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Bon Appétit is a highly opinionated food brand that wants everyone to love cooking and eating as much as we do. We believe in seasonal produce, properly salted pasta water, and developing recipes that anyone can make at home.
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junieqjones 43 分 前
The amount of denial “we’ll be fine, we’ll be fine.... we’ll be fine” 32:07
lovepurple88 43 分 前
Now I feel better about my thanksgiving always being chaos
Brenna Williams
Brenna Williams 44 分 前
I want to see Brad teach Jimmy to cook!!!
Marga Nuque
Marga Nuque 44 分 前
"Read the card jimmy don't be rude" was so cute
Limen 44 分 前
You should have put a sumac counter on the video.
Emily Ervin
Emily Ervin 45 分 前
i'm in love with brad
Jack R
Jack R 45 分 前
German sauerkraut in Argentine empanadas is beyond ironic
M Pradikto
M Pradikto 49 分 前
I didn't get parasite movie reference....
Keval Prajapati
Keval Prajapati 49 分 前
Make an Outdoor kitchen barbecue
Kaiju Molester
Kaiju Molester 49 分 前
im triggered on how he pronounces wagyu. Its not Wag - ooo. Its Wa-Gyu. l
Boneclaw Walker
Boneclaw Walker 51 分 前
I love how Brad always feeds Vinny
Pennie Wyatt
Pennie Wyatt 52 分 前
Dip the skewer/straw in dough and fry?
Andreas Borup Jensen
Jimmy could easily be binging with babish’ dad
Yasmine Who
Yasmine Who 54 分 前
Brad is married? Does he ever wear a ring?
Nicole Cano
Nicole Cano 54 分 前
Silent but deadly's for days lmao
grim papi
grim papi 55 分 前
parasite 2019 im deadddd
Rang Klos
Rang Klos 56 分 前
epic wrap up
angxelica 56 分 前
"production crew: aspiring bigfoots" 😂
rhett fite
rhett fite 57 分 前
Gormet Takis!
mel n
mel n 時間 前
37:25 andy cheersing with cheese is my favorite part
Nina D.
Nina D. 時間 前
just hear me out...Brad + Jimmy + Brett + Matty Matheson.... BA u know what to do.
Nina D.
Nina D. 時間 前
Seth olsen
Seth olsen 時間 前
Get jimmy in episodes more often
BuringTARDIS Manual
so I got halfway through, only to realize he already covered the only fish prep methods I like...the raw ones. every time he said it's a good flake I'm like oh right that's why I usually don't like fish. Just a personal preference.
Ashley D
Ashley D 時間 前
when claire said she wasn’t allowed to eat sugary cereal as a kid i felt so understood
Jesse Cohen
Jesse Cohen 時間 前
Anything, just... anything! They could make anything and I'd watch these two again. All day. Repeatedly. No joke. I've been a big fan of Jimmy since I discovered JPvid, and BA going on 2 years now. This was the epitome of awesome in my mind! P.S. I'm sure licensing is impossible but the next episode with these two should have Daft Punk for the soundtrack.
andi muriel
andi muriel 時間 前
the cut to claire saying “oh you’re doing it *that* way?” made me SCREAM
Kirsten Boyd
Kirsten Boyd 時間 前
Kateydid It
Kateydid It 時間 前
I’ve never heard somebody use the word whack and it actually sound cool until just this moment.
Rang Klos
Rang Klos 時間 前
what a rapport
mimikkyu 時間 前
Caitlyn Freeman
Caitlyn Freeman 時間 前
Please do take 5 candy bars
Maxine Williams
Maxine Williams 時間 前
Ian Cranbeary
Ian Cranbeary 時間 前
Have you ever heard of a fork
Muse 時間 前
You should do a Cast Iron Dutch oven Cobbler
superklootzaktc 時間 前
Keep them brad series coming
Himani Ahmed
Himani Ahmed 時間 前
Grant Hester
Grant Hester 時間 前
“Brad, you got eyes on the Turkey?” Brad: “yeah” *stares at phone* Brad is me most of the time.
kyubi _101
kyubi _101 時間 前
21:33 PYRO
Jessica Knutson
Jessica Knutson 時間 前
Outdoor cooking with Brad and Negan
Daniel Emerick
Daniel Emerick 時間 前
Bravo best brad colab so far. I demand more.
FlameMage2 時間 前
You'll have to do something to hook Jimmy up with some pizza! 🍕
Phil Evans
Phil Evans 時間 前
They are rich right? or like well off?
HeHasHivemind 時間 前
Version 8 will be the weapon to surpass Metal Gear!
Pete & Pete
Pete & Pete 時間 前
I’ve been back and forth with hard times but brad always helps me with my anxiety
PremiumPalace 時間 前
"I cAn LiFt oVEr 140 pOunDs aBoVe My HEad"
Nikki Nichols
Nikki Nichols 時間 前
Claire touching the blade so recklessly makes me so nervous
n cnsnnts
n cnsnnts 時間 前
I love some real rustic chunky thick mashed potatoes but yall are salty, those mashed potatoes they made look fabulous
A S 時間 前
For the record, I'm the same age as Brad and I got the reference! Thank you early 2000s Nick At Nite!
I'd rather Not
I'd rather Not 時間 前
I want jimmy in the test kitchen with brad so bad
adreain sykes
adreain sykes 時間 前
brett is hotter than the fire under that grill
Amiya Dhar Diwan
Amiya Dhar Diwan 時間 前
DELANEY!!!!! (Dun Dun!!!!)
Jade Nguyen
Jade Nguyen 時間 前
Best Shucking Duo!
Jeremy Garcia
Jeremy Garcia 時間 前
When David starts eating it, it freaking cracked me up. He held the food in as long as possible making bites that probably didn’t even penetrate the food and started gagging once one tooth just slightly went in it.
kamoboko86 時間 前
Real video starts at 9:55
Mechanicookie 時間 前
Am I the only one who thought bison were a lot bigger?
Gig Phoong
Gig Phoong 時間 前
Brad and Jimmy part 2, there's only one answer. Mechy mech
Lilly Dowty
Lilly Dowty 時間 前
These two are literally the perfect pairing my heart was like 🥺🥺 they’re the best
Uriah Siner
Uriah Siner 時間 前
16:05 You pass butter.
XanthoGrl 時間 前
Y’all just gonna show us that clam moving and not show us if they noticed????
Mars Etc
Mars Etc 時間 前
It's the noodling thing all over again Brad: yeah we'll make a spaceship Exactly 1 year later: "it's alive going places: space"
Cicicianna 時間 前
I would die for Brett
Dayton Keeling
Dayton Keeling 時間 前
rip lil peep
Higgo 時間 前
meenapbajujimmi HA HA HA H TEARS!
ATXtoJP 時間 前
Take Jimmy noodling.
Gabriel Askew
Gabriel Askew 時間 前
brad drinking a watermelon gose is no surprise at all
Kelsey KINE
Kelsey KINE 時間 前
Brad! Thank you!
Jonathan McBain
Jonathan McBain 時間 前
yes. a spaceship. make a spaceship.
Kenneth Greer
Kenneth Greer 時間 前
I can't wait for part 3!
Boneclaw Walker
Boneclaw Walker 時間 前
So now that they've gone noodling, send em on a Taco Tour!
Karen K
Karen K 時間 前
Nephew is now a thing
Şevval Aslıgül Alkan
Just another Brett appreciation station
Lulu Seatown Getdown
I’m smiling so hard at the end... “ what’s up with the mood lighting?” 😁😁😁😁😆
Anders Helgeson
Anders Helgeson 時間 前
Match made in heaven
Charlene Lee
Charlene Lee 時間 前
Made this with fresh quince juice
Spiffy Ify
Spiffy Ify 時間 前
The theme music kills me
Fred Chong Rutherford
I love them all so much!
Travis Lechner
Travis Lechner 時間 前
"i don't like vegetables" jimmy. thank god there is a successful adult who also doesn't like them, not that i won t eat the just... common... they suck...
n a t a l i e
n a t a l i e 時間 前
I made this recipe and for some reason my oven was smoking? is this normal? and the cookie wasn’t too great. I don’t know what I did wrong and my cookie was really brown. I cooked another batch with less cook time and it still smoked and was brown.
stewart mcgann
stewart mcgann 時間 前
They represent every personality that might come out when I've been drinking.
Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan 時間 前
I respectfully disliked this video.
Zach H
Zach H 時間 前
please do crunchy Cheetos (i.e. not the puffs). flaming hot with lime for bonus points
Nathan Ast
Nathan Ast 時間 前
“Do you not like mushrooms?” “ I don’t eat vegetables”
Alice Is
Alice Is 時間 前
pls make a spaceship
Taentedah Johnson
is there a recipe for those lobster rolls tho???? wanted some the WHOLE time.
Mem Uludag
Mem Uludag 時間 前
If this guy didn’t go mmm every time he “ate it” the video would be a lot better
Jai Garcia
Jai Garcia 時間 前
Now we need an outdoor cook off with Brad, Jimmy, Rick, Chris and Matty!
Cole Thompson
Cole Thompson 時間 前
* *waiter* *How would you like your salmon cooked sir? * *me* * yes
Nana Bazgadze
Nana Bazgadze 時間 前
anyone else eating skittles while watching this
Sammi Jane
Sammi Jane 時間 前
Love this guy! comforts me knowing Im not alone ha!
Mert Ergenç
Mert Ergenç 時間 前
20:08 "oh you're REALLY pushing them IN there" is such a virgo energy and I'm here for it
pinky2389 時間 前
Is 70 not the line of passing anymore?
Tzisorey Tigerwuf
"It's Alive" - Well, not anymore - but it should still be sweet and juicy!
Kenneth Greer
Kenneth Greer 時間 前
Jimmy is looking good!
Noah Nipperus
Noah Nipperus 時間 前
Snoop knew what he was doing...
Greysin Lee
Greysin Lee 時間 前
I would die for Rick Martinez.
MrCockSlut 時間 前
Didnt like those drink jokes. but brilliant vid
Ryan Linskey
Ryan Linskey 時間 前
first person to decipher meenap bajujimmi wins ready set go
Seychas Prichina
Seychas Prichina 時間 前
My favorite ways to eat eggs are Japanese bento box style omlettes and deviled eggs.
Acura TL GTLM 2 時間 前
I'd watch a JPvid channel called "DiResta's Kitchen".