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9月6日放送のMLB on TBSより、カーティス・グランダーソン氏、ジミー・ロリンズ氏、ペドロ・マルティネス氏によるALMVP議論を和訳してお届けします。懐かしい面々! #mlb #エンゼルス #大谷翔平 #和訳









Judge has been saving Yankees but Ohtani has been saving baseball.
Khonh lo
Khonh lo 年 前
you honestly think so? What about the August record? If Judge is so great, we would be expecting him carry to team even if a couple of guys were out due to injuries since they have such a stack roster.
@Khonh lo you honestly think so? What about the August record to achieve 10-win and 10-homer since Babe ? If Ohtani is so great, we would be expecting him carry to baseball even if a couple of guys were out due to injuries since they have such a stack roster.
Ro Hi
Ro Hi 年 前
青海豚 年 前
top notch Slugger vs unprecedented two way worry about the answer…
ティーン 5 ヶ月 前
wan ds
wan ds 5 ヶ月 前
TheOpus55 年 前
Judge is the greatest hitter of this season, but Ohtani is probably one of the greatest baseball players of all time.
leo T
leo T 5 ヶ月 前
Donald Downing
Ohtani’s 2.55 ERA, but 8 losses speaks volumes that the Angels aren’t supporting him. It’s impressive that he has 12 wins. Something to consider, his unique MLB record, 12 wins and 30+ home runs.
David Cox
David Cox 年 前
I’ve always loved Pedro but my respect for him is now through the roof. His opinion on Ohtani matters because he truly understands the demands on a MLB pitcher. Just wait for the final results to decide as they both have made such great impact on their respective teams. I still believe however that in the bigger picture of MLB that Ohtani has hands down been more important.
R Y 年 前
People don’t understand how incredible Ohtani is, it takes a lot out of you just by pitching alone, and on top of that, he still produces offensively, especially after the day he just pitched where his body is still recovering. He isn’t a robot
EX- S 年 前
He isn't a robot . He isn't a unicorn . He is Shohei Ohtani .
Invisible 年 前
Most people who think Arron Judge is the MVP says he is “playing” center field, but think about his contribution to Yankees, he has just a “ordinary” fielding or even worse. Ohtani pitches as an ace, no matter what team he play. As Pedro said, pitchers can’t do anything between the pitching, they need to rest their arm and body to prepare for the next start. Ohtani is hitting fantastic after he pitched, and still get no recess between the start. Don’t take Ohtani’s recovering ability for granted.
Paul H
Paul H 11 ヶ月 前
100% on point!
TeslaFX 年 前
Pedro makes a very good point regarding the value of a player to his team. If one takes away Ohtani from Angels, the team will be even worse than where they are right now. Ohtani's WAR is as good as Judge's on an objective basis. First, when Ohtani is pitching, like yesterday against Astros, Angels' chance to win those games are far better than with other Angel's pitchers (say 60% based on his current record). So, strictly going off players' value to his team, I would say Ohtani is more valuable to Angels than Judge is to Yankees. Ohtani is currently irreplaceable as a pitcher for Angels. On hitting side, only Trout can replace Ohtani. Judge can be replaced by Stanton, LeMahieu, Torres, Donaldson, and slew of other Yankees both on the plate and field. Remember Yankees perennially spend the most for exceptional players, and to say that Yankees is going to be a losing team without Judge is highly unlikely. And, the argument and reason for Judge MVP are flawed and incongruent. By the way, Ohtani consistently neutralizes Astros hitters like last night, and Astros have the best record in AL.
Halnote 年 前
If the Yankees and Angels were to make a trade, the Yankees would not be able to acquire Otani in exchange for one Judge. It's an invisible achievement, but just having Ohtani on the team would open up one more roster spot by playing the dual role of pitcher and hitter. It's an obvious point, very big benefit for team
54 54
54 54 年 前
Cuz NYY already has “the great guys” as the guy on the right says. Nothing to swap.
Sweet TR10
Sweet TR10 年 前
Agree 💯
花鳥風月 年 前
suika 年 前
先発ピッチャーは、肩、体、技術、メンタルを、キープして、リカバリーするのに 膨大な時間とエネルギーが必要。 MLBはピッチャーの仕事の評価が低すぎる。 WARは、2weyに適応していないのに、議論しないのはおかしい。 MLBネットワークの、デイベート番組は、結局、ジャッジ優勢に落としどころをつけて、大谷さんの異次元の活躍を否定し、敬意も感謝もない。 2人を入れ替えて考えるなら、ジャッジに投げさせてみればすぐわかる。 肩壊して、故障者リスト入り、打てなくなるから。
花鳥風月 年 前
かえる師匠 確かに去年のインタビューを見てみてもペドロはMVP投票の偏りを是正しようとしている感じがするけど、それはともかくこれからは人に向かってこいつとか言わないようにしましょうね。
m 年 前
かえる師匠 本人が凄い成績でもMVPになれなかったからゲレーロを推しただけ。
@m 同じドミニカンだから一方的に大谷がMVPに反対意見だしただけ。自分がなれなかったとか関係ないわ。
Paul Ly
Paul Ly 年 前
I play volleyball and at the end of the day my arms feel like a limp stretch arm strong. What Ohtani is doing is beyond greatness. Pitching than hitting HR. There is no one like Ohtani
ばくお 年 前
Ten years from now, people will think this argument was silly. History will prove how great it is for Shohei Ohtani to achieve this record with two different styles of pitching.
シャニ男 年 前
ホームランを33本打ってさらに投手として12勝... バッターと投手としてのプレッシャーを背負ってこの成績。 毎日の体のケアはいったいどうしてるのか? MVPになれなくても大好きだし最高のプレイヤーだと思っています。 大谷選手を観れる時代に生まれて良かった!!
citro wantrs20get
普通にやってるから、見慣れちゃってるけど、普通じゃない。 体力、集中力の維持が普通じゃない。
Donald Tramp
Donald Tramp 年 前
D 年 前
でもNPBで1番練習してるの坂本だぞ。山本由伸が引いてた笑 1番遊んでるのも坂本だと思うけど
Kazu Yamamoto
@citro wantrs20get k
Kazu Yamamoto
@D m
delmendelmen 年 前
I totally agree with Pedro. He understands how hard it is to be a pitcher.
Kana Tamblyn
Kana Tamblyn 年 前
I watched two legendary pitchers in Japan (one was Daisuke Matsuzaka) talking how tired your body gets after pitching. One said you lose about 3kg in body weight after a game and it’s so tough to recover from it and condition yourself to get ready for the next pitch. They also asked each other question like, “ Do you even think about stealing bases when you are pitching? I can’t believe Shohei can run like that.” I mean, Ohtani not only is an ace pitcher for Angels, he hits, steals and he is also fantastic at fielding. I think pitchers can more appreciate what Ohtani is doing.
EX- S 年 前
@Kana Tamblyn 👍
@Kana Tamblyn 👏
t n
t n 年 前
ジャッジはもちろん素晴らしいし、史上最高の偉大なホームランバッターとなるかもしれないが、大谷の偉大さはそれをはるかに凌駕している可能性がある。 これから二刀流を目指す人が増えて、それでも大谷を超える選手が全く出てこなくて、60年後くらいに「あの年の真のMVPは大谷だった」と語られるのかもしれない。逆に30本200奪三振を達成する選手が数年おきに出てくるようになれば、大谷は現代二刀流のパイオニアだが、2022年のMVPはジャッジで正しかった、ということになるだろう。 ジャッジの偉大さはこれまでの選手がすでに証明しているが、大谷の偉大さはこれからの選手が証明することになる。
215 suk
215 suk 年 前
Ren 年 前
neoru 年 前
@Ren 表現が素敵だ…
ころとら 年 前
R I 年 前
Dan Moun
Dan Moun 年 前
Only pitchers know how hard it is for Ohtani to go both ways and to be elite at both of them.
Andy La Negra - Thoughts from the 305
This Is so frustrating. Yes Judge has 20 more home runs with the same amount of at bats, but in addition to those 32hrs, now 33hrs, he has 20+ extra base hits and 11 stolen bases...that's why his WAR is only .3 shy of Judge. I'm glad Pedro brings that pitching perspective. Also, to Pedro's point, it was the ENITRE Yankees team that was performing, that's why they're still at the top of the division. Like Judge is doing great things, but when it's convenient, folks are forgetting what other players have done, as well as how hard pitchers work throwout the game (the only player throwing and operating throughout the entire inning). Like what? The cherry picking of stats is just wild for me. So Shohei has to pitch the way he's pitching AND hit 50+ home runs...no doubt in my mind he can do it, but jeez what he's doing now is completely remarkable and EVERYONE agrees but no one wants to give him the MVP.. I don't get it
EX- S 年 前
you are right !
okazaki blop
okazaki blop 年 前
Andy La Negra - Thoughts from the 305
@okazaki blop Right?! I don't understand either. Like baseball isn't just home runs. Shohei just hit his 34th home run the day before picking up a 12th win and adding 7 more strikeouts...he'll finish the season with 200+ strikeouts and 40 home runs and people will still say it's not enough. I will never get tired of watching this man's gift.
okazaki blop
okazaki blop 年 前
@Andy La Negra - Thoughts from the 305 国や人種を超えて応援してくれる人達をほんとに尊敬します。世界はほんとは美しいと思えます。日本でプレイしてる時から大谷は反則的なプレイなので、議論になるのもわかります。
yoma32 年 前
I totally agree with you.
MANA 年 前
お寿司 年 前
過去DATAから 10勝投手>20本塁打打者 10勝投手<30本塁打打者 10勝=25本塁打:20勝=50本塁打 と想定すると1勝=2.5本相当 大谷33本塁打+12勝(30本塁打相当) 合計63本塁打相当の活躍。 ジャッジは55本塁打。 大谷が圧倒的に優勢でしょう。 投手大谷を正しく評価するなら 防御率2.55や奪三振率1位もあるが、 貧打の弱小エンゼルスで12勝という 足を引っ張られた最低限の勝利数で 本塁打に変換。上位チームで、 この防御率なら15勝してるだろう。
HY 年 前
KK TT 年 前
かえる師匠 自分もそれを知ってたから本当に擁護してるのかと半信半疑だった 去年のブラッディJrもMVP厳しそうっていうところから擁護してたからみんな他の意見に流されず自分で考えろっていうのを1番言いたくて劣勢な方の応援に回るんじゃないかな 後ピッチャーとしてピッチングの過酷さを舐めるなよと言いたい感じもする
同郷>大谷>>>ヤンキース こう考えれば説明がつくな。
Ed C
Ed C 年 前
Look at ohtani's last start on 9/10. The angels starting 6 to 9 hitters were batting less than .200 for the season. Even playing with minor leaguers, ohtani still won. Angels team without ohtani or trout are just plan trash. If ohtani was on the Yankees, they would be pushing for the best record in a season. If Judge went to the angels, they would be pushing for the wrose record of all time. Ohtani is the MVP.
ss tsukki
ss tsukki 年 前
大谷は本当にすごい。 10勝、30本が全世界の人々に大谷なら出来ると思わせていて あたかも簡単にやってのけていることが。 大谷以外の人が今回初めてやっていたらその人がMVPだろう、つまりそういうことだと思ってる
ワッツ 年 前
a b
a b 8 ヶ月 前
@ワッツ チャンスは来シーズンしかないかもですね。
First of all, as a premise, the judge's war wais high in the center field, so naturally in the case of Ohtani, the registered position in the DH is a pitcher, so the wa should be quite low, but this is the only difference, which is a different dimension. Are you underestimating your level of fatigue? If the judge throws the same number of balls and hits that number, I have no objection to that batting average, but what Ohtani is doing is unique. If Ohtani is in good health and continues to build dual wielding and improve his grades every year, I think it's okay for him to be MVP every year.
杉田玄白 年 前
@杉田玄白 まぁ同郷だからねw…心情的に推しちゃうよねw
15 年 前
今日の五回降板で、規定投球回達成が最終日にもつれる可能性が出てきた 最終登板日に「200奪三振&規定投球回」をドラスティックに達成したら、ペドロ言う通り半分の記者が大谷君に投票するかもね
john frusciante
@杉田玄白 どちらかというと頭では大谷だと思いつつも当然満票みたいな空気を感じてゲレーロの凄さも視界に入れて欲しい、って風に見えてました。 今回も現時点ではジャッジだとしつつも大谷の凄さを伝えようとしてるし。
バンパパ 年 前
英紀 年 前
大谷という野球選手、存在自体が史上初、唯一無二なのだから ただただ歴史的なプレーヤーに感動したい!
SurfWriter 年 前
It's stupid and insulting for Granderson and Rollins to say the MVP is Judge "hands down" when it's much closer than that and remains highly debatable. I agree with Pedro about what Ohtani is doing and that we should wait to see the two players at the end of the season. I favor Ohtani anyway, but I respect what Judge is doing. But consider the Yankee stadium and other east coast ballparks with their shorter fences making it easier for Judge to hit one over the fence. He's powerful, a great hitter, and would hit a lot of HRs no matter what. But put Ohtani in NY and hitting in those parks with shorter fences and his HR total is much greater. He's barely missed a HR in Angel stadium and other big parks, still hit 33 total plus 6 triples, pitching at 12-8 with all those SOs. He's also a lot of fun to watch.
EX- S 年 前
you are right !
bhkbjj 年 前
You’re right. Ohtani has hit doubles off the wall in Angels Stadium. At Yankees Stadium, those would have been home runs.
21 of Judge's home runs don't go out in 30 other ballparks in MLB.
小川浩史 年 前
あなたの意見に同意します。 大谷翔平がヤンキーススタジアムが本拠地っったら現時点で45本は打ってると感じます。加えてもし今年大谷翔平がヤンキースでピッチャーをしていたら現時点で16勝、防御率も2.5以下は出てると思います。
Judge is mere history tracer but Ohtani is a history maker.
ナジータ 年 前
sakulanya 年 前
Shohei Ohtani is baseball MVP. Period. No question Aaron Judge is one of the reasons why the Yankees are top in their East division but was he the SOLE reason why the Yankees were the best team in AL and had the best record in baseball at the All-Star break? the answer is NO, he wasn't. The Yankees had three players with 25 home runs (Judge, Stanton and Rizzo) and 6 other players with 10 or more home runs, they also have 3 amazing pitchers (Cole, Tailon and Cortes). The Yankees were the best team in baseball at the all-star break when everyone was healthy and playing, would the Yankees still be the best team in Baseball if Stanton and Rizzo and Cortes were OUT of the lineup from the start of the season? The answer is no, the Yankees would not be the best team or even division leader if their key players were unhealthy to play, and I am doubtful they would even be in the top three wild cards spot either. NYY: Today 2022-09-11 1st in Home run (217) 1st in Runs per game. 2nd ERA 3.28 After the All-Star break, the Yankees played the Houston Astros and were beaten up like little leaguers, then August happened and key players Stanton, Rizzo and Cortes were out and they went 8-18 in the months of August, they had the worse team record in 30 years. How did Aaron Judge carry this team in August if they went 8-18 if they had the worse record in 30 years? Without Judge the Yankees would still be 8-18 or worse, and it wasn't like he wasn't producing, he batted over. 300+ with an OPS of 1.100+, with 9 home runs in August. They had a 17 games lead on the Tampa Bay Rays on August 1st and by September 1st it's down to 6 games lead, today 4.5 game lead over the Rays. Now imagine if the Yankees didn't have a 17 game lead over the Rays by August 1st, let's say 10 game lead over the Rays, where would the Yankees be today? they would likely be in 3rd or 4th in the wild card spot, and the Rays and Blue Jays would be first and second. So I don't understand the notion and argument that Aaron Judge is carrying his team or the reason why this team would be fighting for the wild card spot right now. The reason why the Yankees are still in the first place is that they had a massive 17 game lead over the Tampa Bay Rays by being the BEST TEAM in AL, not because of Judge alone, his contribution wasn't even a factor in August. Stanton and Rizzo had 25 homers and Judge had 33 homers at the all-star break, take Stanton and Rizzo out would the Yankees still have a 17 game lead over the Rays by August 1st? Just looked at what happened when Stanton and Rizzo and Cortes didn't play, they went 8-18. How is Aaron Judge carrying his team again if the Yankees were 8-18 in August?
matcha parfait
if judge homer over 60,he deserve MVP
🍠MemeMeme🍁(Tamago and Ikura)
I agree with your statement. They make it sound as if Judge alone is leading NYY, when in fact they have one of the best hitting corps on the East Coast. And they fail to mention the reason for NY's poor performance during the month of August. I think this is very unfair. On the other hand, Ohtani pitched well twice against the Astros, who have a strong hitting lineup, and especially in his most recent game, he pitched hard enough to injure a nail and prevent runs from scoring. This seems like a phenomenal performance. When they talk about Judge, they address his contribution to the team as a single player, but when they talk about Ohtani, they seem to downplay his contribution. I do not consider his work as a pitcher to be any less than that of a fielder.
@🍠MemeMeme🍁(Tamago and Ikura) Because pitchers are not less than any fielders. The ball starts with the pitcher and ends with the pitcher. Judge plays center field, there's nothing he could do if the ball goes a little to the left or a little to the right, and let's face it, how many times does a ball actually fly to center field in a game? Also, a pitcher is primary a defensive positive, and they CAN actually win a game.
@matcha parfait That's like me saying if Ohtani gets 40 homers, 200k and 15 wins he deserves the MVP.
過去DATAから 10勝投手>20本塁打打者 10勝投手<30本塁打打者 10勝=25本塁打:20勝=50本塁打 と想定すると1勝=2.5本相当 大谷33本塁打+12勝(30本塁打相当) 合計63本塁打相当の活躍。 ジャッジは55本塁打。 大谷が圧倒的に優勢でしょう。 更に投手大谷を正しく評価するなら 防御率2.55や奪三振率1位もある。 貧打で弱小のエンゼルスによって 12勝という少ない勝利数。 その12勝を本塁打に変換しても 大谷が優勢だった。 もし大谷がヤンキースで 防御率2.55なら15勝はしてるだろう。
LurkerDood 年 前
Shohei Ohtani is INCREDIBLE! Houston scares me the most as a Mets fan! Look at Shohei Ohtani's stats vs Houston Apr 7 ➡ ER 1 Apr 20 ➡ ER 0 Jul 13 ➡ ER 1 Sep 3 ➡ ER 1 Sep 10 ➡ ER 1 UNBELIEVABLE!! Shohei Ohtani is the MVP just on his Houston performances!!! 😳😮😲😱
石島達郎 年 前
Ohtani is MVP! judge isn't MVP!
REiMA AKi 年 前
HOUSTON is #01 in AL Team New York is 2nd..but every match up Houston vs. Angels and pitcher is SHOHEi he giving them only 1-Run because of the error of His team mates if ever the deffense is good maybe aLways 0- Run. ^_^
Hide Travel
Hide Travel 年 前
Had Trout not been injured, he and Ohtani would have hit over 40 homers at this point. In other words, a player playing for a team that has a slugger as a teammate has an advantage.
Moises Torres
They are probably going to give the MVP to Judge, but that don't matter because ten years from now nobody will remember who won the MVP. But they will all remember what Ohtani did for the next hundred years.
Sweet TR10
Sweet TR10 年 前
There are many excellent hitters like Judge but there’s only one complete ace player like Shohei Ohtani and that’s him.
jankppp 8 ヶ月 前
RiNa YuMa
RiNa YuMa 年 前
The Angels' results won't change even if Judge moves to the Angels. If Shohei Ohtani goes to the Yankees, the Yankees will win the championship. Team performance doesn't matter. Considering the burden on the pitcher, it cannot be compared to the center.
Arron Judge of records. Shohei Ohtani of memories. Which one will you remember 10 years from now? It will be remembered if Judge hits 60 home runs again. Ohtani may not win MVP. But he will forever be in our memory. It's worth more than MVP.
xploring 年 前
I am kind of new to baseball. But I don't understand why Angel being a weak team counts against Ohtani. It's definitely easier to perform well when you are on a good team. And is it easier to be the center fielder or the pitcher? It's a no brainer right? Would they be saying the same things if the teams are reversed... It's kind of a popularity contest so not that important in my view but some of these arguments just sound so non-sensical.
石島達郎 年 前
me too
日本人です。 海外の方から見てもやはり現時点での議論に大きな意味は無いと思うのですね。 日本人ながら現時点ではジャッジに1票を入れますが、この議論はMVPを決めるよりもメジャーリーグに興味を持つ人を増やすという意味で広まるといいですね。
Hide Travel
Hide Travel 年 前
The truth of baseball probably has an answer opposite to that of the commentators. This is because when good hitters are at bat in a row, the pitcher cannot throw with all his might against just one hitter. Look at their monthly performance. Ohtani hit only five homers in July when Trout was absent, but he has already hit four this month.
たると 年 前
man citi
man citi 年 前
it's an unfair bias...just look back @ when trout won so many MVP with a losing angel's team
Hide 年 前
nao 年 前
立場によって意見変えてる気がしてきて、信用ならないように感じてきてます。 友人にはしたくないタイプ。 でも、ペドロと友人なれるならなんでもするよ!
ampdpw helsia
@ampdpw helsia 大谷だけじゃなくて、DHは守備要素点が大幅減点される。 なんならライト、レフト、ファーストもDHほどじゃないが、減点される。
漆原 年 前
ペドロはゲレロの遠い親戚だよ確か 日本人には分からないかもしれないけど、ドミニカだったり有色人種同士の結束みたいのはあるからしょうがない部分はあるんだよ
Tnaks 年 前
Obviously Judge is having a great year but no one in going to be talking about in 20 years. If Ohtani does this every year for his career, he will be the best baseball player ever. Don't even know if we'll see someone like him come around for another 100 years.
ザック 年 前
ペドロ・マルティネスは投手やってたから、1年間投げ続けて数字残すことの難しさを知ってるからこそ、バッターでも数字残してる大谷を援護してくれるんだろうな かつて松井秀喜と名勝負くり広げた偉大な投手が、こうやって言ってくれるの嬉しいね
2331KAKE 11 ヶ月 前
関係ないと思いますよ。 あるとしたらヤンキースであるか、ないかの違い。 アメリカは結果があれば人種なくリスペクトされる国でする。 投打両面での活躍よりホームランの方が好みだっただけの話のように思います。 あなたのような意見はたびたび見かけますが、根拠なく差別があるかのような意見は違和感があります。
山本右京 年 前
ジャッジがキャッチャーでこの成績残してたんだったら文句なしのMVPで良いよ 外野手の負担なんて投手と比較にならないぐらい楽すぎる。
Dada Iro
Dada Iro 年 前
If Ohtani pitches for the Yankees, he's probably sure of winning 16 or more. Remember, he has 12 wins on weaker hitting teams.
Moreover, He didn't hit the Angels pitchers.
dias buenos
dias buenos 年 前
@PJ髭ゴリラ 彼はエンゼルス打線に投げなかった
sーo 年 前
REiMA AKi 年 前
ASTROS is weak team??? they are 1st in AL Status... And SHOHEi aLways giving them 1 or 0 run...
Dada Iro
Dada Iro 年 前
@REiMA AKi I'm talking about Angels, not Astros.
1117 shin
1117 shin 年 前
ジャッジはセンターで素晴らしい守備をする しかし、大谷が投げてる時センターに難しいボールが飛ぶ事は滅多にない
楽園 年 前
ナイスコメント‼️ ジャッジは大谷がいれば楽できるな
とろろ 年 前
ハッシー 年 前
本郷猛 年 前
楽園 年 前
@本郷猛 いいぞもっと言え!
2018年のDHのJDマルティネス(.330 43本 130打点)は、三冠王にあと一歩まで迫りましたが、DHの守備補正が影響してwarは、6点台でした。JDマルティネスはDHとして100試合、外野手として50試合出場してもwar6.8でした。DHとして毎日出場している大谷であれば三冠王とってもwarは6行くかどうかであり、ムーキーベッツやマイクトラウト、今年のジャッジのようなwar10点台には到底及びません。 そして投手分業制が進んだ昨今では投球回は過去に比べ減少傾向であり今年のサイ・ヤング賞候補筆頭のバーランダーのwarが5.2程度。去年のナ・リーグサイ・ヤング賞はコービーバーンズの5.6です。つまりDHとして3冠王、ピッチャーとしてサイ・ヤング賞級の投球をしてもwarの限界値は10〜10.5程度。DHと先発投手のwarを足しても、大谷が外野手を上回るのは元々困難なんです
凄くおもしろかったです(´・ω・`) 去年は同じ故郷のJrを援護するために「彼は守備をしていない」と 話していたマルチネスが今度は同じ話題で大谷を援護するのが胸熱でした。
may may
may may 年 前
ポジショントークのお手本w 大谷ファンという事ですが、敵の敵は味方みたいなのは良いですね!
R 年 前
Hi 年 前
@Hi うん
no name
no name 年 前
【出張動画】Your Playground
How can we explain to our grandsons about this situation? “it used to be a player called Ohtani. He was like babe Ruth but he couldn’t get mvp.” Come on! Ohtani is a player once in a life time
ZemReco 年 前
I don't want Otani Shohei's presence or performance to be taken for granted.I envy that I can see things that I couldn't see in Japan live on MLB now.Although the team's overall performance is poor, Otani still keeps throwing and hitting results.I'm Japanese, but I'm not paying attention to Otani because he's Japanese.I believe in MLB.
猪狩秀司 6 ヶ月 前
伝説の名投手、ペドロ・マルチネスにここまで言って貰える大谷翔平選手はやはり凄い。 ありがとうございます。ペドロ!
ス―さん 年 前
henohenoMoe 年 前
ジャッジはヤンキースを救ってきたが、大谷は野球界を救ってきた!この言葉素晴らしい𝐼 𝑙𝑜𝑣𝑒 𝑦𝑜𝑢
Jeff Libby
Jeff Libby 年 前
I'm going to make this very simple... Judge is incredible. Ohtani is HISTORIC.
Judge is human but Ohtani is super human.
YouM 年 前
So the difference is roughly 20+HRs, 30+ RBI. Let’s say there is a hitter having roughly 20+ HRs and 30+ RBI. Is that hitter more valuable than a pitcher with 12 wins, 2.55 ERA and 190 SO with 12 SO per game average?
援護してくれる選手がいない中チームを背負って全てをこなす大谷はすでに比較対象は世界に居ないだろ。 どのチームでも結果を出せる唯一の選手。
「WAR」って、チームの他のベンチメンバーと比べてその選手がプレーする事でチームの勝利数が何試合分変わったかを複雑な計算式を使って+−で表した数字だという認識なんですが、現在のエンゼルスの61勝に対して大谷のWARが8ちょい、つまり大谷のエンゼルスへの貢献は+8勝って評価されてる訳ですよね。 大谷抜きで代わりにベンチの誰かを入れていても53勝できていたと。 賛否はあるかと思いますが、個人的にはそんな訳あるか、大谷抜いてたら今の半分もエンゼルスが勝ってたか怪しいわって印象ですね。 WARももう+10は足りないんじゃないかと、そう思います。
Khonh lo
Khonh lo 年 前
If we switch Ohtani and Judge would there be a difference? I would say, Judge would be just another Trout with a lot of HR but the team would still lose with an even worst record where as with Ohtani on the Yankees, they wouldnt be going through an 10-18 record in August when a couple of guys were out due to injuries. The Yankees record would be a lot better with Ohtani on the team because he makes such a difference in terms of wins.
年 前
8.0fWARを複数回記録した現役選手 トラウト 7回 プホルス 4回 カーショー、ベッツ、ブレグマン、ジャッジ、大谷(予定) 2回 大谷は成績で見ても現役有数の選手になった。そしてトラウトは凄過ぎる。
トラウト草 中堅手とはいえ異常…😅
るるる 年 前
MVPで重視されるのはfよりもrですよ。というわけで、 rではどうなのかお願いします。
@ヴォルサリーノ そうなんですか? mlb公式チャンネルのコミュニティにあがっている画像にはfWARのみが載っていたので、fWARがより見られているものかと思っていました…
dfgudbhrf 年 前
@糖質亭銀紙包 その時はたまたまfWARを載せただけでしょう。もしくは、何らかの意図があったのかもしれません。二人の差がより大きいfの方を載せてジャッジ有利を強調したかったとか。過去のMVPレース結果との相関を見れば、明らかにbWAR(rWAR)のほうが重視されています。
sou aoki
sou aoki 年 前
Judge is making the record and Shohei is making the Myth.
さわ 年 前
ジャッジをMVPにしないことによって、よりMVPの価値が上がると思います。 大谷のしていることは記録としては、トップではないが、メジャーの歴史に刻まれ、伝説として語り継がれるくらいの事だと思います。
lalala 年 前
I'm Japanese and a fun of Shohei, but in this year Judge deserves MVP. Because, if he can't get MVP in this year, it proves that anyone else but Shohei never get this aword during Shohei playing in MLB.
MistaGrim 年 前
I'm glad Pedro is pointing this out and practically NOBODY else has pointed this out....OVERALL THE YANKEES HAVE A MUCH BETTER TEAM!!!! All of the people saying "Well, Judge is keeping his team at the top of the division!!" Those people don't even give credit to any other Yankees players for getting them to the top of the AL East in the first place. People are way too enamored with how many home runs Judge has hit and think that Judge is the only reason why the Yankees are at the top of the division. It's stupid.
SurfWriter 年 前
I agree with you. What's also left out in most of these discussions is that Judge is hitting in Yankee stadium east coast AL parks most of the time--shorter distance to the fences. He's a powerful hitter and gets my respect, no doubt, but I think Ohtani has the edge for a number of reasons unless Judge hits 70 HRs or more and just wows the voters with that alone.
MistaGrim 年 前
@SurfWriter MLB NOW actually brought this fact up last week and some people have been mentioning this in the comments, but 21 of Judge's home runs at Yankee Stadium wouldn't have been home runs in ANY OTHER STADIUM in MLB. There's no doubt that Judge is having a phenomenal offensive season, but east coast/Yankees bias with most of the sports shows is insane.
SurfWriter 年 前
@MistaGrim Yeah, that larger Yankee and east coast bias definitely plays into it. Hey, I'm not even digging those pinstripes the more I see of their uniforms. Boring. But I didn't know the specific stat that you mentioned. That's pretty shocking that 21 of his HRs in Yankee stadium would not leave the yard anywhere else. Ohtani batting left-handed with the short porch in right at Yankee stadium. Give that a thought.
John Smith
John Smith 年 前
Most of Shehei's fly balls would have been HRs in that Yankee's stadium. He also had a lot of doubles and triples which would have been sure H.Rs in that stadium. Judge is not the MVP, he just have inflated numbers.
Shadow 年 前
You are right If all players other than judge and ohtani trading each other between Yankees and angel's, Angel's will be top and Yankees would be 4th
Shohei Otani spent the most surprising season in a history of MLB but there is not the thing indicating it
yuchopi 年 前
We just must appreciate what Ohtani is doing every day. the day we will miss i would come in future.
幸彦 小林
幸彦 小林 6 ヶ月 前
やす 6 ヶ月 前
CH L 年 前
Too many news about Ohtani, people start to get use to it, and forget how hard it is day by day until no one will does it to the next century. As a phonomenal CY pitcher of Pedro, if you asked him also to bat, he might say: Are you kidding me!? Thats why he knows the difficuty about it.
I think we have become so accustomed to seeing the two-way player that our senses have become paralyzed. If anyone who didn't see what Ohtani did last year, witnessed the first 2-way player since Babe Ruth this year to achieve 10 HRs & 10 Ws, and 30 HRs & 10 Ws, which even Ruth has never achieved, he/she would say to Judge the same thing that Guerrero was told last year. "Your results were amazing, but this year you were up against the wrong guy." This year MLB told all teams, "You can use two-way players as you want, the rules are in place," but the only one who has actually been competitive is Ohtani. Playing as a two-way player on the MLB stage is unusual and phenomenal in its own right.
ドードー 年 前
今年は投手経験者が揃って大谷の援護射撃をしていますね。 (昨年は打者が大谷を褒め称えてた印象) 何よりも投手の意見は重くて説得力があります。
Tohru Fujimura
I am a fan of Otani. However, I am not at all unhappy that Judge was chosen as this year's MVP. Because Ohtani will be the MVP next year and every year for many years to come.
jazztarou 9 ヶ月 前
Judge made a record. Ohtani made a legend.
ぽぽの 年 前
tk tk
tk tk 年 前
記録を塗り替えるジャッジ 記録を作る大谷
田中雄二 6 ヶ月 前
Ma 年 前
If Ohtani were in the Yankees, the team would be at the top like they are now. On the other hand, if Judge were in Angels, the team would be at the bottom like they are every time.
Swolehae 年 前
I don't believe that the other guys beside Pedro was this stupid, they are just ignoring the difficulty of Shohei's workload because they want to make Judge look like an MVP with an elite defense, when literally judge had a very average defense in the outfield and the only thing that's making a noise for him is his HRs. You're telling me that they can't comprehend why pitchers rest for the rest of the week? Because throwing 100 pitches averaging 90mph in one game takes a toll on their body, BUT wait! Ohtani literally does not rest, he is DH for the rest of the week and even while his pitching hence the "Ohtani Rule", do they think that's easier than Judge, standing in the outfield, waiting for some pop up? What is the use of an outfielder if the pitcher already did his job and struck out the batter? Also, when Ohtani is a DH, he's not just being a DH to give be a spectacle, he is hitting bombs at bigger stadiums, bigger than Yanks, he steals bags because he's fast and hustles at first base, he triples and bunts, Do they think that's easy for a someone who already has his arm about to fall off because he pitched the night before and a normal person would have been busy rehabilitating? That is Shohei's value, he works harder than anyone else. If this isn't racism then they are obviously biased. Pedro had to stand up to show them that pitching is the most tiring shit in the field, you control the game, you constantly calculate every move. 'm pretty sure Shohei will still win, maybe not unanimous because of the East coast bias, but he'll definitely win it back to back, these clowns are just giving Yankees fans hope.
EX- S 年 前
you are right 👍
Chen Koal
Chen Koal 年 前
yankee has a really good pitching group this year they dont even need a center fielder XD
Swolehae 年 前
@Chen Koal precisely why these “carried the yankees” narrative is so funny 🤣
okazaki blop
okazaki blop 年 前
bhkbjj 年 前
Thank you for explaining eloquently why Ohtani is the MVP.
From OZ Midori
If MVP means the most valuable baseball player, there is an easy way to find out. If there was an auction of Judge's and Shohei's uniforms from this year's All-Star Game, which would fetch the highest price? Most people would buy the one with the most valuable player, right? That is Shohei.
🍠MemeMeme🍁(Tamago and Ikura)
年 前
@あ 大谷もしれっと100年以上破られていない記録更新してるからな。 規定投球回に達せば歴代上初めての記録となる。
ゲーム 年 前
may may
may may 年 前
@逃げないメタルスライム 誰もそんな事争点にしてないと思いますよ HR記録も偉大な記録だと言ってるだけかと
🍠MemeMeme🍁(Tamago and Ikura)
@ゲーム ですよね
56 capo
56 capo 6 ヶ月 前
Judge was Most Valuable Player in 2022. Ohtani is Most Valuable Person in baseball history.
きー 年 前
浜田勇光 6 ヶ月 前
おおきに  ペドロさん 本当にありがとうm(_ _)m 貴方がいかに 投手のダメージが有るかを我々一般町人に伝えようとして頂く言葉に Aカップの胸肉が引き千切れる程感動。 二年連続の受賞は叶わなかったですが何か本当に救われています。 WBCの2023年の今シーズンは今まで以上の活躍を期待しています。 秘密は全く新しい部位毎のトレーニング法です。 ショウヘイは更にパワーアップしてWBC以降のレギュラーシーズンを勝ち抜きます。
KKK 5 ヶ月 前
そもそも神は「評価される側」ではない… 「崇拝される側」である。 大谷選手の活躍ぶりを見てると熱くなるというよりはもはや幸せになるんですよね… ほんと野球神。
神栖E 年 前
HR40.打点100.防御率2.50.勝利数14.奪三振200.規定打席、規定投球回数クリア. この成績が成ったとしてもしMVPにならなかったら・・・ 史上最高のMVPレースのはずが、ヤンキース贔屓のMVP汚点として歴史に残るかもしれない ジャッジが62本以上打ってやっと戦える実績なのにもう決まったかのような発言が多い気がします さらに去年は素晴らしかったとか言ってますがMVPは去年の成績も関係するのですか?大谷慣れの象徴のようなコメントです。 投手の価値を考えたら今年のほうが凄いような気がします。 6月の投手大谷を思い出してほしい・・
10勝投手>20本塁打打者 10勝投手<30本塁打打者 10勝=25本塁打:20勝=50本塁打 と想定すると1勝=2.5本相当 大谷33本塁打+12勝(30本塁打相当) 合計63本塁打相当の活躍。 ジャッジは55本塁打。 大谷が圧倒的に優勢でしょう。
花澤さん 年 前
圧倒的かはわからんで ジャッジが62本超えてプラスで3冠取ったらまた変わってくるやろうし ここんとこ打率爆上がり中やから
zaitaku 年 前
WARだけじゃなくWPAとかでもジャッジ優勢だからな 贔屓だ、とかいうのも贔屓目に過ぎないって言うか😅
@zaitaku 二刀流がない時代に作った基準がどこまで正確な評価なのかってまず疑わないとね。何でも欧米が作ったものが正しいと思い込むのもどうかと思う。それならWPAやWARが二刀流を評価する場合でも、どれだけ公平で正確かを証明して、で比較したらジャッジがリードしているって言わないとね。 例えばジャッジが66本打ったら 33本塁打が二人いること。 で大谷が 38本塁打と14勝防御率2.5で200奪三振。規定打席と規定投球回も達成したら。 各々二人を比較しても大谷が2勝で完全勝利。 でもWARやWPAでジャッジがリードしているからジャッジ相応しいって?
Nyankichi Nyanda
The fact that most of the people who properly evaluate Ohtani are people who have experience as a pitcher. I bet you can see the part that only fielders don't know. I mean, of course, people who have experience as a pitcher, but in addition, in the JPvid comment section I'm surprised by the accurate comments that catch things objectively.
venus 5 ヶ月 前
As the general consensus in a lot of MLB fans, they wanted to select the best American player to compete against the foreign monster that is Otani-san.
いや本当に、まずはシーズン終えた時の成績を見てみたい。 ジャッジも大谷も。 両者共、MLB史上に残る凄まじい数字なのよ。単年のMVP争いにするにはもったいない成績なのよ! それを知ってれば、どちらか一方を貶めて無理だなんて言えないよ。 ペドロさすがだ
bbb aaa
bbb aaa 年 前
@bbb aaaホームラン数だけで言ってないよ。他のスタッツ含めての発言。
Roooni 年 前
@きまぐれもの 他のスタッツ含めてもMLB史上に残る成績とは思えないけど。大谷がやっていることはまさに人類の未到達領域だけどね。
@Roooni いやバランス的にも全て上位かと。ナチュラルでなら。 ボンズは伝説的人物であるのは確かだけど、スタッツ全てをそのまま鵜呑みにできないかな。これはジャッジがどう考えてるかに関係なく、MLBの方針的にも。
@bbb aaa というか、私は一方を貶めるのは止めないか?と言ってるので、 止めてほしいです。 しかもその対象としてステ利用の話持ち込むのはフェアじゃないですよ。 貴方もこの動画に出てくるジャッジ派と同じです。 片方を貶める方法でしか、価値を低く見積もる方法でしか、大谷がMVPだと思えないですか?
Kitau FlatValley
Jenny Gape
Jenny Gape 年 前
you can't compare the two If Shohei was a fielder, he would get the same or better results than the judges. But judges can't be dual wielded!
折原臨也 年 前
B B 年 前
ryo ryo
ryo ryo 年 前
IN POW 年 前
fp 年 前
IN POW 年 前
@fp 野球だけで稼いでるわけじゃないからね。
れなの 年 前
harry333ism 年 前
Miki O
Miki O 年 前
Notice when Yankees starting pitching went down and Stanton couldn’t stay in the lineup the Yankees suddenly became the Tankees…all the while Judge has remained hot. Kind of defeats the entire argument Granderson and Rollins are trying to make. One player without protection can’t make a winning team. See how Ohtani has absolutely toyed with the Astros every time he’s on the mound while every other game the Angels get smoked.
年 前
そもそも、記録の見方自体にかなりバイアスがかかってると思う、ホームランの本数は今まで挑戦してきた人数と歴史から、みんなの憧れで目標になっていてかなり贔屓目に見られてる、本来10勝30本なんてありえないぐらいすごいけど誰も目指してこなかったし、悪く言うと興味がないから、よく言われてるけど本来こんなあっさり達成されました程度で済まされていいものじゃない、それこそ大谷が今日々更新してる記録こそ将来達成したら即MVPになるレベルの記録だってことを考慮したほうがいい 今回の投票は単純なジャッジ対大谷じゃなくて、ベースボールとしてホームランか二刀流のどっちに価値があるかの意思表明をするレベルのことだと思う
Feral Cat
Feral Cat 年 前
なるほどおっしゃる通りですね。 すごく納得がいきました。 そもそもMVPとは「価値」を問うてるものですもんね。数字だけなら首位打者や本塁打王でいいわけで。 みんなが「興味もなかった」二刀流を一体どこまで評価してくれるか。 大谷さんはその二刀流を「超ハイレベルで」こなしていることに価値があるわけですが、比較対象がいなすぎることが選考を難しくしますね。挑戦してる人がたくさんいて、たまに7〜8勝&20本塁打みたいなすごい選手が出てくる、みたいな状況だったら、その倍の数字を叩き出す大谷さんがいかにバケモノか分かりやすいと思うのですが… でも現状はそうではないので、シンプルで分かりやすいホームランをアメリカ人は評価しそうだなぁ。。
確か、去年ペドロは大谷について先発としてもっと投げないといけない。という点で大谷を評価しつつも辛口な所があった。 それが、今年先発としてもイニングを投げている事から大谷の価値を評価してくれてるのは素敵!
呉育綸 年 前
昨年のゲレーロ推しの件はともかくペドロとしては投手のMVPが少ない事に懸念を抱いている事も以前から話していたよね。 投手だとバーランダー、カーショーくらいしかいないしMVP=打者の賞みたいになってしまっている現実。 せっかくサイヤング賞(投手最優秀)みたいにハンク アーロン賞(打者最優秀)を20年前に新設したにも関わらずその価値が一向に上がらないのも要因。 昨年ゲレーロJr.がハンク アーロン賞を獲っても当の米国メディアでさえサイヤング賞ほど前面で扱わない。 二刀流以前にMVPはもっと多方の側面(盗塁優秀、守備優秀)からノミネートされたほうが良いと思う。 アカデミー賞やグラミー賞と同じでノミネート作品は色んな題材をテーマとした作品があるべき。