‘Devin Booker is the next Kobe Bryant!’ - Stephen A. reacts to Suns vs. Clippers Game 1 | First Take

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‘Devin Booker is the next Kobe Bryant!’ - Stephen A. reacts to Suns vs. Clippers Game 1 | First Take
Stephen A. Smith, Magic Johnson and Max Kellerman react to Devin Booker leading the Phoenix Suns to a Game 1 win against the LA Clippers without Chris Paul.

0:00 Clippers or Suns: Which team needs its star to return more?
0:30 Magic Johnson explains why the Clippers need Kawhi Leonard more than the Suns need Chris Paul.
2:30 Stephen A.: "Devin Booker is the next Kobe Bryant"

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ESPN ヶ月 前
0:00 Clippers or Suns: Which team needs its star to return more? 0:30 Magic Johnson explains why the Clippers need Kawhi Leonard more than the Suns need Chris Paul. 2:30 Stephen A.: "Devin Booker is the next Kobe Bryant"
Dante Koci
Dante Koci ヶ月 前
@7 UniversalAllah what do you mean early 20’s he’s 24 will be 25 in 4 months if any chance mid 20’s
7 UniversalAllah
7 UniversalAllah ヶ月 前
@Karl Malone Kobe evolved as he got older. Book is in his early 20s
7 UniversalAllah
7 UniversalAllah ヶ月 前
@Dante Koci he dropped 70.
Dante Koci
Dante Koci ヶ月 前
@Big Hands what was Booker doing in every postseason the same thing 😂😂 how you gonna hold this year against Tatum but just forget that Booker never made the playoffs until this year and he would’ve gotten bounced in the first round just like Tatum did if the Lakers were healthy 😂😂
Dante Koci
Dante Koci ヶ月 前
@Big Hands Tatum dropped 50 in the play in and in the playoffs Tatum took his team to the Conference finals TWICE D Book wouldn’t have if the Lakers were healthy you know it and I know it also he is not slow tf last time I checked Tatum averaged more assists, Rebounds, AND POINTS, better defender Tatum legit guarded KD that whole series I never saw Booker guarding LeBron I’m sorry I love Booker but he ain’t above Tatum man
alsdaman8211 11 日 前
Just checking back in on that he’s the next Kobe statement🤔
Joshua Fender
Joshua Fender 11 日 前
Fire him
Super Sky25
Super Sky25 19 日 前
No buddy can be Kobe except Kobe
Chinoged 20 日 前
His accolades will never match Kobe
He need some milk
Yeah im done watching this show DEVIN BOOKER THE NEXT KOBE !?! WHAAT !!! Smh i hate how they disrespect kobe he did soo much for the league and this how they show their respect
Monica Monica
Monica Monica 23 日 前
Boa noite
Yadura Design Studio
I understand he is like Kobe but he has to be himself
Dave Kankels
Dave Kankels 24 日 前
Patchen Ave
Patchen Ave 26 日 前
kobe with out the handle and vertical lol
CC8 27 日 前
To all of y’all salty Lakers fans in the comments this isn’t going to age well for you..
qweeafghnjfg ヶ月 前
More Bradley Beal than Kobe Bryant but ok
James B
James B ヶ月 前
@ 2.18 travel by Booker!
Carlo ヶ月 前
He doesn't play D. Kobe does.
John Negrete
John Negrete ヶ月 前
Booker as good as Kobe....hahahaha, first Stephen A's hair ran away from him and now his brain. Next he'll say Booker is better than Iverson. Time to get off the air, Erkel...
Kobe post moves, footwork was on another level.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo ヶ月 前
shin ヶ月 前
one way player is no next kobe bryant. The dude isn't even half of kobe.
underwearonly 🩲
Yeah he plays like 🧈 whereas Kobe threw his elbows out
GrimReaper ヶ月 前
SAS always fucked up by Klaw & his team.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo ヶ月 前
Man! Y'all better read ( D good Book) thoroughly! That kid will make you convert to another team !
John Swain
John Swain ヶ月 前
Saying some dumb stuff for clicks is the new black. Booker hasn't proven anything, other than that he is a ball hog who can score when no other scorer is on his team. I'll be happy if he doesn't screw it up when CP3 sets him up for easy buckets.
Ange Fabrice N'da
Stop disrespecting Devin Booker Don't compare him to Kobe Cause he the first Booker
Robert Richardson
Thata supposed to be GIGI NOT BOOKER😥
Gary Dash
Gary Dash ヶ月 前
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William Joseph ヶ月 前
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William Joseph ヶ月 前
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David James ヶ月 前
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Ced Ed
Ced Ed ヶ月 前
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Romel Murdock
Romel Murdock ヶ月 前
Wow this sure aged well....... Like I said he can be pedestrian at times
Resistance1312 ヶ月 前
Stephan A. SLEEP!!! 🚮
dajfire81 ヶ月 前
Devon booker next Kobe, that’s premature
Paolo ヶ月 前
Dbook will not reach Kobe's level. but Mamba is very proud of ya for sure
nate nelson
nate nelson ヶ月 前
Well he better start winning some rings then and let’s not forget about Jayson Tatum either cause he was also instructed by Kobe.
Xavier Mendoza
Xavier Mendoza ヶ月 前
He's already better than kobe ever was
Jonathan_407 ヶ月 前
Kobe must have been tired of of the Jordan comparison, so stop comparing Booker to him.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni ヶ月 前
Magic wears a suit on First Take but a t-shirt on Get Up.
Lmfao no he's not listening to Stephen A Smith it's like listening to a cinder block it's stupid
Patrick Lafosse
Patrick Lafosse ヶ月 前
Man! Y'all better read ( D good Book) thoroughly! That kid will make you convert to another team !
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni ヶ月 前
There is no next Kobe Bryant. Booker will Never come Close to achieving that man's level of Superior status & this is coming from someone who rooted Against Kobe.
Rayshawn Ledet
Rayshawn Ledet ヶ月 前
The league denied the duo of Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant and Chris Paul got another chance in a different form
b low
b low ヶ月 前
LMAO 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Trey Lingo
Trey Lingo ヶ月 前
Why Devin Booker gotta be like Kobe Bean Bryant why he can't be his own star?? Why these guys gotta be compared to the OGS it's not fair
Charlie Chou
Charlie Chou ヶ月 前
Booker is Booker, he's not the next Kobe. Booker only cares about offense and can't guard a light pole. Booker should be guarding PG not Crowder or Bridges, instead he's on Beverley who is mostly a on non-threat on offense, not very mamba-like
Cash_Option ___
Cash_Option ___ ヶ月 前
booker at u.k. was the next kobe this is old news lol
J.R Junior
J.R Junior ヶ月 前
Kobe is his own breed, His mentality is just different from everyone. Book is his own person.
Haruki Nakamura
Haruki Nakamura ヶ月 前
The league is in good hands Booker- modern kobe Mitchell- modern dwade Luka- modern Larry bird Nikola jokic- modern Dirk with better play making skills
J D ヶ月 前
They need the point god.
Flower Road
Flower Road ヶ月 前
No oo oo. He's no next KB24 k?
BamBamTheWolfman ヶ月 前
Kobe Bryant drafted #13 in 1996 Devin Booker drafted #13 born in 1996 Me: hmmm interesting 🤔🤔
Dmitry Owens
Dmitry Owens ヶ月 前
Fruitius Maximus
Fruitius Maximus ヶ月 前
With all due respect, Mr SAS, Devin Booker is NOT the next Kobe. For the past two seasons, and at such a young age, Booker has been a little better than a 48.5% shooter. Kobe was NEVER that efficient, not even in his best season.
Jetsun Leonhardt Ty Thinley
Baby Mamba.
SortaDopeIGuess ヶ月 前
Naaaw, Kobe would Never get shutdown by Beverly. He had a post up Fade-away shot like Jordan and Devon is too small for that. And yeah, Kobe had the stop and pop, theees and shut-down defense. Get your facts straight dummy!
James Dean
James Dean ヶ月 前
There is no next Kobe Bryant. Booker will Never come Close to achieving that man's level of Superior status & this is coming from someone who rooted Against Kobe.
Jay Blast
Jay Blast ヶ月 前
*There was Jordan and then it came Kobe, and now Devin Booker!*
Af Alam
Af Alam ヶ月 前
hahahahahaha devin booker is kobe bryant hahahahahahahah
XxAVIANxX Sosa ヶ月 前
Bro booker has one good playoff run against three injury ridden teams and one 40 point game trip dub and y’all saying he’s the next Kobe 😂😂 the kid hasn’t proved anything significant yet let’s see what he can do over the next three years like this kid hasn’t even been an allstar till this year let’s see what he can do over the next 5 years than we can say if he’s the next Kobe or not
Rahiem Thomas
Rahiem Thomas ヶ月 前
There will always be some similarities/ comparisons made between the past and present-future players in the league. I think it can be an honor but also a tremendous weight in terms of high expectations.
E. Pellegrini
E. Pellegrini ヶ月 前
This is ridiculous he’s not tall enough and can’t posterize people like Kobe Bryant. He’s different he’s more like a bigger version of Steph curry
Mustaqim Qimta
Mustaqim Qimta ヶ月 前
NOOOO! Kobe Bryant >humble Devin Booker >emotional
What people need to do next season is start acknowledging guys like Devin Booker when we talk about guards & stop d***k riding Steph, Dame and all the marketable faces & names Fans and the media only care about stats & storylines, they ignore VALUE that's why I am glad Chris Paul showed everyone in the last round who the REAL MVP of the league was: Someone who can impact their team in "multiple" ways Jokic: 26pts, 10rbs, 8asts Embiid: 28, 10rbs, 2asts Westbrook: 22pts, 11asts, 11rbs Luka: 27pts, 8rbs, 8asts Giannis: 28pts, 11rbs, 5asts Can we really sit here and say that Jokic had the BEST season of all players: No He got the award simply because he.....played all 72 games, when did that become a criteria for winning the MVP When Giannis won back to back MVP, he missed 10 games the first time he won it & 9 games the second time he won it Chris Paul was the REAL MVP this season and is STILL the "best" point guard in the MVP.....hands down
jascam1 ヶ月 前
No team is gonna win a title without a passing guard/court general like Magic, Nash, Stockton, AI; all the teams that have power forwards or centers directing plays is destined for failure.
Keeg Geek
Keeg Geek ヶ月 前
Booker has been my fav player in the league for 6 years. And I am a pistons fan. Dude is awesome.
No One
No One ヶ月 前
Enema ヶ月 前
@dbook Now go roasting the Raptors for next years
Finston Howard
Finston Howard ヶ月 前
My guy(Kobe)ain't here to speak for himself so I will say something on his behalf....There will never be another Kobe. I take nothing from booker but he got a way to go before being compared to the late great black mamba.
Nick Ochoa
Nick Ochoa ヶ月 前
20 years later is _________ the next Devin Booker??
Prentiss Brown
Prentiss Brown ヶ月 前
Devin Booker has no heart he will take your heart out and won't give a dam
mical2great ヶ月 前
When devin booker gets AT LEAST 1 all defense. Can even be 3rd team then u can bring the K from kobe in the convo. Devin booker will never be kobe
Alex Duarte
Alex Duarte ヶ月 前
Lowkey gave my chills
SWalker ヶ月 前
Remember when Kobe was a 12 time all defensive player and DBook cant guard a stick?
underwearonly 🩲
watch & learn
He can be great but not Kobe he does not have the explosive finish at the rim that Kobe and Jordan had. I wish him the best though. Definitely keep an eye on him
Shayn Williams
Shayn Williams ヶ月 前
Booker got mad game but he is not on Kobe level. Lets be for real. He can score at will true but Kobe was also a prime defender too. His killer mentality we only 2nd to mj. Mj and Kobe both generational top players that ruled with an iron fist. Devin booker is just an above average player but not on the elite level.
Josefina Lopez
Josefina Lopez ヶ月 前
Sorry never anybody will be like Kobe, Michael Jackson o Selena, they were uniques
Karnige ヶ月 前
koME was a ball hog that had the most missed shots of all time and had horrible finals numbers. let booker be booker. dont compare him to an overrated player
Юлиан Георгиев
But who's the next IGUOADALA?
Stasy Brown
Stasy Brown ヶ月 前
The comparison is apt.
Landen Weathers
Landen Weathers ヶ月 前
I've been a huge Booker fan since he came into the league, I was already a Suns fan, but I knew Booker would turn this franchise around (okay, technically CP3 did that, assisted by Monty Williams and James Jones), but I knew right from the start that Booker was special. And I've told people for years exactly what Stephen A. said: Booker's offensive game is the closest thing to Kobe that the league has ever seen. I can't wait to see Book go all Mamba Mode in the Finals
Malachi Santos
Malachi Santos ヶ月 前
And Jayson Tatum took that personally
Lon Woolf
Lon Woolf ヶ月 前
Nahh Kobe didn’t even pass the ball… booker knows how to get teammates involved
supervong1 ヶ月 前
No hes not the next Kobe. There will never be another Kobe!
R L ヶ月 前
BIG NO!!! i remember watching kobe on his early 20s he has wide wide range offensive arsenal ..gunning from everywhere.. booker is more of basic moves but effective..but nothings special like you will go crazy like mamba moves
Jay Mitch
Jay Mitch ヶ月 前
Suns in 4
Aaron Fleming
Aaron Fleming ヶ月 前
Magic is The GOAT
Cheese world
Cheese world ヶ月 前
I feel like no one was listening to Max.
Gatti Kawekas
Gatti Kawekas ヶ月 前
ty lou plan always clear : lets down 2-0 behind
Tony DeBacco
Tony DeBacco ヶ月 前
Booker if u looking In the comments remember what Kobe said JOBS NOT FINISHED
Tony DeBacco
Tony DeBacco ヶ月 前
Max Keller I completely agree the suns looked great without Chris but like you said they won by the skin of there teeth and I’m really worried if cp3 doesn’t come back in game 3 and Kawhi comes back then it’s definitely gonna be a 7 game series and it’s gonna be really tuf for my suns to pull this off cause this is the legit La team unlike the fakers ( sorry but not)
Namon Taylor
Namon Taylor ヶ月 前
He’s definitely balling like Kobe
Caleb Braswell
Caleb Braswell ヶ月 前
Kobe had ZERO playoff triple doubles. He didn’t pass like Book. They’re similar in some ways but not was much as people think
Hands on Thompson
No one is gonna be alone but Kobe. I hate when they do that🤦🏾‍♂️
Theeyo Dallas
Theeyo Dallas ヶ月 前
Boy stop
Rondo Ricch
Rondo Ricch ヶ月 前
Honestly disrespectful even comparing devin booker to kobe
Agbasi Difu
Agbasi Difu ヶ月 前
Max is right , Chris Paul brings a sense of control .
Niko ヶ月 前
The most frustrating thing about any sport is that analists only watch superstars that score most points , most rebounds etc. And they put bets on them and they don't even look at other players. They don't respect the chances of other teams. This season showed them that even the "worst" teams can defeat the best and when I saw their faces, I just died out of laughter. I stopped watching these comparisions when I've found out how brainwashing and stupid it is. They don't analyze the game, they analyze the players that play the most, score the most, and they have to be the faces of the league , they have to be the next kobe, lebron, jordan. No disrespect to these players, because their dedication to the game is absolutely insane and I love all of them for their passion for the things that they love to do. What about other players of the league? They don't have a passion? They don't care about the game? The thing is, that not everyone is a superstar in NBA or in any other league, but when they are there and playing, at least respect it. But staff of all 30 organisations and analists do the opposite. Unexpected trades, releases, just jumping around like it's nothing. It's just so sad to see...
Brendon Lee
Brendon Lee ヶ月 前
No one can be kobe Bryant… devin book so devin book , Stephan a smith is Stephen a smith
Jacky Sze Tho
Jacky Sze Tho ヶ月 前
thats the thing. i can clearly see that Clippers function and play better without Kawhi. When Kawhi is playing,...... he is great..... but the whole unit did not step up. So in conclusion, Kawhi and PG13 cant play side by side.
When cp3 leaves or retires the suns should heavily pursue lonzo ball he’d be a perfect replacement of he’s not better than cp3 but iq wise hed fit well
Joey Tso
Joey Tso ヶ月 前
Stephen A. with a case of recency bias, as always.
Bark Academies
Bark Academies ヶ月 前
Devin Booker got left off top players under 26 by every analyst this season. Taking trae, Luka, Donovan, Ja, Zion like booker didn’t drop 72 was hilarious
Awww Youre hurt?
Awww Youre hurt? ヶ月 前
Why is magic still speaking, let alone living ....
Sean Aric
Sean Aric ヶ月 前
Devin Booker is the next Devin Booker. On a side note what’s all this a$$ kissing towards Magic. Magic was a failure as a coach and GM. He is a quitter!
David Kliewer
David Kliewer ヶ月 前
Tatum will end up better Than Booker hands down he'a a better defender and scorer yes a Better scorer his ceilings alot higher!! point...set....match!!!
Jackson ヶ月 前
Their will never be another Kobe Bryant. Stephen A is getting cringed asf get him off of here dude be off his meds nowadays talking out his azz
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