Why Japanese Don't Like Foreigners

Paolo fromTOKYO
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10 Reasons Why Japanese Don't Like Foreigners. Thanks to Squarespace, get 10% Off: www.squarespace.com/paolofromtokyo Japan tourists or foreigners coming to Japan may not understand Japanese culture because of this some Japanese dislike foreigners for not understanding Japanese manner and etiquette. As a generalization, Japanese follow the rules and get frustrated when people don't follow those rules, but often time they generally avoid confrontation when they have these sort of issues. Based on my experience, this is why Japanese don't like foreigners and tourists and what they are really thinking when foreigners break the rules. I can't stress enough that these are generalizations and not everyone is like this as everyone is unique, but for the purpose of this video and to show what Japanese may be getting pissed off about, I speak in general terms. These are my Japan tips for tourists to help them understand Japanese manners so they don't make those tourist mistakes in Japan or in that they may be unknowingly viewed as misbehaving tourists in Japan. Although some Japanese hate foreigners for doing things in the video, some other Japanese may be okay with the behavior but again I am speaking in general terms. In general, I don't think foreigners want to be rude tourists in Japan, but because they don't understand Japanese rules or Japanese manner they make the classical foreigner mistakes in Japan. These are must-know Japan tips to and a Japan guide when visiting Japan.
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EGGG 11 時間 前
This video is filled with bias
jugj ujmw
jugj ujmw 12 時間 前
Dr. Joy
Dr. Joy 12 時間 前
Japanese people are shallow, two-faced, and hypocrites.
And-Nonymous 17 時間 前
1:15 this is what people need to know about mask wearing during this pandemic.
Sou_Desu 20 時間 前
"making people wait" Filipinos:* Philippine time*
Maku Kawakami
Maku Kawakami 22 時間 前
2 words: Logan Paul
Kyoshiro Iwazumi
Kyoshiro Iwazumi 23 時間 前
I arrive 1 hour ahead of my meetings. It gives me time to prepare and also relax.
Adiya Fanny
Adiya Fanny 23 時間 前
*Logan Paul won't like this **jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-tIIZOuiB2Yc.html*
청소년과 놀이문화 연구소ILF
well why japanese don't like foreigners we don't understand why is it maybe because there might be some other reasons could be different from them and foreigners
Me: *is super quiet/shy, is a people pleaser, & avoids conflict at almost all costs* Therapist: you need to be confident and learn how to talk to people Me: I need to move to Japan where my insecurities will be appreciated
FrankYz 日 前
Because almost all white people are racist and disrespectful
cloweep 日 前
These are just things I do normally
AfroWIZD 日 前
Wait if it’s rude to talk to random people how do people date???
Meme Boi27
Meme Boi27 日 前
One reason: Logan Paul
Olexa Blackwood
I’m a extrovert I enjoy going outside, plus here in Canada we enjoy interacting with strangers it’s makes there day happier 😃. But in Japan nah so how are you suppose to make friends in Japan?
Banana Mukbang
Well fuck, guess I’m out of a job then 😂
そら 日 前
If you don't know delicious food , you should ask to strange! I'm Japanese. It's almost Usually lol. you are thinking '' what happened in Japan'' but Japan is highest Sightseeing places.
Shaynehurf Ok
Shaynehurf Ok 2 日 前
Japanese hate American just because they are disrespectful sometimes
JAY1892 2 日 前
I think I was Japanese in a previous life. Love the considerate nature of this nation. 🙂
urich lau
urich lau 2 日 前
what's wrong? this is how everyone should behave...
Laura Elsner
Laura Elsner 2 日 前
Currently visiting Saudi Arabia. It is very rare that you see someone clean up their own mess at a restaurant. When I tried to clean up my own mess (from the US) I was definitely stared at
Jeremy Johnathan Nathaniel Wong
My country doesn't like foreigners either.Rounding them up and killing them all is the talk of the Lion City these days.
GloucesterLad 2 日 前
Me and my Dad always try to go to non-touristy restaurants/bars whilst being abroad and get in with the locals.
Bud Morgan
Bud Morgan 2 日 前
I've heard the Chinese don't like us but Japanese...Japan sounds much Like America...Living In Fear...
purberri 2 日 前
Chinese tend to always squat so I can see how that can annoy Japanese. Blocking is annoying in any country.
Skiller_Overyou 2 日 前
Anime lied to me
R K 2 日 前
krystal berryhill
I definitely wish America would adopt this being considerate thing as well, I am never on time & my friends make me late by being late but they don’t care what I have going on. It’s not very common for Americans to be punctual but we do need to unlearn all the things we wish to change in order to evolve and become better at it. I hope that happens soonz
krystal berryhill
The credit card thing I don’t think is lack of common sense or seeming ill educated maybe I’ll informed cux they didn’t research before taking a trip to Japan, but I’ve literally boughten Girl Scout cookies with my credit card & they were prepared and changed with society and the economy and ordered themselves a portable phone connecting debit/credit card reader. I’m assuming why this is why any foreigners would ask if they accepted a credit card because in America I guess it’s more common, Lularue clothing distributer I guess also have one too. I think it’s just person by person basis though and who takes the time to learn about it, who’s willing to save for it & the benefits/risks and what they deem more beneficial to them as a business owner. Even if they own a food cart or a large store. It’s always nice to have that option. Just wanted to share my two cents because I personally wouldn’t of known they don’t have them at kiosks and what not.
ALF 2 日 前
Just be respectful and you'll be more than fine. I've been to Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto and I've never felt so welcome as tourist ever. They are just so nice and very curious to know where you're from and they love to recommend things for you to do when you're in Japan
Krila 2 日 前
I am from a small town, and many people value their solitude. Most interactions here are polite, and it is often rare to have public disagreements, but people are very passive-aggressive. In the city, social boundaries and expectations are much different, even though our town is not very far away. I think no matter where you go, there will be issues with how other people act, or with people judging you based off of social cues. I do not live in Japan, but I believe it is unfair to generalize an issue like this, and (by extension) claim they are Xenophobic, especially considering how many people live there. Keep in mind that for them, such behavior is shocking, but I'm sure they are smart enough to know the difference between a foreigner being rude or just clueless.
Love 3 日 前
I am not Japanese’s but was raised in japan till I was 8. I so can relate to all of this. I live in USA and what I find annoying is that ppl always start coming up to me and talking. Like I don’t know you and I want to be left alone, talking loud, being late and think nothing of it. I miss japan so much I just wish I could go back.
M Boychi
M Boychi 3 日 前
I WAS JUST ABOUT TO Comment that i was on the yamanote line and people were talking loud. Then you said late trains get nosy and I realized it was late night on a weekend
ZorcroM 3 日 前
12:28 this is so hard for us, the spanish people haha.
I_Buy _Ur_Mom
I_Buy _Ur_Mom 3 日 前
2:53 The loud hot cheeto girls in most American schools.
Decanus Severus
Decanus Severus 3 日 前
Being considerate of others seems to be the core of the culture.
D S 3 日 前
Oh you mean to say the Japanese people uses common sense
Sunny Mac duffee
This makes me Very Sad I can totally understand how they feel when people who are rude come but Most people didn't mean to be disrespectful Rude is rude though
joel750 3 日 前
Americans can learn a lot from the Japanese including the word “HONOR” and Pride in work. The Japanese truly are a Superior race of people and Japan is another distant planet.
Mr. fallout
Mr. fallout 10 時間 前
I would not go on that level on calling Japanese people "superior" .
Iftj Trye
Iftj Trye 3 日 前
The reason behind this is ,so called superiority and proudness! not only for Japnese but many others.
Aoyama 3 日 前
"Do not block people's way" Anime characters: *Stops walking and looks up to the sky*
frank odea
frank odea 3 日 前
I'm always on time I dont really like when people talk to me in a que
freeyourmind88 3 日 前
I respect them more now. A little courtesy goes a long way. Americans are so selfish, arrogant, and rude.
Mr Hirano
Mr Hirano 3 日 前
Japanese people hate Bad manners that's all especially me a filipino who likes to eat by hand hahahah
Happy Saluja
Happy Saluja 3 日 前
All these rules that are mentioned in this video are way strange for any indian because of following reasons - 1. You will see people squatting in public everywhere, it is normal for people when they get tired from walking. 2. Not a single person in India cleans table after eating in a restaurant as they think it's waiter job to do. 3.You will found many people talking loudly as we don't care about anyone. 4. That early thing for meeting don't make sense to us as for us it is not late as much you arrive even after half an hour. 5. We like to be in small talk with random people in public, actually we made many friends like this only
Ty Ga
Ty Ga 3 日 前
Squatting generally isn’t really disrespectful if you’re not blocking anyone
Ender Ano
Ender Ano 3 日 前
So a eastern New York in a sense besides being loud
Ender Ano
Ender Ano 3 日 前
Bibiana Lautt
Bibiana Lautt 4 日 前
xenofobia o nome
Brad Ward - Create Wealth
Wow, a country where people are conscious of their surroundings and don't block traffic? Sounds great!
aspo pulvera
aspo pulvera 4 日 前
It would be hard to get accostumed there if you are not used to it
drzitbag06 4 日 前
that off hand rule was invented after solo - greedo shootout... fact.
david scott
david scott 4 日 前
Cool a place where I’ll fit in I wanna move to Japan
Owen Bunny
Owen Bunny 4 日 前
foreigner =/= good looking white man
Hallow 4 日 前
Japanese people are so kind 😌
かずか 4 日 前
American people: triggered 😂
angelmon XD
angelmon XD 4 日 前
#6 is just common manners
Snowfall On a Windy Night
Huh, I find cleaning up after yourself at tables kinda fun to be honest lolol
Rens Jansen
Rens Jansen 5 日 前
Hi Paolo, I was wondering how foreigners are supposed to order in normal, not tourist trap restaurants when there is no English menu and they don't read or speak Japanese? Kind regards, Rens
Erik Cnating
Erik Cnating 5 日 前
I already basically live my life according to those rules apart from maybe keeping both hands above the table. The rest of these rules are just being considerate. We're such rude assholes in modern Western society. No wonder that the Japanese look down on us.
Crusade #8
Crusade #8 3 日 前
What kind of self-depreciating shit is this. You think that no one else follows these rules in the west. You think that their culture is superior to ours? What they have is resentment of our greater civilizations since the reunification of Japan they have wanted to be seen as equal from the west and that led them to a world war that they lost badly. Show a little more pride for your country or for your culture, idk for the west in general.
Craig Conrad
Craig Conrad 5 日 前
If they dont like foreigners then why would they want to host the Olympics??? Dough head!
defo8811 5 日 前
2 nukes got you the pukes.
Oh it's, NamJesus
私は日本人で、外国人は素晴らしい人だと思います!(I’m a Japanese and I think foreigners are amazing people)
Persapius 5 日 前
This is just common sense. I'm not Japanese but this is all basic courtesy in my country(UK). I thought this was the baseline standard worldwide? I
opozit gantulga
opozit gantulga 5 日 前
What if our life is alien dmt trip?
Quetzal Quetzal
Quetzal Quetzal 5 日 前
In Germany we have a saying that 5 minutes beforehand is on time and arriving on the dot is too late. I remember hearing that from my teacher way back and it’s always stuck with me.
Alex 5 日 前
karin p
karin p 5 日 前
I lived in Japan for almost all my life and I don't hate foreigners
Jasmine 5 日 前
Understandable but i kinda hate it 嵐了不起啊好似的確是個😡
Jasmine 5 日 前
JPvid is making me sad Cause the recommends make Japan sound better It's true Japan is better then anywhere to be Even their places are better Their thinking is better 話本土豆瓣的。七七月 凱莉你好聽取勝任命 山脈。它有點鐘頭目下面😔
Po Lo
Po Lo 5 日 前
Logan Paul....
Jasmine 5 日 前
@Yuri Orlov Not everyone ok i stop talking before it gets worse😬
Yuri Orlov
Yuri Orlov 5 日 前
@Jasmine There are rude people everywhere. Just put every New Yorker in the same bag. That's not cool.
Jasmine 5 日 前
@Yuri Orlov well flocking block that ruined it for me and why i hate foreigners cause most comes from New york and those New Yorkers looks us Japan people giving us the rude look
Yuri Orlov
Yuri Orlov 5 日 前
@Jasmine I don't give a flying bollocks Pmsl. I'm not looking for validation from any foreign. If you dislike foreigners Why are u using a social media invented by foreigners 😂 Not mention the phone
Jasmine 5 日 前
@Yuri Orlov I'm one of those Japanese people that don't like foreigners 真好像極點數碼相機一下次要 上午
Devansh Pruthi
Devansh Pruthi 5 日 前
Haramguez 5 日 前
Nobody: My teacher: You should come into school unless you are physically unable to come out of bed because you're sick.
N'Chugu Mzemba-N'kwaku
I live in Benin and every single one of these rules applies here.
ro pro
ro pro 5 日 前
Lol, Japanese people are so anal. Yes, I say this as a Japanese person. XD
Joe Ash
Joe Ash 6 日 前
who tf uses a credit card in street foods?
Averell Dalton
Averell Dalton 6 日 前
There are Japanese people who like foreigners.
素晴らしい 居酒屋の三味線のインチキ臭いのまでわかるとは恐れ入ります 例題全部合ってるよ
Roxanne May
Roxanne May 6 日 前
shrtlink.ca/andladylol1i466 XV
Leigh Green
Leigh Green 6 日 前
its really sad that most Americans especially do everything he just listed. I was pretty lucky that everyone in my family was raised strictly, and most of this just seems like common decency. But a lot of people that I know think that being rude or impolite is a given. Also- I was wondering. I'm planning on going to Japan and i wanna know how to make friends when you're there if people are so introverted? Is there a better way than others?
Jersey Bro
Jersey Bro 6 日 前
I saw 2 of your video is one was being arrested and forced into a confession 2 is why Japanese people dont like foreigners ..i think ill skip japan lol
Smaran cheriamane
Wearing masks? A big YES!! Every country should learn from Japan. Especially China 🙂
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