10 Secrets Deadpool Is Hiding About His Superpowers

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We all loved Deadpool and are looking forward to Deadpool 2! We look at 10 secrets that the funny and amazing superhero is hiding from us! Subscribe to our channel for more fun lists: goo.gl/wMuSDD
When you think of Deadpool’s superpowers, what is the first thing that pops into your head? I don’t have the mind reading abilities of X-men founder Charles Xavier, but I’d bet that you’re thinking of Wade Wilson’s regenerative healing factor. Why wouldn’t you? To date, Deadpool’s healing factor is the his most prominent superpower we’ve seen to date. Who can forget his tiny baby hand? We know we never will.
But what if we told you that Deadpool is one of the most versatile and powerful superheroes of all time? After all, he was actively recruited to join the X-Men. You’re saying to yourself, no, that doesn’t sound right. What about Hulk? Spider-Man! Wolverine?? Deadpool might be one funny dude, but he couldn’t win against Spider-Man-even with all his guns, swords and healing. Could he?
It can be hard to tell, with all Wade Wilson’s winking and sarcasm and spandex, but underneath all that cancerous skin is an arsenal of powers waiting to be unleashed. Very few superheroes or mutants in the film and the Marvel universe, boast the abilities of Deadpool. In addition to his healing, Deadpool has an arsenal superpowers in that duffel bag of his (and doesn’t have to worry about forgetting it).
From immortality to teleportation, stay tuned to find out the ten Superpowers that Marvel’s anti-superhero Deadpool is hiding under that tight red spandex.
Party of None
Transportation Device
Deadpool Sees Us, Seeing Him, Seeing Us
Invulnerability to Psychic Attacks
Immune to Disease
Holographic Imaging
Expert Marksman
Super Endurance
Multiple Deadpool Personalities





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Mack 日 前
Jessica Paul
Jessica Paul 12 日 前
CBR Get to the point
WinkGaming YT
WinkGaming YT 16 日 前
when deadpool gets snapped by thanos in infinity war does that mean he will come back to life
cj beatson
cj beatson 19 日 前
U were right he does get the teleportation device in deadpool 2
Angel Carter
Angel Carter ヶ月 前
[Gamer] JJPlayz
[Gamer] JJPlayz 8 時間 前
Who else watching deadpool 2 while watching this
plague plays games
plague plays games 14 時間 前
He if came back from a single drop of blood wouldn’t his body be rid of cancer?
Cole Schave
Cole Schave 19 時間 前
Did you get enough ads in holy shit
Johan Åberg
Johan Åberg 21 時間 前
Don't you think that he missed Ajax on the motorcycle because of Ajax's increased reflexes, like Ajax mentioned..? :) Edit: Correcting grammar
LOCO808 日 前
There are so many fucking ads 🤣
Ugly5 Original
How many ads
lee jane
lee jane 日 前
I stopped watching after teleportation part because deadpool in the comics teleports in literally the same way night crawler does (he also does in the ps2 game ultimate Alliance) technically got it from night crawlers father he just can only use it to a certain distance
CaptDeadPool 2 日 前
Loving the Marvel strike force deadpool add 😂
Andrew White
Andrew White 2 日 前
9 adds for a 14 minute video?
Trinidad's Finesst
if Deadpool hates his face so much, why doesn’t he cut his head off & grow a new one 😂?
Poke Hype
Poke Hype 2 日 前
Can’t he die due to lack of oxygen? You can’t heal when there’s a lack of oxygen since all living things require oxygen
Sterling Archer
Sterling Archer 3 日 前
His head grew a body and his body grew a head.
Robert  Holdsworth
NINE ads in a 14 min video...... I’m gone
DanielFryho 3 日 前
All the dorks in the comment “he’s not a hero he’s an anti hero” be quiet
Tom & Chaz -the football freestylers
I know this sounds weird but the unmasked deadpool looks like Shawn Michaels!
Shru 4 日 前
9 adds on a 15 min video....
mufukin peacock
mufukin peacock 4 日 前
9 ads in a 14 minute video fucking sad
Caramon Majere
Caramon Majere 4 日 前
I saw 10 commercial breaks in this video's timeline. I won't watch something that's so packed with bullshit.
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G. O.D 4 日 前
Dartling 5 日 前
9 ads...
MrJRoberts0113 5 日 前
You explained THAT he can break the 4th wall, but do they ever explain how or why he can? You left out the magic duffel bag, which allows him to carry any number & size of weapon in his back pocket.
MindDrift 5 日 前
Woah, would you look at all those ads.
8:04 WTF?
Denise Torres
Denise Torres 5 日 前
Could Deadpool die if Thanos died
Jonah Bowden
Jonah Bowden 5 日 前
8 ads on a 14 minute video???
Lava Shrine
Lava Shrine 5 日 前
I already knew most of these
SpartanGuardian 2099
Why is Deadpool called Deadpool when he can’t die
SpartanGuardian 2099
This video is full of baloney
Dee Dee
Dee Dee 5 日 前
Deadpool won’t have all the powers of the comics in the mcu they showed us they play with that in mcu
Desktop Adonis
Desktop Adonis 5 日 前
Didn't he get rocked by typhoid Mary? He got all the diseases in the book and was processing them. Went to a friend to recover.
noob king havel
noob king havel 5 日 前
Bro I fucking swere this vid is dumb we all know his powers lol like youtube is dumb
Chris 17
Chris 17 6 日 前
So... Hes Op?
Paige Stephens
Paige Stephens 6 日 前
Deadpool and wolverine should meet!!!
Hunterhayden Salinas
#DEAD POOL 2 2018
Cnzcia 6 日 前
"His powers" *talks about his healing factor 10 mins*
KjSome1 6 日 前
I got 8 ads lmao
Jermal Smith
Jermal Smith 6 日 前
I could not watch this video, to many ad's
Sir Gavanator
Sir Gavanator 6 日 前
I think people focus too much on what Deadpool can and can't do. You guys do realize his entire creation was a joke, the punchline being "Yes, we copy DC and they copy us". I love Deadpool because he's the only character where the writers say Fuck the rules and literally destroy the universe for fun. If you haven't read Night of the Living Deadpool, or Deadpool Kills the Marvel universe you've missed out. He is entertainment incarnate.
Mike Belczyk
Mike Belczyk 6 日 前
1 ad per fact LOL
Ivan Lee
Ivan Lee 6 日 前
deadpool is not real dum dum
Keiley Lane
Keiley Lane 6 日 前
Those aren't personalities those are emotions🤨
Jerome Williams
Jerome Williams 7 日 前
So many fucking ads -_-
The Lord Of Martian
10 midroll ads? Fucking ridiculous.
Kevin Theil Sørensen
"We're always thinking about healing in relation to the body" - "But those aren't the only cells..." "So is his brain cells"- I'm wondering why his brain-cells are not part of the body? :P
10 fucking ads on a 14mins video ,are you fuckig kidding me wtf
PoliteChickens _
WTF is with the ads!
I like Turtles
I like Turtles 7 日 前
Dislike because too many ads.
O_ Bryan
O_ Bryan 7 日 前
Ben10's still more OP
Yarran Penrose
Yarran Penrose 8 日 前
-drops deadpool in volcano- yeah I don't think there's gonna be a way to regenerate if EVERYTHING melts
big boaayy quan
big boaayy quan 8 日 前
Deadpool Venom Galactus etc are Anti-Hero’s stating they do “good” things in bad ways
thomas fennema
thomas fennema 8 日 前
8 adds in 14 min u get U wanna make money but won't finish watching and won't watch any more that's too mucj
xxx shitlord2598
What about space
Erkhes Baatar
Erkhes Baatar 8 日 前
Does he feel pain?
marchristiansen 8 日 前
Why can't Deadpool heal his face.
Sean Dennis
Sean Dennis 9 日 前
Actually it’s not true that brain cells regenerate in normal people
Joselito Morales
I thought his regen should start on his head in case of decap?
Zaire Pham
Zaire Pham 10 日 前
he can also shoot a star and rip a hole in it but if he does that then it creats a black hole what is the end of the unervirs
Oleigh verse-AGS Clan
marvel time to make a anti Deadpool
ClickItTicket 10 日 前
So Deadpool took a titans girl he the real g
Le Gion
Le Gion 10 日 前
Deadpool is a funny guy and he is the only one who knows Stan Lee has passed. I wonder if he would tell other heroes about the fictional world they are living in.
Robert MacKinnon
Robert MacKinnon 10 日 前
There is nobody stronger. He can't die. Game over😂
Stephen Britt
Stephen Britt 10 日 前
Yes. You left out Deadpool's "bag of holding" ability. Because he knows that's he's living in a fictional world, he has the ability to bend the laws of physics in that world and basically store anything on his person without weighing himself down. This is also not covered by the films, which I noticed immediately while watching them.
Kevin Davis
Kevin Davis 10 日 前
A being with the metabolism you describe would require constant consumption of massive amounts of calories, which we never see in either the comics or the movies.
Eddie Orly
Eddie Orly 11 日 前
These aren't secrets............ They're more like 10 fact about Deadpool's superpowers".
Joffa alien
Joffa alien 11 日 前
what about healing his burnt skin?????
grace anna
grace anna 11 日 前
U forgot 1 other power if anyone see's hem without his mask it's DEATH.hahahahaahhahahahahah it's tru though.
Attacking Lizard3
Deadpool can teleport, it in the games
RobloxLastStrike 11 日 前
So basically Deadpool's a god in a human body
Professional Rookie
That's a question for debate. If deadpool was decapitated would his body grow a head like this guy mentions or would his head grow a body. I recon his head would grow a body.
rehsinuP 10 日 前
More interesting is if his body get a new head, what happen with his chopped of head and the personality of the head. Because he is still alive as a head only and there would be 2 different deadpools at the same time. This makes me confused lol
Alexander Stangeland
I don't think Deadpool has multiple personality disorder in the movies but I do agree that he does in the comics.
tomastocornal 12 日 前
Juggernaut is immune to damage and any illness. Perks of the Cytorak Gem. Get your facts straight man.
John_Wayne_412 12 日 前
Waste o time
Amanda Morgan
Amanda Morgan 13 日 前
remember you still feel the pain
Amanda Morgan
Amanda Morgan 13 日 前
sooo he can smoke a 5 meter line of weed man i need that power
Caleb C
Caleb C 13 日 前
Nightcrawler can BEFFFF, teleport to his next location 2:14
SiLeNt AvAcAdO
SiLeNt AvAcAdO 13 日 前
wait does deadpool not have like super agility like how he can like jump high or even sometimes far distance but not too far
Time to fell in love with death......lets see how thanos react
Reptilian Overlord
You know I like the fact DP uses the taxi in the movie. It slows down the film a little bit which is good when most films are to fast paced this day.
tmo gaming
tmo gaming 13 日 前
Why do you wolverine
Isaac Chavez
Isaac Chavez 14 日 前
His name is not ajax that was his fake name it was francis
Jumbo Teddy
Jumbo Teddy 14 日 前
Wouldn't he always have to be eating though?
Leander Lesotho
Leander Lesotho 14 日 前
brain cells dont regenerate
Sam Weliam
Sam Weliam 15 日 前
He can see us.just like spiderman
Dom_ Shot_ya
Dom_ Shot_ya 15 日 前
Imagine thanos trying to snap deadpool out of existence 🤣
sion henry
sion henry 15 日 前
you're videos are way too long...
Abbey Normal
Abbey Normal 15 日 前
Ajax?....I think you mean Francis.
Shoaib Ishaque
Shoaib Ishaque 15 日 前
godzila is king of monsters not king adora
Blazing T123
Blazing T123 15 日 前
But does he feel pain?
Raveen Thennakoon
Brain cells do not die normally. What happens is when we grow up the fibers grow with our development.
Drissd Do Urden
Drissd Do Urden 16 日 前
Question: Why do DP still got his cancer-face with his awsome cell regeneration? that are just scars, right? even scars will get regeneratet with time... Question II: Why does DP have time to do what he's doing... someone with such a fast metabolism should be eating, or at least drinking nonstop.
J W 16 日 前
I WANT TO BE DEADPOOL let me go ask my mom
Mr._l_FKd-_-bYO_l_ FEELJNGz
I think Cables Time Machine that deadpool gets at the end could be the Teleportation Device
Itachi Dharani
Itachi Dharani 16 日 前
And also can use shock and iron tail
Deadplouk Modz
Deadplouk Modz 16 日 前
I know I have these abilities. But I don't know how to use it. Read more
Ethan Taylor
Ethan Taylor 16 日 前
I love deadpool 2 its amazing
Frank Gonzalez
Frank Gonzalez 16 日 前
I think deadpoop is a badass
XeoN srq
XeoN srq 16 日 前
Considering how badly he takes losing a love one or a best friend like Spider-Man I’d say living forever sucks f***** d***
Dead Beach
Dead Beach 16 日 前
What if dead pool get melted by a lava? Or something. Or I can defeat him 😶
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