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Ki Jackson
Ki Jackson 11 時間 前
Yeah. I feel like Trisha had a point. If it were me I think I'd do the same. And in a way she was asking for it. Trisha made the money and worked for it. It's not "Trisha Stole My Money!" It's more like "Trisha realized she's practically giving money away to someone she publicly doesn't like and got her money back. "
Jennifer Mayberry
Jennifer Mayberry 11 時間 前
Ppl make me sicccckkkk ppl who can’t afford rooms fo go complain that she’s shopping at rooms to go
Icia Ramirez
Icia Ramirez 11 時間 前
This is so horrible. I hope that child's new family loves him unconditionally.
Carina 11 時間 前
Disgusting! Poor baby he must of felt so confused and heartbroken 💔
jello toenails
jello toenails 11 時間 前
I've been on a mukbang tea spill rampage
Ranzel Linsangan
Ranzel Linsangan 11 時間 前
uhmm, David's videos are 4 minutes and 20 seconds only, youtube makes it 21 bc idek🤣
akam 90
akam 90 11 時間 前
It must be too easy for people to adopt
Cherry Hearts
Cherry Hearts 12 時間 前
The poor boy chooses other over them because the Stauffer did not loved him as their own child. How can they even say such things. Shame on them because the boy who they adopted for over two year seems to be happy with other family then being with such fake dramatic parents who always thought he was a burden when profiting off from him.
Namjesus With hobi water
Her brain is just messed up because of fame
it's only a dollar you ain't special
just saying but if i made 16k from an enemy i wouldn't be dumb enough to rub it in their face. especially before that money was even in my account wtf
isabella 12 時間 前
she was being petty by posting that video “thanking” trisha for using her code. it backfired and that’s no ones fault but her own. should’ve kept her mouth shut and kept her coin.
Chemicalclowns 13 時間 前
What about that photo of them DUCT TAPING HIS THUMB TO KEEP HIM FROM SUCKIN IT these people are disgusting
Magali Ontiveros
Magali Ontiveros 13 時間 前
The sad thing is that it will forever be in the internet...when he gets older he will see that a family didn't want him. How would he feel? They just traumatized him more now. He will have trust issues...It's horrible...
Jashon Lindsay calloway
AHHHHHHHH she said at least it didn’t have her morphe code on the shirt 🤣
Lexy Flores
Lexy Flores 13 時間 前
This is so minor but it also bugs me how they named him Huxley. Idk I just think if you are going to adopt a child from a different country you should try to preserve some of their culture for that child. I’m just making stuff up but I would have asked the adoption agency of a name that would mean hope or some shit like that. I would even got as far as trying to learn their language. My family speaks Spanish so I would consider adopting a Latin baby so we can speak to each other comfortably. I did see this one subreddit where people talk about adoptions they regretted. Most of the children are older but many kids have really really difficult issues. I have always considered adopting but after watching that it made me realize you should not do it for yourself. I was sympathetic to her at first because of the subreddit but she was just not ready. It really did seems like she was a kid wanting a puppy and was not ready for the responsibility. AND SHE HAD ANOTHER FUCKING KID AFTER ADOPTING. This boy needed more attention and a family who could provide that.
Noemi Del C Davis Marte
This people are so disgusting and nauseating!!🤢🤮
Nour Hadi
Nour Hadi 13 時間 前
Imagine him seeing this in the future😔
Olivia Steventon
Olivia Steventon 14 時間 前
My Nan was abandoned as a baby, and she had awful adopted parents, she eventually ran away from them, so I can understand if they were struggling with their sons problem, but just as you can consent to being a biological parent you also consent to adopting, and they are your child. I’m so upset for this child and I hope he grows up safe and looked after
Reignsupreme _05
Reignsupreme _05 14 時間 前
Julie Cook
Julie Cook 14 時間 前
Disgusting! What would they do if one of their biological babies were autistic? Rehome?! WTF
AnimeToonzStudio 14 時間 前
I feel sorry for Nikkie. She didn't deserve it. Ellen is transphobic jerk to her.
Stella Medeiros
Stella Medeiros 14 時間 前
They went to Bali after throwing their adopted child away.
T Grant
T Grant 14 時間 前
I'm sure the decision wasn't made lightly, if they exhausted all avenues of help and this what's in the best interest of the child we need to respect the decision. We have thousands of children in America living in worse conditions then this, be kind and pray for the family.
Kathleen Young
Kathleen Young 14 時間 前
Yikes! Who are the people?
Melina Calderon
Melina Calderon 14 時間 前
No excuses but I’ve been watching a hundred of videos like this and all the hate is on myka and not James... or is it just me
Éabha Kenny
Éabha Kenny 15 時間 前
This channel has a better theme tune than most tv shows ngl
Shabby Cat
Shabby Cat 15 時間 前
Nina is still causing drama out there. I am shocked she is still out here. She was having her fans send her cheap crap from amazon for a long time. Now she is banking 16,000. Wow.
Angie V
Angie V 15 時間 前
I think they’re a POS.
10,000 subscribers with laggy vids
plot twist james is in the car yelling and shane and tati are outside begging for forgiveness ALSO another plot twister james is the right 1 in the situation u should watch No more lies by him
mmb 16 時間 前
these kinds of people are the reason the adoption process is so difficult. it's sad, especially when there are families that deserve to get their kid as soon as possible because they would ACTUALLY take care of the child. those people are so irresponsible, and i feel bad for their kids who had to give up a sibling because of their parents pathetic priorities.
Loz xox
Loz xox 16 時間 前
Literally all he had to do was push it back to Halloween to avoid all of this lol not a fan of him and I like the palette in general and it doesn't even offend me personally but with everything going on I don't see why he couldn't just be a little sensitive about that and just push the launch, especially to a holiday that would have fitted PERFECTLY with the theme 🤔
Letisha Krishna
Letisha Krishna 16 時間 前
They should put all the money they raised in Huxley's name from their followers in a trust for the child after mentally scarring him for life. She seems to be an attention seeking psycho. I hope this kid ends up with a family who will heal and whole him
Julianna Ortega
Julianna Ortega 16 時間 前
They called him adoptive son no one uses that word they just call them our son or daughter. They prob never bonded with him.
ii.x68 16 時間 前
Me? Believing this psycho guy? I would never
Un día con Ann vlogs
Un día con Ann vlogs 16 時間 前
I’m sorry but your thumbnail scared me...
ei88 16 時間 前
Hearing the whole story just made me relief that they did it. If the guy gets "bunkered" simply cause that child was watching them eat ( and almost trying to make it sound barbaric or creepy when it's even common in kids who aren't disabled) who knows how they would treat him later. I just hope that this wouldn't traumatize him too much and meet a family that actually has a heart.
ItsKebbles 17 時間 前
Hide the money y'all there's broke people around Hahaha with ya broke ahh😌
Yuki-oh! owo
Yuki-oh! owo 17 時間 前
Tik tok boys: come out as a joke Me, a bisexual who was scared to get hated by her family for being one before coming out: mcusemebitch
ItsKebbles 17 時間 前
Nina literally should have just stayed quiet but ofc problamatic influencers just love to start drama She did this to herself 💀
Alena Mikheeva
Alena Mikheeva 17 時間 前
Not re-homing, re-abandoning
Joey Tally
Joey Tally 17 時間 前
05:13 03:36 01:40
Gille87 17 時間 前
Why people shouldn’t adopt outside of their race. Just another form of colonialism. You don’t choose to be someone’s family and then give up when life gets hard. What if that boy was their biological son? Would they still give him back? Disgusting and appaling!
Mon Cochrane
Mon Cochrane 17 時間 前
This is totally ridiculous. He’s not a puppy !
Millie Hensley
Millie Hensley 17 時間 前
well “nina” looks like a whole ass alien
Jamison Reese
Jamison Reese 17 時間 前
I judt truly hate trisha. SHE NEEDS TO BE C A N C E L L E D.
Sa1tyMe 17 時間 前
I’m going to watch some ORIGINAL David dobrick.
Sa1tyMe 17 時間 前
Dobrik, lMao-
Sussy Bellah
Sussy Bellah 17 時間 前
This is just sad. And hypocritical
I don’t Care
I don’t Care 17 時間 前
Omfg “we’re not gonna *trade* him” you don’t trade biological kids do u? I can’t imagine what it’s like for him, I’m adopted and I can’t imagine being given away from my adoptive family..
Rafaela braga
Rafaela braga 18 時間 前
how does one block youtubers like them?
Grace Long
Grace Long 18 時間 前
this family is based on lies. kylie can sit there and act like she never “asked for the title” but they handed over the files didn’t they? everything they do is so calculated and strategic. the devil works hard but kris jenner works harder
Lauren Elizabeth
Lauren Elizabeth 18 時間 前
Reactive Attachment Disorder is super extreme, having worked in childcare myself. However it is still horrible. International adoption should stop as the motivations for people are often ego driven
Junior Pounal
Junior Pounal 18 時間 前
you can’t ask for a kid with special needs or conditions and when things gets rough you send them back cuz “it was too hard”
K Hope
K Hope 18 時間 前
I cant imagine the pain this family has had to go through. Wouldn't you prefer the child be with someone that has the mental, emotional, medical and educational capacity to best help him? I watched the adoption as it was happening and continue to watch her videos. I cant imagine how difficult it was to raise her bio kids and then to try and give her adopted son all the medical care he needed. It doesn't sound like they don't love him, the complete opposite actually. They love him enough to know that they couldn't give him what he needed no matter how hard they tried. Things will be better for him now.
NoOpinionNeeded 18 時間 前
Oh no Kylie can’t buy anymore cars what ever will we do
Pam Sysiuk
Pam Sysiuk 18 時間 前
unpopular opinion: drinking alcohol doesnt make u a alcoholic. being a alcoholic is not being able to live w/out it.
Josephine wynn
Josephine wynn 18 時間 前
disgusting. he didnt fit into their cookie cutter lifestyle. new house? get rid of adopted child? goes to post videos as if nothing happened???? what a monster.
AmazingVinyl 18 時間 前
he's considered missing now and the police are looking for him
Chelsea savoie
Chelsea savoie 19 時間 前
i feel that MTV just makes her act out more to make it “interesting “
amy myburgh
amy myburgh 19 時間 前
These people are sick
Hello There
Hello There 19 時間 前
Remember kids, when you consider adoption, you adopt a human being. You cant cast them aside like a used toy and get another one.
Anne Solis
Anne Solis 19 時間 前
Too bad we don't know who has that precious boy now. Yu are loved by everyone in the world sweet boy.
Madison Schulte
Madison Schulte 20 時間 前
People need to chill about the pallet like there's so many other issues lmmaaooo ppl are so sensitive I cannot
Mariangel Reyes
Mariangel Reyes 20 時間 前
Unsubscribe to all their channels if you are heartbroken for Huxley 😭😭😭😭, this is how WE CAN STAND UP FOR HIM! I can’t say that on their channel because I’ve read they are deleting messages that aren’t to their benefit.
Atiya Jones
Atiya Jones 20 時間 前
Even if Kylie ain't a billionaire, she sure as hell got more money than the rest of combined 🤷‍♀️
Ella Reily
Ella Reily 20 時間 前
can you do a video on the 8 passengers drama
Daria Zhuleva
Daria Zhuleva 20 時間 前
I watched Myka for some time and then her overall vibe started creeping me out. Turns out my gut feeling was true.
Paige Hall
Paige Hall 20 時間 前
I'm a recovering heroin addict and have a necklace with the heroin molecular structure as well as some other items that reference heroin. People really have some nerve. What happened to personal choice and fucking privacy. For me it's empowering and symbolic of my gratitude for recovering and becoming a better person than even before the drugs.
faith heart
faith heart 20 時間 前
That's so insane how with everything going on in the world right now they even take the time to write an article about how Kylie is not a billionaire. She is? She is not? Let her live her life and decide your priorities Forbes
Anubis Cerberus mwks
Anubis Cerberus mwks 20 時間 前
There is so much I wanted to say to these people and yet I just couldn't seem to find the right words. I am utterly confused. What do you say to a family who first share their private lives to the world via social media then shows how compassionate and caring they are better than the average human by adopting a special needs kid only to turn around and show how ruthlessly cold and thoughtless they are worse than the average animal by abandoning that same child? Did the adoption comes with a 30 days money back guarantee if not satisfied special clause for psycho and sociopath couples adopting or something like that? WTF man? Where do you even begin?
Febe Ocampo
Febe Ocampo 20 時間 前
Y'all can put it here. 🗑🗑🗑
Candice Williams
Candice Williams 20 時間 前
You and others keep mentioning Trisha might not have known she was making Nina money..... ok, what’s your point? That’s not a legit reason to not give Nina her money lmao
Asylated 20 時間 前
jesus christ im a boy and i love ur freaking intro edit: ur exposed
Gabriella Romano
Gabriella Romano 20 時間 前
Well they for sure tried to make themselves look like great selfless people after doing something so terrible and traumatic to a child with special needs.
Chloe Jones
Chloe Jones 21 時間 前
Nina doesn’t get a percentage of Trishas money. Trisha still makes her money. It’s a percentage from onlyfans, hence WHY they changed it to a year. Because so many people were using referral links and they’re obviously sick of paying people out their 5%. It’s doesn’t affect anyone’s income..
Stephan Rivenburg
Stephan Rivenburg 21 時間 前
0:58 02:05 0:53
Vicente Check
Vicente Check 21 時間 前
0:26 04:26 04:50
Jeffery Caskey
Jeffery Caskey 21 時間 前
05:09 01:24 02:46
pumpkin sunset
pumpkin sunset 21 時間 前
your intro wont leave my head 😂I LOVE IT
123 Game_s
123 Game_s 21 時間 前
Zach is the type of person where if he gets pissed off or bullied he reaches for his back and.......pulls out a sprite and cheese
Claire Victoria
Claire Victoria 21 時間 前
"We would never just give up a child with special needs" that's literally what you just did, sis...
Ashley Bishop
Ashley Bishop 21 時間 前
It makes me wonder how many "family vloggers" only do certain things for attention & views...to appear like the perfect people just for the approval of strangers. To the families that are genuine, this couple gives them a bad rep.
Luisaa 21 時間 前
Wasteful? Sis its not like other influencers dont use plastic 👀👌🏻
Simone Palamini
Simone Palamini 21 時間 前
Saying that she wanted a child with special needs is really selfish and disgusting... They aren't objects, you don't chose children based on what special needs they have 😩
ghosty4 21 時間 前
Eh, "earned", "worked hard for", "deserve". I don't think that's exactly how I would describe her owning a Lamborghini but OK.
Rory Fay
Rory Fay 21 時間 前
I'm actually a bit disgusted that people are supporting her decision to give him up, I have an autistic brother who is 9 and he is the best brother I could ever ask for, so what would have happened if my mom just gave up on my own biological brother????? I wouldn't have a cute loving little brother that I love so much
Nour El Fekih
Nour El Fekih 21 時間 前
bro that video of Nikita was MONTHS ago lmao why would she go to Milan in the middle of a pandemic
Soccer Style
Soccer Style 22 時間 前
I can’t believe I’m watching this after 4 months
Trumpy Dog
Trumpy Dog 22 時間 前
Sometimes the fit isn't there. I guess I'll give the parents that. But they have a channel making money off this adoption. Making money off of this child. Now the child is gone from their lives and they are STILL making money off of him and not contributing some of it to his new family to help with the medical issues they are claiming is the reason they got rid of him.
CozyMood 22 時間 前
Before the video even starts Me: lol, Trasha....
Tianna Gittens
Tianna Gittens 22 時間 前
I don’t even know why I clicked this. It’s unfortunate that this happened however it is none of our business.
nathalye solis
nathalye solis 22 時間 前
me: mom i want the new jeffree star pallet mom: we got the jeffree star pallet at home the jeffree star pallet at home:
ghosty4 22 時間 前
Frank Franz
Frank Franz 22 時間 前
Nasfikry Nasir
Nasfikry Nasir 22 時間 前
Not into cancel culture. But hopefully they are!!! Disgusting humans!!
untapishtim 22 時間 前
She is a narcissist from hell and her husband, the bozo, is her codependent. They are disgusting!
Silvermoon 22 時間 前
Umm .88% is not a big number it is literally less than 1%
Vina 23 時間 前
She said she will NOT return him so she said "re-home" him, she basically ignored him when she became pregnant with her 5 baby what kind of mother would do that?
Camryn Camryn
Camryn Camryn 23 時間 前
Ill just say that besides her scandals has Gabbie really been “relevant” since vine days...Im asking who’s really looking for her other than to see what dumb thing shes done lately🥴
Maddie Welborn
Maddie Welborn 23 時間 前
HAHAHA girl said “i already cashed it out jokes on her” *next day* “OMF TRISH TOOK MY MONEY”
Ila Green
Ila Green 23 時間 前
That video of them is the fakest crying I’ve ever seen! And it’s insane how many people still support and defend them on their channel!! Absolutely disgusting!! Shame one them and anyone defending them!!!