Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres 7.16 on HBO.
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Charlotte Muncaster
I’m only on season 2 but I’m interestedddd
Melissa Gentry
Melissa Gentry 48 分 前
I think the current pain and shitshow of 2020 might have been more palatable if this epic show was still in play. I get goosebumps watching this. Still. Aug 2020 and I miss it so much it aches.
Jackie Gross
Jackie Gross 時間 前
Sajid Hasan
Sajid Hasan 3 時間 前
It's like watching an irl version of peacekeeper and warmonger going at it with each other
Awa Melvine
Awa Melvine 4 時間 前
Scenes like this remind me that there is beauty and goodness in Game of Thrones
Arc Kocsog
Arc Kocsog 4 時間 前
He was the perfect hound.
Trump's Neck Vagina
Trump's Neck Vagina 5 時間 前
How about a very tall James Bond?🤔
The Mind Flayer
The Mind Flayer 5 時間 前
They call GOT worse than LOTR? They’re right
Ansh Fattah
Ansh Fattah 6 時間 前
This episode is the best scene of the whole series. The starting of the battle!! What can I say about it. Everything is unpredictable here. Music, ambience, expression no mony can buy this, once a superhero said the right "I can watch it all day."
Plymouth 57
Plymouth 57 7 時間 前
Littlefinger: OhhhKaaay - that decides which sister I've got to get rid of first!
Constantine Cineph
Constantine Cineph 7 時間 前
I wish Emilia was playing book Daenerys. The TRUE Daenerys. She would have won the most awards in the GOT cast.
Night Has Fallen
Night Has Fallen 7 時間 前
HBO always makes the best show openings: Game of Thrones, True Blood, Rome...
Corsavette02 8 時間 前
I still remember how I felt finally hearing this music again during the 8th season...like...so damn happy. Then season 8 happened.
Queeninthenorth5 9 時間 前
Lena Headey and Alfie Allen should have got an Emmy for the last season, i think
Alishba Ishfaq
Alishba Ishfaq 9 時間 前
Dirilis Ertugrul intro is better than GOT intro
Hit U with the DDU DU DDU DU
My second favorite next to dany
Lynn Gagne
Lynn Gagne 10 時間 前
I’d love to know what Conleth said to her that made her laugh like that! Amazing actor
Lt.Dan 10 時間 前
this chubby goofball is one of my favorite characters
Moises Lejano
Moises Lejano 11 時間 前
I wish it! Someday Maisie William and Sophie Turner visit us here in the Philippines 🇵🇭 😊😊😊🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭👸👸👸👸🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️
Klemen Furlan
Klemen Furlan 11 時間 前
I think battle of the bastards was the greatest battle scene ever filmed. I haven't seen a film where they show how the dudes in the middle of the surounded circle get absolutely stampeded and chocked. We never see what happens with those. Just awesome.
Manjot Sidhu
Manjot Sidhu 11 時間 前
I hate them for danreys why they kill her 😭😭😭
Yeison Mayorga
Yeison Mayorga 12 時間 前
stupid escene
Lisa Jaworowski
Lisa Jaworowski 12 時間 前
bob seger
panos E
panos E 12 時間 前
Lovers of got click here jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-NYmej2uSyZQ.html
mglmouser 12 時間 前
The hold the door thing was one of the stupidest moment of the saga. Made my eyes roll up so hard, I sprained a muscle.
Allen Venegas
Allen Venegas 13 時間 前
One of GoT's best characters. Even though he was a sister **cker.
Rocky P
Rocky P 13 時間 前
The mighty hound beaten by the Feminazis
panos E
panos E 13 時間 前
Lovers of got click here jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-NYmej2uSyZQ.html
I only watched the intro of season 8 and switched off the device remembering the previous seasons. I am glad I didn't watch GoT end with a bad Ending.
Zac D
Zac D 13 時間 前
Lol so sad all that work didn’t even come close to Helms Deep. Such a shame
WEBIG 14 時間 前
I don't know if it's just me, but the lighting and the colours make the part of this scene which shows Jamie, look like it's from a video game. So strange and it totally fckes with my head...
Kevin Prado
Kevin Prado 14 時間 前
Maximilian Hammerschmidt
A few moments later...
Ydoum's Gaming Den
Ydoum's Gaming Den 15 時間 前
"She realizes her power" "She will never use it again"
cCR GT 15 時間 前
I want this season in hindi dubbed ✅
Tey Treet
Tey Treet 16 時間 前
Should have ran zigzag
Gem Games
Gem Games 17 時間 前
Intro gave me chills, it’s too bad how season 8 panned out though....
N M 17 時間 前
ana gabriel
Harsha Ganji
Harsha Ganji 18 時間 前
Dany : Someone has betrayed me *David Benioff has entered the chat* *D.B Weiss has entered the chat*
kamal Yadav
kamal Yadav 18 時間 前
Most saddest and mind distribing scene in the history !
5MDF 18 時間 前
kamal Yadav
kamal Yadav 18 時間 前
Best actor! I ever scene!
kamal Yadav
kamal Yadav 18 時間 前
I really don't understand her role in season 8!
lady galadriel
lady galadriel 18 時間 前
I feel so bad for Conleth. He played Varys perfectly for so long and Dan and Dave ruined his character
Techy Rinku
Techy Rinku 18 時間 前
I love got
WIZARD of oZ 19 時間 前
Please create a prequel or a sequel to this with any new Dynasties or story. We miss this so much
Atown 1996
Atown 1996 19 時間 前
Worst season ever. Waited 2 years for nothing
sehaj pal singh
sehaj pal singh 19 時間 前
Fucken joke
iglika yakova
iglika yakova 20 時間 前
muda muda muda
rushikesh sadgir
rushikesh sadgir 20 時間 前
I feel ending may be different but how that it be go #Love GOT
Sachin 20 時間 前
Slippin Jimmy
Slippin Jimmy 21 時間 前
Sometimes smaller, shorter, lighter blades are more deadly.
mannu kumar
mannu kumar 21 時間 前
Littlefinger appreciated arya's talent.most ironic scene🔪🔪
Nitish Anand
Nitish Anand 21 時間 前
I dont complain about the ending... But i was expecting a good fight between night king and john snow... And i was expecting arya to kill cersie in jarmie face...
walter lannister
walter lannister 23 時間 前
One of the best actings of all time
Fabo Mégane
Fabo Mégane 23 時間 前
It is and will always be the best show ever.
The Hindu Hammer
Anybody else remember him from Hot Fuzz?
FrazzyNZ 日 前
Hands down my favourite character from the show
Yuri Sucupira
"Hold the door! Don't let D&D come in the filming location ever again!"
Childofearth 日 前
I love littlefingers longing gaze after the spar. That dagger looked pretty familiar...
epic gameplay_
Its so weird seeing the hound without his burn
Jdb 日 前
Shoutout to the only good episode is season 8. This would have been one of my favorite episodes in the series if the rest of the season played out well
Terri Rahner
Terri Rahner 日 前
Coolest Tomboy scene EVER!
Ereremena Solomon
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Rebel Without a Clue
Jon would've died a lot sooner had he not gone to the Wall!
The only thing they did right was the intro for season 8.
Sniggy Forgetit
Hey I honestly think storyline of s8 was decent. Like Dany dies, Jon becomes the leader of wildlings, Bran becomes king, Arya kills Nightking, Sansa becomes queen in the north and Cersei dies. Like these are legit good fates. But man the execution was 🤢🤢
Jay Meyers
Jay Meyers 日 前
Season 8 was the worst. After 7 of the best ever,well, last episode was lacking. Can't please everyone. Still have song as my ringtone. The frickin best 👍👍👍👏👏👏😳😳😳
pablio 123asd234
Mohammed Elsir
The best 😍
khen sane
khen sane 日 前
played this to my wife now she's Drogon
Drewdog 日 前
I like to pretend it ended here. That a sudden, violent, grisly end befell Westeros, and Season 8 never happened.
Eliud S.O.
Eliud S.O. 日 前
1:02 he was just the right boy for the job
Poonam Nehra
Poonam Nehra 日 前
Best show on the planet ended with a disaster.
Brenda Lima
Brenda Lima 日 前
Eles não tinham o direito de estragar o final da melhor série de todos os tempos.
Mshauri Mazuri
0:38, top right, there's plane.
Gerstein03 日 前
And she used that exact move to kill the Night King. Foreshadowing
TimesToo 日 前
The scene is literally nothing but shots and reverse shots between Jamie and Brienne and yet somehow I saw an entire fucking movie play out before my eyes. Masterful story telling.
Baekdusan 작은별
Feels like I’ve wasted my 6 years with the s8 Okay bye
dosduros 日 前
I feel like that "noone" answer was begging for Thug life ...
Namit freakin
Timothy Brake
1:45 epic trick that could save the world 😉
The Roasting Stalker
All this hardwork but forgot to crank up the brightness....
lady galadriel
You don’t think about choosing a way to die smh, the character dies unexpectedly that is what the show is about! Predictability and melodrama ruined the show!!!!
Sukhveer Singh
Season 8 was fucking lol season
stephen mudie
If that was training anyone of Breinne's blows could have cut Arrya's head off..
Shivam Pandey
This video makes me so happpy 😂😍😍
dhaval parmar
Thought the night king will fuck all the seven kingdoms,but it's we who got fucked by the stupid season 8 for GOT, the dead got dead in 5-10 seconds ,fuck the night king and season 8
Shreyas Linge
Got 8 intro was 100 times better than got 8 itself !
charekad 11
charekad 11 日 前
3:07 I bet the white horse knew that he was in the best t.v. show
L7KE 日 前
What a benevolence person Peter Dinklage is
charekad 11
charekad 11 日 前
4:17 I still can't believe that no one got hurt when they were making this massive battle haha
Mary Anthonette Gajilomo
2020 and I’m still here. I miss Game of Thrones so bad. Still a shame how things ended.
Neena 日 前
They ended this show like some fanfic.
a Pint of Guinness and a packet of crisps
Luckiest fella alive ain't he. Iv'e heard he's casting for Coronation st
Eds G
Eds G 日 前
ok this dont make sense. if its frosty ice dead dragons of the frosty army of the dead then them frost breath attack should add more layers to the wall rather than be doing massive damage to it.. It was acceptable at the time but after they royally screwed season 8... not anymore!!!!
pprimeval11 日 前
Unpopular opinion: The choice to make her the final villain wasn't bad and it could have been a good plot point and a nice ending. What made her writing so bad was the fact that there was literally NO build-up nor character development leading to that plot twist.
ClvlY B
ClvlY B 日 前
it feels so weird watching GoT behind the scene after i watch the whole season in 1week
Willam ********
Still the best trailer
mohdasi 日 前
Why everyone fearing Joe Biden ???