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King Kami
King Kami 時間 前
Michelle, I’m so sorry for making fun of you for all these years. Now I feel like a fool.
Natalia Washington
Natalia Washington 4 時間 前
Michelle’s voice is so amazing it made me cry when she sung bang bang
R L 13 時間 前
Yes girl
mette 19 時間 前
Marissa Wilson
Like SlayChelle better than Poor Michelle. She reminds me of Mary Wilson from the Supremes.
Marissa Wilson
Have y'all not heard Lose My Breath?
Renz Tajan
Renz Tajan 日 前
I know Michelle can sing but not a sgood as these!!!love yah girl!!!
Audrey Stevenson
Cyrus Jackson
Cyrus Jackson 2 日 前
1) Whitney and Mariah 2) Beyoncé 3) Gaga
C. Moore
C. Moore 3 日 前
I'm so proud 😂😂. But it's sad she had to wear a costume for people to see how talanted she is.
amanda nelson
amanda nelson 4 日 前
This costume is beautiful 😍
Máriiio Xaviiier
michelle melhor que beyonce <3
Lendita Sallahi
Lendita Sallahi 4 日 前
I just realized the singer Nao must be really inspired by Michelle's vocals cus they remind so much of eachother
Katy S.
Katy S. 4 日 前
4:08 LMAO. But seriously, Michelle is so sweet, and her voice is beautiful. I love her 🦋🦋
Mixze' Papitchaya
Whitney Houston in my heart ♥️🔥
William Skelton
William Skelton 4 日 前
Her cover of Norah Jones was flawless....redemption from her butchery of Bon Jovi haha
Shelia Evans
Shelia Evans 5 日 前
I been saying for years that Michelle sang way better than Kelly
vendusa58 5 日 前
I hope someone pointed out that there were originally 4 girls in the group. The 4th: Barbara Martin. With the other three girls being far better singers, no wonder Squeaky Toy slept with the boss and shoved the other girls aside. jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-pY9o1LOh5dc.html
Sharon Ohiro
Sharon Ohiro 5 日 前
Honey Rhymes
Honey Rhymes 5 日 前
She has the most beautiful costume on the show too
Ace Paloma
Ace Paloma 5 日 前
Michelle performing in front of Nicole is like two parallel universe were in collision.
hafiz fizzo
hafiz fizzo 6 日 前
better than yonce.. ha ha
C. Jessica Windom
She absolutely ate Sorry not sorry. Wow.
C’Yo - Create Your Own
Reading these comments and it seems as if people forgot how group dynamics and psychology works. If you all remember, when they went down to a trio, the group became very intentional about letting all members sing. All three ladies had many moments where they were able to shine vocally. See Destiny Fulfilled. However, society and fans applied pressure and criticism that I would imagine influenced heavy self doubt. Also, when you have so much talent in one group someone will end up feeling a little muted.. is the law of things. Beyoncé is a big talent. Michelle is as well. I think more than Kelly. Not saying she’s more talent just Kelly has a natural chilled less aggressive energy about her. Having all this energy trying to thrive in one space could be taxing yo. Michelle is a vocalist first but entered a group that required her to be a dancer as well. Can you imagine how much her fighting to keep up w/ those dance steps ate at her confidence?! Shid, bc here you have Beyonce who literally can do it all. Kelly and Michelle need to give themselves some slack bc they didn’t just stand onside of a regular group member.. Beyoncé is currently/ literally the biggest entertainer of all times. That’s dope in itself and to me.. an indicator they’re super dope. They’re all talented enough to be right there with Bey. Michelle has a very distinct tone but all the flexibility and agility to sing w/ Bey. Kelly can dance and has good vocal control and a tone that could cross from pop to R&B like nothing. What happened was.. these two just were human and were impacted by life. It happens. It wasn’t a master plot of Beyoncé or her dad. Just to cost associated w/ the circumstances. #CYOPodcast
sherry roddie
sherry roddie 7 日 前
2020 here
Lester Lopez
Lester Lopez 7 日 前
Leona looked just like Ingeborg Hallstein on the thumbnail
music lover1984
music lover1984 8 日 前
Girllllll I love her .
Jeannettea Crowder
My Denise has a beautiful voice it's ashamed she's not still singing with her sisters. She's definitely a power house.
Tanri Aibok
Tanri Aibok 9 日 前
Just one guess... has to be someone black😌❤️
Sam Milano
Sam Milano 9 日 前
my Destiny's Child Michelle ♥️🇵🇭
God, bless their family to come together. Amen!!!
candance foster
candance foster 9 日 前
Amen Amen in the name of Jesus.
derrick cook
derrick cook 9 日 前
I love her even more
Tyshawn D
Tyshawn D 10 日 前
Michelle is an angel.
Tyshawn D
Tyshawn D 10 日 前
I love Michelle Williams voice.
Dylan B
Dylan B 10 日 前
I really like her because of her special voice..since she was destiny's child.. the second of her performance i already knew was michelle...❤❤❤❤ #whenjesussayyes
D'Angelo Hair
D'Angelo Hair 10 日 前
Love this song 😍😍
Frankie 513 Zaremba
Whitney and Mariah were PERFECT!!!!! Those high notes from Mariah gave those goosebumps. I get those goosebumps every time, yeah Her notes are high, yeah This is not a lie, yeah
Daniel McCutcheon
I have to say the clips shown here are definitely chosen to favour Ariana & Mariah , there is way better performances out there , maybey yall should have a look at the Leona v Mariah & Leona V Ariana Videos through all the registers and come back !
Thorin Mew Salvatore
If there's only one Whitney & Aretha. I'm also strongly saying that there's no other one like Cissy. She's also one of a kind.
Danyell Brown
Danyell Brown 12 日 前
She was robbed in every way possible. Underrated!
fernando barroso
fernando barroso 12 日 前
Quem ta vendo em 2020? Adoro!!
Devin Alexander Fairrow
Sang sang sang sang
Joseph Urquhart
Joseph Urquhart 12 日 前
So glad someone finally did this
kenneth cuden
kenneth cuden 12 日 前
Kim Taylor
Kim Taylor 12 日 前
I sure do love me some Michelle Willams.
Xavier Allen loves Wicked
Heather and Michelle both Slay
Andrea Visitacion
This is just so awesome, Michelle. ❤
Return of the Mack
Michelle lorddddd
Deborah Bowen
Deborah Bowen 14 日 前
You sound good you can be what ever you put your mine to with God help he made your voice
roni robi
roni robi 14 日 前
Her "Sorry not sorry" Is dope!
ryan 15 日 前
what's the music you used at the very beginning of this video?
Mature Minded Millennials
I knew this was Michele from day one!
The Fly Natural
The Fly Natural 15 日 前
Let just talk about how she got robbed. She ate Thingamjig up on that battle. There is no way she should have lost to him.
Winter 2018
Winter 2018 17 日 前
I always knew destiny child only show case Beyonce since her daddy is the manager. Several girls quitted from the band. Thank you Michelle for showing us you are better than blonde B
i bought them gospel albums as a teen. Queen Tenitra ministering the past 19 years
Navaneet Moses
Navaneet Moses 17 日 前
I don't get it. Anyone pls make me understand what's the program deal? Do they judge? N.. Y. Their in mask?
camille elize
camille elize 18 日 前
Diana my favorite. I think Florence is terrible. Diana has the talent. All those talented people at Motown knew that.
KADE CADE 18 日 前
Her verse was the best verse 😍
G M 18 日 前
Denise is the realist.
Kim Guerrero
Kim Guerrero 20 日 前
You go girl!
Xavier Allen loves Wicked
Alondra Silva
Alondra Silva 20 日 前
James Conway
James Conway 20 日 前
Why is it the best people never win? :'(
Ben G
Ben G 21 日 前
Why does she move like a very old lady.
tiff !¡ ;D
tiff !¡ ;D 22 日 前
Antwan Courts
Antwan Courts 22 日 前
Now why didn't she win? 😒
Pjay 23 日 前
Never did like Diana anyway that FROG-EYED Diva!!! Mary and Flo had THEE BEST VOICES!!!
Renan Tonini
Renan Tonini 23 日 前
0:11 - Nazaré 🤣😂🤣
Xavier Andrews
Xavier Andrews 23 日 前
Beyoncé Kelly Michelle Latavia and Letoya one day for DC5
brittlia 25 日 前
Orion Grene
Orion Grene 25 日 前
No wonder her mic gets muted. This girl could fuckin steal the show
Carol Talbot
Carol Talbot 25 日 前
talented, gifted, gorgeous and loved
Kywaun Jackson
Kywaun Jackson 26 日 前
How did you make this?
Slaychelle 25 日 前
Inverting the instrumental against the studio track and then applying filtering processes to remove as much of the remaining instrumentation. Search "how to make DIY acapella" for tutorials online :)
mart pacatang
mart pacatang 26 日 前
One of the ugliest singers of all time:)
Kimberly Nolin
Kimberly Nolin 27 日 前
I'm so happy she's a lot more confident with her voice! I remember she was really insecure with her voice but I always thought she had an incredible voice! And her vocals are out of this world!!
Heather Isimang
Heather Isimang 28 日 前
Love Michelle Williams😍😍❤
Teardropangel30 28 日 前
she is so good she is just as good as the other two ( kelly and beyonce ) maybe even better when i first saw the 106 performance i was like damn they acted so COLD towards her like they didnt give a shit but look at her right here being brave and bold
Reginald Baldwin
Reginald Baldwin 28 日 前
She came to destinys child from Monica Arnold..so talent was already there ..... know your tea
natacha oum
natacha oum 28 日 前
Damn Michelle !!!! You slayed it mama !!
Pjay 29 日 前
Janea Bailey
Janea Bailey 29 日 前
Believer was fucking amazing. She's tired of the shit talk.
Arvin Ornopia
Arvin Ornopia 29 日 前
So now I'm sure that the management of DC didn't show her full potential all this time and now her she is shining like a trur unique BUTTERFLY.
Allison Burke
Allison Burke ヶ月 前
She slayed it should have been in the finals but I’m biased.
john amar
john amar ヶ月 前
She sounds like fantasia in that norah jones's song... Amazing!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍
MICO ヶ月 前
I love this album lmaoo
Slaychelle ヶ月 前
Truly iconic moment in R&B
Saidakine ヶ月 前
So the meekest of Destiny’s Child is the real powerhouse.
MKC TV ヶ月 前
Wasiem's World
Wasiem's World ヶ月 前
Yesss Thanks!!! ♡
yaboikwiet ヶ月 前
Thank you sooooo much for posting this! I was gonna ask but you beat me to it. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾😂 this is one of my fav Favs from Michelle. ❤✊🏾😁
nikkibrandycole ヶ月 前
I am huge fan but really don't like this song for her voice
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams ヶ月 前
Listen this shows off a different side of her. A jazzy side I would love to see her sing this right now... Her runs are more matured now
Vocally Gifted
Vocally Gifted ヶ月 前
Yes’m indeed my jam Tenitra Michelle!!🎶💕 1st for sure!!
Vocally Gifted
Vocally Gifted ヶ月 前
This is a bop for sure!!🎶💕