Why Japan Arrests Foreigners

Paolo fromTOKYO
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Understanding Japanese laws to avoid foreigner tourist arrests. Thanks to Squarespace, get 10% Off: www.squarespace.com/paolofromtokyo
The Japanese justice system and Japanese laws are stricter than many countries and sometimes lead to foreigner arrests in Japan simply because foreigners are unaware of Japan laws and Japan justice system. The Japanese judicial system has 99% conviction rate in Japan so foreigners should be mindful and aware how strict Japan laws and rules are. Japanese Police arrests tourist in Japan or Japan Police arrest foreigners in Japan when they are under suspicion of a crime. Suspects will be brought into police custody to be interrogated for 3 days and if the Japanese police are still not satisfied, the police can request for additional detainment for up to 23 days total, without the suspect being officially charged with a crime in Japan. In this video, I interview a Japanese Trial Lawyer, Yugo Ishibashi, to help me understand the Japanese justice system as well as to share with foreigners and tourists how Japanese law works in Japan and maybe gain some insight on what options a foreigner has if arrested in Japan. Japanese police interrogation is quite stressful and Yugo mentions that sometimes suspects plead guilty even though they didn't commit the crime due to the pressure of the Japanese police interrogation. If suspects don't plead guilty to the crime, it may be possible to be detained for more than a year until the suspect confess to a crime. This is sometimes referred to as Hostage Justice in Japan. Convicted persons will end up in Japanese Jail and Japanese prison. This video should help educate tourist visiting Japan and foreigners living in Japan to help ensure that they are aware of how strict Japanese laws are so that they are careful to not violate the laws when they are in Japan. But keep in mind that these laws are one of the reasons why Japan is so safe compared to many other countries. This video is not to deter foreigners or tourists from visiting Japan, but they should just be aware of Japanese laws and the risks when breaking laws in Japan like graffiti in japan or fighting in japan.
Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. I am not providing legal advice. If you need legal advice, please consult a real lawyer.
If you require professional legal advice from Yugo Ishibashi,
You can contact him here: yugo@ishibashi-law.info
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Paolo fromTOKYO
Paolo fromTOKYO 6 ヶ月 前
discord.gg/xX4Y2tw - Get ANSWERS to QUESTIONS about future JAPAN travels, etiquette, food, etc. and connect/share information about Japan on my Paolo from TOKYO community site. Also, let me know here what type of videos you want to see next.
Pets Mustache
Pets Mustache 17 日 前
by the way ... the “friend “ this shit lawyer meant .... could be a 暴力団 and you will be free , just fine ..... trust me on that!
][ ヶ月 前
Don't they lock up a lot of innocent people? They have a higher conviction rate than Saudi Arabia. Their legal system is fucked my dude.
Steve Alexander
Steve Alexander ヶ月 前
@Alex Shadow Japan has visa exemption agreements with several dozen other nations. This has no impact on thier judicial process.
Alex Shadow
Alex Shadow ヶ月 前
How is it for Finnish citicens as Finnish citisens can visit Japan without visa for 90 days are there also difference in the 23day arrests?
Steve Alexander
Steve Alexander ヶ月 前
​@7orqu3 The US system has it's own problems. The entire "plea bargain" system is a corruption of justice IMO, and bears some resemblance to one of the Japanese problems noted. Having said that, I'd strongly prefer to be arrested for a crime in any English common law nations (UK, US, Canada, Australia, NZ, maybe HongKong) than anywhere else. Germany, Sweden & the Scandi nations *seem* to have a pretty straight system as well. Japan's legal system was derived historically from Germany(yes - weird) but seems to have gone off the rails. Anything based on Napoleonic law (in turn based on Roman law) is pretty awful. That includes a good bit of Europe and anything in the Western Hemisphere except US, Canada and some small Islands. A justice system where the accused has real rights and a good chance to beat the prosecution is rare on this planet. Japan's 99.7% conviction rate, and ability to hide exculpatory evidence is nasty business.
Earth Lord, Divin. Zeike B-Oaeoxz.
Law & justice makes no sense anymore... What if one has nothing to say, or there is nothing for the one being interrogated for a petty "crime", or infraction to say that could be obviously figured out & solved within that moment. Think psychological, social, & investigative method's.
The Godfather
The Godfather 6 時間 前
Shoplifting and assault are crimes in japan? Glad I know now.
Kozuma Kenme
Kozuma Kenme 7 時間 前
*Me just remembering the Shinsengumi interrogation scenes in Gintama*
Lee Ham
Lee Ham 12 時間 前
Yep I'm NOT going to Japan until they fix this broken ass sytem. Guilty until proven innocent? So stupid. I could be accused of a crime with little evidence and be interrogated for months on end? And the Canadian embassy would be powerless to help me? Stupid country; fix your shit.
Dr. Joy
Dr. Joy 13 時間 前
Japan is the worst country in the world.
moses lalnunfela
moses lalnunfela 13 時間 前
Is it just me or that Lawyer sounds like Kumail Nanjiani
金仁燦 13 時間 前
I think what you guys probably learned from this video is that `don`t do anything that makes someone suspect or misunderstand you for your behavior.
El Cid Gaming
El Cid Gaming 21 時間 前
why would anyone steal in japan?
David Geary
David Geary 日 前
I don't intend to break a law. But, after hearing this I will NEVER visit Japan.
What a horrible country. Hopefully I never have the need to go over there and if I do for business purposes I won't go outside of my hotel room.
Godofthunder 日 前
Why did I expect something like not bowing properly would be enough to get you arrested
United Nations
I think this justice system is from the West after WW2 and old system before WW2. Of course many Japanese think this justice system is not perfect because this stands for “guilty until proven innocent “,but most of the Japanese (including me) trust prosecution officers and think it as the factor of low crime rate, so don’t think this system is so bad. If I were a resident of Europe or North America, this system is so different from western one, so I think this system is suck and don’t want to go to Japan. (Sorry for my poor English! )
moises valiente
How about "littering", in case you accidentally dropped a piece of paper, will they make you confess?, are they strict with "littering"?
Malgorzata Miroslawa Kim
Malgorzata Miroslawa Kim
YOU COME TO JAPAN STUDY THE LAW BEFORE AS YOUR VISIS DON'T ABUSE THEY SYSTEM. Don't still, hove respec your visitor how you Presend you selfe from biging that HOW they start reconnaissance you , don't laid to them they hove so many came so used on you,
James dow
James dow 日 前
Sounds like the injustice system.
Maxis Massingill
What I got from that Dont be stupid. Dont steal.
Hiram Rosa Jr
Ur fucked as a foreinger
Hiram Rosa Jr
Nope not going to japan
Bursting Wizard
Bursting Wizard 2 日 前
Okay, fuck Japan, I'm not going. 99% conviction rate?! They make US police look liberal, Jesus
Hector Tejeda
Hector Tejeda 2 日 前
Lol these cops are bullies.
TheBeastlybret 2 日 前
Sounds fucked but also you're an idiot if you go get in trouble outside your home country, petty crime or not.
Eric Christen
Eric Christen 2 日 前
There are at least 20 better countries to live in with far smaller populations, superior cities and towns, far less pollution and noise and with much more interesting cultures. Japan is the best place in Asia but still way behind most countries in Europe. A dirty concrete jungle full of simple minded fanatical drones with the conversational capacity of 12 year olds is not an attractive place to live.
Motoko Cheng
Motoko Cheng 2 日 前
No matter what people don't like Japan, they do talk negatively. Btw, when this Corona-virus attack , Japanese government pays for about $700 each ALL resident including foreigners. And another $700 extra for students INCLUDING foreign students. Yes, bad country, isn't it? Not enough?
Aric Mackenthun
Aric Mackenthun 2 日 前
If I lived in japan and was accused of committing a crime that I did not do then there is no fucking way that I am going to plead guilty for something that I did not do. I don't care how much they interrogated me, I still would never confess to a crime that I did not do.
天壌Tenchi 2 日 前
Why japan arrests foreigners. Jake paul: Ooga Booga LoOk DeAd BoDEh In FoReSt.
Gatsby O.
Gatsby O. 2 日 前
WTF Justice more like injustice. Dint they have CCTV over there it makes the investigation a lot easier to prove that he/she is not guilty of a crime being filed to he/she. What if I save an old lady or old man being beaten up by some spoil brats or unruly kids of the society and those kids can just use false statements to file charges against the person who tried to help isn't that unfair.
Bob Xie
Bob Xie 3 日 前
Guilty until proven guilty. Also, if for someone reason someone starts attacking you, either by punching or using any other forms of weapons be it knife or gun. If you fight back even if it is self defense you will be charged for assault the person attacking you.
I_Buy _Ur_Mom
I_Buy _Ur_Mom 3 日 前
Me, the only foreigner in a store: *Puts hands in pockets and starts looking around* Police officer: *walks towards me* Me: Oh my god, okay it’s happening everyone stay calm
Solowoman Yudachi
Its funny a lot of people seems just came to the realisation of how the entire system works. TBH it works pretty much all over the world WITHOUT EXCEPTIONS, because the nature of the government mechanism, police/armed forces are all supposed to work in that way. It's not the news only Japan works like that, same goes in the states, UK, China, you name it. It doesn't matter if the country is using continental law (China, Japan, etc.) or common law (UK, US or any other commonwealth countries). The public prosecutor's job is to convict you or making you want to do that.
Solowoman Yudachi
Also, it is so so so not 'innocent until proven guilty'........ same as China
Iftj Trye
Iftj Trye 3 日 前
It's horrible .
Crazy Jake
Crazy Jake 3 日 前
Yeah REPORTED crime... GROPERS RUN WILD ON THE TRAINS!! A woman cant ride a train without being assaulted. Look up Japan groping problem on trains and see how bad it is.
Christopher Quevedo
Honestly the worst questions to ask, 1. They all lead to the same answer. 2. You made him repeat himself and by look on his fast I’m sure he was thinking the same or how you could be asking informative questions.
Namjala Latak
Namjala Latak 3 日 前
we all know who to blame for this LOGAN
David Bagley
David Bagley 3 日 前
ChulkeaVous 3 日 前
I went to Japan and saw a man get arrested and beaten with a baton in an alleyway. Was told it's super rare
? 3 日 前
HIGHLY MISLEADING. The opening statement suggests that foreigners get arrested for not understanding Japanese law, so the natural assumption would that "foreigners may do things that they believe are legal but get arrested since these things are actually illegal in Japan." The real video is however focused on "how the Japanese legal system treats things that are known to be illegal everywhere such as shoplifting, fighting, or possessing illegal substances." Everybody knows that these things are illegal. There is no country on earth where shoplifting or fighting or possessing illegal substances (whichever thing they define as illegal. If your country allows marijuana then it's not illegal) are not punishable crimes, and once we know those things are punishable crimes, I don't really care how long a person stays in jail in Japan versus in other countries. Useless clickbaity video. Very disappointing.
ACR_master 4 日 前
samurai7411 4 日 前
Can the time spent in detention/indictment period (pre sentencing) count towards time served?
Kpop Gort
Kpop Gort 4 日 前
Japanese medieval justice system is still alive in the 21st century.
법무법인 4 日 前
Good luck to escape japan Carlos!!
kirbythebamf 4 日 前
Who has money to travel but doesn't have money to spend in shops?
Duane Horton
Duane Horton 4 日 前
Much better than being a POW in Japan during WWII!
Rex Everything
Rex Everything 4 日 前
Well then... The last time I was in a police car in Japan was a few years back now. It was actually my first trip to Japan - I lived in Korea for 7 years and this was my first visa run. I flew into Kensai airport and got the train to Tennojjee, Osaka. I grabbed a room at the first reasonably priced motel I found and went looking for a bottle of scotch. I walked about 5ks that way and 5ks the other way...it was getting late and I was pretty wasted when I walked past a tiny box with "police" written on it. I went inside and it held 2 police behind a bench and I could barely turn around on my side. After 10 minutes playing charades, writing it out and begging he finally understood what I was looking for. He then proceeded to give me directions in Japanese - like that was going to work... It didn't take him long, he dragged me out and bundled me into to his little police car. He was smiling and chatty, and he took me to an AM/PM where I scored a 500ml bottle of Dimple for 1000Y ($10 US). This shop was about 50 metres past the place where I turned around on my first attempt walking. I got my bottle, he waited and drove me back to my motel. He was awesome! I've been to Japan about 60 times now, and they're probably the friendliest, most helpful people I've met from any country.
RitchieBlack 4 日 前
If you aren't guilty or there is not evidence keep quiet and don't plead guilty. Japanese prosecutors will drop the case. However if the opposite is true settle you are guaranteed to be fucked.
ver gin
ver gin 4 日 前
Japanese police are very kind and fair.Foreigners must obey Japanese police and rules.
Brandon Fernandes
I got arrested once with my friend for breaking a law I didn't know existed, (DOUBLE RIDING ON A BICYCLE JAPAN IS ILLEGAL), this was in rural Fukuoka, they thought we were illegals, so they called a lot of people from the ministry and what not. The end was non dramatic as I showed them my passport and ID. I waited at the small police station for a while, I spoke with the arresting officer about who I was and my art and what I work as, he was super into it, we communicated in images and pictures ! I think they were friendlier towards the end when everything was alright, the countryside people and police were quite welcoming even when they were doing their job. 10/10 Good experience, they didnt fine us, they did their job well, they understood and let us go! We were going to a coffee shop xD ! Now everytime I pass by that police house, I bow to them and they bow back :) I love Itoshima, Fukuoka so much
Tony Yang
Tony Yang 3 日 前
I looked around and couldn't find my answer, so I'll just ask... Why can't you give someone a ride on your bike? 🤔
Boris Ketou
Boris Ketou 5 日 前
Don't make me laugh, japanese judicial system is the worst in the world, even more corrupt, and moreover brutal, than the US one. There's no way you can defend yourself, once arrested you're as good as guilty, proof or no proof. Japanese don't like being proven wrong. Stay out of this country. There's so much more to see in Asia. Rage all you want, I don't care.
Arch Prophet
Arch Prophet 5 日 前
So Japan has the worst laws? Like wth dude.
অର୍ଘ୍ୟਦੀప पाல
Man their justice system seems more and more like China now. Is it a common thing in all Confucian countries?
owen O'Neill
owen O'Neill 5 日 前
Cancel that flight.
Deo Idarto
Deo Idarto 5 日 前
woww.. the japanese lawyer speaks fluent english!
Jesus Christ! Japan is no better than China or North Korea...
hama sireyi
hama sireyi 6 日 前
İf İ get arrested İ want Ginsan to represent me and İ want the same judge as the one in gintama
phillip gordon
phillip gordon 6 日 前
I spent 3 great years in Japan. Rule 1 don't break their rules
Olivia Campbell
Olivia Campbell 6 日 前
shrtlink.ca/andladylol1i466 I drank from the bottle of water, hands still shaking. I stared ahead, seeing nothing. Still alive. Both of us still alive. So far so good. So far no torture and painful death. She’d get back. She’d return, in time. Brilliant, calm, resourceful Ceel would clear up the pig’s diarrhoea of a mess her idiot lover had made. She’d make it all well again. Bless that smart, sexy, wonderful, gorgeous, fantastic woman. She might never talk to me again, she might write me out of her life forevermore and curse me ritually every night before she went to sleep for the rest of her hopefully long life for the ignorant scumbag dickhead that I so surely was, but at least she’d be alive to do it, at least we’d both live. We wouldn’t suffer for my stupidity. I drank some more water and told myself that one day I’d see the funny side of all this.
Ww Yyy
Ww Yyy 6 日 前
What’s up with the big smiles? As if you’re happy about dissing Japan? Stop trying to make Japan like USA. It’s Japan, not a white country nor any other Asian country.
Eller Torres III
You can’t compare Japanese crimes stats against USA. Are you aware how big United States of America?
Citrine_Zelda 6 日 前
To Japan's defense. America is bigger
Diablo Dek
Diablo Dek 6 日 前
Well, now I know this. My advice to everybody avoid Japan ...never go go this country. They have a sick justice system with a corrupt police
Scott End
Scott End 2 日 前
John Ryder
John Ryder 6 日 前
Can't do the time? Don't do the crime!
Robyn Highart
Robyn Highart 6 日 前
No justice.
E A 6 日 前
When your in a police cell for 72 hours the Japanese police will not allow you to lean and rest your back against the cell wall . You basically have to sit up by yourself for 72 hours or just sign the confession.
Johnny Trash
Johnny Trash 6 日 前
I am Italian first, Australian citizen second. Do NOT go to Japan. If you really want to experience Asian culture, and prefer modern cities go to: Seoul, Pusan, Shanghai, Beijing, or Shenzhen. The main difference is: 1. You will experience modern and traditional culture in South Korea or China. 2. The people are friendlier and more welcoming in the latter two nations. 3. Food. Japanese food evolved from the Korean peninsular, so if you must eat japanese style food you will find it in China or South Korea. 4. South Korean and Chinese cities have a young vibrant youth culture. Don't fall for the 'only japan has it label', it's lies. 5. International or Asian environments of learning can be found in China and South Korea. 6. Japan plagiarised from Europe too, don't believe a thing these racist xenophobes have to tell you. 7. South Koreans and Chinese are more honest. Always doubt a Japanese persons intentions or what they say. 8. South Korea, like China, Singapore, Hong Kong and more recently Vietnam, were all assisted in founding plant industries by America and Europe. Japan was too but they refuse to acknowledge they were influenced by the West earlier than the latter nations, nor do they appreciate it. 9. The Japanese will make you feel uncomfortable with being on their Island, it's not the case in China or South Korea. As a footnote. I have a professional background, I have lived and worked in China and South Korea. I have visited Japan too, don't go to jpain
Steven Webb
Steven Webb 6 日 前
Why does the Japanese lawyer speak with an American accent?
Steven Webb
Steven Webb 5 日 前
@Desert Moon maybe
Desert Moon
Desert Moon 5 日 前
Maybe he studied abroad
Simon Brown
Simon Brown 6 日 前
Foreigner: *Gets arrested* Deadman Wonderland: *Allow me to introduce myself*
ShreddingBlood 5 日 前
oh no
Dan Dan Danny
Dan Dan Danny 7 日 前
Makes you appreciate U.S justice system even if it not totally infallible it better than most.
solo sinti
solo sinti 7 日 前
I’ve been stopped once on each of my 4 trips there. They can and will stop you at random for looking out of place. Be extremely polite, and if you have a work business card that matches your passport, you are better off. Once they know you are gainfully employed and not just some bum, they usually take it easier on you. That is, if you did not commit any crimes. I have been stopped and searched leaving a Donki and just walking to my hotel really late at night. Just be as polite and honest as possible. Be safe fellow travelers.
hecker's development
American: smokes weed *JAIL FOR TWO YEARS*
Brady Carrigan
Brady Carrigan 7 日 前
Can’t they just deport you if you’re a foreigner and get arrested.
Samuel Miller
Samuel Miller 8 日 前
I bet people get targeted and extorted in Japan /. Cancel that vacation to Japan !
Because they hate racists foreign
Ramonchito Hongo
What does japanese officers do when a man or woman got arrested to the crime that they did not commit
sami silverman
sami silverman 8 日 前
。ユーキ 8 日 前
White Wolf
White Wolf 8 日 前
Who waits while someone calls the cops on them. Bruh do the dash
palash ahuja
palash ahuja 8 日 前
Japan has a low crime rate because of death note
dylan duncan
dylan duncan 8 日 前
I prefer Europe over asia
Why Japanese Don't Like Foreigners
The Incredible Japanese Prison Break