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Furqan Ahmed
Furqan Ahmed 10 時間 前
Where are the Avengers ?
geezerp1982 10 時間 前
why did the arizona change to lethal injection ???????????
cheong cheong
cheong cheong 10 時間 前
to me the best is, if any Reporters having questions, and the same time they can give their ideas as well, may be there's something others are didn't realize
Carsten Kalkman
Carsten Kalkman 10 時間 前
What the F is this guy (commentator) on??
Oscar Smith
Oscar Smith 10 時間 前
The economy will bounce back the dead won't
Jennie Garner
Jennie Garner 10 時間 前
Please people let the fake news know you will not buy their products that they advertise. they need to be squashed from earning any money. then they can file bankruptcy
Hugo Hernandez
Hugo Hernandez 10 時間 前
all the states are being taking care of, if people are dying ask Quomo why he has them in a warehouse? when Quomo answered " the hospitals don't need them yet. well there is the answer! They need a stock pile to supply other states as needed. It is very simple to understand.
Oscar Smith
Oscar Smith 10 時間 前
How do you take care of those who died when there already dead the time to take care of them is when they are alive
☺smylyface☺ 10 時間 前
These "reporters" sound like a bunch of whiny children. The questions they are asking are stupid and obviously intended to find something negative so they can bash the president and his administration. What more do they want? Seriously, president Trump announced that there would be NO CHARGE for any uninsured people who have to be hospitalized because of COVID-19. He is sending everyone who has a social security number a check for $1200 and $500 for each dependent. He is making sure that small businesses that have to be closed can receive a loan to pay their employees through the pandemic and if they don't fire anyone the business doesn't have to pay it back. He has extended unemployment so people who are laid off can survive this. He has manufacturing companies making supplies to help combat this virus instead of what they usually make. He's giving large companies money to pay their employees and stay afloat but they must pay the money back when this is over. Our President is doing everything he can to help us while the Democrats are literally starting another investigation, wasting both time and money during a world wide pandemic. I honestly think that these people WANT this to be the single most horrific event in American history just so they can blame Trump and get him out of office. I despise these evil idiots.
Good Citizen
Good Citizen 10 時間 前
Hi Mommy
Ali Usmi
Ali Usmi 10 時間 前
Proud to be an American, where I have right to vote, I have liberty and justice is given to all. Thank you God for blessings
Todd Alfonsi
Todd Alfonsi 10 時間 前
Good Citizen
Good Citizen 10 時間 前
Trump does not know how to read. He says he went to Whorton Business School. Sounds like he went to Bus school because the best he can do in life is drive a bus
San ant
San ant 10 時間 前
Nancy Pelosi Queen lobbyist has sold us all out.
Kathy Floyd
Kathy Floyd 10 時間 前
Democratic Party they're very evil hearts.
tinirop 10 時間 前
I reckon Travis did it.Framed her and now the poor lady is incarcerated. He shot himself then stabbed himself 27 times. THEN he had the cheek to drag himself around to another position. The dick.
Mari Winiarski
Mari Winiarski 10 時間 前
I am sooo tired of this virus FEAR PORN 24/7 while its over inflated & mostly survivable & downright lies bc EVERY death is being labeled the virus. WHY is Trump going along with this. My trust in him has dropped to ZERO! There are plenty of ppl out thee actually going to hospitals & proving its not the crisis its made out to be but theyve SHUT DOWN THE WHOLE COUNTRY & have made ppl prisoners....for WHAT? Also why are they releasing thousands of PRISONERS onto the streets when theyre safer where they are? Nothing makes sense & again TRUMP IS COMPLICIT!!! Whats the end game?
Todd Alfonsi
Todd Alfonsi 10 時間 前
soonersdevil 10 時間 前
You tube Needs to give these ads a Vacation
This is so full of lies it is pathetic! It's medical martial law! Nothing is coming back together Mr. President! You and your henchmen have destroyed Americans Liberty, freedom and civil rights! F you all!
Flor anderson
Flor anderson 10 時間 前
This child had been carefully buried in an extended position in a shallow pit so that the head and feet were higher than the hips. The body had been placed on a burned Scots pine branch, probably in a hide covered in red ochre. The ochre was particularly thick around the head and stained the upper and lower surfaces of the bones. A complete rabbit carcass was found between the child’s legs and six ornaments were found - four deer teeth which appear to have been part of a headdress, and two periwinkle shells from the Atlantic, which are thought to have been part of a pendant. An excavation project was launched to retrieve all the remnants of the child’s body. The work was difficult because tiny plant roots had penetrated the spongy bones. Sieving of the disturbed sediments led to the recovery of 160 cranial fragments, which constitute about 80 percent of the total skull. The bulldozer had crushed the skull but fortunately had missed the rest of the body by two centimetres. Once the recovery process was complete, the skeletal remains were sent to anthropologist Erik Trinkaus from Washington University to analyse the remains. This is when the most surprising discovery was made. Trinkaus found that the proportion of the lower limbs were not those of a modern human but rather resembled those of a Neanderthal. On the other hand, the overall shape of the skull is modern, as is the shape of its inner ear, and the characteristics of the teeth. Although the skull was most similar to that of a modern human, one anomaly was detected - a pitting in the occipital region which is a diagnostic and genetic trait of Neanderthals. .
Tina Gallagher
Tina Gallagher 10 時間 前
bank of america is the worst place for any decent person to go for a loan. They're a disgrace.
Flor anderson
Flor anderson 10 時間 前
THE CONTROVERSIAL LAPEDO CHILD - A NEANDERTHAL / HUMAN HYBRID Buried for millennia in the rear of a rock-shelter in the Lapedo Valley 85 miles north of Lisbon, Portugal, archaeologists uncovered the bones of a four-year-old child, comprising the first complete Palaeolithic skeleton ever dug in Iberia. But the significance of the discovery was far greater than this because analysis of the bones revealed that the child had the chin and lower arms of a human, but the jaw and build of a Neanderthal, suggesting that he was a hybrid, the result of interbreeding between the two species. The finding cast doubt on the accepted theory that Neanderthals disappeared from existence approximately 28,000 years ago and were replaced by Cro-Magnons, the first early modern humans. Rather, it suggests that Neanderthals interbred with modern humans and became part of our family, a fact that would have dramatic implications for evolutionary theorists around the world. The discovery was made in November 1998 when archaeologists João Maurício and Pedro Souto went to the Lapedo Valley to investigate reports that prehistoric rock paintings had been found, which turned out to be true. In the course of their investigations they discovered a limestone rock shelter, the Lagar Velho site. The upper two or three meters of its fill had been bulldozed away in 1992 by the land owner, which left a hanging remnant of sediment in a fissure along the back wall, but this contained such a density of Upper Paleolithic stone tools, animal bones and charcoal that it was clear that Lagar Velho had been an important occupation site. Subsequent excavations confirmed this, producing radiocarbon dates of 23,170 to 20,220 years age. While collecting surface material that had fallen from the remnant, João and Pedro inspected a recess in the back wall. In the loose sediments they recovered several small bones stained with red ochre they thought could be human. This turned out to be a child’s grave, the only Paleolithic burial ever found in the Iberian Peninsula. .
John Wilkinson
John Wilkinson 10 時間 前
@30:30 "It's a great question that you asked" No, it is not. But here's the answer anyway, the president lives in a controlled environment where everyone is tested daily, he doesn't go to Walmart, take the train or have bats for dinner, so there's no need for him to wear a mask. Yet most citizens mix with people who may be infected pretty much every day; some people don't have symptoms and some haven't been tested. That's why. Americans stay strong. Greetings from Spain.
Dangerous Freedom
Dangerous Freedom 10 時間 前
Watch out for that Tr...Oof, That had to hurt
Richard DeRosset
Richard DeRosset 10 時間 前
Simple question's from simple libtard minds ! Not interested in facts just hate and lies !
Maria Guerrero
Maria Guerrero 10 時間 前
Wy dont you sendet by mail
Lourdes Anisco
Lourdes Anisco 10 時間 前
All these fake media reporters ..they are asking stupid questions. President Trump has to explain to them the meaning of "Our" and "We" (W.Jiang). Hey fake news, you are wasting the precious time of President Trump. Oh I see, I guess you won't get your papay from your fake bosses for the day if you don't ask stupid questions and spreak fake news to mislead the American people.
Dariusz Wieclawski
Dariusz Wieclawski 10 時間 前
The journalist are piece of s....t. If the fire is here the firefighters not going to another state to fight not existing fire. Time up Mr President. Time up
Maria Guerrero
Maria Guerrero 10 時間 前
What happen if i dont have same bank acaunt?
Waiting2soar13 10 時間 前
These comments the ammount of disrespect is unreal he is our president. Your try doing the job
sammy R
sammy R 10 時間 前
hi yeah I'm from 2025 i came back in my delorlean a few days ago sorry to say but we're all gonna die by 2024 so yeah again sorry
Jeannie Guel
Jeannie Guel 10 時間 前
Trump 2020
NoR CaL 10 時間 前
Damn hes a good talker, bestt troll ever!!!
Reaper's END
Reaper's END 10 時間 前
Where are the people with World war 2 gas masks?
أمير بكلمتي
أمير بكلمتي 10 時間 前
Muhammad Ali he is my love for ever 💞🌺💞
sun dial
sun dial 10 時間 前
Trump is 100% CORRECT about EVERYTHING and EVERYONE : Obama left a YUGE MESS for Trump to cleanup including Pandemic preparations......😣
cainification 10 時間 前
Not complaining but they said 3 weeks about a week ago lol so of course it's 2 weeks from now
mister watson
mister watson 10 時間 前
Jesus is probably impressed that you r a christian. It is so obvious to me now. All of your songs have been so positive and so, how do u say in American, deuch baggy. U r an inspiration. Please do more christian songs, "no more mr. nice guy" is my favorite. Deuchbag
satexman 10 時間 前
And for the next year DJT was filling stadiums while Hillary was stumbling out of limousines.
WISDOM vs knowledge
WISDOM vs knowledge 10 時間 前
But ofc you did because of "Event 201" on 10/18/19 1:48 There ya go folks, busted! Straight from the mouth of this sawed-off prick! Unless of course y'all are "Coincidence Theorist" ❓❗
The Griffin
The Griffin 10 時間 前
The press looking for outrage. They still don't get it. People love Trump because he speaks just like a regular guy, not a politician. That's why we voted for him and will again. A little light humour folks, that's all. Imagine being that desperate for Trump news that you have to call him out for this! So he banged some models in his younger years, I don't hear them complaining about their billionaire lover - well, at least not yet!
Trans Lucent
Trans Lucent 10 時間 前
trump spends too much time on focusing on the tone of the reporter and the language used...
Pug Life
Pug Life 10 時間 前
Cops: Did you shoot too? Yeah I shot. Me too ! Me too ! I shot at a whole bunch of people ! We were all shooting ! Yeah ! Where's his gun? What gun? No gun? He didn't have a gun? Oh well, let's get some donuts! And shoot more people? Now? Later How much later? After some donuts? Forget the donuts Look, there's some people! Start shooting !
PollokBob64 10 時間 前
It would be better and kinder..and a boat load cheeper.. to simply euthanise this deadbeat duo..total waste of resorces,time, and good oxygen..let them quietly pass..nobody will care..
Armoured Angel
Armoured Angel 10 時間 前
I am so impressed with the president's Patience with these reporters asking the same questions over and over in the attempt to trip up trump.. If I could reach through the monitor.. I would slap every one that disrespects our President.
R P 10 時間 前
I thank God we have a Court system of Justice in a Free America. People wonder why a person went on a SHOTTING. rampage when Free people where PROTESTING. PD in Texas. all you have to do is look no further from this. When PD do not follow the (what I believe )the TRUE 4 Amendment warrant entry to your private Property think about it people PD killing Americans over what thay freely put in there body. Really we take a life just because we wear a badge. People have had enough. This is why people KILL officers. You break into a person's Castle Thay are going to DEFEND Themselves. I don't care if you represent some form of are Government. A person's home is his Castle. Could thay have not just rang the door bell or knocked if no one answered then stake out the home till someone comes or goes. Present the Warrant and only SEARCH the area of property that the Warrant says to search.
Sonia Downey
Sonia Downey 10 時間 前
Holy crap...all that?
Dan P
Dan P 10 時間 前
I don't care what anybody says this guy is the real deal like him or not..
Jo Lind
Jo Lind 10 時間 前
People need to stop watching CNN and CSMBS and go watch the news briefings before they edit out what they don't want you to see. If you keep watching them, you have only yourself to blame for your ignorance. Go to the source the live videos, Your you own thought process and stop letting the news tell you what and how to think.
andan04 10 時間 前
I'd say that joke went over well.
Deborah Grube
Deborah Grube 10 時間 前
Trump !!!!!!
X Saysit
X Saysit 10 時間 前
Has anyone considered developing something like a breathalyzer for the virus? If a breathalyzer can be used for drunks and determine immediately their BAC, couldn't this technology also be used for possible coronavirus carriers?
Li Ho
Li Ho 10 時間 前
Errrrh errrrrh erhhhhh warning warning the president has melted down! Invoke the 25 th Amendment immediately!!
gtiman67 11 時間 前
Fake News the virus to which there is no cure😁
david26799 11 時間 前
Americans are dying left and right and this Administration is playing games. But it's okay Donald keep lying to the American people keep it up because when your presidency is over and you have no more power New York and FBI is going to come after that ass for all the crimes you did before you were president I see prison bars in your future
jee sanch
jee sanch 11 時間 前
I honestly think that this was an attack by ⛩to bring down the US economy and kill Americans☠️
kevin almeida
kevin almeida 11 時間 前
nay sayers have a number of reasons for what they say and feel. some brutally believe in the ignorant image in their brain. some cant handle a world so dark and can suffer illness as result. some believe media always fear monger for ratings. some take a message and react as end of the world. some are prepared some have lost it all and have no idea that they haven't hit bottom yet. im a narcissist and extremely analytical i see its bad but we are far from the bottom. using history for viral infections and history of economic down turns. i can say normally the economy is viewed as a V drops then back up and drops within a 3 month period and takes 1 to 3 years to balance with last peak..... but in this case paired with this virus as well as many other countries already trending downward this economy is probably looking at its first WW scale. down up down up down up few times as like some sort of slinky effect world trade will hit the hardest! i tend to think this will bring the world together and will rise from the ashes and with so much loss is to be mourned but i think all this isolation a baby boom will result and lift our spirits. or the worst may be there. tension stress and many other ingredients may result in a large scale war..... doubtful but not out of the realm of possibility. im no adviser nor to claim to know but banks need the money back or it will be a costly bail out so i liquidated my stocks assets payed all but a couple loans to 0 i did this right before many losses thankfully this virus will be in decline or defeated in next 6 to 12 months but this economy will hit new lows after new lows till about 1 to 3 months after eradication so this will be the slowest decline ever like 15 months!!! more people will die in result to decline and poverty than the virus probably a minimum factor of X2 i view this as china thing and have every belief in the conspiracy. how convenient would it be to think mother nature CCP virus snapped her fingers like Thanitos in movie end game but we dont drop to ash no we drop to illness and the more who parish means the more young impressionable minds remain and baby boom to a new youth and economic balance will be a new world china emerge as heros and dictate without question.
Kimberly Boyd
Kimberly Boyd 11 時間 前
Why does she keep smiling and acting like this whole thing is boring her....has she had a psych exam?
Teri Matich
Teri Matich 11 時間 前
OAN was barred from the meetings by the press corp? Did they barr AON because they asked appropriate questions and did not try to set the president up? I think we should create a petition to reinstate OAN Press. Thank you Mr. President. Governors are also suppose to get their states ready. These Press are simply trying to cause problems just as the Democratic governors do. Anything to make President Trump look bad. The press needs to grow up and work for the American people instead of trying to continuously cause trouble. Cuomo was lying initially, and had 4000 in stock when Cuomo said he did not have enough.
David 11 時間 前
These “reporters” are really socialists activists obstructionists!
Dave 11 時間 前
This looks way too dangerous for other cars and pedestrians do you think they should call this one off? Let the Helicopter keep track? Every time he runs a red light he could definitely just T-boned someone and you know what that means.
Covfefe Dk
Covfefe Dk 11 時間 前
Anyone else wondering why Murderous Trump is getting away with not only killing American citizen, but also denies help arriving in Cuba? The embargo is upheld even for essential PPE during a pandemic. What a disgusting vile nation United States have turned out to be under Trump.
Don McKeoun
Don McKeoun 11 時間 前
President Trump we the American people are sick of the deep state bureaucrats and their Democrat communists leading them drop the hammer and fire all of them America will be better without them. Trump 2020
January Snow
January Snow 11 時間 前
❤️ TRUMP!🥰😍😘
Heather Shupe
Heather Shupe 11 時間 前
Who’s head of hospitals that has not given approval of this medicine to try?????
Todd Garren
Todd Garren 11 時間 前
Fox Phoenix won't allow links in the comment section so they can control what their gullible audience is allowed to see. So copy, paste & google this: “289119,health-care-workers-are-getting-laid-off” You conservative Clapping Seals were brainwashed to attack Medicare-for-all. Now you are going to pay the price for your stupidity and gullibility with ... YOUR LIVES !!!!!!!!!!! 😂🤣 😂 😂🤣 😂 😂🤣 😂 😂🤣 😂 😂🤣 😂 HaHaHaHa HaHaHaHa HaHaHaHa HaHaHaHa
Michael Meyer
Michael Meyer 11 時間 前
Honestly, I am not an American. I have no idea about the political system in the USA. But I think both democratics and republicans are Americans. They should fight together against the virus. They should fight together for the U.S.A. They should do their duty. Together.
Dorothy Featherstone
Dorothy Featherstone 11 時間 前
Keep our nurses here in Canada we need them show Trumpet that we dont need him.
Bill Alexander
Bill Alexander 11 時間 前
Soul Brothers Bang ! Kia popped Like Jiffy Pop!!
Lucille Bonds
Lucille Bonds 11 時間 前
Daniel Heartsill
Daniel Heartsill 11 時間 前
It depends on who you hear. One tv station has said dfw is eight and a half million. Another says seven and a half, and another says seven million. 98,000 people moved into Texas in 2018 from California alone.
Joseph Medeiros
Joseph Medeiros 11 時間 前
You may not like the The question present Trump but just you too answer question
TopShelfDro707 11 時間 前
How’re you gonna stand there and talk about what the states should have done in the case that this happened, but you didn’t even take t seriously until it was too late?! 🤦🏽‍♂️
Pretty Kitty
Pretty Kitty 11 時間 前
Society gets gratification out of persecution but u get gratification out of slaughtering a man and then lying about it!
BlackSabotage100 11 時間 前
I accidentally coughed on my sister.
Mir Iqbal
Mir Iqbal 11 時間 前
She must be a woman of colour.
clinton johnson
clinton johnson 11 時間 前
Acosta is such a D bag I wonder if he knows how much we can see through his BS? At work at a friend's garage family gatherings we all talk about fake news and that Knucklehead is at the top of the list!
Chris Kelley
Chris Kelley 11 時間 前
Curse the shadow government, so much devilish energy, this stuff all on them , trump just a puppet..
george parazoo
george parazoo 11 時間 前
I'd like to know who has the virus in my area, how do I find that out?
Last Sun
Last Sun 11 時間 前
Trump is such a bad speaker plus reporters stuck on basic. We getting no where....
Rick Smith
Rick Smith 11 時間 前
US Citizens only, lot of countries will have ur ass for sneaking across their borders. And they want a check THIS IS INSANE
CINE MAX 11 時間 前
This guy is clown!!!! Thank God am canadian
강주효 11 時間 前
엄지척 ㅡtrump 71 give ok
JNFE TV 11 時間 前
A.R. Strain
A.R. Strain 11 時間 前
Moe Buyan
Moe Buyan 11 時間 前
What happened to the idea of banning the Muslim Hijab ? Instead you re promoting it!! you are breaking the campaign promise again!!!
No one ever mentions security people,also on the front lines,security people on construction sites hospital e.r. ,s and the lowest paid,disgraceful
No camera
No camera 11 時間 前
He's crap.
Tom H
Tom H 11 時間 前
What is a "wrong-man"? Did they mean "wrong man"?
No camera
No camera 11 時間 前
Stormy Daniels?
Park Bench
Park Bench 11 時間 前
The best way to cure cancer is to stop causing cancer; likewise with coronavirus... My OBE was true and real as I saw planet earth being destroyed... When you have been living a lie, then the truth will kill you. What kind of religion is on the battlefield? Is It “Thou shall not kill?” More wars start from so-called religion, as history proves than all causes combined, justified by GOD = Government Of Devils! White history is the story of Lucifer and Black history is the Story of JESUS... Narratives are broadly narrow... This is what JESUS was teaching... Do you know who you are? Identity Crisis = being a child of GOD or a child of your Master.
john harris
john harris 11 時間 前
World leaders shouldn’t wear masks it looks like weakness do you see Nancy Pelosi wearing a mask do you see the president Xi wearing a mask? Stupid question from a stupid individual.
Harry Tuttle
Harry Tuttle 11 時間 前
God Save President Trump , God save our Republic . Death to Communist . America is not a Socialist Nation .
David 11 時間 前
At 37:44, Jim Acosta only tries to ask “gotcha” questions because he has a contentious and combative attitude towards the President. He will be ruined in time for his work of obstruction. He’s rude, he interrupts, he quarrels and not argues, his questions are always designed to smear the President. He NEVER compliments the President for any of the great things he’s done.
B Moseley
B Moseley 11 時間 前
When a reporter becomes argumentative and unruly, escort please
cocosongo1 11 時間 前
Now that’s a calculated & respectful Wedgie of the new President ...🤣😂🤣 love you Obama
Luke Carlin
Luke Carlin 11 時間 前
what a dumbass no wonder your country has the most cases
violeta violet
violeta violet 11 時間 前
You said that someone liked my comment but you are not posting it or not putting it in number down my comment