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Playing Minecraft
3 ヶ月 前
100 コメント数
sebflo 分 前
u bout to get sued 😂
Vivian Carillo
Vivian Carillo 8 分 前
14:55 had me dying 😂😂
Matthew R
Matthew R 9 分 前
Morgz left his caps lock on
declan milne
declan milne 11 分 前
so happy to be realer than vitali
emily 17 分 前
Dude what made me so mad is JORDAN was the one who was like “yeah let’s do the standing on one leg!” And then right when it started she said “guys I’m buddhist I do this like 10 times a day!” Bragging that she was basically a PRO and then when she failed she was like “no that wasn’t fair”. Like A.) you said that the group should do that challenge and B.) you literally were the one with the upper hand because you had practiced this before. HOW IS IT NOT FAIR
Rosèanne 21 分 前
Jordyn was so freaking obnoxious and ANNOYING
Maria Antonietta
Maria Antonietta 22 分 前
duuude! dock rhymes with Spock!
PabloDoetWat 34 分 前
i see no beef boy
sebflo 40 分 前
yo you have a mark on your forehead
Bit AB
Bit AB 56 分 前
In the *desert* An *administration* Learning sex *education* To *charity* Because of inflation
Dikke Hond
Dikke Hond 58 分 前
This was really hard to watch, cuz I have sewing lessons and I know how that works😂😂❤️
Joshua Infinity
Joshua Infinity 時間 前
You absolutely s-poopoo 5:57
Nemba Bo
Nemba Bo 時間 前
Im pretty sure that Tyler does this cringy shit on his insta on purpose
Nicholas Siguenza
Let’s go team bitches
Flower Hobiii
Flower Hobiii 時間 前
I’m allergic to peanuts so I don’t know how pb&j tastes like Can someone explain the taste?
amelia perry
amelia perry 時間 前
he wasted the polaroid ink :'(
Marit Tusveld
Marit Tusveld 時間 前
I got a jojo virus
Thot pocket In poverty
Slightly sketchy that they asked Danielle Cohn to do a sponsorship
Eros Nies
Eros Nies 時間 前
Ryan can't read Spanish... He couldn't even spell English lmao I ded
Mercedes Fisch
Mercedes Fisch 2 時間 前
My fab colab 😍😍😍
Refine harryflax
Refine harryflax 2 時間 前
Spy ninja
Eros Nies
Eros Nies 2 時間 前
unbeleliebable....UNBELELIEBABLE.....*INTESNE MUSIC*
jiji was here
jiji was here 2 時間 前
My school doesn't give buses and I take a public bus. It's really not that hard.
LiL PiNK Love
LiL PiNK Love 2 時間 前
Lol i came here bil.. & u
Walker.P. Vlogs
Walker.P. Vlogs 2 時間 前
orange juice is dark yellow fruit sauce
Juliet Nixon
Juliet Nixon 2 時間 前
I have been watching your videos for so long, Hayley's too. You are so funny.
kush god
kush god 3 時間 前
"exploiting woman" they literally signed up for it
Hana Minh
Hana Minh 3 時間 前
Ric O
Ric O 3 時間 前
Fave stars
Break the Unbreakable
Spy ninja
Creenberrv 3 時間 前
hi (sorrfor bad english)
Break the Unbreakable
My name is Landen to
Park Jimin
Park Jimin 3 時間 前
You look like Tom Holland
xavier burkholder
xavier burkholder 4 時間 前
this is all my teacher drinks
King Tut
King Tut 4 時間 前
You’re hilarious bro. It’s the first video I’m seeing from you 😂😂😂
13 50 she is a snake it was 150 not 500
Luke Maguire
Luke Maguire 4 時間 前
Why is the baby for free lol🤣😂
gaurab neupane
gaurab neupane 4 時間 前
Jonathan Reyes
Jonathan Reyes 4 時間 前
2:43 the baby is free
MxTeakupz 5 時間 前
He got knocked out in 29 seconds
Meme 5 時間 前
I read it as Candies and got so confused when he kept talking about candles 🤦🏻‍♀️
Alethea C
Alethea C 5 時間 前
Wait is Nina like Marinas sister from cut cos they look very similar
the wiz
the wiz 5 時間 前
bluesky 6 時間 前
the bang ceo looks like papa jhons
bukkyzotaa 6 時間 前
i counted and i was actually 15 textbooks
LongShot 6 時間 前
Your such a good person we need more people in the world like you
Tahir Aziz
Tahir Aziz 6 時間 前
bukkyzotaa 6 時間 前
spikes are only meant for sprints. i myself am a runner yee yee
Throwin Row’in
Throwin Row’in 6 時間 前
I can relate sooo hard right now I also got bit on the index finger in 2nd grade... people are rabid.😂
Ghassan Khan
Ghassan Khan 6 時間 前
Just buy 100 caffeine tablets for $5 and 1lb of creatine for $10 on amazon bruh. Also caffeine and creatine has been proven in studies to negate each other’s affects when taken together.
Carnage -_-
Carnage -_- 6 時間 前
Ill make an account for you
Maxes _2
Maxes _2 6 時間 前
Glass: I am inevitable Iron ball: And I am iron ball
Nunqo 7 時間 前
Just realised I have the same birthday as her
KB_ Bl1tz
KB_ Bl1tz 7 時間 前
If i said shut the **** up o my mom i would get beaten up so much ill bleed
II Daylight II
II Daylight II 7 時間 前
Ryan: *talks* Hayley: mhm *eats tostitos*
Bro Video
Bro Video 7 時間 前
I so mad I just got this channel from my recommended and this is what happens nooooooooooo
sophia 7 時間 前
watermelon ;)
Jarrage 7 時間 前
i have yumo qinghong
Ivanka van Deventer
Ivanka van Deventer 8 時間 前
Step1 get your phone step 2 order something to eat step 3 eat it step 4 enjoy😂
Deftnesslobster 28
Deftnesslobster 28 8 時間 前
I think that crew neck is a little too big bbg
Brown Video Productions
dude, THEO is literally crazy
Peachy Babes
Peachy Babes 8 時間 前
More like jack o wack
iLikeCookiesVG 8 時間 前
Welp Bang is cancelled 🙅🏼‍♂️
Toxic_chabs 8 時間 前
Stop messing with her dude know one cares if your gonna be rude then don’t watch it, I used to love your channel ): just stop
Jackson Fryman
Jackson Fryman 8 時間 前
His voice is literally the same as Ben Shapiro
Nicole Nicole
Nicole Nicole 8 時間 前
Morgz just hugged you Like to undo 👇🏻
hannah the gr8
hannah the gr8 8 時間 前
The original vid pissed me off too much so i had to watch this one because your commentary put the fire out in my soul
Serenity's life
Serenity's life 8 時間 前
I've known how to make a PB&J since I was like 4 or 5
Serenity's life
Serenity's life 8 時間 前
You're sooooooooooooo funny love you sooooooooooooo much
Tucker Orman
Tucker Orman 9 時間 前
Why so many cuts?
Emma C
Emma C 9 時間 前
"may does"
Ruelei Cañon
Ruelei Cañon 9 時間 前
Is it real
greetxngs 9 時間 前
Michaela Navarro
Michaela Navarro 9 時間 前
Okay but fuck finals at this point amirite?? Been binge watching him for hours
RandomSoda 9 時間 前
I disliked it because of the Bahamas girl
TattedBoi 9 時間 前
dude you such a funny cool ass dude lmao i dont know how it took this long to find ya... now im steady watching ur videos lol keep it up
TyTy Playz ツ
TyTy Playz ツ 9 時間 前
When I wake up from a bad dream to my mom yelling at me to go to school 3:42
RandomSoda 9 時間 前
Nina is cute and has a great personality.
SpaceYoshi17 9 時間 前
Bang: makes a lot of sense..
Sydney Koehler
Sydney Koehler 9 時間 前
don't get me wrong the ending was so sweet and wholesome but you could make a drinking game out of the number of times ryan said "I respect that"
Larry Bellows
Larry Bellows 9 時間 前
I’m never drinking bang agian. This stuff is disgusting.
Disco Deaky
Disco Deaky 9 時間 前
Here’s a thought.......each video hang up a Polaroid of your wall until your wall is covered with photos of your wall (I know someone already commented this but I added the “of your wall” part lmao
Krista Williams
Krista Williams 9 時間 前
Nobody: Jordyn disagreeing with everyone :
Unknown kids
Unknown kids 9 時間 前
The shop is 9 minutes from my house
niko Sup
niko Sup 9 時間 前
Do you understand how fucked our system is now?
Valeria Caudillo
Valeria Caudillo 9 時間 前
Nice poster
Harold Nguyen
Harold Nguyen 9 時間 前
nice you survived on 7k
Trinity Randolph
Trinity Randolph 9 時間 前
Hey there's a giant red mark on your forehead dude
Ellamae_ xox
Ellamae_ xox 10 時間 前
Ryan I’m binge watching ur vids and I’ve never laughed so hard. Miss these kinda videos you should do more please!! Love youuuu
i try okay
i try okay 10 時間 前
no one: even millennials: nina: how about we play some games jordyn: hhats nowt faeir
Skitty235 10 時間 前
just so you know bang can make you gain tons of water weight because its full of creatine, which bodybuilders use to *look* bigger and gain water weight
Sonia Khansa
Sonia Khansa 10 時間 前
It should've been "more like jack o'wack" like c'mon ryan you had the opportunity lmao
DannyDaBurrito21 _
DannyDaBurrito21 _ 10 時間 前
I was dieing this entire video
Zorayda Guerrero
Zorayda Guerrero 10 時間 前
trying this soon 🥶 && interview 😂😂🤣 lmao this is why we cringe
Sexy Billy
Sexy Billy 10 時間 前
Titty bear is seen some stuff 🥺 Maybe some ti....
Riley Stark
Riley Stark 10 時間 前
I kinda feel like jordyn feels left out
SPF infinity SPF infinity
Riley Stark I honestly felt bad for her, she was just trying to go to the Bahamas.
Jasdeep Ghotra
Jasdeep Ghotra 10 時間 前
when they went to mcdonalds martin didnt have his hood up and when they came back he did
Nicholas Parra
Nicholas Parra 10 時間 前
Say Monica slow comment if you got it
MynxAlexandria 10 時間 前
bang is delicious af. damn. makes me upset they're so problematic. hopefully they fire dude.