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TheNewVocal 5 ヶ月 前
Greetings from Singapore =) Wish you a nice day!
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Randall Crow
Randall Crow 年 前
Great Footage of WW II history Veterans Day in Hamburg Arkansas...Frank Taylor 91 yrs old.jpvid.net/video/ビデオ-vdKgZUXiMeEh.htmlttps://jpvid.net/video/ビデオ-dqAXKgZ93uk.html
Sorry for the copyright on You're optimus vs bumblebee fight i would love it if you could forgive me and keep my video up i just figured since so many other youtubers posted it and got tons of views,I would to im not greedy i promise but if you choose to keep my video up thank you
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 年 前
Could I please use your copyright in my JPvid in my videos? I will always promise to credit you.
Shawn Bechard
Fuck Paramount pictures. Just remember fuckers, karma will find you even after death! You greedy fucks sued people that had DONATIONS to make a film. It proves you have no concern for the fans who donated. If you thought I will ever pay to watch a paramount movie, think again. Time to starve the greedy whores.
mutluluk değirmeni
ulan gavat senin vidyonu mu çaldım da telif vidyomu kaldırıyosun geri al cabuk
45580677 年 前
Look I bet you guys don't read these things anyway and I've been around since Star Trek the Movie era and Red October so I'll lay it straight not sure whats going on over there but best way to come back might be a team up for Galaxy Quest...why and how well simple make fun of JJ and then Tim Allen aka Jason, Qwen and the others helping a reboot team like you did with Star Trek basically lets say the new actors who while now a whole conspiracy around the show that lets face it all treking out. Plus pay tribute to those loss like Doctor Lazarus aka we know as in Nemoy at the same time anyhow its up to the old and new cast to team up as the world about to see just how real it is and basically actors and young actors who are not ready for this. I mean come on its just stories wild out by freak out fans what happened now you find out its more as the Protector III defends Earth from invasion as they want payback after all killed one of there Generals even with a fleet of Protectors likely sweeping the galaxy getting close to Earth. Likely actors who fought before find them and epic battle and pull out the dust off com and here comes the Protector now its bigger than them and the world has to understand its not just a show even those who not into it. While we all might fail I don't know I see something for Galaxy Quest 2 or just Galaxy Quest: something don't know but be good for laughs plus besides fix all those fan rules and go like SW well good luck and take care.
Dagoth Ur
Dagoth Ur 年 前
How funny.........The big time movie channel has less subs then gameplay channels.....
Lashae Love
Lashae Love 年 前
i am excited for the new baywatch!
Tomasm21 年 前
Do you receive direct answers from the "Paramount Pictures" representatives?
Khan Arshad
Khan Arshad 年 前
can i upload world war z of jerusalem sence
Hope Stevens
Hope Stevens 年 前
Hey Paramount, how about remake Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius for the fans of the film and it'll be far better and entertaining than the original itself on so many levels.
Obama bin Laden
hey could you put adds on my videos please
Rider 年 前
ขออนุญาตินำคลิปต้นฉบับของคุณ นำไปเภยแพร่ต่อโดยการให้เครดิตคุณ จะได้ใหม
Snapchat Hack
Snapchat Hack 2 年 前
Paramount Pictures always the best, keep up making the great movies.
Shawn Bechard
They are pretty good at destroying franchises as well. They also like to steal donated money from people.
WhatsApp Hack
WhatsApp Hack 2 年 前
I'm the best you will ever have.
Instagram Hack
Instagram Hack 2 年 前
There should be a monthly movie production video.
Maryland Business Video Sharing
Love the movies that this company makes!
Brian Lichtig
Brian Lichtig 2 年 前
Love the movies that this company makes!
GummyLog 2 年 前
I love the movies that the company makes! My favorites are The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (2004)& The Rugrats Movie (1998) I also love the company logo!
KB FUN 2 年 前
can i upload zoolander 2 translated by arabic on youtube ?
anh nguyen
anh nguyen 2 年 前
i like channnel
anh guyen
anh guyen 2 年 前
van nguyen
van nguyen 2 年 前
like you
an hai
an hai 2 年 前
an hai
an hai 2 年 前
i love you
Lu Cas
Lu Cas 2 年 前
This GitS is ebola.
alexis ocampo
alexis ocampo 2 年 前
miren me denuncian las peliculas pero las voy a bolver a suvir pero les voy acer un marco a los videos para que no me los eliminen resivi el sigiente mensaje Hola, alexis ocampo: Hemos bloqueado tu vídeo de JPvid debido a una reclamación de derechos de autor. Esto significa que ya no se puede reproducir tu vídeo en JPvid. Título del vídeo: Goat pelicula en latino español 2016 Incluye: Visual content Reclamado por: Paramount Pictures
Moorland Moss
Moorland Moss 2 年 前
Just found the channel...Looking to improve my editing skills for my Portland, Oregon, Motovlog...so have to watch all the classic clips..
Rudi Richard Freimanis
Pessoal, preciso encontrar a terceira temporada da Nova Geração de Star Trek. Onde posso adquirir? Só esta tempora é que me falta. Depois quero adquirir a as temporadas de Voyager e Deep Space 9.
Marcello 2 年 前
Please, upload trailers in 4K !! There are already Ultra-HD Blu-ray discs on the market, but you are still releasing 1080p trailers ! ¿ Why ?
daniel vance
daniel vance 2 年 前
there will be a new movie called the amulet of samarkand coming soon!!!
Free Background Music & Soundtrack
You're the best, good job :)
Carl Hanopol Delos Reyes
Your Ghost in the Shell live-action movie sucks. Mark my words, Paramount, your movie will be the biggest box office bomb ever to date.
Shawn Bechard
You were right, it sucked donkey balls. What to expect from Paramounting pigs.
Mary Ellen Pallozzi
+Paramount Pictures You guys should make a 2D animated film, turn into an absolute blast of fun film franchise of epic proportion, for Paramount Animation call The Adventures Of Billy Edwin about a tween name Billy, his girlfriend and also his friends who live in a epic cool adventure world and must protect it from a evil king and queen and their mighty army of knights. It's also a somewhat spiritual succussor to the Spyro The Dragon franchise, but in it's very own league
aaron Jaova smith
this is the best movie that moves the people hearts the features and graphics awsome
daniel vance
daniel vance 2 年 前
+Carrossel 2 年 前
estúdio, eu gravarei 25 filmes para vocês adicionarem a produtora, depois que eu gravar, irei mandar um CD com o filme pelo correio, se aprovarem o filme, vocês terão que mandá-lo para os cinemas, fechado?
Mike remix club
Mike remix club 2 年 前
jes resu des droit pour un film mes ia la moiun de le reti res pls
sopor 2 年 前
Ok, just tell me, can I use it or no?
Yanksfan 2 年 前
paramount,, you suck,,you cant see the forest from the trees.. your cutting your own nose off to spite your face by ruining Axanar. im very disappointed in your poor judgement. Quality fan films make people want more star trek,, your movies are what people crave but the fan films keep the fire burning,,, Axanar is something that all trekkies have been looking forward to , films like this keep your franchise going they dont take away from it they only make fans want more. you should be helping Axanar not trying to kill it. hang your heads in shame,, your pathetic
Rena Sosa Quintana
Hey I want to ask you, if you are going to do "After" movie
J1 Gaming Channel
please remove his suit me please
J1 Gaming Channel
I apologize for having violated copyright
ClubSoda 2 年 前
Please just stick to trailers. These TV spots are all the same and are meant for *TV*. We subscribe for trailer, not for TV spots.
Nin Kumar
Nin Kumar 2 年 前
Why can't we see these from the UK!?
??? 2 年 前
666 videos... Conspiracy or coincidence?
Russian Penguin
Russian Penguin 2 年 前
im sorry
Jerkwad152 3 年 前
Hey, fuck you guys for what you did to Axanar.
Dejoblue 3 年 前
This video contains content from [Merlin] KVZ Digital, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.
Yeremiah Angeles
I have some new movie ideas.
Yeremiah Angeles
I love Paramount so much, I really want to work with them. no I will work with them and I will work with Michael Bay and make a good movie together.I want to by in the film industry.
JPG 3 年 前
Michael Bowie
Michael Bowie 3 年 前
Please consider putting on your DVDs narration for the blind.
OndyTHX 3 年 前
le planey le planey
Hi Paramount Pictures, today you asked for my video to be blocked because of "réclamation pour atteinte aux droits d'auteur". You were right, it was a mistake : publishing one of your films instead of being one of my family ones, only because the disk was written "archives from uncle xxx". I've deleted it as soon as i have noticed the mistake. Could you please abandon your demand ? Thanks in advance, LP
Yourock3 3 年 前
Where i find the full length films?
Yourock3 3 年 前
+Jeremy Angeles aka you know its not a law and you're just bull shitting lol
Yeremiah Angeles
thats whats googles for
Yourock3 3 年 前
+Jeremy Angeles lol where, show me
Yeremiah Angeles
It is, look it up!...
Yourock3 3 年 前
Just asking where I can find them, how is that illegal at all? lol
Balázs 3 年 前
Hi Paramount Pictures! I am a great admirer of the working class and the animated universe created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, this is the best franchise ever done this channel have done a brilliant job, let me ask you a nice comment and think about it: It lacks a number of fans that Lin's father only knew the name of it and did not know who the father Suyin. The great idea is to have a one book available (10 or 12 episodes) animated spin-off series should be drawn separately Beifong family. (On the nick.com and Nick App, the majority are looking at here, is the fourth book has also been directly here.) That is worthy of closing this thread and millions of fans will be satisfied and cause them indescribable joy, if you do it for, please ask others think like think about it. The Beifong metalbender family may be the best family on the ATLA and TLOK series, only to increase their cult. The characters elaboration aswesome, brilliant, masterful and professional, just the fact that you can get a good story! Toph the Melon Lord of the most powerfoul, funniest and best chararcter on the franchise, Lin and Suyin the best sisters on the animated television series history ever created. (Better sisters from Elsa and Anna. The traditional 2-D animated world they are the best!) the reconciliation and the re-reunion was the most beautiful, most moving and most tears touching story what ever happened in the history of television series! (However, not once embraced each other in the third and fourth book and Suyin not said Lin that she loved him, although this would have deserved it!) Can we Huan (Skillerx) combat situations (His character was not really emerge, the more he can more than what we've seen so far), the badass twins new common struggles and can also be seen Baatar Jr. how to fit into the family, after the events, and Opal and Bolin (Bopal, one of the number one romantic ship of the fandom!) relationship how deepened, and has become much.To find out about great and awesome city Zaofu. This would be the most beautiful and most moving and touching spin-off idea on the animation history. Many people would like if Mike and Bryke, or someone who deals, and working out. It would be viewed and success! I send illustrate this entries: ideas.wikia.com/wiki/The_Beifongs
Yi Shi
Yi Shi 3 年 前
Hi! I used to have a Paramount Studio tour. I really like the introduce video which plays in the hall where we were waiting for the tour. Is there any chances that I can watch that video again?
The Union Beats
The Union Beats 3 年 前
great stuff guys! love your work
Shawn Bechard
Go suck on Satans balls. Oh wait, your comment just did.
Atlanta Water Damage Pro
Paramount has the best movies. I'm a huge fan.
Mickey Magic *
Mickey Magic * 3 年 前
I ' ve a dream ... American ninja 6 produced by Paramount any day !!!!!!!!!!!! hopefully ...
Lula FG
Lula FG 3 年 前
Otha Bland II
Otha Bland II 3 年 前
Are you & Nickelodeon gonna bring the Rugrats back? It would be awesome if you did, I know alot of fans young &n old miss them.
TheTitan Gen
TheTitan Gen 3 年 前
Can I have the permission to use Interstellar music in my video I will put a link to ITunes page please email me or comment back on my channel page
Chuchita Mia
Chuchita Mia 3 年 前
I WONDER IF ANYONE ANSWERS THESE COMMENTS....THE RATINGS WILL TELL YOU...Please talk to your people in TELEMUNDO...El Señor de los Cielos, third season...YOU GUYS LOST IT!!!! HAD PROMISED A FANTASTIC COME BACK...see my extensive comment on COMCAST channel and on the trailer for episode 3 of these seires which we used to like so much (speaking for 100+ viewers)
Gary Tobias
Gary Tobias 3 年 前
What the fuck is wrong with you Paramount? Do you have any idea how much I loved YTPs of spongebob? You are officially dead to me!!
Redlion 517
Redlion 517 3 年 前
It's Viacom you want, not Paramount.
bob boba
bob boba 4 年 前
Does anyone know the song playing in the strength tv spot for the movie selma
Jonah Henrickson
I really enjoyed "Super 8" a lot the same way as how I really enjoyed "Gravity"
Сергей Достовалов
music for media production from Russia. Russian spring...www.pond5.com/ru/stock-music/45582692/russian-spring.html
ParamountEps 4 年 前
Don't Miss The Show, Earth to Echo The Show Is Coming Soon
jxn 4 年 前
Hello! I'm a fan of logos, and in 2002 - 2012, the flying stars were so cool! One big thick sliver of gold in the middle, and two small thin slivers of silver on the top and bottom. This might sound weird, but I want to see that in real life.
Pablo Vannucci
Pablo Vannucci 4 年 前
It is my understanding that Paramount owns Lucille Ball's last show, Life with Lucy (1986). Can you please give this show the official DVD release it deserves to further honor Lucille Ball's legacy of bringing laughter to the world? If there is someone I can speak to about this, please let me know. Thank you, Pablo.
Keyser Soze
Keyser Soze 4 年 前
I think having William Shatner return as Captain James T Kirk in Star Trek 3 would please a lot of fans of the original show. Also reuniting both William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy would be a big deal and a special moment. I think it would be a great 50th Anniversary present for the fans and the film would be a guaranteed hit.
djstorytold 4 年 前
itunes.apple.com/us/album/another-life/id913628857?i=913628863 facebook.com/DJStorytold2 twitter.com/DJStoryTold
cornish chris
cornish chris 4 年 前
You guys (+Paramount Pictures) should have kept distributing Dreamworks films
cornish chris
cornish chris 4 年 前
i wonder if you guys (+Paramount Pictures ) will make more Rugrats movies?
Ethan Page
Ethan Page 4 年 前
Where is the Sponge Out Of Water trailer?
Mariann Kelly
Mariann Kelly 4 年 前
Paramount Pictures the Fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on JPvid are Nuts about Things.
M 4 年 前
so why is there no cross on the donkeys back on shrek??? every donkey has a cross on its back,,,, in shrek it only has a line running down its back
Luke Leihsing
Luke Leihsing 4 年 前
guys paramount is making a new friday the 13th movie in 2015!!!! hope it will be better than the last one
Wicked Horror
Wicked Horror 4 年 前
We Want More Horror!
Dean Costa
Dean Costa 4 年 前
You guys should try to make more movies like Saving Private Ryan! Still You guys are better than the Disney company! Keep it Up Paramount for PRESIDENT!
TheVideoKid782 4 年 前
You guys here at Paramount are good.
Shawn Bechard
Good at mounting the little people.
croMBZ 4 年 前
Stupid Noobes
Alexander Paul
Alexander Paul 4 年 前
Where is the NINJA TURTLES TRAILER!!!????
Reno Yanuar
Reno Yanuar 4 年 前
floydglenn 5 年 前
ok - seriously - Paramount. If you need help with this film - I can help you. Just contact me - Seriously. If you want to "win" with everyone (or at least with most people), then... call me. Contact me. (And don't tell me you can't - I know you can.) And one more thing. This is the only "Public" communique I'll put out. After contact, then Total privacy.
floydglenn 5 年 前
fgbowen@yahoo.com And btw - I have premium yahoo, so I can block anyone. Please don't contact me, unless you are Paramount.
Gustavo De Moya
Gustavo De Moya 5 年 前
Solicito ver on line o descargar THE HONEYMOONERS 2005 EN ESPAÑOL Request watch on line or download THE HONEYMOONERS 2005 IN SPANISH
olli nikkari
olli nikkari 5 年 前
Alberto Productions
When I grow up,I'll open up an Animation Studio called "Color Wheel Productions",Which is a studio to Help Paramount Animation make Movies and help them make TV Cartoons.I already have alot of Ideas because I Draw Everyday now.If you reject me,I'll work for Universal Pictures Instead.So Make your Decision until I Grow up and open up my Animation Studio.THINK!!!!!!
Alberto Productions
Also,Can you guys try to make Kiddie Movies like Disney?Because you mostly make movies rated PG-13 and R.Come on Paramount!Think about the Children man!!!!
Alberto Productions
Please make Spongebob Squarepants 2 come out next Friday,PPPPPPLLLLLLLLEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSEEE!!!!!
Állan Jones Mendes Batista
"The Golden Child", from 1986, remake, nice?
Super Rabbit
Super Rabbit 5 年 前
Please just give us a Jack Ryan trailer!
vetmar41 5 年 前
I wish you would do a remake of "Grease" with Diego Boneta as Danny, Cassie Scerbo as Sandy, Elizabeth Gillies as Rizzo and Vincent Martella as Kenickie.
Landon Stahmer
Landon Stahmer 5 年 前
You always be makin stuff! Good for you! You go Glenn Coco!
Pman1241 5 年 前
add me plz
tim gary
tim gary 5 年 前
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irfan ashirov
irfan ashirov 5 年 前
add me