I'm a JPvid historian.
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Jimin’s jams
Jimin’s jams 時間 前
I watch him since I'm 6 or when I had my first iPad like 2008 now its emo fade but still Joji is my fav following by kpop ow,o
ITz_AmBeR_demon 5 時間 前
Yes I love how you put people that died people who swear people that are gay ,bi and people that are not the most know
Just Awake
Just Awake 7 時間 前
Wow. Didn't know you had been Shouted out by both Mr. Beast and Logan(idubzz too). Goes to show how great you can become.
Just Awake
Just Awake 6 時間 前
@JayLaw All OG JPvidrs.
JayLaw 6 時間 前
After rewind there was a lot more. Casey, Keem, Maxmoefoe and a few other also gave me a shout out so that was cool
4:04 who was she
Just Awake
Just Awake 7 時間 前
I'm Glad your Channel is doing good. Will you do another easter hunt with the ad revenue as prize? Or something along those lines?
Just Awake
Just Awake 7 時間 前
@JayLaw I hope you do. I will try to spread your Channel among my friends and family no matter how small an impact it makes. I'm currently binge watching your videos I missed over the past few months right now. The Quality never falters. Good luck. Keep the grind bro.
JayLaw 7 時間 前
Thanks. Sadly that fell completely flat on its face when i did it that i had to delete it. However now ive got more subscribers i love the idea and will def do it again when i have more views. Otherwise it just wont work 😪
Zach Gold
Zach Gold 9 時間 前
I just wish Joji continues to do comedy at somepoint, not even on JPvid, the guy's just so damn funny
furless cat with wifi trying their best
I don't think that he's a Nazi. I agree that the journalists blow shit out of proportion. But that time he let the n word slip out? Yeah... I dunno. If that's something that slips out when you're mad on camera, what are you saying when the camera isn't running?
Estella Casas
Estella Casas 18 時間 前
I love joji
Erika Todorova
Erika Todorova 18 時間 前
This is so stupid but every time i watch a joji\filthy frank video i start to cry because his transformation is kind of like a metaphor for life: Its starts out innocent You go through puberty and do some stupid shit Your surroundings force you to change So you change
Joe Who
Joe Who 21 時間 前
Nice 6.9million views
TheNickEmpire 22 時間 前
Run, Slow Dancing in the Dark, and Sanctuary are some of the best songs I’ve ever heard
yaboi Taylor
yaboi Taylor 22 時間 前
People who knew joji before filthy frank shouldn't be allowed to be fans
Domestic pigeon
Ksi has Likely made WELL over 5 million from his fights alone. And considering the possibility of another one with Jake Paul it's likely to increase
vortex 日 前
When smosh was actually good 😢😓
Riseis 日 前
Not gonna lie you should’ve talked about Quadeca vs KSI and how he blew up
ThatCrazy Drunk
You think the first diss track was in the 1900s? Haha! In fact it was the hit song “Union Dixie” by the north during the American civil war!
christian andrew erazo
2020 yow
I know him tho
wee bobo
wee bobo 日 前
Miss the pink guy 😭😭😭😭
Kyle Wren
Kyle Wren 日 前
That's a recorder not a flute
Evan Shaffer
Evan Shaffer 日 前
Hatred diss tracks are done. Logan Paul uploads a diss track
Tbone360boss 2 日 前
When you a day to early to listen to going broke
This Isnt Me
This Isnt Me 2 日 前
You lied you said you wouldn't make another video like this
MoRpH 2 日 前
literally though logan came with a new disstrack
HawaiiaNNatioN 2 日 前
Such a good video. Very informative and well thought out. I didnt get bored and skip ahead 10 seconds like other videos. This vid is entertaining from beginning to end. I learned a bunch
R.I.P Etika...
IntR Gold
IntR Gold 2 日 前
Goes from pac and biggie to ricegum and Jake Paul 😂 em vs CANIBUS ja rule vs 50 cent ?
Puzzle League central
lets give this more likes than the the amount of dislikes on the actual yt rewind.
Ihtisham Hussain
You said Idubbz diss track was the first vicious one, did you even hear any of W2S’s diss tracks 😂
Rod player
Rod player 2 日 前
The JPvidrs you mentioned at the beginning don't attempt to make music, the only release diss tracks well all except ksi.
shuftyy 2 日 前
If you watch it in 480p the video is even better
We weebs know know joji better than anyone 😂
Lebendiges Gespenst
In hiding, have you heard the pink album?
Gasoline 2 日 前
Bruh das not a flute it's a recorder
Frost main
Frost main 3 日 前
The sidemen beef wasn't fake it was meant as a joke but turned real very fast the only reason they didn't break up was because of how close they all are
Astesien 3 日 前
This title wtf, we all knew, he explained a billion times
yugiohplayer 325
Dad Inside
Dad Inside 3 日 前
Why isnt he shooting any vlogs tho
Joji isn't Asian he is Japanese
Rins vanderEem
boi that is the same as asian asain stand for all the countrys in asian and suprise suprise japan lies in asia dumb fuck
Rishit Singh
Rishit Singh 3 日 前
like i love pink guy but i still don't get whats so genius about him.
saberdaze is not gay
he’s so under appreciated bro. i grew up to filthy frank and now my teenage years will just be all joji songs. when i think about it, when i have kids- my kids may ask “who is joji” and ah fuck i cant wait to just enlighten younger people about joji and his backstory
W4DU HEX 3 日 前
Tottaly better than the official rewind.... *STONKS*
Ramona Sport
Ramona Sport 3 日 前
Welp this video was a lie
sp1dey 15
sp1dey 15 3 日 前
alexspot1 3 日 前
Amitesh Chand
Amitesh Chand 3 日 前
Logan paul
Alan Russell
Alan Russell 3 日 前
Charlie boy Lumineers
yeetus deletus
yeetus deletus 3 日 前
There's no beef anymore
Heather Feather
Heather Feather 3 日 前
I just discovered this brilliant bloke in my 42nd year of life, and i can confidently say this is the hero we were all waiting for.
Mohamed Amersi
Mohamed Amersi 4 日 前
And then L.P. goes and realises a banger
Rilee Phillips
Rilee Phillips 4 日 前
i just fucking cried
The True Dissapointment
new song title: memoirs of the filthy frank
AaAa HhHh
AaAa HhHh 4 日 前
5:28 that’s not a flute
Avrumi Weinberger
Ha. Look at ksi now
Kyle insaly
Kyle insaly 4 日 前
A bad word
AwdAcy 4 日 前
To be honest, KSI is definitely with Joji when it comes to music. His music is just getting better and better
Rins vanderEem
pls dont compair joji and ksi thats just unfair to ksi
Kuro 4 日 前
Bet almost no one knew Vik was richer than Jj lol Edit: Came from New MoreSidemen vid
Bálint Acél
Bálint Acél 4 日 前
man o n e day
Jose Cortes
Jose Cortes 4 日 前
He forgot about quadeca 🤦🏾‍♂️
Boomboy53 4 日 前
How did this guy not mention Diss God??
Da Boi
Da Boi 4 日 前
Its funny that he put the beerus thumbnail in the title but it wasn't even a diss!
Sprunk Spill
Sprunk Spill 4 日 前
okay but...even before joji was a good music man....he was *already* a fuckin genius-
lol haha
lol haha 5 日 前
Ngl 2015-2017 was the best time to watch JPvid. LeafyWASthere, cringy musically videos but most importantly the BEEF.
Jorge B.
Jorge B. 5 日 前
Joji is awesome.
Light- ning
Light- ning 5 日 前
You forgot the sidemen feud
VaibRA 5 日 前
If people know who joji is but don't know who filthy Frank/pink guy is I got no respect for them.
Papa feanku i will miss i hope you rest in peace in memes heaven
Katelin 5 日 前
You have no idea how much I miss my papa franku, he was literally one of the only ppl I’d watch back in school and he gave me a break from the bullying and how much I was suffering with my mental health, But I’m so proud of Joji and everything he has created and I just hope his success continues, I’ll always love him and his music. As much as I miss frank, I would never want Joji’s health to decline for a meme so I honestly don’t blame him, I think it’d be nice to get some sort of content from him, involving his music or anything he’d want to discuss/ show but I’m cool with just his music. 🧡
Djdaha Adan
Djdaha Adan 5 日 前
This about to blow up
4 Gaming
4 Gaming 5 日 前
U deserve more views and subscribers, you’re putting out quality videos. Keep doing these videos eventualy you’ll grow
I'm happy Joji is doing what he likes to do but I honestly don't really like his music and think he could have gone so much farther in the industry being a comedian than a singer but still happy for him.
SlobyVC 5 日 前
Please somebody I need to know the name of the somg
Shoebags 5 日 前
Supa Hot Fire started diss tracks with the notorious line *”SIKE that’s the wrong number”*
JayLaw 5 日 前
Ha not quite as Epic Rap Battles came before DeshawnRaw but if you pause the video at 6:14 you will see underneath i have put a picture and tribute to his rap battles because they did play a part in all this
cesar Ska
cesar Ska 5 日 前
No se si el cambio de religión o lux fue para mal o para bien, pero me gusta burda.
Alfie 5 日 前
That aint no flute
Aar Kay
Aar Kay 5 日 前
Who's here after the diss track from Logan Paul to Antonio Brown?
captain mcnugget
this gem would be the perfect 15th anniversary edition
Opti FN
Opti FN 5 日 前
Vik be making more than doctors
Kiyo Kiyo
Kiyo Kiyo 5 日 前
Ironic how the guy who always talked about wanting to die and smoking through his nose is the exact opposite 3 years later
jack. cadman
jack. cadman 5 日 前
As much as I have disliked him in the past Logan Paul’s new diss track is pretty great.
bamie16 5 日 前
Lol you were 2 weeks too early, logan paul just dropped a banger disstrack
Mike Tython
Mike Tython 5 日 前
I really with that filthy frank would comeback and make a movie adaptathion of hith book
GoldenArt765 5 日 前
TuPACK, its Tupac my guy
GoldenArt765 5 日 前
@JayLaw I gotchu
JayLaw 5 日 前
Thanks dad
Michelle Walker
Michelle Walker 6 日 前
Sweet 🙏🙏🙏💚💚💚🔥🔥🔥
Suspended Animation
Almost any random Filipino cam speak atleast 3 languages
Fmdm Amman’s
Fmdm Amman’s 6 日 前
2017 you twat
JayLaw 6 日 前
Whats 2017?
MIG 69
MIG 69 6 日 前
What about "Going Broke". The new Logan Paul distrack against Antonio Brown. The track is fire🔥🔥🔥
Buddery Boi
Buddery Boi 6 日 前
Filthy frank is back
Tiger Versace
Tiger Versace 6 日 前
Big up Rice for starting it on JPvid
JamieBigTime 6 日 前
5:10 wrong. It was not nigahiga, wolfieraps disstracked himself few months before nigahiga. Its called "worst youtuber ever roasts me".
Bobby Hamlin
Bobby Hamlin 6 日 前
It was in 2017 not 2016😂
JayLaw 6 日 前
What are u referring to as 2017?
The Coaster Reviews
I don't care what anyone says the old MrBeast was better.
The Coaster Reviews
Great video but you forgot so many other JPvidrs like VanossGaming, Markiplier, & I hate to say it but the Paul brothers.
MeMelon 6 日 前
Nice vid, I tackled this topic a couple weeks ago but my god is this vid so much better
Chase Gardner
Chase Gardner 6 日 前
Hmm I wonder if there's a Sssniperwolf edition one where she's in it?😕
cesar Ska
cesar Ska 6 日 前
Que cambio tan arrecho se tiro este pana!!!!!
PikleMyNikel 6 日 前
Logan Paul’s Antonio brown diss track: *Ok*