nani N
Nani N 2 年 前
How the hell Did u guys get LeBron do this type of interview.. omg was waiting for this.😆‼️
Inoke Rogoyawa
Inoke Rogoyawa 2 年 前
He owns Uninterrupted which Road Trippin is on...He’s been on the show before
Sleep Rejuvenation
Sleep Rejuvenation 2 年 前
You can tell towards the end of the interview my man Lebron was getting lit 🤣
Onew York
Onew York 2 年 前
stop telling on yourself, you're the one intoxicated
Sleep Rejuvenation
Sleep Rejuvenation 2 年 前
@Onew York I probably was lol
HyunSoo Lim
HyunSoo Lim 2 年 前
The way he left was at age 25 he might not be human on the court but he’s a human off the court and he made a mistake of the way he went bout the “the decision” but man I guarantee half those fans if not more, booing him burning 🔥 jerseys came back and paid a couple K💰to see him bring a 💍 to Cleveland years later... cheered and started going to cavs game again pickin up the pieces of the burnt jerz... no Ath gets/has gotten more press ( usually negative fake air) attention then Bron in 🇺🇸 🌎 sports. One that comes close from being covered as the chosen☝️since 15 and fulfilled the label would be 🐅 woods and he has made way more mistakes then bron ..but 🐅 back to being the beloved 🏌️ prodigy to 🐐 while everyday I hear something negative bout lebron. I’m not even a fan but I respect the hell outta him on and off the court and will defend him. Crazy thing is I 👍 tiger 🐅. Maybe it’s cuz 🇺🇸 loves a comeback story.
monicaChrisAhn 2 年 前
i actually wish as a viewer, we were able to hear the players and coaches talking on court vs the fake crowd reaction
Armando Pazos
Armando Pazos 2 年 前
Sadly they didn’t want kids I guess to be able to hear the bad word, they shoulda just had like two versions to watch, the explicit one or the one with the fake crowd noise
Lenny Johnson
Lenny Johnson 2 年 前
No......I've listened to a game like that before...It seems more like a scrimmage than an actual game
Armando Pazos
Armando Pazos 2 年 前
Zat Heikal Takiyuddin
Zat Heikal Takiyuddin 2 年 前
RJ is forever my spirit animal
Topho S
Topho S 2 年 前
I love how Lebron controls his platforms.
Onew York
Onew York 2 年 前
Lebron's been controlling his own destiny from 2000-2020
Rusty 2 年 前
LEGM better bring Pau back, if Dudley gets 2.5m for being a vet presence Pau def deserves that honor and has earned it
SJ Publishing
SJ Publishing 2 年 前
LeBron knows how to own the *entire* supply value chain. Wow!!
Drake Hammond
Drake Hammond 2 年 前
incredible conversation
Lucky 2 年 前
gotta respect this man
Jacob Gatlin
Jacob Gatlin 年 前
I know that had to be very hard for the players without the fans. That was like a car with no gas man🤣🤣🤣
Noah Amankwaah
Noah Amankwaah 2 年 前
Yup. Record breaking episode for sure.
Drew T.
Drew T. 2 年 前
He want that Lakers parade we all grew up in watching
BG The One
BG The One 2 年 前
36:50 RJ a savage for that one 😂
tip phimmachack
tip phimmachack 2 年 前
Alix Escalante
Alix Escalante 2 年 前
Lenny Johnson
Lenny Johnson 2 年 前
"Marc has my defensive player of the year trophy at his house." 🤣🤣🤣
Why Are You Reading Thiis?
Every espn show tomorrow will be talking about this 🤣🤣🤣
Dark-Seid Reviews
Dark-Seid Reviews 2 年 前
5h0e 2 年 前
Fox News also.
DonChamporado 2 年 前
Skip bayless already taking notes
Chat Factz
Chat Factz 2 年 前
When the King speaks the mass listen....
D W 2 年 前
No one spoke on this
Silky Utters
Silky Utters 2 年 前
Rj needs to push LeBron to go on undisputed I need to see LeBron blast skip
Silas Koenig
Silas Koenig 2 年 前
Will there be a part 2?
The Bronx Boglehead
The Bronx Boglehead 2 年 前
That LeRoy Jenkins reference was a throwback
trance FORM
trance FORM 年 前
New life goal, kick back a few drinks with RJ, Channing, and Allie
Darrell Anderson
Darrell Anderson 2 年 前
I love Lebron James man. My fucking guy ✊🏾
Ahmed Atef
Ahmed Atef 2 年 前
I love this. Also LeBron forgot to mention AB :D
WK Trader
WK Trader 2 年 前
Calling Lebron a drama queen and RJ saying Kuzma's name was the best part. Sports IG posts gonna have fun tmrw! LOL
Deany 2 年 前
I lost it when he brought up Shaq 34:08 😂
Isaiah A
Isaiah A 2 年 前
Lebron: let me give a shout out to my old teammates. Danny Green, Rondo, JaVale RJ: Kuzma
Arykka Kelly
Arykka Kelly 2 年 前
Lakers All Day 🔥🔥Lebron James The King 👑🔥🔥
Eternal Boss
Eternal Boss 2 年 前
That's cool that they were able to get a player better than Jordan to come on the show.
2 determined
2 determined 2 年 前
Been waiting on this and Dwayne Wade pt 2
Bk24 2 年 前
Thank you for everything I’m so grateful.
Nasir Jones
Nasir Jones 2 年 前
36:46 LMAO Richard couldn't help himself.
Steve Horn
Steve Horn 2 年 前
RJ looking transgendery these days 😆💯
NerdGuru 2 年 前
I cried laughing 😂😂😂😂😂
DJ 2 年 前
'When you're an army, and you preach solidarity, and one of your fronts goes before anyone says charge, then we're all caught off guard.' Paraphrasing him talking about the boycott, I was saying this from the start. Nothing wrong with what they did but damn let the fam know so everyone can be on the same boat. That's why he left that meeting salty, they jumped the gun without a plan.
Brook Lopez
Brook Lopez 2 年 前
James Jones carried Lebron to his first 7 straight finals. The GOAT makin things poppin in phoenix.
nick lamonica
nick lamonica 2 年 前
Yea everyone’s been looking for this interview, but I’ve only been looking for it cuz I saw the road trippin set and wondered when the next episode was coming out
love god
love god 2 年 前
Hey man I'm just glad people people like me and you found it
Nash Can
Nash Can 2 年 前
RJ a savage 🤣🤣 lebron was giving a Shoutout to all his teammates from last yr who are no longer on the team and RJ said kuzma yooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kwame Tabiri
Kwame Tabiri 2 年 前
After watching this, I feel like Bleacher Report did a pretty good job on LeBron's personality in Game of Zones
Buffalo black
Buffalo black 2 年 前
I miss it so much 😥
Chat Factz
Chat Factz 2 年 前
To all the young black men out there in the world, this guy Lebron James is the perfect example of a role model...follow me on insta. to debate if you think otherwise.
Diggy Diggs
Diggy Diggs 2 年 前
@LORD FADER Nah Black Men! Y'all can have t-rump for y'all role model.
Cali 69’
Cali 69’ 2 年 前
@Diggy Diggs I feel like everyone can have him as a role model in some form, plus, no one wants trump as a role model
David 2 年 前
@Diggy Diggs Huh? What kind of divisive mindset is this? So only black people can have black role models and vice versa? I hope this is a troll comment....
ScHoops 2 年 前
@David he’s just ignorant
ndprcl 2 年 前
The kuzma joke was funny as hell
Lioninho6 2 年 前
I want this Tshirt from LeBron
LeominsterFC 2 年 前
THE KING!!! Ole GOAT James!!!
advice 2 年 前
36:55 best moment
Smoke Sum'um
Smoke Sum'um 2 年 前
👑...THE KING...🦁
realtv101 2 年 前
It's a real show when you can drink and be yourself without a network telling you what you can an cant do... you can have creative freedom to do what you want!
The Juan Moreno
The Juan Moreno 2 年 前
You can tell the tequila be hitting LeBron 😂
Robert Cruz
Robert Cruz 2 年 前
14:45 basically richard jefferson saying "okay george hill, if you wanna leave, than LEAVE" 😂
164: Big Shot Bob aka Robert Horry
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