I'm a JPvid historian.
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GreaZy 時間 前
Who is here after Nectar?
MrGrimFoxy 2 時間 前
So that means he quit rahat because I used watch him for about 5 or 6 years
Elizabeth Rodriguez
Elizabeth Rodriguez 2 時間 前
Couch Mayne
Couch Mayne 3 時間 前
Glad someone finally brings some light into this
Think about all the fans of joji who dont know papa franku.
Ljiljana Cvjetan-Trbović
"The Genius You Never Knew" why does that genius hates himself by calling himself a loser???
Time of the Whovians United
What music did you use in this? :)
JayLaw 9 時間 前
Theres link in the description. Called tigerblood jewel
ME ME 9 時間 前
bro i almost cried
RandomBG Player
RandomBG Player 13 時間 前
The thumbnail is magic itself
Jane Maria
Jane Maria 17 時間 前
This legend was the man that taught me the N word in Japanese when I was 9 years old
Gokul Nair
Gokul Nair 日 前
The quality of your editing is next fucking level. That scene of early JPvid made me nostalgic as fuck. Thank you so much for the work you're doing.
JayLaw 日 前
Thanks dude 🤘
BlaqZ 日 前
here a like and a comment man. Keep doing it. Maybe its just your 2020 or some shit
Honestly this is one of the greatest thing anyone has ever made😢
Padoru Padoru
Today they would have been cancelled into oblivion few hours after uploading first video XD picking up girls? Making penis jokes? Too risky fam
Padoru Padoru
@JayLaw reminds me of most recent sketch Ian Kung made. It's not like the same people who cancel everyone today said American Pie was the greatest comedy of all time 10 years ago.
JayLaw 日 前
Of course but its a good example of how society in general has changed
Padoru Padoru
I just don't understand. If he's innocent then why? Why dissappearing without an explanation? All "vanishing into thin air" jokes aside, he had an incredible career, brands deals, JPvid channel with 6+ mil. Why cast it all aside? The least he could have done- provide proof he didn't steal the money. It's not that hard. If you want to start anew- quick video is fine. "Hello guys, you know, it's been great but I want to do other things now, thank you for your support". Of course, innocent until proven guilty, but this... this is just fishy. Something is wrong. Maybe he didn't steal the money (as his friend stated, he made much, much more off his channel, so this makes no sense), but something obviously happened.
AirPlayRule 日 前
I believe when they threw money from above, 1 guy (assuming he wasn't an actor) said "I'm homeless!" n Rahat gave him money personally...this is what likely set off the trend...Rahat saw the comments and/or got an idea afterward...surprised you missed that but good video bro!
AirPlayRule 日 前
@JayLaw Ok I'll check out that channel (their name sounds familiar) but there probably were other videos before them or around their time and anyway, I was refering to what set off the trend FOR RAHAT, not youtube... the tipping point (or 1 tipping point) was (likely) what happened in his video that you show at 9:08...the ending of that video is where the guy said "I'm homeless" so it's worth mentioning i think. P.S Why not ask the cameraman how he knows Eric harrassed Rahat, how is it harassment if it's Eric's $, why would Eric lie n still be homeless if he got the $, n why didn't Rahat show the promised proof that he payed Eric like he promised BEFORE disappearing... and did Rahat fake any vids (Eric said Rahat knew Eric got a job but acted surprised in 1 vid about it, and there's a pro actor in 1 of his vids, and the walking on water prank uses a "secret" that requires every1 there to be actors).
JayLaw 日 前
Lol thats not quite how the homeless giveaway trend started. A channel called givebackfilms made a video giving money to the homeless in 2013 and it went viral. The rest is history
freeballer93 日 前
It really didn't make sense to me for Rahat to steal from Eric when he's making so much more. But amazing video! Just subscribed and looking forward to more from you.
Karyle Noel Avenido
I hope he's not guilty
Yu Ting
Yu Ting 日 前
4:00 where can i see this video
Dear God I can not stand Kong's ads.
narmaK 日 前
What if Mr. beast is magic of rahat disguised in whiteface 🧐 🤔 #illuminaticonfirmed
Gun gun Comedian
I’m sorry did he just say PlZ DONT SUBSCRIBE
Lax-Sharks 日 前
Just Thank You!!!! Beautiful
Gormezzz 日 前
Keep grinding homie!
super milk shake
Finally more people covering this guy.
ellieechoes 2 日 前
This whole story is really interesting to me, as a female I only knew about this channel because of how creepy they were. I had a male friend show me a video that he thought was funny. As a female, all I could see was unwanted touching by a stranger. Some of the videos were harmless but there were also videos that made me cringe. Damn the joke era of JPvid was a cringy time. Its also funny how I've never seen any of their ads. Maybe its was because I wasn't part of their demographic? But I definitely saw that guy with the Lamborghini in his garage trying to sell me his techniques to make millions.
JayLaw 2 日 前
It was a strange time on youtube. Ha Tai Lopez the most infamous advertiser on youtube!
Mehluli Moyo
Mehluli Moyo 2 日 前
JayLaw dropping knowledge once again
Simple Pickup True Fans
As a long time fan, I probably agree with everything in here.
JayLaw 2 日 前
@Simple Pickup True Fans oh sweet hope its gone down well 👍
Simple Pickup True Fans
@JayLaw I know this video because some guy has shared it on our Facebook group.
JayLaw 2 日 前
Thanks dude a lot of your videos have been a big help for me getting footage for this vid. Share it around if you know any simple pickup fans would be interested to get their opinions
Kartik Pathak
Kartik Pathak 2 日 前
Man your videos are getting better and better
JayLaw 2 日 前
Thanks dude always appreciate your support
Olga's Oasis
Olga's Oasis 2 日 前
Uh huh
ömre 2 日 前
1:58 * laughs in “2cool4u92” *
Levi and luka
Levi and luka 2 日 前
Rahat: what the heck did I sign up for?! Advertisement of baby's comes Me: and that's what you signed up for!! xD
Butterfly Man
Butterfly Man 2 日 前
Luv joji 4 ever, i hope he returns to filthyfrank channel not as franku, but as Joji when he got 10M subs
KT PYRO 2 日 前
Huh I’ve never heard of simple pickup this is really interesting, it’s more interesting too because I recently came across Jack Denmo’s channel which makes very similar content. Nice vid 🙂
JayLaw 2 日 前
Any 'pickup' video you see by these sorts of channels was as a result of Simple Pickup. They are a forgotten part of youtube but played an interesting role in it
Gabriel Kaam
Gabriel Kaam 2 日 前
Oh damn, the music at the end bro. So much memories
Shane X
Shane X 2 日 前
It’s so crazy to see simple pickup and how they grew to how they are now. I literally grew up watching these guys and they changed my life for the better, very sad to see that not all friendships last 😪
Wixhael 2 日 前
As someone that had never heard of Simple Pickup, but had seen those JumpCut ads COUNTLESS times, this was a super fascinating video. Excellent work, and I can't wait to see what you make next!
Kyle Bouncer
Kyle Bouncer 2 日 前
This is amazing content. I’d never heard of Simple Pickup and watched through the whole video fully intrigued the whole time. The quality is great and the amount of time you must’ve spent researching this story baffles me. Truly an amazing piece of work you’ve created
Omar 日 前
Hecti boiii
Hecti boiii 2 日 前
Magic of rahat is posting videos on tiktok
Mauricio Ortega
Mauricio Ortega 2 日 前
quién en cuarentena en 2020??? 🇨🇱
Apple Jane Tumabang
wtffff?? I just found out filthyfrank's channel yesterday and i just found out that he is the almighty joji.... hhahahaha it's just, joji's vibe is wayyy different from frank. Anwy, love 'em both haha
Nenester _
Nenester _ 2 日 前
diedfamous 2 日 前
Great vid, I always watch it twice for ya!
mohammed -_-mb
mohammed -_-mb 2 日 前
I think he's in jail but I forgot the reason
Dany Gonzalez
Dany Gonzalez 2 日 前
I forgot about this guys
Dank Matter
Dank Matter 2 日 前
good video
Alec Kushmerek
Alec Kushmerek 2 日 前
Never stop bro
Definitely Decided name
These guys gotta have thousands of girls
Ryu Kin
Ryu Kin 2 日 前
Come on youtube algorithms
IHappenToBeJosh 2 日 前
Great video as always!
AFC-Zain 2 日 前
Your videos are such high quality and so well made. You deserve way more subs
JayLaw 2 日 前
Thank you fellow gooner
øranuto 3 日 前
great video!! man i miss simple pickup
Bloxology 3 日 前
first time watching a 20 minute video
JayLaw 3 日 前
What was the verdict?
Ryan Jeffreys
Ryan Jeffreys 3 日 前
Smashed it once again mate, keep it up :D
nhpkm1 3 日 前
Didn't know about pickup channel . 800 views in 2 hour ... I think thumbnail is problematic , I thought it a doucetuber video , only clicked cus I saw your name under it
JayLaw 3 日 前
Nah its fairly common views for my videos now
Arvind 3 日 前
Awesome guitarist
Carly Lawrence
Carly Lawrence 3 日 前
Great vid!
azn6k 3 日 前
I am sharing, too many memories !
Nihal Raj
Nihal Raj 3 日 前
5:15 Jason in the background !! LMFAOOO DEAD! i never saw that before !!!!
Pencils NoLastName
I remember those jumpcut adverts, they did get pretty annoying after a while. Almost as annoying as the stupid "don't smoke" and "don't vape" ads are right now. I get it, it's for a good reason, but I don't vape or smoke and it's very annoying to have half my ads be those. I don't care about the stupid metal monster, if get them too you know what I mean
JayLaw 3 日 前
I think Tai Lopez holds the crown of most annoying adverts in the history of youtube
Filthy Frank haters who listens to joji's songs would be ashamed after they hear about this
Adi S
Adi S 3 日 前
I fell for Jesse's marketing video too, but didn't buy the product thankfully.
Gabriel Kaam
Gabriel Kaam 2 日 前
The marketing was on point , but it was pretty expensive tho
Nama Meme
Nama Meme 3 日 前
This is too high quality you deserve more subs
Misty Matthews
Misty Matthews 3 日 前
13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Static Jokes
Static Jokes 3 日 前
Absolutely love your editing style
Jay Rickels
Jay Rickels 3 日 前
I hope joji does not not get killed to soon
Telituby 3 日 前
Damm that's really crazy I had never heard of them
JayLaw 3 日 前
These boys were big many many moons ago
Tomáš Krlička
Awsome video again!
JayLaw 3 日 前
Thanks dude 🤘
Om Gundecha
Om Gundecha 3 日 前
Om Gundecha
Om Gundecha 3 日 前
Sink Water
Sink Water 3 日 前
These videos make my day
Om Gundecha
Om Gundecha 3 日 前
Best Video
Om Gundecha
Om Gundecha 3 日 前
Great Video
Om Gundecha
Om Gundecha 3 日 前
Good video
Emmanuel R.
Emmanuel R. 3 日 前
0:30 Omg he looks like Dr.Phil 😂😂
Vicious 3 日 前
Yay I love when you upload.
Vicious 3 日 前
JayLaw and it also comes out as a full moon.
JayLaw 3 日 前
It only happens on full moon 🤘
share bear
share bear 3 日 前
Oh shoot why’d I think this was J Aubrey
JayLaw 3 日 前
@share bear thanks very kind 👍
share bear
share bear 3 日 前
JayLaw yeah dude I’m watching it right now, I came here for JPvid rewind but you’re awesome and super talented bro I will always support you 👍
JayLaw 3 日 前
Im coming for j aubrey and he doesnt even know it 😈. Ha but thanks n check out the vid let me know what you think
Noxlish 3 日 前
Epic video man. Keep up the good work also dab at the start or each video
Om Gundecha
Om Gundecha 3 日 前
@JayLaw dabbing
JayLaw 3 日 前
Thanks man. Whats dab?
whoah an ant
whoah an ant 3 日 前
I can see how they got in trouble on the channel