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2 ヶ月 前
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kate nutter
kate nutter 42 分 前
G.O.A.T. Status
G.O.A.T. Status 43 分 前
Is it ok to mix up the order? Will u get the same results?
Takeoff Cool
Takeoff Cool 57 分 前
Whatabuger is the best I’m from Houston , texas
Dayx Plays
Dayx Plays 58 分 前
that was so worth it man my abs BURN
Ali Marie
Ali Marie 時間 前
Dolly is my favorite cow EVER
Coo1G4mer310YT 時間 前
You can’t make me color blind too. Why you ask? Well... UNO REVERSE CARD
Jossy Marie
Jossy Marie 時間 前
Freaken pedros gas station Lol 😂
kate nutter
kate nutter 時間 前
Morgz needs chapstick also his girlfriend looks like Hannah Montana not Miley Cyrus though
BlackKnight 7657
BlackKnight 7657 時間 前
Orange Juice is just dark yellow fruit sauce
Snake UwU
Snake UwU 時間 前
Why do I keep watching this
Snake UwU
Snake UwU 時間 前
I’m responding to my own comment lol
Snake UwU
Snake UwU 時間 前
• w •
Snake UwU
Snake UwU 時間 前
• w •
Snake UwU
Snake UwU 時間 前
• w •
Snake UwU
Snake UwU 時間 前
• w •
BlackKnight 7657
BlackKnight 7657 時間 前
4:21-4:33 funniest part
Joey Miller
Joey Miller 時間 前
3:50 someone tell me why Carter’s hat throw was so clean
has she look in the mirror
Bk_ Trust
Bk_ Trust 時間 前
Lol what would happen if you weren’t existed 😖
Leticia Hernandez
"1:16" *If anyone wants more followers just try ⇉ **TikFansTok.online* Its amazing for everyone+ Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Sophie S
Sophie S 時間 前
I’m hungry
dark lord
dark lord 時間 前
Morgz mum you live in his mansion
Heather Miller
Heather Miller 時間 前
What's it like to hit the rock in the but it's like hitting rock bottom 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kaitlyn T
Kaitlyn T 2 時間 前
My middle school president looks exactly like thanos. I want to be class president and address that. Class of 2018 had him snap and they all fell to the ground. I love life
EggMan 2 時間 前
first impression on this video.. you are so talkative compare to your friends..
Weird Noises
Weird Noises 2 時間 前
Has anyone else been sitting here hoping a new video comes out
bearta 2 時間 前
These videos are boring, the old ones when you were talking about different kinds of people and exposing them were more interesting
Ilan Juarez
Ilan Juarez 3 時間 前
Alternate title: Spending 24 hours inside of my PC!
CrustyBagel 時間 前
Oh god it's too true
Elsa Batty
Elsa Batty 3 時間 前
I have never seen your channel. I have never watched your channel. This is in my recommendations. You are a mad lad. Also, I don’t know why, but you look oddly familiar. Maybe.... No... I dunno.
Angelo Mendez
Angelo Mendez 3 時間 前
Omg imaging waking passing him in the store
Josh Keijers
Josh Keijers 3 時間 前
I tryed but I ended up doing 3min abs not 7
Lemon Lemon
Lemon Lemon 3 時間 前
Thooth And the the vinchi fact means he was ambidextrous
Whipped Icing
Whipped Icing 3 時間 前
Kfwnkxabifsodshisxhihsxisxhixabixihxaistjxsvigsxiabisibxsigsihsxixgsigxs. Am I right?
wolfy_fox55 3 時間 前
that ain't no potato that's hard cement
X_iplay roblox_X
X_iplay roblox_X 3 時間 前
Bro youre my inspiration youre halarious and i love running mainly xc and im in 7th grade with an 5:30
Bluëshãdøw 3 時間 前
I don't like how he said "2020 baby" and this was 7 months ago :<
Landon Simp
Landon Simp 3 時間 前
yo ryan u should do ruby rube
Dark Potato
Dark Potato 4 時間 前
“Your a cowboy Harry”
シItz_Me_Camdenシ 4 時間 前
All I hear is “gay master” I also heard that on Danny’s video Whyyyyyyyy
Michelle Berg
Michelle Berg 4 時間 前
Make that three
Some_ Lettuce
Some_ Lettuce 4 時間 前
Mr. Mojo
Mr. Mojo 4 時間 前
He’s dead
ExoticYui 4 時間 前
my 2 favorite you tubers in one video
¿Pink Mìłk?
¿Pink Mìłk? 5 時間 前
1 week:nAhh 2 weeks:nah bro 3 weeks:sorry its too late 4 weeks:fianlly clicks on video after yt recommending it for ages
dillon adams
dillon adams 5 時間 前
Your girlfriend was right. U don’t reply to your dm,s. On instagram. But you said. We must send you a message 🤷🏼‍♂️🙆🏼‍♂️
0:50 was dedicated to Hailey
Adi Lévy
Adi Lévy 5 時間 前
my name is adi
Mah_kiwi 5 時間 前
Why has clips from this video appeared in my head when I’m sleep 😂😂
Emily Roblox
Emily Roblox 5 時間 前
Morgz: 👁👄👁 yeah cool yesh goodness
꧁• Random vines •꧂
DoseofJoseph 6 時間 前
Are we gonna ignore the fact that that dude def got fired.. the way he said "are you dead ass" i knew it was over
Julian A Acosta
Julian A Acosta 6 時間 前
This how to get morgz to be quiet 1. Pause the video 2. Unsubscribe (if subscribe) 3. Comment this: Morgz you need serious help
Julian A Acosta
Julian A Acosta 6 時間 前
This is only car for that family since they use their devices all the time
Julian A Acosta
Julian A Acosta 6 時間 前
Who agrees that Morgz channel should be taken down ⬇️
Larry Mooney
Larry Mooney 6 時間 前
My tea came out my nose 8:38
Cherry Uchiha
Cherry Uchiha 6 時間 前
People: it's so funny that he didn't know Harry and Taylor broke up lmao. Me: what's funny is that I didn't even know they were dating in the 1st place. ;'(
coolpug422 6 時間 前
this house is as big as my actual house.
aka inaaya
aka inaaya 7 時間 前
sees rug and ryan in the thumbnail *instant click*
Marcella Soonik
Marcella Soonik 7 時間 前
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Marcella Soonik
Marcella Soonik 7 時間 前
"0:08" *If someone wants some followers only try ⇒ **TikFansTok.online* Its incredible to everyone... Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Fruit Salad
Fruit Salad 7 時間 前
To all you people saying shit like, "Remember when Ryans videos weren't less than 10 minutes?" Shut up. He's planning a literal wedding and I'm pretty sure that he's more focused on the wedding than his channel.
Camilla Star
Camilla Star 7 時間 前
How do people fine Ryan funny. It’s just straight up rude🤬😡
Edwin Danielsen
Edwin Danielsen 7 時間 前
R.I.P Anthony Mackie
Aura The Pal
Aura The Pal 7 時間 前
It is true, when you sneeze your heart stops and all your muscels relax
Driton Xhoni
Driton Xhoni 7 時間 前
Thats my record too
Geraldine Brady
Geraldine Brady 7 時間 前
Is that your girl
Itz Z
Itz Z 7 時間 前
RYAN: i feel so bad i dont know who that is Me: Its KEVIN HART
RealDavido 7 時間 前
Ryan Wills
Ryan Wills 7 時間 前
I forgot I was watching Ryan and omits clicked of
Vennessa Webb
Vennessa Webb 7 時間 前
Title: World’s Largest Potato When you die in a video game: *I’m playing on a literal potato.*
THICC Razor blade
THICC Razor blade 8 時間 前
You can actually drive more than 47 hours straight just by auto pilot here's how jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-oJl25bABYac.html
lancheros85 8 時間 前
I agree with Justin Bieber but she’s 15 are you going to come out so rude
Caro SalazarL
Caro SalazarL 8 時間 前
hmmm I think Tesla is better than "Avanza" wkwkw
Axel Friesen
Axel Friesen 8 時間 前
Idk if Ryan realized that he has to go back another 27 hours to get back home
Harry Trewhitt
Harry Trewhitt 8 時間 前
Anybody just got this recommended?
Sophie S
Sophie S 8 時間 前
I have cancer now thank you.
Jennifer Gray
Jennifer Gray 8 時間 前
martin literally needs a medal
SlipsHrs 9 時間 前
Is this actually her on call
Emb R
Emb R 9 時間 前
orange juice is just dark yellow fruit juice
Colleen Lester
Colleen Lester 9 時間 前
Be smarter she told you what to do so do it 😡👎 wierdo
rikerio 9 時間 前
“Oh shut up” no wonder she broke up with you cringe lord morgz
Aura The Pal
Aura The Pal 9 時間 前
These peeps have never given birth
Dennis Pieters
Dennis Pieters 9 時間 前
It said "porn in the background"...
Isiah Rivera
Isiah Rivera 9 時間 前
your a hater