肉球の間の毛をカットされるねこ。-Maru's paw's fur is trimmed.-

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今までは爪切りでカットしていましたが、やりにくかったので、初めてバリカンを使ってみました。I used the nail clippers for the cut of the fur. However, it was difficult to do. Therefore I bought the fur clipper for the first time.
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Karen Brown
Karen Brown 15 時間 前
Maru is my ❤!
Yohann67 2 日 前
What kind of idiot would dislike this video? Maru is ADORABLE!
jane doe
jane doe 2 日 前
That belly though!
D' Otter
D' Otter 2 日 前
Maru is such a good boy! He seemed to enjoy having his paw fur trimmed. Now his feet will have better traction on the wooden floor, and also look neat and tidy. I would bet a nickel that Hana was not a good girl, as Maru was a good boy!
Ida Dudenmanner
Ida Dudenmanner 3 日 前
The paw positioning at the end just made me say "AAAAWWW!!!" so loudly I woke up my own Maru lookalike cat, BP!
Ida Dudenmanner
Ida Dudenmanner 3 日 前
I feel like grooming time just puts Maru into a trance. He's always SOOOO CALM!! "Oh... Will you look at that over there...hmmm. Sleepy."
Katarina Bergqwist
Why do you trim Maru's paw fur? I mean, I don't think there's anything wrong with it, I'm just curious.
Sssargon 4 日 前
EEEEE the multicolor toe beans!!!
山之辺一人 4 日 前
Neil Ives
Neil Ives 4 日 前
Has Maru still got his claws?
Fire Assassin
Fire Assassin 4 日 前
White socks!
s gough
s gough 5 日 前
Maru is such a good boy! He is also very beautiful . Thanks !
B Mh
B Mh 5 日 前
Maru is the best cat in the world!!! ...and you are the best mom!!!
unexpected vixen
That's the most calm cat I've ever seen in my 30 years of being a cat servant lol
KA Chinn
KA Chinn 5 日 前
That. Mary is an awesome cat. So laidback....
Olive O'Sudden
Olive O'Sudden 5 日 前
Maru is so sweet and mellow. But I don't understand why you would trim his paw fur -- it's so cute and silky. I love my cats' paw fluff.
Babak Akbari
Babak Akbari 5 日 前
Элина Тарнавская-Широкова
Why do cats need this paw fur trimmed? To step more comfortably?
Kirsty Mullan
Kirsty Mullan 6 日 前
Total squee at the toe beans! ❤️
Glória Falossi
Glória Falossi 6 日 前
Sooooooo cuuuuuteeeee ! I love him!😘😍
1215iwai 6 日 前
ふわっふわの毛。触りたい! ほんっっっと大人しいですね、 まるの手を疑似体験できる、ぬいぐるみみたいなの欲しいー!
The only question is ... why , though? Is there any reason why the fur is trimmed?
E Ballard
E Ballard 6 日 前
I am now ded.
幸水梨 6 日 前
幸せそうなマルちゃん見てると、こちらこ幸せになります。 いつも最高な動画に感謝です。
Jacky zhang
Jacky zhang 6 日 前
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Rui3 6 日 前
Nemova 6 日 前
Maru is such a good boy. If I tried that with any of my cats they’d take the clipper out of my hands and use it to murder me.
Spookylady 6 日 前
Maru is big!
FVNT0M IIX 7 日 前
Is that a thing to trim cat’s paw fur??
Aloha MD
Aloha MD 7 日 前
So much love and trust. Both your cats are beautiful. 💟
chicagoman58 7 日 前
So lovable!!!!!!
kejing lu
kejing lu 7 日 前
かこ かこ
かこ かこ 7 日 前
なんでこんなにおりこうなの? 我が家はハサミをカタッと取り出しただけで一目散に逃げます。 まるちゃん、ほんとに賢い子です。
Patrice Boivin
Patrice Boivin 7 日 前
I have to ask... why shave your cat's paws?
Lauren T.
Lauren T. 7 日 前
His paws are HUGE! I had no idea!!!
Helene L
Helene L 7 日 前
Maru is so calm!
eriko p
eriko p 7 日 前
Wow! I love how his back paw is up close to the camera as you trim the front paws!
Sherry Rodriguez
He's such a great cat. My cat would never let me do that. She's a good kitty but not as good as Maru. Love you Maru your paws look great.
김하정 7 日 前
꺄 ♡
Nguyen Thi Anh Dao
Công nhận ổng sướng thiệt
Sittichai Neamtong
มะรุทำท่าเหมือนจั๊กกะจี๋ตอนแรกๆ น่ารักจัง
Whatever Youlike
Maru is such a good boy. With my cat, I'l be slashed to ribbons
Friesian Beauty
Friesian Beauty 7 日 前
That worked really good. At first I thought it would barely trim. But that was a lot of fur. No tickles on the fee-fees either.
futasupastah 7 日 前
Maru is the best hahahah
Laure M
Laure M 8 日 前
Maru - sama is like « Hum yeah. I feel relaxed anyway so you can do it butler ».
Michita The kitty
Maru is very cute and good boy
Sakonema 8 日 前
Maru could use a buttplug with a diamond at the end.
Lenceng Melandri
I miss you fatty catty
Coracao Formoso 123
Muito linda essa Maru anijha 🙏🙌❤️🇧🇷🐈
A Fadhli
A Fadhli 8 日 前
High 5 maru paw's lol
Catherine r
Catherine r 8 日 前
I have never seen that before. Maru is so docile. An amazing cat.
Kim Bloomfield
Kim Bloomfield 8 日 前
Mari is such a mellow cat. 🐱🙂
Tess Rivera
Tess Rivera 8 日 前
Maru you ARE definitely the coolest in the world, my cats would NEVER let me get away with this! ♥♥♥
Why why why why why why why why why why why why WHYYYYYYY
Lazurkri 8 日 前
Why trim de paws? Seems fine to me
m su
m su 8 日 前
aressa caterin
aressa caterin 8 日 前
爪切りの時もそうだけど バリカンの時も大人しく しているよね。
初めまして、こんばんは🐈 2にゃんこ,とても可愛いですね〜♫꒰・‿・๑꒱ そして、大人しくお手入れをさせてくれるなんて,いい子ですねー🐾🐾😅 登録させて頂きました❣️ よろしくお願いします🤗 また遊びに来マース😁 ((。´・ω・)。´_ _))ペコリ
hutaro00yanagi 8 日 前
祇王あかり 8 日 前
hiromi w.
hiromi w. 8 日 前
動じませんねー😲 さすがですねー😊 好きだわー、まるちゃん🐱
Cristina Grabovschi
Maru is the best!
いょぽんた 8 日 前
まる!!音に!ビビりませんね!すごーぃ うちの子、この動画見てると、流れてくる!バリカンの音に( ⓛ ω ⓛ *)ビックリで、 後ろから!!触るだけで! ピョーン・・・びびりすきやしぃ
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すごい寝方だなwww うちの子にもハンモック買ってみようかな
みやさん 8 日 前
キレーなネコの開きですねー^ ^
ai Lum-
ai Lum- 8 日 前
Bron Bron
Bron Bron 8 日 前
Maro is sooooo relaxed and trusts you completely. Which shows how very well you look after him. Just one question, why trim this fur?
Kinsella Finn
Kinsella Finn 8 日 前
I bet there are some that would pay actual money for Maru mitten fur 😂😂
MintyMint 8 日 前
wonderful pawpaw
Leslee Hunter
Leslee Hunter 8 日 前
Maru is not afraid of anything. His fluffiness is supreme and his paws are the cutest, extra fur or not!!
Nadine Johnson
Nadine Johnson 8 日 前
Maru is so relaxed and trusting. Not many cats would be so good. Sweet Maru. 🐈❤
RuRu iii
RuRu iii 8 日 前
なんて大人しいの〜💕 そしてふにふにのあんよ🐾
garou a1
garou a1 8 日 前
roberta scholten
Forgive the obvious - but why trim the fur from his paws?? First time I've seen or heard of the practice. The Muff would do a vivisection on me if I touched the royal paw.
imgettinby 8 日 前
Inside kitty's brain goes the phrase: 'Any attention is good attention. And it vibrates.'
Louis Perico
Louis Perico 8 日 前
That last part with Maru's mom playing with his paws and face. Maru's like, "Mom! You are embarrasing me!" :)
keytarkeytar 9 日 前
I understand that you take very good care of Maru and Hana but cutting furs near the pads with an electric trimmer is something that should be left to the vet or to a groomer. Cutting the pads of a cat paw is not a joke and should not be done with an electric trimmer without a guard. There are trimming scissors that can be used to trim around the pads without the risk.
schnertblatt 9 日 前
I'm totally blown away. . . . It doesn't seem to bother Maru one bit! (If I tried to perform that procedure with my cats, they'd completely come unglued!) One question though . . . why do you want to trim the fur on his paws? I'd not heard of that before. Is he not able to clean it properly?
zaimah Begum-Diamond
Why is he so chill?
Marcie Heacox
Marcie Heacox 9 日 前
9929kingfish 9 日 前
lol. Probably one of the most unnecessary things I’ve seen
arliss123 9 日 前
He is so chill. LOL
Satoshi Kageyama
want paw's fur...
Katrina Steinbruegge
Maru is so pretty and zen, I wish my pets were as comfortable!
Bhavani M
Bhavani M 9 日 前
Relaxing to watch 😌
Jodie Swan
Jodie Swan 9 日 前
Maru is one chilled cat. I love him.
Tina Marie
Tina Marie 9 日 前
What a good boy,he loves his mommy💖
Leahbeth66 9 日 前
Maru's paws are large! He is so good when you work on him. So funny at the end. his paws at his face, he looked like he wanted help. Your cats are so cute!
eden yan
eden yan 9 日 前
This is not just about trusting human, this also shows that Maru is extramly smart for a cat, he KNOWS what's going on, he understand why human doing things, this is extramly smart for a cat.
MrBojangles 9 日 前
Um why? They aren't humans needing trimming for social standards...they are animals.
steven clark
steven clark 9 日 前
he is such a good boy ..he doesn't make a fuss about it ..so adorable.
Kathryn Smith
Kathryn Smith 9 日 前
Just wanna tickle those adorable lil toesies. And he is just so good about getting them trimmed, just love it!
Julie Tenh
Julie Tenh 9 日 前
Nice paws and sooo clean Maru. I think you smell great too.. Always happy cat.. Meow...
ebonyruffles 9 日 前
You are holding the clippers upside down.
Hope Emch
Hope Emch 9 日 前
Nerves of steel that boy! What about Hana?
heather nicole
heather nicole 9 日 前
I remember doing this with our bernese mountain dog. He was not nearly as chill
Counterpoint Gaming
they were so loud... you should like a Philips Series 3000 Battery-Operated Nose much quieter and can get into smaller areas
Best Of Maru
5 年 前