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eins zwei
eins zwei 分 前
6:10 "Bandits Castle" yes, we had this in Germany and arround they where called "Raubschloss" (translated: Robbery castle) Those where inhabited by "Raubritter" (translated: Robbery Knights) those where people of the lower nobility and got there money by, well, robbery.
Jessica G
Jessica G 2 分 前
Rip Van Winkle has similarity with the time passing theme of this story.
Sir Lamm
Sir Lamm 10 分 前
Would ya consider Hotline Miami Grimdark?
June 14 分 前
why did the white rose spawn a boy lindworm
Josh Mcginnis
Josh Mcginnis 21 分 前
Red's singing always brightens my day.
James Bevan
James Bevan 23 分 前
What are the songs playing over Pan and Apollo's performances?
A 24 分 前
So this is the first isekai anime
justinin trump
justinin trump 29 分 前
Best way to do this: have them be friends from a super young age. I've been friends with this one guy since our mums were in a breastfeeding group together, we're almost nothing alike in our interests and backgrounds and I haven't seen him in 3 or 4 years but I still consider that man my best friend and vice versa
naufalino rabbani
Miscellaneous Myths will always be my favourite OSP series
Kirsty Jappy
Kirsty Jappy 31 分 前
I live in Scotland in the hilands
CAP198462 34 分 前
“The Welsh language was clearly invented by a dad losing at scrabble” - Jimmy Carr
smileyman17 35 分 前
I'd listen to you singing regularly like you do in the end cards. Love your content.
Masquerade 38 分 前
Moral of the story: If you get a Wish , get a Lawyer First...
Peter Bayne
Peter Bayne 41 分 前
At 2:36 Pan: What are you doing? Apollo: Dance off man, just me and you!
kit wk
kit wk 44 分 前
The whole thing with the donkey ears and the snitching grass is very simular if not almost exactly the same to an old welsh story. I can’t remember what it is called though.
kit wk
kit wk 42 分 前
It’s a story about King March
Rebecca Westerdale
Me watching this video: "Where do I go??? I fill multiple categories!!! What the Hell (pun intended)?!?!"
Jens Moesgaard
Jens Moesgaard 55 分 前
ayo, love hearing red sing barns courtney in the outro
Petr 時間 前
Inês Homem Cardoso
Hi, I'm portuguese. If you're interested, the design of the streets of Lisbon and the infrastructure of our buildings, after the disastrous earthquake of 1755 are all "antiearthquake". It's a shame that old Lisbon is gone but there are examples of how it used to be, like Almada. It's disorganized but it's beautiful :)
Harock 時間 前
The last one sounds suspiciously like an (portugeese?) fairy tail, where three fairies grant a newborn prince some boons, but the last one gives him donkey-ears. The rest plays out as the myth about Midas, except for the end, where the hat is lifted and it is revealed that the prince doesn't have donkey ears afterall. Weird fairytail, nonetheless.
ShadowoftheMask 時間 前
Turning daughter to gold is kinda like self inflicted version of fridging :'D Like that version of myth isn't like "oh poor daughter" its like "and Midas made things worse for himself by also petrifying his daughter"
Id k
Id k 時間 前
That was cool
Patrick Baillargeon
The tale of King Midas has been retold so many times in so many different contexts that it's easy to forget that it was originally a Greek myth. I've seen retellings where he gets the golden touch from a genie, an elf, a leprechaun, etc. For a while, when I told the story, I said King Midas got the golden touch by making a deal with the devil, because cautionary folk tales about dealing with the devil are very common in my land. I think being this adaptable is the mark of a great tale.
Slightly Depressed Sloth
I’ve never heard the second one but we have a nearly identical myth here in Wales which was almost certainly inspired by it, it’s called King March’s ears and is pretty much the same except that March was seemingly born with donkey ears and the reeds don’t repeat the secret when the wind blows. Instead a piper comes to play in court and on the way decides to make a new pipe out of the nearby reeds, but when he tries to play them at court they don’t play music and just say ‘King March has ears the size and shape of donkey’s’ instead
Naman Jain
Naman Jain 時間 前
Kumarbi wasn't Anu's son and the goddess born from kumarbi was Sauska but there isn't much difference and also sauska was born when Kumarbi spat on the ground along with the river Tigris
Hades King Of The Underworld
Just like "I want too turn anything i wish into gold" boom problem solved then you're the richest man ever and can still eat
Gormathius Nightstrider
The only thing I know Pan for is enabling dwarves to cast Zone of Truth. Nice to know he's a good musician aswell.
bored but not too much
The boot thing is funny to me because as children in Germany we put our boots in front of the door on the night of the 6th of december for st.nicolaus to fill them with gifts or candy (My family just used a plate because gross, but the boot is the default :D)
enderboy 時間 前
Wild take, though barely supported, but since Loki has so many pregnancies, identity swaps used for seduction and kids, could he be a god of love? And maybe the lying parts of him come because he's a heart broken after his failed relationship and it can represent the effects of divorce, or what causes it. Divorce was frowned upon (from what I can recall) in ancient times, only acceptable if the someone would betray his partner or cheat on him. Loki's changes his form so often I'd compare him to Zeus in that regard, and this technically means he Cheated on his wife
Ivan Hunter
Ivan Hunter 時間 前
HI. Would you done of Metis
Geraint Thomas
Geraint Thomas 時間 前
Weirdly there'd a welsh rip off version of this folk tale, up to and including the talking reeds
Jude Connor-Macintyre
I think Heracles shot Hades because like his father he's a bad sport (see: Typhon and Zeus's mountain throwing)
I. Will Acceptfood
“Every story is tragedy if you tell it long enough” -Ernest Hemingway, the greatest pessimist ever
Vann Wallnutt
Vann Wallnutt 時間 前
Jude Connor-Macintyre
I think it's called a Modern Day Prometheus because she thought it sounded cool, and had some similar elements to it. But a more interesting idea is that she thought people were assholes and that a modern day Prometheus would be bad at Prometheus-ing.
Malarkey Laboratories
always listen to the witch
Jack Writer
Jack Writer 2 時間 前
Having a main Character who can see future events through dreams, but doesn't know when they are real or not could be an interesting story. But also Dangerous since it could end in the _„No, I don't like that ending, it is probably still a dream.“_ very easily, but if it would be done right, it could be a great story.
Could you recap The warlord chronicles?
Jude Connor-Macintyre
God, Vic is a shitty scientist.
nanardeurlambda 2 時間 前
fun fact: in french, "un pactole" is a big fortune, usually from a specific source
Guy Boo
Guy Boo 2 時間 前
If we had more plants like that, the gardeners at estates and country clubs would be paid shockingly well.
Retrologic 2 時間 前
Wasn't there a version of the second myth in which Apollo skinned his opponent alive upon winning?
nivedha .r
nivedha .r 2 時間 前
I remember a version of the secret hole thingy in my english textbook it goes like : The son of the king has donkey ears , all but the barber knows , the barber not being able to bear this secret shouts it into the ground of a nearby field From this spot a tree grows , and is then used to make a drum , and feed a cow and sheep now during the upcoming festival the sheep , cow and drum decide to spill the tea but straight up saying " YO THE PRINCE GOT DONKEY EARS " mid-parade march I'm not sure which version I like better
Jude Connor-Macintyre
I didn't get that last bit about when will people stop trying to make a cosistant narritive about one guys life. I know i mispelled Im tired.
tacocat_04 2 時間 前
Pretty sure fire is just a release of energy in the form of heat
Orrin Scott-Stewart
Orrin Scott-Stewart 2 時間 前
Man I love Order of the Stick. Favorite webcomic.
Goth Nerd
Goth Nerd 2 時間 前
1:39 Midas: *in the afterlife watching this* That's what I should've wished for! A family!
Alexander Greyling
Alexander Greyling 2 時間 前
1:06 you could say that Selenus had a hangover of royal proportions :D Iiiiiiiii'll see myself out... Also, is that how you spell the name?
I'm not the person in profile picture it's J. LAW
Well, my female character is strong, but she isn't a show off. She has more...like masculine features than feminine ones.
Jani SIr
Jani SIr 2 時間 前
At least he got hungry before horny... Also eating with golden cutlery isn't the end of the world. Table manners damn it!!!
Gabrielle Guillemot
Gabrielle Guillemot 2 時間 前
awesome video as always, and also god fucking dazmn it was i hapopy to hear one of my fav songs at the end !!!
Danikoshi 2 時間 前
That Glitter and Gold cover almost made me cry A killer ass song plus Red's Apollo-level singing? Fuck yeah
Statboosts 27
Statboosts 27 2 時間 前
When you see Greg dancing with the frog in the hospital room you can see its stomach glow, implying that the bell it swallowed is still in there, and that even though they were only in the unknown for a couple moments thay all the events there really happened
Killerbunny 2 時間 前
Okay, the video? Pretty rad. Red Covering *Glitter and Gold*? I am HERE FOR THAT SHIT.
Bailey Spencer
Bailey Spencer 2 時間 前
In general everyone is happy with (classic) alice in wonderland being a dream trope. It starts with her living a normal boring life before she "falls down the rabbit hole". Saying it was all a dream seems like acknowledging escapism, especially in a child's fantastical mind. It feels like something the author might relate to because he used damn strong hallucinogens, I can't think of many reasons to, past escaping a harsh or mundane life.
jdzencelowcz 2 時間 前
Also, the Merry Melodies version scared the heck outta me the 1st time I saw it.
jdzencelowcz 2 時間 前
I would've included the stipulation that I had to hold the to-B-made-gold item in both hands, or lain on both hands (prosthetics count, in case I lose 1 or both hands), & say 'I will what I hold B turned to gold', & to reverse it if need B, 'I will what I hold no longer B gold'. If U ever get any kind've magic wishes, ALWAYS have a lawyer advise U, so far only Timmy Turner thought of that.
Jens Kosch
Jens Kosch 3 時間 前
The story about the barber and the truth being whispered into a place where reets grow that spread the truth entrusted to them later got late applied to someone else. Pretty much the same story is told in medieval Persian sources about Alexander the Great. Only that in this version the secret only his barber learned was that Alexander had small horns (usually hidden by his hair). That might come from depictions of the Hellenistic syncretistic deity Serapis [and it did help that some hellenistic coins where minted depicting Alexander with ram horns in reference to the Egyptian god Amon, who also brought the horns to the table for the Serpis figure). The barber did entrust his secret to a hole near a river or shallow well and the reets that grow from it where used to make pipes. Whenever those pipes would be blown they would spread the truth that Alexander had horns. There are also many other Middle Eastern stories about Alexander having horns, but this is the only one that immediately struck me als likely being adapted from the one about Midas in the Metamorphoses.
Fatboy Rebel
Fatboy Rebel 3 時間 前
Surely gangs were a thing just as they are today, therefore yes rd2 should be at least 60-70% accurate when it comes to telling the story of an outlaw
WreckinPoints11 3 時間 前
Red’s really lowballing it on how much of Greece is related to Zeus
Ostblock Latina
Ostblock Latina 3 時間 前
Wow, a mythical Greek story where no uninvolved mortal gets killed in a gruesome way for something someone else did, also not being a big deal to start with, but still having a deity hugely overreact? I can hardly believe it's Greek mythology.
disappointedwalnut 3 時間 前
at least he was wearing shoes otherwise we’d all be screwed :/
Jude Connor-Macintyre
maybe baby Zeus meant that Zeus is a baby.
JP 3 時間 前
Norman's are basically french vikings.
TomboyJessie13 3 時間 前
"Midas has ass's ears" XD
Darwin Xavier
Darwin Xavier 3 時間 前
Apollo, frat god of challenge accepted.