How's it going Anime fans of the world, My name is Anim3Recon and welcome to my channel!
21 year old Otaku who does Top 10 Lists to recommend you Anime, so lets all try and build a great community together!
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Retarded Guy
Retarded Guy 7 分 前
Nooo, already watched it all😭
legionmaniac -
legionmaniac - 54 分 前
Loop 時間 前
I wonder...y is nuxtaku's channel in the description? (Is no one questioning that or is it just me?) Edit: nvm thats SUPER cool how nux helped :)
Samaje Fraser
Samaje Fraser 時間 前
HQ holder is dub
Chihiro Furuya.
Chihiro Furuya. 5 時間 前
I miss the old intro af
Arkar Kyawsaw
Arkar Kyawsaw 6 時間 前
The anime in the thumbnail is a chinese anime called Rakshasa street if y’all are wondering
AShu ___
AShu ___ 6 時間 前
Bro intro is op
Giovanni Owen
Giovanni Owen 6 時間 前
like how he just casually slipped assassination classroom in there like it doesnt have 3 possible mcs
JustAaron XD
JustAaron XD 6 時間 前
Omg there's soo many good anime here I have alot of catching up to do
Aiden Furry
Aiden Furry 6 時間 前
Chivalry of a Failed Knight is a good one I was surprised to not see it on the list
I am boy gaming
I am boy gaming 7 時間 前
What anime on this thumnail? Plisssssdss i forgett pliss someone help meee ;(