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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Brendan Riley
They are all happy to criticize Trump but the bottom line is that every single Western country has failed to prevent coronavirus (USA is just doing it quite badly). Among developped countries only Taiwan has beaten it back successfully.
Solid Vid
Solid Vid 日 前
Yes yes yes no suit.
George B. Wolffsohn
My dad made sure we watched all the Gemini coverage, all the Appolo coverage (except the first moon landing we were a in country with no TV.) Thanks Dad.
Jayjs20 日 前
High fives are ok as long as it's an internet high five
Lindsay F
Lindsay F 日 前
Was not prepared for that. 🤣🤣🤣 Thanks
alexander williams
More Dog on the show!
Nancy P.
Nancy P. 日 前
did you really just do that - no suit on bottom- hilarious.
Christopher's Customs
Welcome to biological warfare 101. My host tonight is Steve.
Colleen Kelly
First Colbert show that was actually CREEPY. Yuck. Didn't need to see that.
Bad Fairy
Bad Fairy 日 前
Nice ;-)
TrinkBruder 日 前
Turn it down a notch man
Philip De Backer
Are you drinking a Belgium Beer ??
Saskatoon Berry
Xbluestar3 日 前
Something their dog ate in the bathroom xDDD??? Shampoo???? Soap??!?! Ohhh boiii!!!
Philip De Backer
We have been in quarantine for almost 3 weeks now and the infections are still growing, but very slowly. So social distancing and quarantine works folks..
TrinkBruder 日 前
There is a time for everything under the sun and now is not the time to make fun of a New Yorker. Screw Stephen Colbert
New Message
New Message 日 前
The tests seem accurate, at least.
Ty Max
Ty Max 日 前
Trump willingly turns into Vanna White as long as it means that he gets "the best ratings ever" for doing these pandemic "shows".
matthew styles
Ur wife didn't see it but ur son did!!
Alex Moudgil
Alex Moudgil 日 前
I think the word was "taint" based on the way their lips moved
kkylaye ⍌
kkylaye ⍌ 日 前
shoutout to the producers, writers, and editors who have also worked tirelessly on the show
howard delovitch
A man walks in to a Chicken Restaurant and orders "A Whole Chicken Dinner" , the waitress brings to his table a huge banquet - cole slaw , mashed potatoes and gravy , fresh hot biscuits with melted butter...and the man is outraged!! "Where is the rest of the chicken!?!" he exclaims. Happy April Fools Day!
Marie Martin
Marie Martin 日 前
You’re right John Oliver. Unfortunately, I don’t see the Liar-in-Chief displaying any leadership, compassion or behavior to ameliorate this pandemic.
MadiRed 日 前
Taint. The word was taint
Unicorn & Centaur
Y'all Stephen Colbert's nuggets were suddenly all up in my face what in the world 😂
Rebecca Conn
Rebecca Conn 日 前
I haven't watched the Murderer-in-Chief for weeks.
ToKini Andy
ToKini Andy 日 前
I'm in Japan. Shots fired. hahaha
Elisabeth de zagon
Ohhh. A good Belgian beer, Hoegaarden.
genwa hneide
genwa hneide 日 前
I love you tow so much!
Tangie Rahming
No suit!!!!
Ted Zeiller
Ted Zeiller 日 前
Is that hoegaarden?? My favorite beer
Sarah Gray
Sarah Gray 日 前
I think you should keep wearing the suit. ☺️
Marc F. Nielssen
Awful tie. Give us some color, Elton!
James 日 前
Do those respirators come with nitrous oxide? We could use a good laugh.
Youtube University
PornHub seems to be much closer to ethical than a lot of companies are...
Mark Dowse
Mark Dowse 日 前
Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I NEVER wanted to see that! 😱😱 How can I 'unsee'? Pluck out mine own eyes, maybe? 👀
Bren Moore
Bren Moore 日 前
Hi Pete's foot o/
Will Daugherty
shout out to Colbert for bringing a good name to Christianity. It makes sense why so many people have poor experiences, and I truly hate that this is the case. Many Christians have made and continue to make a bad name for themselves across the globe. But I love that Colbert is a voice for those who aren't illogical, irrational bible-thumping assholes. As a Christian, I absolutely love engaging in conversations with people who do not believe in God. It's refreshing for me, and it is often refreshing for them as well. Our world so drastically needs more conversation and dialogue, and I truly hope to continue doing that in my life. By the way, if anyone here has any questions or comments or anything of the sort, I would love to chat. I have done a lot of reading, listening, and studying on the topic, plus I love to meet new people. Regardless of your beliefs, I hope everyone is well.
Prerna Kumar
Prerna Kumar 日 前
Has anyone else Googled the books on the bookshelf? ... Or is it just me?
Galaar 日 前
Here I was voting for Suit, a little something familiar from the before-fore times is comforting.
satish pande
satish pande 日 前
Was he limping while walking towards the chair? Eight years of faking limp may do that..👍
TrinkBruder 日 前
Really Steve you are being an asshole. Trump was born and raised in NYNY. Do you really think Trump is not experiencing pain over what the tristate is going through?
Josh Kincannon
Are those Nike socks you used ta stuff your junk Colbert?? Lol
Athena Cz
Athena Cz 日 前
Damn Stephen when you getting an onlyfans
collbn 日 前
I can't be the only one trying to read the titles of Steve's books
Shwiru Fine Art
What just happened there. I can't process that sudden Colbert puddin' cup. Lol
Ty Max
Ty Max 日 前
Showing his foot on camera yesterday, and his junk today... Are you secretly working for Pornhub, Stephen?
Meredith N
Meredith N 日 前
Actual jaw drop from the unexpected junk close up. 😳 I wasn’t expecting that when I clicked this video. Yikes
Gnirps Naireip
Steve you’re awesome!
Zach Moore
Zach Moore 日 前
Watching so many of his interviews, and then this is so mind bending. I'll never get used to seeing people age 40 years in a day.
TheAmazongrl 日 前
Kate D
Kate D 日 前
After re-watching the suit/no suit reveal, I realized Stephen's son is in the room and I'm almost MORE in awe of how he managed not to laugh than I am in awe of Stephen's.... Constitution
Antlee Martial
U can wear anything, but ur birthday suit! U show is good, where what u want, (NO BDAY SUIT)
YukiTombo 日 前
"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity." Unless it's Trump, then it's definitely both.
"Waste of space"! Hah ha!
Shannon Lewis
I LOVE THIS! Also facetime with John Oliver
Subri Subrika
I'm excited for bottoms suit and a casual top lol
Doug Hagler
Doug Hagler 日 前
Yeah, love the Octonauts.
Louis The
Louis The 日 前
thanks for the show with limited Trump content. It is better when there is no blatant political agenda. Not all your viewers and fans are American. One of the best shows in the world. It’s just tedious with every late show with the same approach.
RAY O 日 前
I wouldn't trust my life with a GM ventilators. How about we get Toyota or Honda on this.
A King
A King 日 前
Umm, am i the only one who feels weird about Stephen in his Underoo's in front of his kids... Just sayin'… Ps.. Love the show.. SC has been a life preserver of sanity in the orange crap tsunami of the past 3 years!!! 😊
Matthew Parker
So glad you didn’t stop making your show
Flapkatt 日 前
Agghhh-bleach, lysol, pinesol, windex, rum, peroxide, will not kill the virus to a 100% ratio. #4 is just to see who's paying attention. Rum might kill ME, but I'd rather drink that than bleach!
NosuGamer 日 前
I Love this
TechMan042 日 前
So dumb. Trump shows thanks and gives recognition to companies helping support the fight against corona and the leftist idiots shit on him for it
luxste 日 前
"In case something terrible happens..." 😭 We definitely need something to cheer us up now. Hang in there, Mr. Prine. Please stay strong and keep fighting. 💜
R Dafé
R Dafé 日 前
Your four year old can do your make up. From what I see he probably has 😂😂
Gerald 日 前
Thank God.
John Honeck
John Honeck 日 前
It sorta looks like the Rolo the weiner dog is wearing a pretty cool hat.
mizunomark 日 前
When late shows become youtubers steven is doing it all right could always use jon on the keys
Hitch And Davos
That joke about saving paper by printing double sided is gold!
Brainstorming Plus
Absolutely well said! Unfortunately he is honestly a waste of space! But the problem is, how his supporters are wasting all this precious time to realise it?????
Auntie Em
Auntie Em 日 前
Steve owes his fame to the Office whether he likes it or not. not sure why he doesn't but he sure acted like a prick in this interview.
Kim angelie Martinez
Go lisa
Hollie Felts-Howell
Great makeup & photography, but please do better than tomorrows’ underwear for Casual everyday, Lol! Love the dog, though!
New Message
New Message 日 前
Hope that printer paper doesn't jam in the john, though.
Poggy 日 前
Here you can see a British duck-billed platypus going slowly mad in quarantine .
Lonna Turner
Lonna Turner 日 前
I wasn't ready.🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mdebacle 日 前
Diamond & Silk, who are hosts on the Fox Nation streaming site and allies of President Trump whom he has praised online, said Monday that the number of coronavirus deaths being reported by the media had been inflated to make the president look bad.
S Anderson
S Anderson 日 前
We love you man but you Need a writer !!! Or Hot Blonde or just some chick who can pass A drive threw S.A.R.S. COVED19 TEST pass it. Question with all the Military Equipment Traveling to largest Bacees known to man when will we expect that 10 Second sun tan Because i am having issues with locating my sun screen spf 1.56 Million ! Somthing is up Give em Hell
Tracey Lynn
Tracey Lynn 日 前
Omg! I spit out my water 🤣 at the outfit. 👏🏽👏🏽
Sierra Katz-Weaver
omg he tucked his shirt in I'm DYING XP
Gia Nescio
Gia Nescio 日 前
I don't know how I feel about seeing Stephens junk. It's like Bezos but if Bezos was my dad.
Pascal privat
Auntie Em
Auntie Em 日 前
Steve Carell seemed like an arrogant ass. lol he could learn a few things from Michael Scott.
M Whitaker
M Whitaker 日 前
Orange dummy is a bad actor🐗
Michael Jordan
That's TOO partially casual Stephen!
James Casas
James Casas 日 前
prashanth parthasarathy
Eventualy happens to every wieners. Goddamn Stephen
ScottWhatnot 日 前
Is that a first edition of "The Art of the Deal" on third row of his Bookshelf?
Master Icarus
Trump have earned a trophy: "Waste of space" Wow, even opening boxes is still a mess.
Jack Jay
Jack Jay 日 前
Lol haha. Love this.
TrinkBruder 日 前
Make fun of Trump it is the only answer to all problems most of all pandemics. Hopefully this Catholic will finally get through Psalm 1 while social distancing
Danny Boi
Danny Boi 日 前
Haha im pretty sure hes drunk here and his last one
BlackPhoenix Family
The only thing confusing about this I guess would be the "ill equipped" references.....I mean, sure....IED's were an issue for sure, and the HUMV's were lacking the needed protection (this was the only thing I could think of off the top of my head that he could be referring to)....but other then that, I thought our military was about the best equipped for what they are tasked to do, please correct me if I am wrong.
Cat 52
Cat 52 日 前
I just saw Stephen Colberts junk....ummm..OK...LOL
Jess Mess
Jess Mess 日 前
Me likey 🤫
cynic0007 日 前
um where's their ass backyards audiences... leave these 2 millionaire communists in their mansions to buttfu?k it out...and NEVER come back to see the light of day...god or no god...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...let ignorance die
NonOozAble Man
Donald said this was a hoax. Never let him forget it.