Surfnboy Shorts
Surfnboy Shorts
Surfnboy Shorts
チャンネル登録 3.9M
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I have a huge passion for making & sharing content & making people laugh, I hope you enjoy my content!
Alessa Parris
Alessa Parris 7 時間 前
Shake it if shake it off
NeonGamesAndPlays1 7 時間 前
Dude is the type of guy to try to breathe on mars
Jorge Holguin
Jorge Holguin 7 時間 前
How many times does the ping pong ball hit the rim
Gokul Debnath
Gokul Debnath 7 時間 前
Stupid idea😅
cars.foreverrr 8 時間 前
Bro literally ruined it 😭
𝗖𝗮𝘁 :3
𝗖𝗮𝘁 :3 8 時間 前
One word. Shake.
Neha Hangloo
Neha Hangloo 8 時間 前
I got my eye on it until the end and dangg it was orange 🧡
Djedi Diarra
Djedi Diarra 8 時間 前
“It lifted up after he picked it up” yea good observation buddy..
Lukey boi
Lukey boi 8 時間 前
Thats exactly how women think vaginas work 😂😂
Sigma 8 時間 前
The rear left wheel is painted too
KINNU 8 時間 前
"looks shit"
Square Root567
Square Root567 8 時間 前
Roll it around until it goes fast enough to fall out or smtin idk im not a damn phsyics wizz
goofy ahh monke
goofy ahh monke 8 時間 前
"is that pancake mix he's drawing with?!111" No it's oil, to poison u so u can SHUT THE FUCK UP
VIL 8 時間 前
Bruh my day is ruined now
Titiksha kakran
Titiksha kakran 8 時間 前
Congratulation dude you just got accepted in your own comment section ! 🎉🍻
Nokke Mao
Nokke Mao 8 時間 前
this guy...
Elloisa grace Ganaden
Kwezze's Board
Kwezze's Board 8 時間 前
Random lines???!!!!
slmon bhoi
slmon bhoi 8 時間 前
It's bad
shoving mista’s gun up my ass
y'all needa leave this man alone 😭😭
Tyler Hook
Tyler Hook 8 時間 前
I used to pick it up swing it to cause inertia, and throw it at something to get the water to bounce out.
Only Cartoons
Only Cartoons 8 時間 前
If you see in that picture no cars are there it's fake
125CC MONSTER 8 時間 前
it was literally on the tires
Mahendra Subba
Mahendra Subba 8 時間 前
Mr_croc1 8 時間 前
Ima say this: I almost threw my phone over this guy
Razil Mae Evangelista
doremon 9 時間 前
rich and stupid
supsonkeys 9 時間 前
The RR looks like shit ngl
Timothy Jennings
Timothy Jennings 9 時間 前
Fake OCD L O S E R can u spell
Ahmad Bella Qidam
Ahmad Bella Qidam 9 時間 前
ben opo cok
Stop man just be patient man your voice anoyying
Christine Basarte
Christine Basarte 9 時間 前
bruuuh you talk too much 😂😂😂
Xx_KuromiFan_xX 9 時間 前
When u can just use the one from the Irl Sonic movie:💀💀
Volt 9 時間 前
Y’all gotta stop doing backflips on it. He got 4mil subs what you got?💀
Muhammad Cornelius Mcafee
Banned from Rolls Royce for life 😮
Kylie And Kalia
Kylie And Kalia 9 時間 前
I would eat this
nikolaos sorolis
nikolaos sorolis 9 時間 前
Ναι καλά
Jungshi Longs
Jungshi Longs 9 時間 前
Double it and give it to the next person
xSerenity 9 時間 前
Bros the type who has no friends irl hence he needs to stream vids and talk to strangers
Discord 9 時間 前
How to make glassess Step 1 : buy Mercedes
Jahrule Emulo
Jahrule Emulo 9 時間 前
Oh my days that's so cute❤
Adrianna Crabtree
Adrianna Crabtree 9 時間 前
My brother has Patrick star swim trunks (the green and purple shorts he wears)
Niki 9 時間 前
this guy is the reason deaf people exist
vishal sandhu
vishal sandhu 9 時間 前
Can we see the shorts while mute without pausing,, and don't want to use volume button,,,
Vekzz 9 時間 前
the people who hate on surfnbou are retarted asf, the whole point of a reaction/commentary channel is to talk or comment on how u feel about what ur seeing and/or listen to
Cady1028 9 時間 前
Breaking a key happens all the time as a matter of fact
Soumyadip kundu
Soumyadip kundu 9 時間 前
Cars left the photo
Alfredo bardock
Alfredo bardock 9 時間 前
yes 😈
Grilled Cheese
Grilled Cheese 9 時間 前
You washed up