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Mallory Edwards
Mallory Edwards 6 時間 前
Any adult engaging in a sexual relationship should have the STD talk. Period. It wasn't Gabbie's place. She did this to start crap. I like Gabbie but this was wrong
Alexandra Morris
Alexandra Morris 6 時間 前
What Gabbie did is illegal. That was incredibly inappropriate and horrible judgment by her. Defamation actually has a special clause for STDs. But tbh I didn’t know who she was until the drama lol.
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i can't stand either of them but i'll always choose a side of whoever is against trisha bc we all know that bitch is fucking mental
flash lover
flash lover 6 時間 前
6:34 Nikita's Collarbones?
Gillian Houle
Gillian Houle 6 時間 前
Wait okay but why is this even a thing on the internet? Like 🤦🏼‍♀️? Like I fully understand where Gabbie is coming from, and you know what, yeah sure I understand why Trisha is upset over it...but she said this was back in 2017? And seriously what's the point in making this hugely public and causing a scandal over it? Like?
Adrienne Boulet
Adrienne Boulet 6 時間 前
Both are 🤷
culohee 6 時間 前
seems like a whole bunch of “hey wanna fake a fight for clout” like whered this shit come from. outta no where
Madisen P
Madisen P 6 時間 前
I kinda forgot about gabbie so I haven’t seen anything about her recently but did she get work done bc she looks really different
Luna18Cat05 6 時間 前
On a side note: Can Kathy Griffin stop riding beauty gurus/drama to stay relevant? Thanks.
TaraAllen 6 時間 前
gabbie should've minded her own business. she's not having sex wit trisha so she shouldn't be talking about someone else's sex life.
Gabrielle Rose
Gabrielle Rose 7 時間 前
She said if 195,000 people are Happy but three are disappointed it will keep her awake at night LO fuckin L That’s a funny one
THPanda 7 時間 前
At 3:25 you didn't group chatted everyone but you did told a large amount of viewers about the situation
シloutre 7 時間 前
This isnt tea this is just Trisha being Trisha as far as I know lol
Maiti 101
Maiti 101 7 時間 前
Hannah, or whatever her name is, only started this shit hoping for a kitchen floor video about her, CLOUT CLOUT CLOUT
superfly_ yungin
superfly_ yungin 7 時間 前
I think Gabbie isn’t wrong for being a friend but I also think Trisha isn’t wrong for being mad about other ppl bringing up her personal life. It’s childish that this is even “news” ...
Megan Abercrombie
Megan Abercrombie 7 時間 前
Some people are comparing this to college and "this happens all the time at school" but trisha is a 30 year old woman and takes sexual health very seriously. do you really think she would be out here giving people herpes? why would gabbie hanna take it upon herself to keep a "friend" sexually healthy when both adults involved are grown as hell
FramRoos 7 時間 前
Honestly gabbie didn't say anything wrong. she clearly said don't know if it's it's true but this is what I've heard be careful and have an adult conversion about this. I honest hope to god my friends would do the same. And if u think he should've just known to be careful with this stuff. I get it but it's still nice to hear from a friend what might be happening. Like this is what I've heard don't know if it's true do what u want with it it's your body and your health. Gabbie did nothing wrong here
Contessa Urzulala
Contessa Urzulala 7 時間 前
they’re both irrelevant lmAo
Cindy Singh
Cindy Singh 7 時間 前
I love the girls comment that gabbie, 'inserts herself where its not necessary ' sweetheart ur doing the same thing🤣🤣🤣 Gabbie did the right thing, i would of said it in front of the person, friend n posted on fb🤣🤣🤣
Erinna Kerry
Erinna Kerry 7 時間 前
Right ok but why did gabbie have to post stories about it? Could she not have just notified her friend and got on with life? She 100% would have known that trisha would watch the stories and know who it was about - Gabbie started the drama.
moist bread
moist bread 7 時間 前
Whos gabbie hanna?
ashesnwine •
ashesnwine • 7 時間 前
tbh i’m not a fan of either of them but i side with gabbie.. if i was sleeping w someone who had an STD and they didn’t tell me but my friend knew about it, i’d expect them to tell me 🤷🏻‍♀️ but there’s three sides to this story.. gabbie’s side, trisha’s side, and the truth. both of them are probably leaving details out somewhere
Raven Eyes
Raven Eyes 7 時間 前
Such nasty girls
Lye Ann Fox
Lye Ann Fox 7 時間 前
Its not like gabbie was going to all these rumor channels like a lot of people would. Also trish and jason were together for a while so he obviously didn't mind it enough to end things. They probably just had a conversation about it and then it was done. And now that gabbie and gabi are talking bout trishs like in gabi that probably made her remember it. Cause why would she come out now with this instead idk when it happened
Laura 7 時間 前
You gotta love jeffree tho
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Maybe you are the monster, Gabbie.
Bree Crutch
Bree Crutch 8 時間 前
I WAS NOT ready for the Paytas neck roll!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sophie Is Short
Sophie Is Short 8 時間 前
I dont like is either of them but I'm on gabbies side
Chasity Anderson
Chasity Anderson 8 時間 前
I would have told my friend. Honestly if she does and is having unprotected sex with partners without disclosing then that’s very illegal!
Min Yoon Kiki
Min Yoon Kiki 8 時間 前
He’s too damn grown to be getting the talk now
Isaac Lotto
Isaac Lotto 8 時間 前
Omg. Holy poop when I thought this retard couldn’t get worse she fudging spits on the dog!? What in the world is wrong with that might I ask
Melissa Mendez
Melissa Mendez 8 時間 前
What happened to your videos? It seems like they have poor editing now. This has been the first one I’ve watched in 5 months. What I mean is that back then your videos looked really put together and now they seem sloppy.
Rookie Cookie
Rookie Cookie 8 時間 前
Trisha used to be a hoe/thot period! I don’t know if people ever knew
That4g EclipseGirl
That4g EclipseGirl 8 時間 前
But by going on social media and talking about someone else’ situation,not knowing if it’s true or not, that’s not gossiping or spreading rumors? Obviously, We all know who Gabbie is talking about. Idk,never cared for Gabbie and will continue to never care for her. This whole stunt she pulled is childish and immature,not that I’m surprised.
Julia Rose
Julia Rose 8 時間 前
I would’ve done the same as Gabbie because it’s someone’s health we’re talking about. If someone heard that I was sleeping with someone who potentially had an STD and didn’t tell me, I’d be pissed! It’s always good to ask and it shows that you care about the other person involved. Trisha just needs to calm down and stop trying to cancel everyone 😂😂
Trixy G
Trixy G 8 時間 前
I tought that was a f.ckin LIPGLOSS
toaster strudel
toaster strudel 8 時間 前
y’all i’m on gabbies side like wtf?
Elina 8 時間 前
Ok I fkn hate gabbie but if i heard someone I knew was involved with a shady person as trisha is known to be and I came to know that may have an STD, then yeah I might tell them. If this was anyone else, it may be a little weird but this is trisha specifically and that’s why I don’t think gabbie’s wrong cuz ofc you don’t trust trisha paytas. She’s a manipulative bitch who is capable of having an STD and not telling her partner.
Shannon McMahon
Shannon McMahon 8 時間 前
I agree with gabbie, Trisha needs to understand that even though she may be honest with her partners, not everyone is. Friends should do anything and everything to protect each other. It doesn’t mean Gabbie thinks poorly on you it means she was worried about her friend.
Julia Leandro xx
Julia Leandro xx 8 時間 前
Gabbie’s concern for her friend is admirable. But they way she tells her friend about these rumours really defines if she was spreading rumours or just “caring for a friend”. Also, I didn’t like the way she was defending herself from Trisha in the text messages.
Kiyah Randall
Kiyah Randall 8 時間 前
I died when they said kitchen floor episode on Gabbie😭 0:50
Lesli Diaz
Lesli Diaz 8 時間 前
No. Thats why Dupes exist. James need to relax, theres no original makeup unless ur a kardashian or something 😂😂😂 His pallete is Morphe. How many Morphe dupes are there out there....
heizey lau
heizey lau 8 時間 前
Like what is wrong with ppl i don't understand when tati just give A GENUINE review they be like your being to harsh she hate her or something and if she being to soft about the review ppl be like OH SoMeOnE pay her to do this review or she is not doing a honest review and shit like wtf is wrong with ppl smh 🤦🏻
Lior Lim Jie Xin
Lior Lim Jie Xin 8 時間 前
Don’t tell the person one is having close relations with that the person has herpes. If the person has herpes and told you, and is now seeing someone, don’t be an idiot and butt into people’s shit, unless it has went extra overboard. If you care, go to the person with herpes and ask them if they have told their partner. Don’t just tell their partner and say you’re concern, but then you end up causing panic. And trisha has gotten old with her dumb ass rants... like move on.
Ash Jordan
Ash Jordan 8 時間 前
Gabbie did good
Jessica Wrjght
Jessica Wrjght 8 時間 前
Gabbie did nothing wrong, its up to her discretion other wise anyways
MOVED 8 時間 前
Why would a close friend of Trisha go tell Gabbie about her herpes? The source of this information is pretty questionable.
Johnbon 8 時間 前
Honestly I just think that drama qould start from litterally any shit right now. It's really unnecessary to make a video on something like that but we know Trish and her behaviour. I mean, those are things you should sort out between yourselves, why the fuck make a vid about it lmao? *And in my opinion Gabbie did nothing wrong and didn't want this to become "drama" or "rumors" about Trisha, she just cared, you know, for a friend*
Tragedy_girl •
Tragedy_girl • 9 時間 前
Is it me, or does Trisha paytas seem like she’s trying to take out everyone she’s been friends with?
Sarah C.
Sarah C. 8 時間 前
Tragedy_girl • it’s you
Kristin Stattel
Kristin Stattel 9 時間 前
Ok so gabbie may have "done it privately" but then to go on Instagram and put up a poll, that's what started all of this mess. She basically put it on blast when she decided to go on IG and start this.
Amber Nichole
Amber Nichole 9 時間 前
Damn y’all violated her w that thumbnail 🤣🤣
Gavin Kay
Gavin Kay 9 時間 前
I love your intro its just perfect 😍😍😍 10/10 👍
kurono gei
kurono gei 9 時間 前
shane doesnt wanna make a james x tati x jeffree video because he will have to expose jeffree then
Livi Holland
Livi Holland 9 時間 前
how can you still even think about stanning trisha after everything that’s happened lmfao
Kenneth Councillor
Kenneth Councillor 9 時間 前
I love this channel❤
Alex Parvizi
Alex Parvizi 9 時間 前
I love Gabbie Hanna. She's so talented ❤️
Angam Mosi
Angam Mosi 9 時間 前
i feel like trisha just wanted a topic to be the controversy .. there is nothing wrong to warn a friend.
TJ Rainbowleaf
TJ Rainbowleaf 9 時間 前
She should've talked to trish before talking to the guy.
I'm you
I'm you 9 時間 前
Gabbie never owns up to if and she keeps the drama going and plays victim .Trisha is annoying and immature person who just won't stop too.
Cora Hunter
Cora Hunter 9 時間 前
Who fucking cares ? Like fr?
Roanoke 9 時間 前
Trisha age is showing. Damn, thats one ugly creature
Kelly 9 時間 前
damn everyone is so toxic in these goddam comments
Sunbash456 IDC
Sunbash456 IDC 9 時間 前
0:18 I can’t with Shane’s placement
Omaira Pulatova
Omaira Pulatova 9 時間 前
Mar didn’t even say the store name so she shouldn’t get sued smh
沈强 9 時間 前
Lili May
Lili May 9 時間 前
Gabbie : I never spread rumors or gossip Also gabbie: so I went and told him what I heard from a friend
Trinity ShantelB
Trinity ShantelB 10 時間 前
She should have went to the source instead of saying something she didn’t have real facts on
i’m a clout chaser
i’m a clout chaser 10 時間 前
this is unnecessary drama tbh. this isn’t even good drama, like the interesting kind. this is boring asf (not shading on the channel, i just mean the actual situation lol)
vlogzzierandomer 10 時間 前
Alex Colley
Alex Colley 10 時間 前
Trisha needs to stay in her own lane and work on herself like she had just been crying about being transgender and her identity and now she want to expose people. Looks like she just need views. Like 🤭love Trisha but she need to not.
Maddi Grinter
Maddi Grinter 10 時間 前
gabbies side. literally would have done exactly what she did.
Nicole Van Nostrand
Nicole Van Nostrand 10 時間 前
I literally just tried to find the Kenza Cosmetics website and apparently there is none 😶
hadi syafiq
hadi syafiq 10 時間 前
gabbie ended herself without trisha’s help lmao. her music career didn’t even take off and was turned into a meme.
Dianne Sabino
Dianne Sabino 11 時間 前
gabi deadass played herself w that camera angle. all i saw were ninja turtle eyes behind the masks while she talked😂
Mark Marks
Mark Marks 11 時間 前
why do i hAte gabbie hannas nose
Yaaankee 11 時間 前
I guess she really is a moNSTER
Ace Anthony Referiza
Ace Anthony Referiza 11 時間 前
When she said "quality > quantity" I cringed so hard.
yoojustmee 11 時間 前
I've been in the exact same situation where my really close friend started to date my other friend that I know has herpes, but I confronted my friend first about whether is he going to tell her and he said yes so I was like ok, end of story, I would feel terrible to blast somebody like this cuz this is very private issue and yes the safety of your friend is important too but everybody with a brain knows that they need to protect themselves smh
Corin Miranda
Corin Miranda 11 時間 前
I think generally in a situation like this you should give your friend a heads-up that you heard some stuff about the person they're sleeping with and you want them to be aware that said information is circulating, whether it's true or not, and you hope they and their partner are being as safe as possible and that you mean no disrespect etc., you're just making them aware that that's something they may want to address. In this specific situation, I don't necessarily think either is inherently wrong. Trisha was rightfully upset (at the time) but I don't think making a JPvid video bitching about Gabbie for however long was necessary or warranted. And Gabbie, while well within her right as a friend to give Jason a heads-up that she'd heard certain things about the person he was sleeping with and that she felt he should know as such, should have left it at the poll or just made a quick little thing to like clarify "Any resemblance to previous real-life situations is purely coincidental, I have said my piece and that is all I will say" and not responded further. I get feeling the need to defend yourself but sometimes you gotta push that away and bite your tongue.
Moonlight Glisten
Moonlight Glisten 11 時間 前
What if im a herpeS SNITCHHHH
psds Onuma
psds Onuma 11 時間 前
Who the fk r they?
Këñdy C
Këñdy C 11 時間 前
This guy needs to be canceled...
Lexus Red
Lexus Red 11 時間 前
I think fuck gabby lmaooo Trish owns it at least.
Lexus Red
Lexus Red 11 時間 前
Heres the thing I don't believe gabby ever did it fkr the right reasons. Shes alone and its because shes a cry baby thats wants a knight in shining armor. But sorry fairytails don't happen to whores.
Abbey Banaszak
Abbey Banaszak 11 時間 前
Not one person here can say they wouldn’t do the same thing. If your friend is hooking up with someone who MIGHT have an std, I’m telling them. That’s information they need to know before they start sleeping around with someone. Even if she doesn’t have it it’s better safe than sorry.
A T 11 時間 前
But like why isn’t Trisha cancelled for good yet...? I mean lately she has literally been such a mess, I mean her whole career still stands on crying over nothing...
Tova Eriksson
Tova Eriksson 11 時間 前
Obviously you check if it's true before making someone look bad. Even if she isn't that close to Trisha she should be able to put herself in the same position. If for example her boyfriend heard the same thing about her she would be angry if it wasn't true and would have wanted that person to ask her about it first before involving her boyfriend. THAT IS STARTING DRAMA when you DON'T check FACTS! Is she kidding herself or what?...
Constance Moore
Constance Moore 12 時間 前
Just because of the "approved" lol people nowadays are too shallow. I dnt like both of them
your sleep paralysis demon's girlfriend
I really don't get how approaching Trisha first would have solved the issue. Would people who have STDs really just talk about their condition to complete strangers? Plus what Gabbie was concerned about was if Trisha had an STD and wasn't honest about it with James. If she wasn't even honest with her partner why would she be honest with a stranger? Plus Trisha would have made a rant and started drama either way. Everyone knows this
Aeden Sheila
Aeden Sheila 12 時間 前
Her "friends" said that things is so amazing? Haha! FVCKfakeFR!3ND&
payton Mcphee
payton Mcphee 12 時間 前
Never liked either of these people but I extra hate gabbie. She’s just fucking annoying. Her voice makes me wanna stick my head in an oven.
Trish Lena
Trish Lena 12 時間 前
There was probably no receipts. They just needed you sheeple to buy into their game.
jennifer Loy fairhurst
Trisha talked openly about her STD's on her, David and Jason s videos when she was with hi!m!! Tana Mongeau put out on her social media she might start a JPvid Drama and Gabbi replied Could she be in it to get her views up!!!! Trisha Never misses an opportunity as her views are down!!! Coincidence? Never....it's a Fake Feud, A Con for$$$ and views. Will TP's followers Never learn...you are being Conned. Go look at Tana's Twitter from last week. 4th of November!!!
Utagan Veran
Utagan Veran 12 時間 前
Ends? Where?
Theone Thompson
Theone Thompson 12 時間 前
"..and that's why I don't get like, upset.." *has made 3 videos about her monster "meme" and has an Instagram rant*
Ricardo Amaru Gray
Ricardo Amaru Gray 12 時間 前
*what if im the mOnSTAAAAAA*
Estefania Vazquez
Estefania Vazquez 12 時間 前
Bottom line is, talk to each other. They’re both grown women, they can have that convo face to face without needing to make it a public discussion because tbh no one care. They’re two of the most irrelevant youtubers anyways.
Aida Morina
Aida Morina 12 時間 前
i was waiting for trisha to end gabbie but it never happened
Caia Sly
Caia Sly 12 時間 前
Idk why Trisha is getting so mad when she publicly said that she had multiple STDs and that's why she cant have kids
SandraEmilsson 12 時間 前
Who the f**k cares about their pitty problems.