[풀버전] ♬ 사랑을 했다+죽겠다 KINGDOM ver. - 아이콘(iKON)

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[풀버전] ♬ 사랑을 했다+죽겠다 KINGDOM ver. - 아이콘(iKON)
전설이 되어라, WHO IS THE KING?
매주 (목) 저녁 7시 50분 본방송










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candylix 4 分 前
I’m living for junhoe’s pants at the end
Meadow Conner
Meadow Conner 47 分 前
I wouldn't gone crazy if I saw this live, idk how they placed 5th
Jane Navera
Jane Navera 2 時間 前
MSnake is a whole joke I'm just watching because of the Idols nothing more
nel 7 時間 前
my favorite performance this whole video had me hooked
hi 12 時間 前
iKONまじで自信もって欲しい ほんとに素敵だよ、、😭😭❤️
kim Bobby's bij
kim Bobby's bij 14 時間 前
Anis Sulala
Anis Sulala 17 時間 前
Meli* 18 時間 前
The legendary iKON!♡
Maulida__ dd
Maulida__ dd 19 時間 前
Lahhh aku baru nyadar Yunhyeong ga nyanyi😣🤣
Fartun/modaa 日 前
Let’s get it to 6mil
King things.
하나 시아.
Онзагай Бюрбю
Безусловно они самые лучшие. Ваууу Чану ты так подрос.
សុជាតា ហេ
Ikonikonikon ikonikonikon i love you
ToMoonie MOA Army
1:30-1:47 Jinhwan being the cutest little thing on the planet!!! Give him lotsa love He looks like a kitten
Dong Dong
Dong Dong 日 前
5,849,197 Where are you iKONIC Let's make it 6m ..
Bocil Bacot
Bocil Bacot 日 前
nyari cincin.
Botol Kecap
Botol Kecap 日 前
Meli 日 前
Well done iKON!♡♡
Levi 日 前
This is still the best performance for me no drama or anything just pure talent and the visuals are awesome.
Bum Zah
Bum Zah 日 前
i hope all YG fandoms are hare to support IKON. #YGfamilyrise
AdeeK 日 前
Popular option: everyone wants to see ikon in real life
Park Bae-sook
Park Bae-sook 2 日 前
giant salamander
Apparently the judges only like serious medieval theatre arrangement because this was a masterpiece and I am offended that they didn’t appreciate the groovy
Bocil Bacot
Bocil Bacot 日 前
what the expert want : musical drama with heavy story, prop, and acting
Leedy Rose Davao
Jungkook's Wife
Jungkook's Wife 2 日 前
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear 2 日 前
Please can you vote for Blackpink for BBMA’s on Twitter it will start on 10th May! Please help us🥺🥺🥺 and please if possible spread this as much as possible so that YG stans can help for voting them!! This is the first time a kpop female group has been nominated and we YG stans are very proud that it is Blackpink!! Please vote!!🥺🥺 please I beg you guys 🥺😭 they are nominated for the top social artist and we can also use Facebook. Dm me for link
Kinga K
Kinga K 日 前
@Teddy Bear I like your approach. I wish one day YG fandoms will be united and will co-operate for the benefit of YG Family as it was in the past. And the saddest thing is that YG Family artists are supportive towards each others, these are fans who produce division. Haters are in every fandom, because some ppl are not mature or they like offend others. Sometimes ppl think more about their ego than the artist. When I imagine what power YG Family could hold if only YG fandoms are united. They would be unstoppable. I think we need more ppl like you. Keep your spirit! Fighting!
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear 日 前
@Park Bae-sook this is for YG stans and you know that YG has been removed from the big3 now, we need to make an impact to show that YG still holds power. No matter which YG Stan you are we need to be together in this because this award will make a really big impact!! We need to win this not for Blackpink not for any other group but YG as whole! We need to show that YG stans are family and are still strong!!
Park Bae-sook
Park Bae-sook 2 日 前
Park Bae-sook
Park Bae-sook 2 日 前
QB 2 日 前
Not a fan of IKON but after watching Kingdom, I got so hooked up by their performances. I seriously told myself while watching them on ep2 that I'm definitely gonna re-watch their full performance here on JPvid. I love their arrangements for both songs.👏👏👏
정우 2 日 前
Fraire Acupan
Fraire Acupan 2 日 前
I only watch Kingdom because of iKON and BTOB. Whatever MNet... lmao
Ikon THE Bs will help with No Limit Round :) Cause I heard now its 2 vote so for I give to iKON
Meli* 2 日 前
Multi talented iKON!♡
Kim Jinhwan
Kim Jinhwan 2 日 前
Kathryn Reyes
Kathryn Reyes 2 日 前
IKON is the best
Dong Sicheng
Dong Sicheng 2 日 前
here again
mee mee
mee mee 2 日 前
DK is the Multi Talent Artist.
무섭다이젠 2 日 前
비아이 공백이 크네
Elisabeth Sekar
Elisabeth Sekar 3 日 前
you'll watch WHYWHYWHY after watch this. this is a spell!!!!
Zahra Nur Asyifa
Cinta King iKON so so much
Junda Limen
Junda Limen 3 日 前
Nice Ikon i like the arrangement Love scenario👍👍👏👏👏👍👍👍😊
반박시물어버림 왕왕
하위권이 말이되냐 ㄴㅇㄱ 컨셉충들 사이에 오로지 퍼포먼스로 압도했다
Zi Padilla
Zi Padilla 3 日 前
iKONICS Fighting! iKON Fighting!
Rhoda Mae Cabal
Rhoda Mae Cabal 3 日 前
I’m sorry to say this but I miss Leader BI.. We must admit there was really lacking in their performance.. there full potential was not properly shown..
Kinga K
Kinga K 2 日 前
I also disagree :) The concept was utilized brilliantly and intricately. The props are minimalistic but it's because of mnet's admitted mistake (about budget limit) but even without props the performance is amazing. The camera work is bad , but YG provided dance practice with high quality camera work to show the difference. But again the quality of artistic expression of this performance itself is top-notch.
Jinan Ackerman
Jinan Ackerman 3 日 前
I feel too but their individual ability are shown
Estef Gabuna
Estef Gabuna 3 日 前
I disagree :)
Meli* 3 日 前
phyophyo thaw
phyophyo thaw 3 日 前
My boys deserve well
Wendy Lopez
Wendy Lopez 4 日 前
Merecían uno de los primeros lugares
Alma Dacanay
Alma Dacanay 4 日 前
Alma Dacanay
Alma Dacanay 4 日 前
Mi love
Ghina Osta
Ghina Osta 4 日 前
Compared to their perf in ep 1... THAT WAS EPIC!
Peachynako 4 日 前
groovy love scenario unlocked🔓
Selty 4 日 前
Love Scenario Supremacy!
ً 4 日 前
mrnck123 4 日 前
We did not do ok!!! Please gather around and lets do our best for iKON!!!
Botol Kecap
Botol Kecap 4 日 前
6m yuk
Ra Rahma
Ra Rahma 4 日 前
the best ikon❤️
Farisya's Crew
Farisya's Crew 4 日 前
Killing me ikon kingdom ver the best ♥️
Meli* 5 日 前
iKONICs keep coming back here! :))
SandyT 5 日 前
Still hanging out here....3 weeks later.
Juan Punch Man
Juan Punch Man 5 日 前
2:47 7 ikon
hanbin 5 日 前
akhirnya mampir lagi
Novelyn Guadalquiver
i love ikon.......
cindy laij
cindy laij 5 日 前
trejo kece2
trejo kece2 5 日 前
My ID is iKONIC 5 日 前
kingdom intro sound make me want to throw up 😂
Mirah Satyalaksmi
iKON Fighting!! iKON is the best for me
뇽안97 5 日 前
2:35 여기 카메라 그림자 때문에 너무 아쉬워 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ the camera shadow.........
이예은 5 日 前
2:42 빅뱅 우리사랑하지말아요
wateva2819 5 日 前
I disagree with the "experts" in saying it's simple, in this case, there is such a beauty in it's simplicity, I actually APPRECIATE the lack of props and fanfare that just serve as silly distractions to their raw talent (and yes, lights and fancy tricks in some cases is needed to hide flaws and in iKON's case, they don't need that cos they are SUBSTANCE over STYLE). :)
its not iKON its dorKON!!
i am *shooketa*
Rebbit131 asoy Pt6
Fighting iKONIC
Anita Kusuma
Anita Kusuma 5 日 前
fe m
fe m 4 日 前
hoodie pinknya kim junkyu part 2
Udah lama hudi gamaen ke lapak ini
K Arts
K Arts 6 日 前
Guys! Can somebody enlighten me on how to vote? I'm kinda late but still I want to support our boys.
trejo kece2
trejo kece2 5 日 前
@K Arts hi you can search on yt how to vote kingdom on whosfan^^
K Arts
K Arts 5 日 前
@hyewon I don't mind. Their song is a great contributor to my studies/reviews. It motivates me to finish them ASAP, I dont know why😆
hyewon 5 日 前
@K Arts please prioritize that first😊 and take care of your health!! don't pressure urself haha. but if you really wanna learn i can send you a link on voting!!
K Arts
K Arts 5 日 前
@hyewon kind of😆
hyewon 5 日 前
@K Arts ohhh but you're alright now??or are you still busy?
김우혁 6 日 前
???:사랑을 했다~! 그랬다!
Sonia Zerna
Sonia Zerna 6 日 前
El mejor IKON
Meli 6 日 前
Thank you iKON♡ We love you♡♡♡
Hazell NotNut.
Hazell NotNut. 6 日 前
7.791.219 siang semuaa.
Hazell NotNut.
Hazell NotNut. 6 日 前
Lima koma tujuh.
fe m
fe m 6 日 前
Happy Lol
Happy Lol 6 日 前
227 486 comments
Botol Kecap
Botol Kecap 6 日 前
사룽둥 6 日 前
타팬인데 생각나서 들으러 와용 편곡 너무 좋아ㅏㅏㅏ요🤍💗
Dong Dong
Dong Dong 6 日 前
run away
run away 6 日 前
아이콘 힘내!! 고생했어!! 아이콘 무대는 언제나 멋져!!
Irene G.
Irene G. 6 日 前
Oh my God, this is awesome!!!!
c s
c s 6 日 前
Where can i watch full episodes of kingdom? Like with the judges comments n points n stuff
c s
c s 6 日 前
@Lauren Julia thankss
Lauren Julia
Lauren Julia 6 日 前
Najwa Fitria P. S
Balik lagi
Kim Jinhwan
Kim Jinhwan 6 日 前
5.8 is coming please keep on str3aming
Kim Jinhwan
Kim Jinhwan 6 日 前
verhoven swift
verhoven swift 6 日 前
perhatian guys Bisa lebih banyak ternak akun+kencengin str3am8ngnya dong:') Ayokkk end voting dah di depan mataaa, KITA PASTI BISA MENANG!!JANGAN KALAH AMA JUNIORNYA!!!!!JANGAN MALES MALESANN!!!!! YUKKK SEMANGATTTTTT!!!!!! KITA BISAAAAAAA!!!!!!
ExoX jeonkookie
ExoX jeonkookie 6 日 前
iKONICS! Download whosfan app and create more accounts, so we are ready to vote for iKON next stage Thank you hehe
Huỳnh Thế Thông
This performance is magnificent. I'm into all the member of this band cause they have all special characteristics that I need to imitate so as to support on my road's step
Ein 6 日 前
I'm a BI Stan. I have to support iKON ♥️❤️❣️
Meli 6 日 前
Keep coming here!!!
Korean World
Korean World 7 日 前
iKON always make masterpieces !
Botol Kecap
Botol Kecap 7 日 前
Yedam's falsetto
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