(여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) - 'Oh my god' Official Music Video

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(여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) - 'Oh my god' Official Music Video
Composed by 소연, 빅싼초(Yummy Tone)
Lyrics by 소연
Arranged by 빅싼초(Yummy Tone), 소연
✔ YT Music: bit.ly/2XhNCkb
✔ Apple Music: apple.co/2UKZdqf
✔ Spotify: spoti.fi/2wlJC7k
✔ Melon: bit.ly/2xVV61u
‘거부’, ‘혼란’, ‘인정’, ‘당당함’의 감정을 겪으며 현실과의 부딪침을 통해 나 자신을 믿어야 한다는 것을 깨닫게 된다. 나는 나를 믿는다(I trust). 나 자신을 믿는다는 것만으로도 나는 당당해질 수 있다.
'나는 나를 믿는다'라는 주제로 시작된 타이틀곡 ‘Oh my god’은 곡의 전개마다 변화되는 과감한 리듬 체인지가 돋보이는 Urban Hiphop 장르의 곡이다. 빈티지한 피아노 소리와 808베이스가 이끌어가는 몽환적인 분위기 그리고 강렬한 사운드가 인상적이며, 오직 (여자)아이들만이 표현할 수 있는 곡이다.
Going through “denial,” “confusion,” “acceptance,” and “confidence” and colliding with reality makes you realize that you have to believe in yourself. I trust myself (I trust). I can be confident just by believing in myself.
The title track “Oh my god” started from having a theme of “self-trust.” It is an Urban Hiphop track in which the stark differences in rhythm that correspond to the atmospheric changes within the song stand out. The fantasy-like mood and the bold sound led by a vintage piano sound and an 808bass are impressive. This track is something only (G)I-DLE can perform.
(여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) 미니3집 [I trust]
Release on 2020.04.06. 18:00 (KST)
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コメント数 80
Flor Navarro
Flor Navarro 8 時間 前
Esta cancion es simplemente belleza, talento, hermosura, perfecta, con estilo HAY DIOS MIO!!!!
Catherine Of Caspian
Minnie 😍
shin hyukaprodigy
shin hyukaprodigy 8 時間 前
Soojin is so fuxking sexy
Mel Madi
Mel Madi 8 時間 前
These goddesses just made to stan (G)I-dle
Sara Exo-L
Sara Exo-L 9 時間 前
영원히IDLE 9 時間 前
Phuong Phan
Phuong Phan 9 時間 前
(G)I-DLE queens always ♡
Amihan Deozore
Amihan Deozore 9 時間 前
89M views for 1 MONTH!!!!
Sarah Blink
Sarah Blink 9 時間 前
Gostei muito!
The fact Cube Ent. have the subtitles around the world while other ents. have 3-2 or dont have...
Turbo Gamer
Turbo Gamer 9 時間 前
This is the song of Old Joseph Joestar
Shahida Khalid
Shahida Khalid 9 時間 前
Now whenever i say oh my god randomly i can't stop singing the next line * she took me to the skyyyy* cause this song is a masterpiece and it showed us six pretty stars
Niki Maslahati
Niki Maslahati 9 時間 前
Armylands lets str3am hann and omg and dna,bwl, on (both ver) together! Fighting armys and neverlands!!!
Taida uwu
Taida uwu 9 時間 前
When you call me bitch make sure you remember to put Soyeon's in front of it.
Niki Maslahati
Niki Maslahati 9 時間 前
100m vi3ws is coming soon!! fighting!!!Neverlands str3am harder !
that was a great song
yeobbun giam tototoi
Thankyou for appreciating (G)I-DLE's music! 💜
stan__G_I_dle self_made_gg
200k To 90m ♡♡
Adyasa Mund
Adyasa Mund 10 時間 前
Guys, Yuqi is in a new show along with WJSN's Exy and Yeorum. Check it out, it's hilarious! jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-ABUlf7ZWWM4.html
Yunmijisakuro Sensei
Yunmijisakuro Sensei 10 時間 前
this song is a masterpiece
slow down
slow down 10 時間 前
Wait. Jawa?! Duh Gusti. Nembe weruh aku.
정승훈 11 時間 前
진짜 이거 항상 보는데 미치도록 아름답다♥ 각자 느낌으로 어울려서 더 좋은듯?♥♥
candy pop
candy pop 11 時間 前
(G)-IDLE is a rookie among legends that's been around for years! They've accomplished so much, I'm so proud of them
Sabbir Shuvo
Sabbir Shuvo 9 時間 前
Thank you for appreciating (btw, It's (G)I-DLE). 💜
Ninja Ng Pamilya Five A's
G idle Always the Best song and Awsome forever !
Toderascu Gabriela
Toderascu Gabriela 11 時間 前
the chorus is 🔥
Đăng Nguyễn
Đăng Nguyễn 11 時間 前
90M fighting Neverlands
Đăng Nguyễn
Đăng Nguyễn 11 時間 前
90M fighting Neverlands
army neverland
army neverland 12 時間 前
Oh my god g(idle)told me to the sky Oh my god g(idle) show me all the star
Santiago Sejas Diaz
Santiago Sejas Diaz 13 時間 前
Third world music, reggaetoneras sold for money, they are worth nothing! 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Sabbir Shuvo
Sabbir Shuvo 9 時間 前
Thanks for the vi3w, not for the trash talk! 👍
stan__G_I_dle self_made_gg
Stan self-made legends stan idle
nrlntshar 11 時間 前
Aduh budak ni
Double Aces
Double Aces 11 時間 前
You are nothing.
Elizabeth A
Elizabeth A 11 時間 前
they’re literally carrying cube entertainment but okay
Zeen Zeen
Zeen Zeen 13 時間 前
😭 يلا وصلوها 100 مليوون 🌚🌚🌚 ارمي . اكسوال . وينس . بلينك . وباقي الفانز ساعدونا 💞🌚🌚 انا ارمي واكسوال يلاا 🌚💜💜
army neverland
army neverland 12 時間 前
يلا بس لاتنسى دندونه
Naira Akbar
Naira Akbar 13 時間 前
Unpopular opinion- They deserve as much as blackpink.
Sabbir Shuvo
Sabbir Shuvo 8 時間 前
It's a fact but let's be realistic. BP is from YG (Part of Big 3) & they are also double of (G)I-DLE's age. Also, the promotion & public exposure when they both debuted ain't the same cuz both companies are different power & influence wise! The extra privilege was always there for BP but in case of (G)I-DLE, the success is all organic (Not saying BP doesn’t deserve that). Let us be happy with the massive growth we experienced in this comeback & work harder to accomplish more & more & more in the future. The world tour would be a great help but damn, this pandemic! 😢
Double Aces
Double Aces 11 時間 前
It’s not an opinion, it’s a fact.
Elizabeth A
Elizabeth A 11 時間 前
it’s a fact
irfn_raziqq 12 時間 前
its a popular opinion
Roseanne la banane
Roseanne la banane 12 時間 前
Its not an unpopular opinion
naiicu 13 時間 前
HorangCheol Carat
HorangCheol Carat 13 時間 前
I am Enjoying This Without subtitle but when i turn it on Oh My God *green minded mode set on!*
Estefania vargas trejos
Ab imo Pectore! hard to listen but kill u just trying! I love them!
Dung Nguyễn Thị Phương
I love (G) I-DLE so much, I hope that the group will succeed and become the most rookie girl group in Kpop
irfn_raziqq 11 時間 前
they just ended their rookie title 27 days before
Adyasa Mund
Adyasa Mund 12 時間 前
They ain't rookies anymore
天上的神 14 時間 前
1:53 The transitions is just.....It's too fucking good...
양화범 14 時間 前
한글이 어디있는가? 나만 노래가 좋다고 생각하는건가?
Aysha Siddiqa
Aysha Siddiqa 14 時間 前
The fact that people think Soojin is Lesbian are actually wrong . Soojin is not a lesbian She used to date Pentagon's Hui when she was a trainee. Cube entertainment said that after G-idle's debut
Adyasa Mund
Adyasa Mund 12 時間 前
Goodness, it's fucking 2020. Don't go around assuming people's Sexuality
Minnie queen
Minnie queen 13 時間 前
people can be bi too!no one know about their sexuality so we should not talk about it..
Ellen A
Ellen A 14 時間 前
In Lion, Uh-Oh and Oh my god i always thought oh no Shuhua has no lines again but then she comes with this second strophe and im like: oh my gooooooood she took me to the sky
민Alinasia 14 時間 前
Hann: 1 year and 9 months to reach 89M Oh my god: 2 months to reach 89M Hann: *Am I a joke to you?*
nigel army⁷
nigel army⁷ 14 時間 前
Ngl this is a gay concept i'm dyingTT
seventeen bubs
seventeen bubs 12 時間 前
This ain't a gay concept bruh
Kim Riyoon
Kim Riyoon 14 時間 前
Bangla subtitle,I-
Eylül KARABULUT 14 時間 前
Aşırı güzel
ارمي الى الابد bts
شكرا على الترجمه
Ya girl Cinny
Ya girl Cinny 15 時間 前
Adyasa Mund
Adyasa Mund 12 時間 前
They ain't dreads, they are simple braids. There is a difference
Sabbir Shuvo
Sabbir Shuvo 15 時間 前
Minnie (Main Vocalist)
Ruud R.C
Ruud R.C 15 時間 前
Wolf Darkwood
Wolf Darkwood 15 時間 前
This has such heavy Lady Gaga's Bloody Mary vibe, gosh I love it,,,
Billy Liang
Billy Liang 15 時間 前
Love the song but the best oh my god will always be Jungkook saying “oH My gOD”
irfn_raziqq 12 時間 前
ok boomer
Sabbir Shuvo
Sabbir Shuvo 15 時間 前
Oh, please! 😒
Double Aces
Double Aces 15 時間 前
Armys please leave.
Rose Martínez
Rose Martínez 15 時間 前
Las amoooo
Rose Martínez
Rose Martínez 15 時間 前
Vamos chicas sólo falta pocoooo y lo lograremos. Si poodemos ahhhh amo está canción
William 16 時間 前
Soyeon podría ser vocalista principal sin problema alguno Esa niña es un paquete completo salaberga
Its Ur Mom Duh
Its Ur Mom Duh 16 時間 前
Okay to be honest i dont like kpop but this song is so good
Its Ur Mom Duh
Its Ur Mom Duh 9 時間 前
@Ammar Munawwar i listened them and they were good
Ammar Munawwar
Ammar Munawwar 10 時間 前
All (G)I-DLE songs are on a high level like this... I recommend u to listen to Latata, Hann, Senorita, Uh-Oh and Lion.. these songs are their title tracks :) hope you enjoy
WAVE 16 時間 前
Miyeon throughout all these MV's doesn't care for love- Latata- Notice how Yuqi sits on the couch looking all cute ( 0:42 ) then Miyeon steals one of her boots and pops a candy to distract and reel her in ( 0:47 ) Then later on in the MV, you see Yuqi joining the members with lolipops in front of Miyeon's shop ( 0:58 ). Miyeon is tryna get them to forget about their crush but these girls are stubborn and whine to their Unnie ( 1:14 ) Few scenes later you see Soyeon is the first to throw cloth, resulting in the other girls doing the same. They find fun and amussment in this and see the girls throwing cloth around having fun ( 1:20 ) Miyeon has successfully distracted them, Yuqi is also seen being pushed in a cart, that's another time Miyeon distracted the girls. If you take a closer look, Miyeon is grinning while the other members are smiling/laughing ( 1:30 ) Miyeon takes the youngest, Shuhua to go golfing and in the process, teach her to be mature ( 2:10 ) This group of friends are just normal girls that play video games, sports and just run around.( 2:17 )( 2:26 )( 2:43 ) This next theory might seem unecessary but notice how Yuqi swing is still and Miyeon is already swinging. This represents that Miyeon is independent and willing to solve her own problems, while young Yuqi relies on someone to push her more specifically, a boy.( 2:49 ) Hann- The girls are heart broken by their crush. They now despise his guts- They prove that they're hardcore starting with Soyeon touching a scorpion and licking her blood afterwords; pretty hardcore-( 0:19 ) Soyeon keeps repeating the line "Remember what you said" referring to the childhood promises her crush made to her when they were kids. Shuhua's line "You're so yesterday.." shows Shuhua trying to move on. Miyeon just recalls what he's doing now and doesn't really seem to care, after all, she did not fall in love in Latata. Yuqi also recalls what he's done and doesn't know who he is anymore. Soojin in the Chorus says "I will forget you" as if motivating herself to move on and gain some closure. In soyeon's rap, the line(caption) "its like common love" means that they didn't really have something special. Miyeon talks to a plant ( 1:17 ), this reminds me of when Miyeon was advising Yuqi in Latata, Yuqi had barely blossomed. Thy understand what it feels to be heart broken. Senorita- The girls and their child-like love try again, but this time, they're not falling for him, the guy is falling for them. The sparks, destructed rooms, and action going on in the background of the girls basically mean that their visuals catches everyone's attention and makes everyone lose control that it gets chaotic that signs fall, rooms are wrecked, Soojin making the elevator guy break the elevator-( 0:47 ) The girls since hann have gone through puberty and are now attracting to everyone ( 2:47 - 3:01 ) Uh-Oh- The girls understand that their crush was a duche- The girls a sassy most of the MV releasing a side the represents a careless vibe. Their crush up to this point, can't trick (G)I-dle into any of his tricks, the girls are confident and believe in their self spirit. They understand what they're doing with themselves now. Lion- Finally! The girls listen to Miyeon about love! They don't need it! It's not their top priority! Independence and understanding themselves is more important before thy worry about anyone else! Since hann (puberty stage) and senorita, these girls a showing that they have drastically matured in personality Oh my god- Feeling love again. But the type that feels illegal, the type that feels wrong.. but feels so right. Soyeon and Minnie are trying to battle this type of love, Soyeon accepts her fate, girl even licks the barb wire!! (Which she wasnt supposed to) while Minnie fights and fights! Yuqi realizes the truth but it's too late, she's been drawn in and shes addicted, nothing can pulls her out. ( 0:38 )
LewdColorPink 17 時間 前
thanks i'm gayer now
Jai'Ara Brown
Jai'Ara Brown 17 時間 前
ok all i can think is GAYYYYYYYYYYYYY and i love it
천러애기 17 時間 前
Let's go NEVERLANDS! There's no time to waste. Let's give the girls 9OM !!!! Keep str3@ming and never give up !
iira aira
iira aira 17 時間 前
Dear cube entertainment, i hope you promote gidle better in their next comeback. please send them to proper variety show (running man, knowing brothers etc). i want to see them being acknowledged more by people.
Adyasa Mund
Adyasa Mund 12 時間 前
@irfn_raziqq She was already a part of it last year. Hence the huge amount of our fanbase is in China
irfn_raziqq 12 時間 前
@Sabbir Shuvo Yuqi joined Keep Running so i guess it will gain much popularity from China
Sabbir Shuvo
Sabbir Shuvo 14 時間 前
Cube alone can't send them on heavyweight variety shows like Running Man or Knowing Bros unless the show PDs invite them first. I want them there too cuz it generates more public exposure but these shows, as it seems, prioritizes not just popularity but also the age of the group. Special privilege can also be observed for Big 3 agencies' groups. 😏 Just glad Yuqi participated in the main section as well as joined Counselling section along with Shuhua & Soojin. I assume they'll be in Knowing Bros next year as they'll grow bigger & bigger with 3 years under their belt. 👍
Ely Mitch
Ely Mitch 17 時間 前
Oh my God this is- too good 🤤💖💕
雅荣 17 時間 前
this mv looks expensive
Saxarova Mari
Saxarova Mari 17 時間 前
Chinoh Alex
Chinoh Alex 18 時間 前
Oh csm, THIS IS ART ♥️
Nive Charming
Nive Charming 18 時間 前
(G) I-DLE road to 100M:)
Quinn Tan
Quinn Tan 18 時間 前
potato thought that this was nothing, potato saw this on tv, patato heard this on tv, potato liking the song, potato searched the song on youtube, potato always stream the song, potato keeps on saying OH MY GOD. patato is me. (A mini story how I became a fan)❤
irfn_raziqq 18 時間 前
I hate (G)I-DLE because they kill me everytime i watch this mv .they're so talented, wonderful,beautiful i didnt regret when i decided to learn more about them after i watched Lion MV on 7January 2020 i will support them and forever be a proud nevie
Adyasa Mund
Adyasa Mund 10 時間 前
@irfn_raziqq Yes, I couldn't be prouder. Also, doesn't matter even if you don't watch that stuff. We are all together in the fandom❤️
irfn_raziqq 12 時間 前
@Adyasa Mund haha me too. but i'm sure i've been a hard fan now since i watched their whole i-talks, secret folder, followed their ig and twitter, and knows a lot about them, their pros and cons and their background
Adyasa Mund
Adyasa Mund 12 時間 前
I am still flexing that I was a pre debut fan😏 Just kidding, glad you made such a wise decision
irfn_raziqq 12 時間 前
@syazanaadrina NEVIES hann era is bop!
syazanaadrina NEVIES
syazanaadrina NEVIES 17 時間 前
I decided to stan them in hann era!
tonkla the human
tonkla the human 18 時間 前
ตกลงท่อนโซยอนคือ help me help me หรือ hammer hammer แล้ว set me free set me free ถูกใช่ป่าว??!
Kpop Jjang
Kpop Jjang 18 時間 前
Brianna morales
Brianna morales 18 時間 前
They copied jennies make uP LMAO
방탄소년단idle 10 時間 前
the stupidest comment❤️ pls leave juseyo❤️
Ammar Munawwar
Ammar Munawwar 10 時間 前
hahaha are you joking or what? Cause this comment is so dumb TBH XDDD
Jimmy Gem
Jimmy Gem 12 時間 前
Since when have jennies owned a make up style ? Isn’t it Korean style
Sabbir Shuvo
Sabbir Shuvo 14 時間 前
Got the attention, happy? Now leave! 😏
Double Aces
Double Aces 15 時間 前
make up was invented ages ago so jennie copied their make up first. LMFAO what a copycat!
Si son lesbianas okno 😔💕
Zara Katherine
Zara Katherine 19 時間 前
Do you like Soyeon with short hair or long hair? Like if you prefer her to have short hair Comment if you like her with long hair
david trudler
david trudler 19 時間 前
사랑해정민아 19 時間 前
1개월 뒤에 1억뷰 달성할것같다
민Alinasia 19 時間 前
"All kinds of love are valuable and must be respected" - *Jeon Soyeon*
X_Smile Xosy
X_Smile Xosy 19 時間 前
X_Smile Xosy
X_Smile Xosy 15 時間 前
- Peerapong pratas _Ball20!
Ada Marya
Ada Marya 19 時間 前
Tô com medo dessas meninas mas amei a música
kim taetae
kim taetae 20 時間 前
Asfa Butt
Asfa Butt 20 時間 前
Is this stranger things inspired it looks like it cuz the world in the walls, bleeding from nose, that red blood gore like but not gore?
Félix Bourret
Félix Bourret 20 時間 前
This is Evangelion level
ThaiSuP ReeMER
ThaiSuP ReeMER 20 時間 前
90M ❤️
ThaiSuP ReeMER
ThaiSuP ReeMER 20 時間 前
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