$1 Street Food Around The World

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From taiyaki to pav bhaji to pan-fried pork buns, experience these different types of $1 street food around the world - POV style!
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dwaine nathaniel malayas
Jojo Baluyot
Jojo Baluyot 時間 前
In america.1 dollar=1 hotdog........In philippines.1 dollar=3 hotdogs
Josea Yum
Josea Yum 時間 前
In Philippines money called peso and in Mexico it's called peso too So messed up.
Sahara Khan
Sahara Khan 時間 前
South Africa.capetown plz
hi Chaudhari
hi Chaudhari 2 時間 前
Food of nepal
FASOLE.gaming 21
FASOLE.gaming 21 2 時間 前
Make in romanai whit 1 leu !!!
Deniz Ünal
Deniz Ünal 2 時間 前
You can eat bagel and drink tea in Turkey (only 50 cent)
SL Lim
SL Lim 2 時間 前
Please try Philippines street food buzzfeed
miggy calimlim
miggy calimlim 3 時間 前
In Philippines you can buy 4 burgers and it's Soo delicious!!!
Säule HD
Säule HD 3 時間 前
Please go to Germany
Jost Beier
Jost Beier 3 時間 前
Germany pls.
Francesca Franci
Francesca Franci 4 時間 前
In Italy whit 1 euro you can buy a fryied pizza
Xeniel 4 時間 前
In Indonesia 1 Dollar, u can get Big Lunch for 1 Person and u still have more mone
Chandler Roberts
Chandler Roberts 5 時間 前
Nejson 2
Nejson 2 5 時間 前
Poland xD
Bintang Arya
Bintang Arya 5 時間 前
Indonesia street food please
Warren Sadiq
Warren Sadiq 5 時間 前
Kenya kisumu- patco
Warren Sadiq
Warren Sadiq 5 時間 前
Kenya kisumu - mtura😂😂😂
TECHNOV 5 時間 前
Subhash Yadav
Subhash Yadav 5 時間 前
I like India food
Orange Pootis TH
Orange Pootis TH 6 時間 前
Go to bangkok, thailand
the most funniest vine Solis
around the world street food makes me hungry i want to go to n.y city to taste an american hot dog #so yummy who,s hungry
bilkis begum
bilkis begum 6 時間 前
Please try bangladeshi street foods also...its super tasty
Grayson Lane
Grayson Lane 6 時間 前
Bangladesh please
FF 6 時間 前
In my country a hodog costs 3.50-4.00
Dip Mehta
Dip Mehta 9 時間 前
Best food is pav bhaji All Indians and foreigners love it too. Like if u like pav bhaji
GL Ultimate Unlimited
GL Ultimate Unlimited 10 時間 前
I want Philippines
Justin Wang
Justin Wang 11 時間 前
Um... so the Chinese street food he ate cost 6 yuan's but yuan's means dollars. So he payed six dollars. And I know this because I am Chinese and lived there for 12 years of my life. It should be 6 毛. Which means 60 cent or about what he payed. Anywho just saying so don't hate.
Najhan Najib
Najhan Najib 12 時間 前
Malaysia and Asia
angel pearce
angel pearce 13 時間 前
in indonesia 1$ you can get bubur ayam. a rice chicken porridge with curry sauce
jasmine tea
jasmine tea 14 時間 前
what about the elote with mayo and queso???
Alex Giurea
Alex Giurea 14 時間 前
Go in Romanian
Diwas Sai
Diwas Sai 15 時間 前
mikedawg games
mikedawg games 16 時間 前
In vegas for $1 you can get a sweet tea from mcdonalds
Faiza Mujahid
Faiza Mujahid 18 時間 前
Damn why for 💯 rupees there are many places where you just get lab Bhaji for 25 or 50 rupees
Vvhayne Equinox
Vvhayne Equinox 18 時間 前
I watched this more than 4 times
Harold JC
Harold JC 18 時間 前
this video made more than $10000 by showing $1 foods
Ximena XD Invader Ximena Roblox and more
México the best and its guajolote
Arlind Pali
Arlind Pali 19 時間 前
italy: absolutely nothing xD
Pandanara 6 時間 前
MeMe GoD
MeMe GoD 19 時間 前
ƃɯo lol pǝɐɹ sıƃɥʇ. Ⓘ ⓌⒶⓉⒸⒽⒺⒹ ⓉⒽⒾⓈ ⓋⒾⒹⒺⓄ 70 ⓉⒾⓜⒺⓈ
jaydon pawiroredjo
jaydon pawiroredjo 20 時間 前
do suriname
S O R 20 時間 前
Cek Shah
Cek Shah 21 時間 前
Pls do it at malaysia or indonesia This a malay ringgit RM.1.00 $1.00 is RM3.00
some_coconut 79
some_coconut 79 22 時間 前
ROMANIA,even do we dont have a specific street food
Maged AlSheshtawi
Maged AlSheshtawi 22 時間 前
Maybe Saudi street food or Egyptian street food
Ana Luisa Sousa
Ana Luisa Sousa 22 時間 前
In my country, "porra" is something so perverted 😂
Bella Aguilar Roca
Bella Aguilar Roca 22 時間 前
I'm from Spain and yet I have never heard of "porras". Actually the Spanish food is called churro. For me porra means a mace or another dish (which has nothing to do with what was shown) (And porro means a big cigarette)
Drift 22 時間 前
És a Magyaroktól mit kostoltak volna? kolbászt
cluster 22 時間 前
Sweden's pretty expensive compared to these, norway is more pricey though. My local hot dog guy in sweden sells 1 for 2 dollars.
Marie Ordoñez
Marie Ordoñez 23 時間 前
Honduraaaas please
capitán butifarra
capitán butifarra 23 時間 前
Esto se 3:26 no es broma soy de españa puede que en Madrid se llame asi
rossy gloria perez
rossy gloria perez 23 時間 前
Soy tu fan
Moh Shamu
Moh Shamu 日 前
In srilanka you can get a good kottu for dollar
Alexandru Petrescu
In Romania cu un leu poți sa cumperi supă la plic sau un sfert de mic
Anonymous Girl
Indian one looked really unsanitary (no offence)
Manju Sharma
Manju Sharma 日 前
Nepal please
mohamed fathey al naggar
Go to the Philippines Street food
Az Snipe
Az Snipe 日 前
In Malaysia you can get normal burger ramly. It's very good
Katarzyna Szymanska
That video is so awkward xD sry
Khánh Đồng channel
VietNamese food please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Garima Johri Srivastava
Pav Bhaji is not ❌ buttery
Lia Rayne Rivas
They are so friendly!!!
The keeper
The keeper 日 前
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Schawks 日 前
Drizzly 501
Drizzly 501 日 前
In most coffe shop from Spain you can eat a lot of "porras" with only 1€.
LA Pronation
LA Pronation 日 前
Indonesia.. plz im begging you.
Gipz 日 前
The only thing I can get for $1 is a frozen coke from McDonalds....
WalkerVEVO 日 前
Laptop Chan
Laptop Chan 日 前
Here in my country,you can buy 5 popsicles or 2 Ice cream cones for one dollar
Quan Nguyen
Quan Nguyen 日 前
And i didn't see Bánh Mì
GavixMan 日 前
*Where is Russia? I want to see some shaurma)*
Kaye Ann Javier
sarweshwor dhungel
Tlanhlua Chenkual
I'm from India and i can get a belly load of snack even for just rs50.....jfyi😅
Fahmina Lizna
Bangladesh street food plz
kaichichicomicon the little youtuber
Cairo,Egypt Ta3mya A salad that is deep fryed Cost 2-3 egp
DRPdella Philippides
Cyprus and Nottingham, England
Gabriel Lebig
Pls do Philipines next
harrie Tapnio
I hope kwek kwek
Cool Kid gamer
Didn't you realize the China one was 6 yuans and he asks for 6 porks
Eds Gaming
Eds Gaming 日 前
0:34 you can buy that in PH 1$ 2pcs
cj127 日 前
Yay, Shanghai is in here, now I can understand the language.
Who else for India was like... *wtf is this guy making* It Looked Good Tho
Aliff Ashari
Aliff Ashari 日 前
Maximilian Lee
€1 can get you a burger at FEBO in Amsterdam
Marina Parra
Marina Parra 日 前
I though only spanish people ate churros😂
8i Mitglied
8i Mitglied 日 前
Nighty Ari
Nighty Ari 日 前
Porro are soooo delicious :)
Nicaragua because nobody knows what Nicaragua is. My dad is from that country I’m half Nicaraguan half white.
Kaid Trnava
Kaid Trnava 日 前
Here In Norway you can not get anything with a dollar
Granen som aldrig barrar
Who cares, FORZA JUVE
JJayツ 日 前
Mexico is the peak of the best food for $1
amir eslah
amir eslah 日 前
you can come to iran😂
Shayan Majidi
In Iran you can get like 3 felafel sandwiches! Or a good cheeseburger! Or a taco! U get the idea!
Neomi Yehudai Reshef
Blert Shabani
Here in my country with 70-80 eurocent I can buy a relatively big burger, 1 euro a Bigger one. Also a pizza for 1 euro lol
Yoshitaka Putra
In Indonesia you can get nasi padang
Jiminiesha hyung
In philippines for 1$ you can get a BIG PRETTY MEAL OFC
Günter Jauch
Its churros Not porro
In Pakistan you could buy 2 bun kebab with egg in just a dollar .