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DihStyle69 時間 前
i don't even know people showered themselves before workout. wtf
Diamond 時間 前
MJ The G.O.A.T
MJ The G.O.A.T 時間 前
For all of you saying "WhErE iS fReDdIe MeRcUrY?". Please take note that Freddie's genre is Rock N' Roll.
sad reee
sad reee 時間 前
Hes my childhood
Andrew the Cellist
Can you buy that peaky blinder shirt?????
RGB_TOx1C 時間 前
smp live be like
Sergio Studios
Sergio Studios 時間 前
Remember son, dying is gay
both are british, but not both are english!!
the gaming dingo 45454
Patrick warburton literally has one of the best character voices you know it’s going to be a funny show or movie
Sunny So Cal
Sunny So Cal 2 時間 前
I always liked his voice lol it’s distinctive he’s also elaine’s boyfriend on seinfeld around season 3 if im not mistaken
Ea Åkerman
Ea Åkerman 2 時間 前
Tocaya !
Grace Elle
Grace Elle 2 時間 前
The iconic quote and meme is at 3:20 👍🏾
DEAD Boi 2 時間 前
Who’s joe
Sean Ocansey
Sean Ocansey 2 時間 前
I love this guy so much! 😂
im a clown
im a clown 2 時間 前
Who came here because of Insta
Kyrene Carter
Kyrene Carter 2 時間 前
Their pose at the beginning they look like a renaissance painting
Willem DaFuckedUp
Willem DaFuckedUp 2 時間 前
2019 and she's still gorgeous, jesus
Owen 2 時間 前
Please do a video with mike judge
Lynne Acevedo
Lynne Acevedo 2 時間 前
Ctfu this bish said "I don't need no melatonin"
Peter Puan
Peter Puan 2 時間 前
Great job Jon ... thank you for bringing back this lovely memory.
commenter30 2 時間 前
ayooo ayooo aYoooo000
eys292 2 時間 前
Absolutely convinced she’s Nefertiti reincarnated. Stunning, elegant and most intelligent 👸🏿
Kenji Setou
Kenji Setou 2 時間 前
There's an abridged parody of an anime called dr. Stone and one of the characters does an amazing impression of Patrick Warburton.
Thomas F
Thomas F 2 時間 前
It's crazy how similar they all look
Pickle Lam
Pickle Lam 2 時間 前
'I don’t need a therapist, because I have spongebob' 🙌
abram 2 時間 前
it’s kinda sad that the movie was actually GARBAGE compared with the chapter 1...
Happy WALEK 2 時間 前
jpvid.net/video/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-AZl5l1x_DSA.html yo mama voice
Happy WALEK 3 時間 前
Yo mama
WolfsbaneFilms 3 時間 前
His best were Malkovich, Michael Caine, and Jack Nicholson. They were uncanny.
Hayley Vasquez
Hayley Vasquez 3 時間 前
pls don't ever take this down. ❤
Miles Mizutani
Miles Mizutani 3 時間 前
Bri Muniz
Bri Muniz 3 時間 前
Wow I really admire her! 💪🏼 Beautiful person inside and out! ❤️
Sihle Ntshangase
Sihle Ntshangase 3 時間 前
Here's the part of the video you came here for 3:19
Hippo Pilot
Hippo Pilot 3 時間 前
He’s literally the face if children’s cartoons. He’s in at pleats half the cartoons I remember.
Mighty Mackellar
Mighty Mackellar 3 時間 前
Patrick kinda looks like Joe
Rakib Hasan
Rakib Hasan 3 時間 前
Somebody please review bear grylls show on how much scripted it is
Leonel Soto
Leonel Soto 3 時間 前
5:50 Lmfao he's not even trying.
FBI 51
FBI 51 3 時間 前
Oh yeah it's all coming together
Solomon Friedman
Solomon Friedman 3 時間 前
really dumb that it pauses
DeadlyPuppet 3 時間 前
a lot of these people are doing terrible voice impressions patrick is just being nice lmao
Unlikely Outcome
Unlikely Outcome 3 時間 前
10:22 Chelsea is the only person who tells the truth so hard the needle jumps.
Dylan Lewis
Dylan Lewis 3 時間 前
AprilFools 3 時間 前
He actually looks like Joe..
Napoleon Abida
Napoleon Abida 3 時間 前
Oh man.. They grow fast.. Hahahaj
i just like the videos, man like wth
he’s joe.
KingDiaz210 3 時間 前
I knew that was you. Kronk was the funniest
Destiny Miranda
Destiny Miranda 3 時間 前
He sounds like the YOUR MAMA JOKE guy😂😂😂
Abby Middleton
Abby Middleton 3 時間 前
the OPPOSITE of james dean lmaoooooo
pacsoul Pavon
pacsoul Pavon 4 時間 前
Dam he aged , great actor
Pamela Ramirez
Pamela Ramirez 4 時間 前
Mikey Bolts!! ❤️❤️❤️
Johannes Dolch
Johannes Dolch 4 時間 前
The man's a genius, pure and simple. I don't understand the first thing about how he does what he does but the results speak for themselves.
*#3 and after are trash 😆*
Big Boy
Big Boy 4 時間 前
3:56 was awful
Think About it
Think About it 4 時間 前
Who knew Arnold Schwarzenegger did voice impressions. I wonder why he talks the same in all of his movies🤔
Abby Middleton
Abby Middleton 4 時間 前
sophie saying shake your bahooky SENT ME lmaooooo. i loved all of this
Alexander Kramer
Alexander Kramer 4 時間 前
When I heard him in the beginning I thought he was mouthing it
Aaron Nicewonger
Aaron Nicewonger 4 時間 前
My favorite Patrick Warburton characters are Brock Sampson and Buzz Lightyear. I wish they'd put out the Buzz Lightyear cartoon on DVD.
PushandillPushback 4 時間 前
Every Character he has EVER played sounds EXACTLY the same. This guy is lucky people find his voice enjoyable because he is the definition of a one trick pony...
pig queen
pig queen 4 時間 前
Did yall notice that neds outfit kinda looks like spongebobs but without the socks and tie
Lor Bmoreflow
Lor Bmoreflow 4 時間 前
Warburton has done so many animated voiceovers
Simon M
Simon M 4 時間 前
All these people trying to sound like joe or kronk sucked
Daily stories of Reddit
So that's Joe?
Alf human being
Alf human being 4 時間 前
Whos joe
Goodness 4 時間 前
Lemony mother fuggin Snicket
James Booth
James Booth 4 時間 前
Here's what I find funny all the time. I literally thought each character was voiced by a different actor by the next.
Scp 173
Scp 173 4 時間 前
All I hear is Joe Swanson, no matter the character he's voicing
Abby Middleton
Abby Middleton 4 時間 前
YO!!!! adriENNE!!!!!!! im rolling lol
CassieJazz96 4 時間 前
Lol sag moon fam
TheCEOofRacism 4 時間 前
My names goose
Regina Phalange
Regina Phalange 4 時間 前
*are you a vile queen?* *yaaaassss BOBBY!*
CassieJazz96 4 時間 前
everything about this is iconic
Skeye 4 時間 前
did he voice those old yo mama jokes videos wtf
Bryan Liguori
Bryan Liguori 4 時間 前
Nice job! High five.
Stoic the Warlord
Stoic the Warlord 4 時間 前
This guy totally does the same voice for multiple characters while tryna sound like he does so many voices 😂😂 I see you Patrick, I see you
Mr locus lazer
Mr locus lazer 4 時間 前
Wait i rember him in ted when says, your italian?
Mr locus lazer
Mr locus lazer 4 時間 前
Hes voice is so manly lol
Ay-Leck 5 時間 前
They should’ve asked him to say “oh yeah, it’s all coming together”
Go Jojo
Go Jojo 5 時間 前
But what does "gacho" mean tho?
Kaizen Waldseemuller
Why do I think that she will cry? 😢
Odd1 5 時間 前
Joe mama
chris x
chris x 5 時間 前
All I think about is Yo mama
Alex K
Alex K 5 時間 前
-Frunchroom or mudroom -Lackin is no gun or not ready if you get rolled up on -thot is everywhere -fin is a $5 so correct lol -fu is what black people say instead of fool -its go IN on you The rest I've never heard and I've lived here for 32 years...but I do know a few Pat's
Schyler Rippie
Schyler Rippie 5 時間 前
The real fans watched The Tick
CrazyRussianDiaries 5 時間 前
0:30 Says JackAss with Indian accent... *Say what?!*
Queen Boo
Queen Boo 5 時間 前
I honestly thought he just talked normally since his voice is already like that
marc burgener
marc burgener 5 時間 前
that kid Stanley is going to go bald in his 20s :/
Nya 5 時間 前
SilentPsycho 5 時間 前
Oh, if I had a voice like this..
Dxrk Obsesion
Dxrk Obsesion 5 時間 前
Not sure why, but I thought that the yo mama guy voiced joe for a while maybe around 5 years ago
Tuan Tran
Tuan Tran 5 時間 前
I cant stop laughing!!
James Davis
James Davis 5 時間 前
Fantastic series! Extremely well-acted, written, and filmed.
Takahashi 5 時間 前
I don't know how I never connected Joe Swanson's voice to Patrick Warburton.
Hawaiian ese
Hawaiian ese 5 時間 前
I thot dat da voice was da kine yo momma joke guy
SniperCloutyB1 5 時間 前
I love you Tom Kenny
sup buttercup
sup buttercup 5 時間 前
same exact voice for each character yet different 😭
Dolores5000 5 時間 前
Big Boris
Big Boris 5 時間 前
an anime cat girl but it's voiced by Patrick Warburton
Red Orb Pikachu
Red Orb Pikachu 5 時間 前
I can’t watch anything featuring this guy without KRUNK
K J 5 時間 前
3:18 ... Sorry to this man.
Quibbles 5 時間 前
Cool it’s the yo mama guy