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Ho, ho, ho, it's nearly December!! This means the Winter update is landing in Adopt Me with the Advent Calendar, 8 new pets, and brand new minigames TOMORROW (12/1) at:
🕗 8AM PT
🕚 11AM ET
🕓 4PM GMT (search '4PM GMT local time' to find out what time it'll be for you!)

Adopt Me! on Roblox
Play now: go.playadopt.me/
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PlayAdoptMe ヶ月 前
Which minigame are you most excited to play?❄ The Adopt Me team have been really enjoying the Ice Pet Rescue!! ❄ Anyone want to guess what's behind door number 25? 🎁 It's a good one ✨ - Dalia Qué minijuego te hace más ilusión jugar? ❄ ¡El equipo de Adóptame ha disfrutado mucho con el Rescate de Mascotas de Hielo! ❄ ¿Alguien quiere adivinar qué hay detrás de la puerta número 25? 🎁 Es una buena ✨ - Dalia
Neon korblox YT
Neon korblox YT ヶ月 前
Hi adopt me! Is wats the next egg after tha mythic egg? Pov: is the household egg or the rural egg coming??!??!?!?!?!
*Jüšt_Càmîlo* ヶ月 前
Heya adopt me I have an idea for a next year mini game it's where you have to collect icecream in the ice cream shop and how much you get is ho3 much ginger beard u get ( limit is 1000)
Zemperus ヶ月 前
I have question wydm u make pets alot of ginger can U make Husky 10k Ginger and the the toucan thing 15k PLs
lacescalixo - quit
lacescalixo - quit ヶ月 前
amber from genshin
amber from genshin ヶ月 前
Make the pets cheap I AM ADDICTED TO CRACKED EGGS 🙂
Cookie Cutter
Cookie Cutter ヶ月 前
So excited for the new pets!
Anjal Family
Anjal Family ヶ月 前
Ayoooo hi Matthew/cookie lava your vids!
William Solomon
William Solomon ヶ月 前
huda baghaffar
huda baghaffar ヶ月 前
Jakub Poyner
Jakub Poyner ヶ月 前
But the puffin is annoying
Camilo_Fan ヶ月 前
Una gallina más
Una gallina más ヶ月 前
El equipo de Adopt Me! La verdad es que se puede ver que hicieron un gran trabajo con esta actualización de invierno! ❄💖 Estoy muy emocionada por todo lo que sale en el Calendario de Adviento! Además, las nuevas mascotas son preciosas 🥰! Mi favorita es el Husky! 🐺 Me gusta mucho el nuevo carro de Navidad. Mi mini juego favorito es sin dudas el de patinaje, donde recojes galletas de jengibre! 🍪 Los nuevos mini juegos son muy divertidos por la complejidad y jugabilidad que tienen cada uno. Bueno, espero que sigan igual de bien que ahora y les deseo una hermosa y buena Navidad y un próspero Año Nuevo!!! 🎅❤❄🤗
Tray Games
Tray Games ヶ月 前
the winter update is great and all but its just that everything costs so much adopt me if you are reading this I would recommend to lower the prices. Other than that the update is great! the minigames are so fun! The ice golem looks really good and o do the pother pets! I Love how the husky looks and I am saving up for the Festive Deliveries Present Truck. The pet rescue game is really fun and I recommend playing with you friends because then it is more fun! Elf burt looks quite festive don't you think? Noticed the cute little pet rock under the stage! Overall I rate the update 8/10 since the prices or too mush
I say this is amazing. I missed the advent calendar but I'm still glad that you added the advent calendar back thanks for an update!☺
TheErrorBunny_YT ヶ月 前
The mammoth being stuck in a ice is actually on a true story where scientists found a really old dead mammoth stuck in a huge chunk of ice that's how scientists are gonna bring back those beautiful creatures back
Bloxycamy ヶ月 前
YAY!🎄 This will be the best X'MAS ever! 😲I don't think I'll sleep tonight
Roen Chien Lor
Roen Chien Lor ヶ月 前
It isnt things are over priced for 32 hours for a puffin
Mille Belle Gamer
Mille Belle Gamer ヶ月 前
@Bloxycamy 💕
Bloxycamy ヶ月 前
@Candycorn boi no i meant the night before the update
Bloxycamy ヶ月 前
@Mille Belle Gamer amo vcs
iiroseyplays_roblox ヶ月 前
jennie's undigested ketchup ice cream
I had been taking a break from Adopt Me and decided to start again fresh, I would love to enjoy this new update! Too bad I wasn't there for the Halloween update though...
Catgiegirl 27 日 前
The mini games are so cool this year! Keep up the good work and don’t quit! 😌
Morgan Playz
Morgan Playz 11 時間 前
The new games are so fun! I was just wondering if next year there could be more games celebrating different cultures such as hanunukah! It’s just an idea
Mely Quin
Mely Quin ヶ月 前
It would’ve been so cool to see the Christmas tree come back, hopefully next year 🤞🤞
Suzy Builds
Suzy Builds ヶ月 前
Can't wait!
Nathaly Martinez
Nathaly Martinez ヶ月 前
Unicorn Plays
Unicorn Plays ヶ月 前
Omgg hello suzyyy
Unicorn Plays
Unicorn Plays ヶ月 前
Omgg hello suzyyy
Pauly R.
Pauly R. ヶ月 前
Hi Suzy I love your vids I’m so happy I got to send a message
Prasad Ragashetti
Prasad Ragashetti ヶ月 前
Hi suzy! I cant wait too!!
Dogeyeet ヶ月 前
I started playing Adopt Me again because I *LOVE* the Christmas updates. Keep it up NewFissy and BeThink!
Isaa ‹3
Isaa ‹3 24 日 前
I'm in love with this update
Dani roblox
Dani roblox ヶ月 前
esta actualización me encanta lo estabamos esperando con ansias.
Red Panther
Red Panther ヶ月 前
the adopt me crew are legends the amount of time and effort you put into this game is extrordinairy
stream CA Roblox
stream CA Roblox ヶ月 前
Who else Can't Wait For The Winter Update and EXCITED 🤩🎄🎅🔔❄
Stop ヶ月 前
Dwayne Castle
Dwayne Castle ヶ月 前
Pauly R.
Pauly R. ヶ月 前
I started adopt me in April this year and I been wanting to see the advent calendar I started playing to late to see the one with the raindeer in box 24
Pauly R.
Pauly R. ヶ月 前
KristaPlayz ヶ月 前
sophie layne
sophie layne ヶ月 前
I’m super excited for the Christmas update! Also will we be getting a new Christmas house sometime this year?
AddieDoesGaming ヶ月 前
thank you so much. i love the husky, snow leopard, puffin, and basically everything u added. and the music is just amazing. keep up the good work! and merry christmas. :D
Siennas beautiful world
Siennas beautiful world ヶ月 前
Love the update keep up the good work ❄️
A cool thing would be if the dress up section had categories: when we save a style/look we like, we can save it in a group or something, that way, when we have to find something out of a hundred of the saved clothes, we can navigate them easily
Its Isabella
Its Isabella 13 日 前
lol scammer. nice try tho ;D
Complex Roblox
Complex Roblox ヶ月 前
Who Else Is Exicted For All The New Winter Pets 🥶
Farheen Fathima
Farheen Fathima ヶ月 前
Kelvin Tan
Kelvin Tan ヶ月 前
luvxrawan #tysm for 50 subs
luvxrawan #tysm for 50 subs ヶ月 前
Yonei ヶ月 前
@K4MIsuper don't be ungrateful. is it all about the pets u care? its called Adopt me so u can rp and adopt kids.
•Lili• ヶ月 前
Me duh!;)
ZentisuTsu ヶ月 前
This game has gone through so far and its just so inspirational! Keep moving on Adopt Me!
Hazza Gaming
Hazza Gaming 6 日 前
• SmilinqNicole •
• SmilinqNicole • ヶ月 前
It's christmas again! I see that Ice skating is back, and new minigames! I'm excited for what this update has to offer The most exciting part for me is the advent calender! I played Adopt Me in 2019 christmas, I had so much fun with the minigames and the advent calender! I'm glad you brought it back, brings back memories. :)
KrewxBerry ☕︎︎
KrewxBerry ☕︎︎ ヶ月 前
Ahh I missed some updates but you all did a great job working on this update!!!!
Bruh ヶ月 前
Yay new updates in adopt me! Love new ideas every year!
Sunset Safari
Sunset Safari ヶ月 前
The mini games this year have been AMAZING!! ☃️❄️🌨⛄️
Jax’s memes
Jax’s memes 26 日 前
Lacrecia Bag
Lacrecia Bag ヶ月 前
Edil Martinez
Edil Martinez ヶ月 前
I love christmas!🎄⛄🦌🎅🤶🧝 And your Videos♥️♥️
Muohammad Alsareinye
Muohammad Alsareinye ヶ月 前
Love your vids
Miya Burt
Miya Burt ヶ月 前
Yessss sunsettt!!!
Reasons why Adopt Me is my favourite game: The events The amazing and adorable pets The roleplays The PlayAdoptMe squad
이름뭘하지 ヶ月 前
Tysm for fun updating! pets are little bit expensive :) but it is so fun!!
Aria ヶ月 前
I'm really enjoying the update! And I'm so happy that you can play in the winter update in like 1 month! And I really like the pfp and also the update!
Yoyokoalita. canguro
Yoyokoalita. canguro ヶ月 前
la verdad es que me encanto el evento es maravilloso los mini juegos son muy entretenidos pero los precios de las pets y los juguetes son exageradamente caros si los pudieran bajar de precio esta perfecto eso es el único punto malo de la actualización pero todo maravilloso les doy las gracias y feliz navidad
I cant believe its already christmas 🎄 Time flies so fast
Kelly123playz The gamer
Kelly123playz The gamer ヶ月 前
@☆CloudyAlęx☆ girl ur late this was the day before the event came out
Nathaly Martinez
Nathaly Martinez ヶ月 前
Butterflyxx ヶ月 前
Omgg HII Aileen!
Bruh it’s not Christmas lol and you can just say Hanukkah or Christmas
ItzAbI_ TheBADDIE ヶ月 前
juega con Paola
juega con Paola ヶ月 前
me encanta la nueva actualizacion!!
TheAwsomeNoob17 ヶ月 前
The christmas update was fun, all the minigames are so fun to play, although im asking why the pets are so expensive? I only got 30k gingerbreads for grinding 6 hours in the game, the puffin is really expensive so i dont know if its possible to make all the pets mega neon for just 35 days
Dani_Roblox ヶ月 前
I love this update!And new pets is beautiful!😍🎄 My favorite game is Adopt me!🎄☃️
ZipZapz ヶ月 前
I stopped playing this a bit ago, but this is making me wanna play more, you guys put a lot of effort into making this game better!
V2 Plays
V2 Plays ヶ月 前
Which pet you like the most??? I love husky...
Its Isabella
Its Isabella 13 日 前
I love the Ice golem
Axlyplayz 29 日 前
I would say the husky and the Golden walrus!( even though I don't have a Golden walrus)
Gogo 321
Gogo 321 ヶ月 前
I am a fan girl😌
•Owlflake• ÙwÚ
•Owlflake• ÙwÚ ヶ月 前
But snow owl is still best winter oet for me:)
•Owlflake• ÙwÚ
•Owlflake• ÙwÚ ヶ月 前
Ice golem, pufgin and snow leopard
Nathaly Martinez
Nathaly Martinez ヶ月 前
Can't wait I'm so happy and excited 😆
Bacontheyellowpig ヶ月 前
My fav mini game is the one with Burt! The snow leopard was my first pet from this update!
bonnie cheong
bonnie cheong ヶ月 前
I am so excited! I like those new pets!
Kam ヶ月 前
This was a great update but it's a little upsetting how much the prices went up this year 😕
SimplyKoala ヶ月 前
This is so exciting!!
Dizzyk4 ヶ月 前
@Ivy Maezel nah he just overrated bacon protector
ChrissyplayzYT ヶ月 前
Omg... this is awesome I'm soo excited.
X Gamerz
X Gamerz ヶ月 前
Name ヶ月 前
Sói con Tv roblox
Sói con Tv roblox ヶ月 前
Omg im your fan !!!!
LidiaGamesYT ヶ月 前
I love this Christmas Event and the advent calender, love you Adopt me🎅🏻🎄🎁💖
AlliUSARider ヶ月 前
The winter update is amazing! I think door 25 is maybe a birdie collie, I don’t know though. I’m excited for ice skating
LauraHeckPeaceYt ヶ月 前
i love this new update thank you so much for it
• MayaPpf •
• MayaPpf • ヶ月 前
Ahhh the huskies are so cute!! They kinda look like the Cerberus but with one head! Other all the pets are so cute and I’m glad you guys kept the advent calendar and skating!
Bloxycamy ヶ月 前
@PLAYADOPTME 🎅🏼Will Santa be getting new clothes? 😍 please? I think he would love that!
Bloxycamy ヶ月 前
@playadopme OMG! he did get new clothes! TY! Love you sooo much
Nikki Nihachu
Nikki Nihachu ヶ月 前
Canal da Cats19 ツ
Canal da Cats19 ツ ヶ月 前
yeah XDD
samspicnic 🌾
samspicnic 🌾 ヶ月 前
Yeah he needs clothes or else he's gonna freeze lol
#Emii⊰🍓 ヶ月 前
Sim camy 🤪
Clarisse Frendo
Clarisse Frendo ヶ月 前
Thank you for the games !🥰
ghacha_lalli=^ ヶ月 前
Hey, I've never complained about pets, but this time I would like to say that the prices for Christmas pets are too high, and not everyone can play that much pet to make money. So I would like to ask if the prices can be lowered.🎄🎄
leithecrackheadngl 26 日 前
@✿LuvxAnne✿ sorry i never saw this it was on discord and twitter i think
✿LuvxAnne✿ ヶ月 前
@leithecrackheadngl Wait really when did they say it?
gHosT ヶ月 前
@leithecrackheadngl omg yay!
gHosT ヶ月 前
literally it’s so much !
Moved ヶ月 前
@leithecrackheadngl yeah Ik, I’m very happy! I rlly want the husky
Psyduckplayz YTC
Psyduckplayz YTC ヶ月 前
I hope we have the ginger bread on the ice again 🙂 That was my favorite
Fishy Tails
Fishy Tails ヶ月 前
yes the prize door and the ice water is back! 8D and the husky and the puffin look so cute, plus the mini games look fun.
MrPankeyk ヶ月 前
yayyy! so excited!
William Levy Rubion
William Levy Rubion ヶ月 前
I love your minimovies
Shreyasi Pandey
Shreyasi Pandey ヶ月 前
Omg mr pankeyk I never got to play the update last year so I am playing this year I hope this update is as awsome as ever!!
Swifty Wicked
Swifty Wicked ヶ月 前
Hii I love ur mini movies,they make my day
Allflower ヶ月 前
Oh.. my .. fricking.. god! Im a big fan can i pls have a shoutout?
chadia challita
chadia challita ヶ月 前
Aww it looks so cool and the peguins are so cute:3
Tysm! All of ur updates are so cool thank you jesse!
ThePinkEnergy 232!
ThePinkEnergy 232! 11 日 前
Please listen to this I really think this is a good idea. Many adopt me players are quitting because they are not getting their dream pet or they got scammed and they thought they were never getting that pet again. I think you guys should bring back all of the eggs for a limited time so everyone could get their dream pet. This will totally bring back many players to the game. Please please PLEASE take this into consideration.
Carolina Paz
Carolina Paz ヶ月 前
thank you adopt me for adding the angry penguins :)
4 Sisters forever
4 Sisters forever ヶ月 前
Thank you so much adopt me! You are actually amazing! I love the update and everything thanks to your hard work for us we appreciate you😊😊😊☺️☺️☺️
Sparkle me pretty portee
Sparkle me pretty portee ヶ月 前
You guys should make a mew and mewtwo pet that would be sooo freaking awesome!
Meriam Fer
Meriam Fer ヶ月 前
This is my favourite update of the year!
Angelica Noche vlog
Angelica Noche vlog ヶ月 前
that looks really fun!!!
AstroVV ヶ月 前
The minigames, the pets, the items, the MAP, everything looks AMAZING 👀 this is going to be SO SO fun! 💜
AstroVV ヶ月 前
@♡ itzmelexi ♡ hello! 😊 you can call VV! 🥰
♡ itzmelexi ♡
♡ itzmelexi ♡ ヶ月 前
Omg hey astdo!!
•Mangochy edits•
•Mangochy edits• ヶ月 前
I make adopt me videos♥️Noting beg💕 it's your choice :)Please like and comment and subscribe It's your choice if you wnat to do it it's free 💕💕
skyler lavender
skyler lavender ヶ月 前
I love when jess looks it to a huskeys eye it makes cry tears of joy
ѕαρн є∂ιтѕ
I love this update! Although not many people are able to get the pets there so expensive
Milly Melon
Milly Melon ヶ月 前
I really hope there will be an egg! My idea of an egg is, it could be called an Arctic egg and it is white with antlers!
az madness
az madness ヶ月 前
sounds so cool...
The Earth Squad
The Earth Squad ヶ月 前
Omg! I want all the pets! 😍 They're all so cute!!!
JasPlayss ヶ月 前
so many things to do in this update!!!! the team has outdone themselves yet again!!!! the pets? the mini games ahh so so many things to explore and do!
Sunlight Medow
Sunlight Medow ヶ月 前
I just wanted to say, i love the update and the fact you added the advent calender back! Just everything is so much, like a husky is 50k thats a little to much for me
シ꧁Yᴜɴᴀᴀʜɪ Dɪᴀᴍᴀ꧂シ
This update is amazing ^^ but the prices are too high… and gingerbreads are hard to get… Can you guys low the price of pets / items please ?
DaBlooberryLottie 2012
DaBlooberryLottie 2012 ヶ月 前
Door 25 ideas: •1,000 or more gingerbread •Or an old pet, let's say reindeer? Thanks adopt me! ❤💙💚💛💜💖
mysterious_pinky ヶ月 前
It's amazing , I love it 😭💖
Kitten ヶ月 前
I can't wait for this update!! I'll be honest and say that the winter updates are normally one of my favorite updates of the year. You guys always put so much work into these updates and they always please me and everyone else. Thank you so much for doing this!! :)
🍊jelly🍊 ヶ月 前
Prasad Ragashetti
Prasad Ragashetti ヶ月 前
@Gene Draycott Same hopefully my eyes dont spoil 🥲
Prasad Ragashetti
Prasad Ragashetti ヶ月 前
Same here! I luvv the winter and halloween updates but the winter ones more!
*Cookie Kitty*
*Cookie Kitty* ヶ月 前
me too
Gene Draycott
Gene Draycott ヶ月 前
@Emily Longcore lol
🎀João Cake🎀
🎀João Cake🎀 ヶ月 前
Adopt me I would like you to lower the prices of Christmas pets a little, they are very expensive, especially the Puffin
Doge ヶ月 前
This update is so awesome
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa ヶ月 前
Eeee I am so excited thank you adopt me for everything you all do! 🥰
Lower the prices of the things! My opinion : (Gingerbread) Puffin : 8k Ice Leopard : 3.5k Husky : 4k Toys : 600-350 Ice Golem : 750R Walrus Box : 1.5k My opinion, just what I think
✘Roblox_Edits✘ ヶ月 前
This calendar will bring memories from the epic 2019 Christmas. Can’t wait to see what you guys are gonna add to the modern calendar 😘🤍🌨❄️
Mushir Ahmed Quazi
Mushir Ahmed Quazi ヶ月 前
Yes mostly alot tome as I was playing before the pet update even came out! I can't belive im still playing this wonderful yame!
Isabel Koh
Isabel Koh ヶ月 前
I can't wait to get a husky in adopt me this year. I'm not so close to get it but I'll strive and work hard to get it. This year's Christmas adopt me is the best I've ever seen
Irene Perakis
Irene Perakis ヶ月 前
We all need ti thank you all for making this awesome game thank you all soo9o much ❤
Sophie Gonzalez Lu
Sophie Gonzalez Lu ヶ月 前
Caro pero vale la pena me gustó la actualización :)
Harvey Parvey
Harvey Parvey ヶ月 前
I have subbed and I love adopt me. My username is boyman_2010. I’m looking forward to what adopt me has to hold in the future.
Lavender ヶ月 前
Eeee I am so excited thank you adopt me for everything you all do! 🥰
hearts4adds ヶ月 前
omg lavender!
AdeL ヶ月 前
Swifty Wicked
Swifty Wicked ヶ月 前
Hi lavender :D
ecl1ps3 ヶ月 前
ilysm kenzie
Sw3et Strxberry
Sw3et Strxberry ヶ月 前
why aren’t u verified?
Nora Junus
Nora Junus ヶ月 前
The mini games are amazing today and the pets are adorable
Eula_Genshin ヶ月 前
Can’t we just agree that adopt me is the best game?
Kids Art & Play 😊
Kids Art & Play 😊 ヶ月 前
Hi adopt me! I don't believe how you made the game so fun I play it everywhere and can you pls make more updates
AlfredoGamerz😎 ヶ月 前
I hope there’s a new update in New Year and Merry Christmas 🎄🎁
SunsetVibes ヶ月 前
Thank you guys for putting so much effort into these updates for us!
Joves Sales
Joves Sales ヶ月 前
Christmas is my favorite holiday! i'm glad you added this adopt me! Thak you for everythng you do:D wishing everyone a happy happy christmas with your family,friends,and relatives!🎄🎁
Victoria Roblox
Victoria Roblox ヶ月 前
Yes thank you so much adopt me we love it
Miryam Rubio
Miryam Rubio ヶ月 前
Esta muy genial el juego me encanta es mi juego favorito😁
Natalie Trembulakova
Natalie Trembulakova ヶ月 前
YAAY! Im LOVE updates in adopt me🥳❤
0nly Mati
0nly Mati ヶ月 前
I FEEL THIS UPDATE IS GOING TO BE GREAT! I CAN NOT WAIT !! I love the work that the team Adopt me does every day❄️🎄✨
•Mangochy edits•
•Mangochy edits• ヶ月 前
I make adopt me videos♥️Noting beg💕 it's your choice :)Please like and comment and subscribe It's your choice if you wnat to do it it's free 💕💕🤚🏼
Its_Lila ヶ月 前
Hello Newfissy! I appreciate all you have done for us in adopt me but are you able to make the pet prices a little bit lower? The prices are so high.
ii_mxagic ヶ月 前
I wish the Christmas eggs were here. It would make this game so much more entertaining .
Paul Cramp
Paul Cramp ヶ月 前
I think Adopt me should add rain 🌧 to the map sometimes when it gets dark 😆😁😄😃😀🙂
Alan Avila
Alan Avila ヶ月 前
Vaya que fue un año muy meh en cuanto a las mascotas de Halloween y de Navidad, las del año pasado fueron increíbles y ahora bajaron mucho el nivel
Grey Ga
Grey Ga ヶ月 前
I love the fact how they used fossil pets for it instead of normal pets.
Prasad Ragashetti
Prasad Ragashetti ヶ月 前
Im excited to see that minigame!
Tracy ヶ月 前
Tracy ヶ月 前
They extinct in Ice
Tracy ヶ月 前
Ice age
Potato BoiZ games
Potato BoiZ games ヶ月 前
I like it. It’s like a Super hood fossil egg! Bc I didn’t like the actual egg
Princess PoopyPant
Princess PoopyPant ヶ月 前
omg I love the game it’s a bit hard and a bit time consuming but I love it so much!!
ItzDimondCrystal #RoadTo100
ItzDimondCrystal #RoadTo100 ヶ月 前
hi!! congrats on 5m+ likes!! omg its such a great idea and a great game! 🥳
Xx Peachy Roblox xX
Xx Peachy Roblox xX ヶ月 前
Hi AdoptMe! I have a Question! What is a FR Ice Golem Worth? Thanks!
Sophía Aleja
Sophía Aleja ヶ月 前
Awsome update! I really love it! but everything is too expensive and idk if it was a wrong from you or maybe it's ok :/
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