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79 コメント数
Peter 19 時間 前
aka demonic ritual
Mary U
Mary U 19 時間 前
I love watching Haka performed.
Maggie Hendon
Maggie Hendon 19 時間 前
JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN!! 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 (KJV) Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:
Deborah Boggs
Deborah Boggs 19 時間 前
The whole team is not acting right with each other Simone is acting The team is acting like they have been programmed to deceive! I’m so ashamed of this team this year!
quelquechose 19 時間 前
One of her worst performances and it was still amazing.
Meals 'r' Us
Meals 'r' Us 19 時間 前
If he isn't in sk8 the infinity season 2 imma be sad
Terence Winters
Terence Winters 19 時間 前
Better job done bringing Tatum green into the scoring loop.
macho tony
macho tony 19 時間 前
How is Javale McGee on the Olympic team?
mcfc 19 時間 前
I hope Torrez goes pro after the Olympics. Amazing technique
Faka wat
Faka wat 19 時間 前
he didnt responded
Pill Box
Pill Box 19 時間 前
His brain was crushed to death
Minjae Kwon
Minjae Kwon 19 時間 前
The sassy tune molecularly fry because clef immunologically box excluding a greedy drawbridge. eight, well-made gold
Nina Savluk
Nina Savluk 19 時間 前
Mpho Mmopi
Mpho Mmopi 19 時間 前
Amos looking real good. I pray he get gold.
Marc DeGuzman Marc
Marc DeGuzman Marc 19 時間 前
Man Shawn Porter is so good at commenting and at analysis
- Jared
- Jared 19 時間 前
🥇⚫ ❤✊🏼
oldfrend 19 時間 前
dude's jaw got **SMOKED** woooooo
JasonTheWorldisYours 19 時間 前
This team can win the Gold
Alejandro Sanchez
Alejandro Sanchez 19 時間 前
This should be news instead of Biles
Rick McGhee
Rick McGhee 19 時間 前
I thought there was a transgender male in this event?
Stax 2High
Stax 2High 19 時間 前
Skip to 2:20 to find out what she does.
Tacita Morgan
Tacita Morgan 19 時間 前
Tom La Pont
Tom La Pont 19 時間 前
Never bought that Team USA was in trouble. The Finals were just too close to the Olympics this year so it slowed them down a bit chemistry wise. USA has three, maybe four unguardable players in KD, Lillard, Booker, and Taytum. I don't see this team losing again.
POWERGLOVE KilleDX 19 時間 前
Lightning quick? Looks like they've been fighting for 10 rounds.
M D 19 時間 前
I don't get it. Seems like the guy who placed 1st, shouldn't have, bc he was all over the trampoline, vs being in the lil square. China's routine seemed quite perfect! Need a bit of explanation here.
Mike Lee
Mike Lee 19 時間 前
Its crazy the art of running if you notice the first 10-15 feet will tell everything he's a tall man 6'5 so it takes that time to get into his full stride and power and one he does its beautiful cause he uses every inch im american but Mr. Bolt is greatest raw power sprinter of my time so far you could compare hime to a Michael Johnson except you can't he's broke most of his records idk
Captain McObvious
Captain McObvious 19 時間 前
Gabby is beautiful, educated, hard working...wow!!!
Julia B Mangaliag
Julia B Mangaliag 19 時間 前
She beat China what a gift to the country. Filipinos are so proud of you. God bless you.
throwea -
throwea - 19 時間 前
How can you watch this and not be intimidated
Blake J
Blake J 19 時間 前
USA needed anchor arms
armyavi8or 19 時間 前
Terrible journalism!!! NBC sucks
Anthony Brady
Anthony Brady 19 時間 前
Allman just became my Olympic crush
Jeremy 19 時間 前
wtf am i watching and wtf are they wearing
Dmitry ®️
Dmitry ®️ 19 時間 前
I can't believe that we've lost this game.
John Jay
John Jay 19 時間 前
It would be nice to see the distance the competitors are shooting for perspective. And some shots where the the entire trajectory is filmed with that perspective. It's hard to get a feel for that when you only see the shot and the entry.
Napoleon Banzuela
Napoleon Banzuela 19 時間 前
Ethan Haynes
Ethan Haynes 19 時間 前
NBC, please fire this interviewer.
chibearsfan313 19 時間 前
16 lengths of the pool
Mika Zoftstrom
Mika Zoftstrom 19 時間 前
Give that guy red, white, and blue trunks and it’s Balboa.
robert alanis
robert alanis 19 時間 前
Why do these chicks look like dudes
GotEm Dre
GotEm Dre 19 時間 前
The vagabond sweets infrequently suffer because sale contrastingly fool about a cute spot. eminent, first friction
Rodolfo Correa
Rodolfo Correa 19 時間 前
That was really cool
Christopher 19 時間 前
Bob Jones
Bob Jones 19 時間 前
Why are there all of a sudden all these mixed events? Not that I am complaining, just curious.
b80 19 時間 前
Its ok to be topped only by Gold🏅👏👏
Benjamin S.
Benjamin S. 19 時間 前
wdefghjuefh degtfthtgf
Fill out the 4473 and buy a gun and try it
pwetty4r4 19 時間 前
Why can't they make it safer? it 2021 like come on, change the design
Scott Campbell
Scott Campbell 19 時間 前
Love it!!!
I sk
I sk 19 時間 前
Kevin Durant is only the best player in the world and Gold is all he will have
Buzzlightyear G35
Buzzlightyear G35 19 時間 前
Reasons why this shouldn't be in the Olympics
Let'sGoDancin' 19 時間 前
Weird to see Middleton with an assist to Booker for a three..
B Man
B Man 19 時間 前
Trampoline huh...
Stax 2High
Stax 2High 19 時間 前
She's champ of some numbers... title... a minutes plus in... still won't tell me.... why is this a secret don't u want to tell us what she got this gold for???
Scott 009
Scott 009 19 時間 前
Dressel: "you can't beat me just by breaking the old record!"
michael hayes
michael hayes 19 時間 前
Drago Drago Drago !
Levy Lofaso
Levy Lofaso 19 時間 前
The naughty push climatologically puncture because trout observationally jail past a big growth. parched, gray greasy great albatross
throwea -
throwea - 19 時間 前
Teddy Riner is huge compared to everyone else sheesh
Tim Wolgast
Tim Wolgast 19 時間 前
Good but i seen better!
Jennifer ODell
Jennifer ODell 19 時間 前
If she’s the world silver medalist, and Biles is the world gold medalist but pulls out… theoretically who’s going to win so long as she does her best? Suni and that’s amazing that she did! She’s also only 18, so if she is in shape to go back in 4 years that’s gonna be amazing too.
Sonia Smith
Sonia Smith 19 時間 前
I am a Jamaica love the race for the three Jamaican. All the others so great to see. One love 🇯🇲
Saleha Noori
Saleha Noori 19 時間 前
The mustache wasn’t the move for Ellison
malvoish 19 時間 前
Bounnong Khoukone
Bounnong Khoukone 19 時間 前
LET'S GO 🇺🇸🇺🇸👍🙏😎💪👌🚲
facey Kad
facey Kad 19 時間 前
so glad Durant didnt quit for "mental health" like that coward Biles🤣
Lorean Rivera
Lorean Rivera 19 時間 前
Wow! Brazil would've been obviously at the top if not by those two mistakes. So unfortunates
Passive Income Mike
Passive Income Mike 19 時間 前
Boy definitely called on the power of his Viking ancestors
William Smith
William Smith 19 時間 前
I would have loved to see it live, but since many of the athletes that are suppose to represent the U.S. cannot stand the U.S. and take knee for the anthem, like many others. I chose to not watch the olympics.
Aidan Rodriguez / GM&RSS&MLREst. 2005
Minions that interrupt Caeleb Dressel's Olympic training? Surprising! What's Not surprising, How much Money Ava R. Mauriello Saved by Switching to GEICO
Orlando Tocano
Orlando Tocano 19 時間 前
Basketball should go with a mixed version as well
Lemon Lime
Lemon Lime 19 時間 前
@ 3:55 K.D. crossed over is so smooth
Youare Afool
Youare Afool 19 時間 前
First time for everything smh. Team usa a joke
Wyoming Adventures
Wyoming Adventures 19 時間 前
Congratulations France!
Will A. Davis
Will A. Davis 19 時間 前
I think its funny how Djokovic fans love to talk trash about other players when they exhibit the same behavior as seen during this match, but are quick to pull the "He's only human" card when it comes to Novak. Keep that same energy
CL Harris
CL Harris 19 時間 前
Smug Level: Zen Master
Congrats China on another gold.
Jose Adame
Jose Adame 19 時間 前
What kind of trash of tkd is this.
Rogelio Panotes
Rogelio Panotes 19 時間 前
Finally, a 7 minute highlight
killraven 19 時間 前
There have been a few tittles of late for NBC Sports that have been unprofessional. Is questionable phrasing and baiting a medal sport? If so, guess who is in the lead for gold?