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tehSuperSloth 12 分 前
Why is nobody talking about DNA planting in crime scenes? It wouldn't be hard to do. So I think we should be more critical and not only talk about the positives.
Yvens Chiapco
Yvens Chiapco 13 分 前
We gotta agree, this is your mom's weight
Huy Tran
Huy Tran 14 分 前
2 Crisis's already have arrived: "Woke People" "Antifa" Cancer to society.
of INTEREST 20 分 前
Leonardo is very elegant, first robot with high heels too.!
Thor _
Thor _ 22 分 前
Every drone doesn't easily get blown away by wind. I've tried my dji mavic 2 zoom in pretty stong wind. It started perfectly still and automatic stabilized against the wind. Some drones get catched by the wind because their less air dynamic against side wind and don't have automatic stabilization. This thing with long legs will struggle when you get slightly more wind than this test facility produce. Mavic 2 is one of the best drones to fly when it's windy.
Wolfyee_Gaming 25 分 前
2 Indians babyyyyy
Sukhbir Sekhon
Sukhbir Sekhon 27 分 前
That microphone could be the achilles heel of the driverless car. Put siren on your car and you can clear any traffic in front of you so you get to your destination quicker.
rafael maheswara
rafael maheswara 28 分 前
Aleks Gaitšonok
Aleks Gaitšonok 30 分 前
i have one question. *WHERE'S THE PROBLEM?*
up is down
up is down 33 分 前
hmmm i hate spending effort physically but not thinking
ash 34 分 前
But I wonder how they know that they correct in this much digits even before Newton found the correct
Saleem Patla
Saleem Patla 36 分 前
Derek, do you have ADHD?
Woofy_Gaming 37 分 前
Wait I think I can get an A in math with this by saying to my teacher can you solve this and if you can’t you give me A’s for the rest of my year here
Matt Frey
Matt Frey 38 分 前
I would argue perception has a fatal flaw. What you believe is true to you. Just like the situation of morality. Somebody killed your sister/mother/father/brother so your vengeance is just. However from the murderer's sibling's/parent's perspective you are the murderer. Everything is just from the eyes of the beholder. However, looking at both theories, is one more objective and complete than the other? When words are askew, it's easier to make another person's assertion seem superfluous rather than true. As philosophy continues to pander on and on.
Sukhbir Sekhon
Sukhbir Sekhon 38 分 前
The elevator comparison is ridiculous. The plane landing is not far off.
Nandish Raju Kori
can't Leonardo shift his legs up and down to turn?
Aurélien Carnoy
Aurélien Carnoy 43 分 前
Oh my. So cool
KH NF Ers 51 分 前
Awesome video
Vishal Kumar
Vishal Kumar 54 分 前
How these graphics used to make?
I'm wondering why the flexible antennas on the Explorer One satellite were swinging back and forth?
ez its just 3 x 1 + 1
santoshi basak
santoshi basak 58 分 前
My 12 year old brain didn't understand a thing but looked interesting
abraham klassen
abraham klassen 時間 前
I noticed this about Bill Gates. When he talks about other things, not including the waccine or close it 19,he never says the word "uh" But when talking about the wacky sauce or cv19, he says "uh" very often. I'm no language expert,but I think that's a tell for when he is lying.
technical traveler
Excellent explenation
Pulkit Agarawal
Pulkit Agarawal 時間 前
Dude! I love your content. Keep sharing such interesting mathematical stories.
Юрий Батура
In these cases, not household gas, but non-odorised gas should be used.
ChickenNuggies 時間 前
*w h a t*
Zyme !
Zyme ! 時間 前
Okay I thought I lived a pretty unhealthy life and therefore would reduce my life. Turns out it's not actually that bad. I avoid going out in the sun. I only really eat one meal a day. I take boiling hot showers. Now I just need to eat less protein and go for a sprint around the block.
Fonda Kirsten Sihite 1303056
parents in the future be like: kids don't forget to rub on your aerogel! before going in the pool!
Jovan K
Jovan K 時間 前
They should try 3d maneuver gear on it
Binit Yadav
Binit Yadav 時間 前
BBB Business
N.S.Shankar 時間 前
Y sometimes u guys speak so fast?? Dont forget you're explaining something🙄
Lor00D 時間 前
George thought that pushing a bike and winding up the string would be the same as pulling the string to make the bike go backwards, because George is silly. A string being wound up is not the opposite to pulling a string, the string would have to force itself to unwind foe the same affect.
Khalid AlNajjar
Khalid AlNajjar 時間 前
I'm not saying that we should keep an eye on Boston dynamics.. but we should keep an eye on Boston dynamics..
Ahmed Sh. A. Bazama
when are you going to play Bowling in outer space? Okay, at least onboard a Zero G plane !
MaxArceus 時間 前
Rosalina's comet orchestra?
Gangilla 時間 前
he was shooting at my birth month and birth year
Lavida Escorta
Lavida Escorta 時間 前
2:12 up to 15 metres per second or 20 metres per 'second'! The way he says the second 'second' sounds like he is talking about a different unit!
srikanth konatham
In my opinion, as time is relative to the observer it creates an illusion. So, to measure an absolute value there should be another determining factor other than time such as the force of gravity on particles. Which is not constant but it is when it gets relative to a particular object's gravity. I love the way you challenge scientific theories. Continue to do what you are doing and fill the world with ample food for thought. Cheers, Srikkanth Kontham
Matt Frey
Matt Frey 時間 前
At time 14:37, the graph is similar to O(log N) for time complexity in computer science. Coincidence or connection?
Matt Frey
Matt Frey 時間 前
Of course we're talking about biology in comparison to computation
Nova 時間 前
give him wheels like that alien xlr8 in ben 10
david atauP
david atauP 時間 前
Can I get like for everybody that heard a noise as we went past the doors
Uzzee23playz 時間 前
So interesting
Arzu Çökmez
Arzu Çökmez 時間 前
Hello vads
22/7 ✨
Mina Yusuf
Mina Yusuf 2 時間 前
How come I can’t recall anything from your videos, even though I have watched most of then. I am seriously starting to question why I like physics.
Lady K
Lady K 2 時間 前
You need a Netflix show, you're great at explaining things!
Sang Yim
Sang Yim 2 時間 前
That ain't walking lol
Hilda Afriyie
Hilda Afriyie 2 時間 前
Imagine a android like the in your home town like that
BigDickBear🐻 2 時間 前
Lesson one on the forklift class, do not hitch a ride on a forklift you might loose your feet.
героин введён
8:54 Вот и спалился, русский шпион xD
Absideon RL
Absideon RL 2 時間 前
It’s ten