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[Kep1er DOUBLAST On Air] Kep1er - LE VOYA9E
[케플러 더블라스트 온에어] 케플러 - 르 보야지

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I can’t stop listening to Le Voya9e and this stage just makes me love it even more!
정원_마크 리
@Uni Corni yes b-side track of their new song "UP"
정원_마크 리
SAMEEE LIKEEE IT'S 4X LOOP FOR ME😭😭😭its so good woahahhhh
Uni Corni
Uni Corni 11 日 前
is this their song??
Atoma 14 日 前
This song is so good!!! I was not expecting this. Holy heck do I love this song
ML.16 15 日 前
Anton 15 日 前
This song is not as up-beat as other summer songs, but why does it make me so much happier? I love this song so much
Anton 3 日 前
@resilient gr truuu ! also starry night by mamamoo
resilient gr
resilient gr 4 日 前
That reminds me of alcohol free from twice. Same vibe.
Rahmat Hidayat
Rahmat Hidayat 11 日 前
@Anton ikr
Anton 11 日 前
@Rahmat Hidayat i feel enlightened after listening to the song HAHA
Rahmat Hidayat
Rahmat Hidayat 12 日 前
This song bring peace into my heart ❤
Vanessa Balendra
Vanessa Balendra 15 日 前
I find it interesting that they decided to add choreography to a song like this bc other groups don’t usually do that. They add music to a more energetic or upbeat song and sing songs like this whilst standing still. This is really cool, I don’t see this a lot.
hyukaa 13 日 前
Biggest  Fan
Biggest Fan 14 日 前
Le Voya9e feels like you're at heaven's gate listening to angels singing because KEP1ER, all of them has an angelic voice ✨
Rahmat Hidayat
Rahmat Hidayat 12 日 前
And that's exactly why I'm crying while watching this video 🥲 Their performance is so beautiful 🥺 And with their angelic voices, they bring peace into my heart 😭 I think I love them even more ❤ GO KEP1ER ❤❤❤❤❤
Maureen Cali
Maureen Cali 16 日 前
Ok so I don’t usually like summer songs as they’re too upbeat for my tastes- and I’m so glad they got a leisure-paced one! RELAXING. It’s like you’re watching the calm waves during twilight/sunset, with the moon/stars slowly showing. This song is A TOTAL BOP. So dreamy!
Luis enrique Gonzalez diaz
@Zayn 24 concuerdo contigo
Zayn 24
Zayn 24 15 日 前
Rightttt!!! I love this type of song just to calm heat down
Park Daniel
Park Daniel 10 日 前
after 2 years imagine this as their final performance at their final concert it will be painful asf
Marshaa01 10 日 前
it will be full cries concert
Reece Fortescue
Reece Fortescue 10 日 前
This song makes me think of many many things, like on a summers evening the suns going down and your just staring into the distance at a orangey blue sky thinking about your life, this choreo is unreal, i dont think ive heard a song like this before! this maybe the first!
Donna Ville Gante
Mashiro is pretty, xiaoting’s vocal is so angelic and yeseo is just perfect. I just love all of them so much. I always listen to this song whenever i’m so stressed. Thank you kep1er
Pussy Liquor
Pussy Liquor 14 日 前
Yes. So soothing and relaxing. These girls are so talented and beautiful
Crazy Bunny
Crazy Bunny 8 日 前
Perfect song to listen to while listening to the ambient sounds of waves hitting the shores
Marshaa01 8 日 前
you can also listen it when rains are coming
Miss Luna
Miss Luna 16 日 前
This song is absolutely stunning. Most summer songs tend to sound the same but this one is light, refreshing, and feels like you're relaxing on a beach listening to the waves. It makes me feel carefree. I can understand why this wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea, but to me I just love it.
Nebulæ 5 日 前
@Jaina Luki I think loonas flip that also has a nice vibe. Not your usual beach vibe though it feels very much like a sunny day
TripTriple Cat
TripTriple Cat 7 日 前
Right, very quirky of you
Jaina Luki
Jaina Luki 12 日 前
@jeda i mean the soothing one, and thats my opinion its okay if you disagree. dont be too hard on yourself
jeda 12 日 前
@Jaina Luki that’s a totally different vibe
Jaina Luki
Jaina Luki 14 日 前
@celery yes
Emma Hunt
Emma Hunt 9 日 前
this song captures the feeling of summer sunsets, it’s really magical and calming.
b o o
b o o 3 日 前
no puedo explicar la tranquilidad que está canción me da, la presentación es increíble, se ven cómo ángeles, el blanco es su color y no tengo dudas, sus vocales son tan, wow
theellasilva 12 日 前
She always is, but Xiaoting is SHINING in this!! The way she does the move at 1:06 is something else, I am so addicted to it! She is a literal Ariel, beautiful, amazing voice, amazing dance, gorgeous presence... the perfect centre
Pussy Liquor
Pussy Liquor 12 日 前
Ikr. Goddess level
lost in illusion
lost in illusion 13 日 前
mashiro, yujin, and xiaoting- the visual trio killer
Dina QEM
Dina QEM 17 日 前
Xiaoting's visual is ethereal, she catches my attention all the time
Nikka Diaz
Nikka Diaz 16 日 前
Pussy Liquor
Pussy Liquor 16 日 前
One in a million 😍😍😍
maría c
maría c 13 日 前
I wouldn't had expected a summer song like this and much less from Kep1er. This is way better than what I was expecting. The whole album is so good and so nice, something I actually want to listen to, even without watching anything. This style suits them really well. I don't even like yellow, but they're shining nicer than the sun. Well done, Kep1er and team
Paul Tolentino
Paul Tolentino 14 日 前
One of the best kpop songs I've ever listened to, also very calming and relaxing rhythm. 🥰
Marshaa01 14 日 前
thank you
Kichiboushi 14 日 前
Chvv 14 日 前
Sofy 15 日 前
tzu 17 日 前
aeai_crescent 11 日 前
this song feels like riding on a boat and just feeling the breeze and waves, so peaceful ^^
Haru! _
Haru! _ 14 日 前
マシロちゃんのビジュが美しすぎる😭 みんなこのコンセプトにぴったりだな、、、。
Malia aidarp
Malia aidarp 6 日 前
I can't stop listening to Le Voyage, it's make my mind calm and I hardly find a song that is so soothing to listen.. Just love it!!!
Jo_V *
Jo_V * 7 日 前
I love this song vibe and stage and choreography and everything!!! Fav one
Narges Msv
Narges Msv 17 日 前
Xiaoting is really the live version of Ariel and she’s singing her song
Magda 13 日 前
I got goosebumps and I cried. That's how beautiful Le Voya9e is. It's a masterpiece.
高橋真生 6 日 前
3:16 Xiaoting was so beautiful at the center that she cried. Just thinking that these nine people are making a comeback with such a refreshing and ephemeral summer song and performing on a Korean music program makes the Planet Guardians watching from Garupura cry. I am full of heart when I think about how painful and painful I have overcome until I came here. Thank you, kep1er! !! !! I love you! !! !! !! I'm always supporting you! !! !!
NataZolotaya 10 日 前
I can't remember the last time I listened to a song every single day, several times a day, watched all the fancams...gosh this is just magical! Masterpiece!!
차이티 13 日 前
노래 비주얼 표정연기 다 최고ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 이게 왜 타이틀이 아니죠ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 매일 들을거야 너무 좋아 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
for use
for use 16 日 前
xiaoting's vocal tone is so addicting. She suits this concept so much. She is such a ace.
hihokii 12 日 前
@k8wh even she doesn't have that much lines she still shines like take example for UP song. Plus she improve in her singing
ladiva7 13 日 前
@k8wh She still shines and that's the most important thing. Even with few lines she owns this performance
k8wh 16 日 前
@Angri Yanto Pity that Xiaoting has very few parts, especially compared to Hikaru, Dayeon.
Nikka Diaz
Nikka Diaz 16 日 前
Angri Yanto
Angri Yanto 16 日 前
That's why they put her at the center, and she also got most part lines and face shoot. This is a slow elegant summer song, and suit very well at night beach melody vibes.
Bill Canning
Bill Canning 8 日 前
Seriously, this song is kind of a masterpiece.
Joyce 13 日 前
Can't take my eyes away from Mashirooo. Her beauty is beyond words! She looks so stunning with that simple dress.
aesglow 11 日 前
Xiaotings voice is so beautiful in this! Her vocals are already improving a lot, proud of our queen!
Good Boy gone Bad
I want they perform this song on music show too 😭
Aks KR
Aks KR 17 日 前
Honestly, this is truly one of their best stage. These outfits, the styling for each girls. Then the song itself is so beautiful but the choreography and the formations to match with it..😍 Each girl gets to shine..🥰💕
Rahmat Hidayat
Rahmat Hidayat 12 日 前
@Aks KR I agree. This song is so beautiful and they perform it beautifuly too in this video.
Aks KR
Aks KR 16 日 前
@Iz*one_n_only at least better than the same triangle formations. Here theyve tried something different than their usual. No more girl crush vibe too but sweet, summer vibe!
Iz*one_n_only 16 日 前
I think it’d be better sitting with live vocals the choreo is weird to me
scouzi 11 日 前
this song is so good ??? and it encapsulates the concept of the album so well despite not being the typical “summer bop”
Mikapika 9 日 前
This song is honestly so beautiful and the stage is so PRETTY
14 日 前
la voya9e本当にKep1erの良さが詰まった素敵な曲ですごく好きです
Nari 나리
Nari 나리 15 日 前
This is honestly one of the prettiest songs I've heard in a LONG time! The dance is elegant and the girls look so ethereal. Great job, Kep1er!
Ae Jo
Ae Jo 16 日 前
Why do their B side track shine more than the title. Plzzz Le Voyage and Mvsk deserve a lot. Such amazing songs
Hairil Amri
Hairil Amri 16 日 前
Their B side righttttt I love attention so muchhh
Mohamad Haikal
Mohamad Haikal 16 日 前
Le Voyage is just a good b side . Thats it
P.A. 16 日 前
@Support Seo Youngeun I like UP as well, but not every successful title track needs to be fast. For example, Something by Girl's Day was very popular back in the day, Bon Voyage by Yoo A also did very well, etc.
Joana | web drama fan
Mvsk was title track material but I think Le Voyage was fit to be a bside track
Ohlililac 16 日 前
I like le voya9e too. I think this song is so relaxing 😂
Angelica P. Lozano
I love their cb so much, their title track and all their b-sides are equally perfect.
Hara S.
Hara S. 12 日 前
alright this has been the most beautiful sounding song i've heard this year ngl
i am *Royeon*
i am *Royeon* 12 日 前
the fact that i love about this song, was the music flow. it so chills, like it hits you all around summer, which also can't help you but smile. but at the same time, it's also nostalgic. one of the bests songs of the summer, so far.
Y Oo
Y Oo 14 日 前
와 이노래 너무 좋아요ㅠㅠㅠㅜ 타이틀감인데 아까울만큼 노래가 진짜 좋네
Support Seo Youngeun
This song is so beautiful. I could lay on a beach and listen to this song. Too bad I literally just got back from vacation lol. I'm glad that Xiaoting, Yeseo and Mashiro got more lines in this song. They do this song justice. And Young Eun...when it was her part and she flicked her wrist, I got shivers. Seriously, how does she embody EVERY concept?!
Allow me to wander
Yeaaah she's really versatile
Pussy Liquor
Pussy Liquor 16 日 前
Tell me about. I’ve probably listened to it a million times while driving
7반 5번 김예진
마시로랑 다연 이렇게 예쁜줄 몰랐네.. 영은이도 연기 너무 잘하고 예서 음색 미쳤다..ㄷㄷ 이번곡 장난아닌데..? 타이틀곡보다도 조아..~~ 채현도 음색 좋다~~ 히카루 징짜 기엽궁.. 유진은 걍 다 잘하고 히에 표정에 몽환을 느꼈다.. 흥하쟈 흥해!!
Olivia Thompson
Olivia Thompson 14 日 前
Mashiro is shining in this stage. I can’t take my eyes off her
Teny Haryati
Teny Haryati 9 日 前
she is so beautiful with that hair and outfit
shiroo 14 日 前
girl samee
Bibidi babidy
Bibidi babidy 15 日 前
이 곡도 타이틀로 해서 mv 좀 만들어줘요. 춤 너무 예쁘네. 멜로디도 편안하고 여름에 어울리고. 귀에서 멤돈다. 저는 개인적으로 이곡이 이번 미니앨범서 최고
いちあめ 15 日 前
Lia A
Lia A 17 日 前
Xiaoting’s “you’re my wishing boat, you’re my tidal wave” is so heavenly i’m probably gonna repeat it 10x every time I listen to this song
Gloria W
Gloria W 17 日 前
Wei Feng
Wei Feng 17 日 前
KeKe Graham
KeKe Graham 17 日 前
I need to loop it atp
どうしよう、みんな可愛いよ〜! 全てが推しなんだが🥺♡ 美しすぎて涙が出ちゃう😭✨
Seulmi 13 日 前
It makes me feel happy and calm. Like I visited a place on summer that I no longer visited for a long time. It sounds magical as I felt the nostalgia going back to a place for the first time in long years.
faw 13 日 前
this song is so dreamy and magical, I'm obsessed
Malu Nascimento Sander
wow, such a beautiful song
SheWolfe1998 16 日 前
What did I just watch? It's too magical I think I forgot to breathe for awhile. 😲 They are all so mesmerizing especially Xiaoting and Hiyyih! 😍😍😍
Cristal 16 日 前
Blonde Hiyyih and Red Xiaoting are just chef's kiss, I hope they keep their colors for more comebacks!
Luenay Da Silva
Luenay Da Silva 16 日 前
Yvonne Manahan
Yvonne Manahan 15 日 前
Twilight_aek1txt 13 日 前
i love the vibes this song gives. it is so dreamy and calming. it's just so lovely
B 13 日 前
I love this song so much and I can't explain why
팅~ 17 日 前
Xiaoting owns this song omg!!! She's just so good and she looks pretty while doing it! 😭💜💜💜🦋🦋🦋
FFBE Exaid
FFBE Exaid 16 日 前
Yup just like MVSK.
민지 김
민지 김 12 日 前
진짜 멤버들다 웰게 공주같아 ㅠㅠㅠ 진짜 노래도 그렇거 완전 디즈니 바이브 너무 너무 좋음.... 샤오팅 진짜 아리엘인줄 진심 개이쁨.... 애들아 너무 좋아🥺🤍🤍🤍
수연 13 日 前
00:56 채현이 목소리부터 분위기 확 잡는 다연이까지... 너무 좋다 그리고 마시로 완전완전 몽환적이게 생김... 노래 너무 좋아
내 말에 반박시 느그애미 뒤짐
케플러 이번에 진짜 미쳤어ㅓㅠㅠ노래 너무 좋고 전부다 개이쁨 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
When we shine bright We're princess
Mashiro's visual is so refreshing. Tbh I can't pick a bias cuz all of them are such a bias wrecker 😭
さめち 14 日 前
もちもち 13 日 前
万人受けする元気な曲ばかり出すのかと思ったら、こんなに爽やかで風景が浮かぶような美しくて優しい曲があったなんて。 心が洗われるような曲で、リピートしてます
슈릉 11 日 前
수록곡 으로만 남기엔 곡이 너무 아까워 ㅜㅜㅜㅜ 제발 후속활동 하루에 10번도 넘게 보는듯
Phalfina 11 日 前
this is pure GENIUS!!!! the music, the choreography and all those sound effects they do like "swish swish"
sjd4ftg 17 日 前
mashiro and xiaoting looks so ethereal here. I love xiaoting hairstyle and mashiro looks like an angel wearing this outfit. Their vocals are good too! KEP1ER IS THE BEST!!
Andreson Nascimento
gente sério,sem hate,mais essa música tá melhor que Up! o vocal,a dança,a presença de palco de cada uma delas,elas tão muito perfeitas nessa música AAAAAAAA
Lyanna simple
Lyanna simple 9 日 前
one of my fave track!!! i always playing it when I'm travelling this past week!!! huhuhuhuhuhu i really want to meet them all!!!!!
Hannie Bear
Hannie Bear 13 日 前
Youngeun position as Main Vocalist always shine in bsides 0:20 Angel 1:44 falsetto 🌈 2:08 Voya9e 2:31 Youngeun Yeseo 2:49 HEAVEN 'i wanna be free' 3:14 Chaehyun Youngeun
Helloiangann😱 13 日 前
Yeseo is shining in this era. Her voice, her dance, her expression,.. they all on point with this song!!!!!
Y 17 日 前
xiaoting really stands out here, she looks ethereal and sounds so angelic, just amazing.
용산듬직이 11 日 前
너무 좋다....무한반복
_ y
_ y 14 日 前
노래 넘 좋다.. 플리에 바로 넣어야지 샤오팅 존예..
Far Beyond M!ND
Far Beyond M!ND 11 日 前
If you smile through the whole video with a bit of sadness in your eyes, you know the song is special! I can't express my love for this song and Kep1er. There is something special about this song. I don't want to say it's nostalgic, but it feels like i'm completely weightless and just floating through time and space! I know Le Voyage means 'traveling' or something like that so it really fits ! Thank you whyminsu for this fantastic song and Kep1er for this amazing stage!
alex grey
alex grey 12 日 前
Yujin’s smile is my favourite in the whole world, she is Adorable.
hyukaa 13 日 前
또또 15 日 前
마시로얼굴 미쳤고 김채현목소리 진짜극락이고 노래도 좋은데 안무까지..진짜 무대영상 중독성오져서 하루에도 몇 번이나 보게됨ㅠㅠ
Li Ya
Li Ya 15 日 前
Chaehyun's voice is everything💙
다은 12 日 前
진짜 예서랑 영은이 분위기 완전 아련 청량 그 자체에다가 채현이 음색 진짜 미쳤어,,, 진짜 여름에 바다에서 저녁 노을 질 때 딱 들으면 감성 충만할 거 같아,,,
ella G.
ella G. 17 日 前
I AM SO IN LOVE WITH MASHIRO'S LOOK HERE. Her expressions are so perfect with how the song should make us feel....so magical. Every time I look at Mashiro I get more drawn into a paradise. Her eyes are so expressive, again, so beautiful. LE VOYA9GE MASHIRO IS NOW MY FAVORITE T^T
Blessy Azares
Blessy Azares 16 日 前
slayshiro! her visuals here looks ethereal, her wavy hair, outfit, expressions and vocal suited the song so much.
Permaisuri Sunyi
Permaisuri Sunyi 16 日 前
Her new bangs style fits her face shape much better than before
lowie 16 日 前
same thoughts
Jasmier 16 日 前
Jesus christ! Mashiro is shining here!!!!!!! She's so pretty!!!!!!
Lunestara 17 日 前
Same! Mashiro really caught my eye
Mariel Batuhan
Mariel Batuhan 11 日 前
Let's get our girls their first win! Please stream and vote Kep1ans. We can't waste our girls hardwork, we must be united ansd show em how Kep1ans our capable of anything!!!!!
Chvv 13 日 前
*For new fans/Kep1ans:* Xiaoting 1:24 2:29 (red hair) Chaehyun 1:28 3:12 (light brown hair) Dayeon 1:33 2:46 (long brown hair) Hikaru 1:33 3:06 (half blonde, half black hair) Youngeun 1:45 2:12 (brown hair, braids) Yeseo 1:55 2:17 (golden blonde hair, braids) Mashiro 2:02 2:27 (short hair with bangs) Yujin 2:06 2:35 (long straight hair with a hairband) Bahhiyh 2:07 2:22 (light blonde hair)
Allow me to wander
I'm obsessed with this song
GabeSnow 14 日 前
One of their most beautiful stages, I absolutely love this album. Now all I need is an Attention stage and I’m complete
Leonardo Dabandan
such a lovely song. kep1er doesn't disappoint. STAN KEP1ER ~
mono nada
mono nada 16 日 前
@🤎TooTuo🤎 I had high expectations I thought well get a song and a mv with a quality of alcohol free or atleast near that plus they did ditry to bahiyyih yujin and yeseo this was obviously Mashiro and dayeon Era
mono nada
mono nada 16 日 前
@Leonardo Dabandan yeah this song is song good but they did bahiyyih and yujin so bad plus up mv wasn't even worked for a 5 dollar budget what was good was only the girls visuals and their talents
🤎TooTuo🤎 16 日 前
@mono nada true:((
Leonardo Dabandan
@mono nada agreed :( but i'm all here for the girls. the Talents
mono nada
mono nada 16 日 前
The company does dissapoint
me yi
me yi 13 日 前
진짜 노래 너무 좋다! 기분좋은 바람이 불어오는 것 같아서 매일 듣고 있어요 고마워요 이런 노래
뚕똥 15 日 前
이번 앨범은 진짜 마시로 미모가 미.쳐.따🧚‍♀️
Rubens F.
Rubens F. 11 日 前
Como que essa música não tem um MV? Que música maravilhosa!
Jenny Kang
Jenny Kang 15 日 前
와~ 이 무대 너무 좋다~~ 곡도 좋고, 분위기도 좋고, 스타일링도 너무 예쁘고.. 특히 케플러 멤버들 음색이랑 표정이 너무 좋다~ 다들 표정연기 너무 잘하는듯.. 너무 이뻐~~
Bella Laurence
Bella Laurence 17 日 前
I can’t get over Xiaoting whenever she’s in the centre she’s just perfect literally
blueSky 12 日 前
I don't know how many times I will be watching this song. Especially Xiaoting's first part >> "soft like I'm flying in the air." Kep1er ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Christian Zubiria
I love this songg so so so much even more UP! YUJIN, XIAOTING AND BAHIYYIH my bias😍😍
th Park
th Park 12 日 前
와 진짜 음악도 좋고 컨셉 제대로다. 저번보다 더 좋은듯
kinuh _.
kinuh _. 14 日 前
Este concepto es de Yeseo, destaca tanto y le queda TAN BIEN, su timbre es perfecto para la canción, además, tiene muchísimo potencial para ser centro ✨💕
Lou 17 日 前
Xiaoting ate! She rocked her parts 😍😍😍
Jacobe Dolor
Jacobe Dolor 12 日 前
The song i always play when im on a beach. This song is just so REFRESHING.
martzzz07 14 日 前
Currently obsessed with this song. I can't stop listening to it.
KARD - Ring The Alarm _ M/V
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