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Dangie Bros
We build epic things in our backyard, and compete in some of the most unique internet challenges!!

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Jasmine Billing
Jasmine Billing 11 時間 前
I did
Ivan Harea
Ivan Harea 11 時間 前
Box boy vs Thanos Win Box boy
Tenzin Tsangyang
Tenzin Tsangyang 11 時間 前
At the end they thought they were fuged up
Debbie Clark
Debbie Clark 11 時間 前
I want to go to criss pool
memegodever 11 時間 前
Katie Ann Murphy
Katie Ann Murphy 11 時間 前
Give me
Tocalifegamer22 11 時間 前
Love ur vids
hecker 12 時間 前
Freddie Baker
Freddie Baker 12 時間 前
Tam jeff
chico lanza
chico lanza 12 時間 前
He solo the verse😳
Lumine_Kai 12 時間 前
They.. dont have security at that dock... iv been there 4 times XD
Jeddy Natividad
Jeddy Natividad 12 時間 前
helllo mr beast
Yung Sloth666
Yung Sloth666 12 時間 前
I’m not subscribing to see if you escaped.
R.E.D Panda
R.E.D Panda 12 時間 前
Pyramid paradise
Mansi Kalra
Mansi Kalra 12 時間 前
Butttt he at least picked up Thor hammer
Rupert Pig
Rupert Pig 12 時間 前
He’s actually kinda cool when he gets the hammer so if you give him a redesign he will actually be a cool hero
Jasper Samuels
Jasper Samuels 13 時間 前
Nominon Gamer
Nominon Gamer 13 時間 前
Who carws
Alisha Mathis-green
Alisha Mathis-green 13 時間 前
NeonCube 13 時間 前
Why is mr.beast wearing a ripe shirt
Game Slayer.
Game Slayer. 13 時間 前
i see videos Mr. Beast you didn't win I don't have to subscribe 😎
Ambika Jagadeesh
Ambika Jagadeesh 13 時間 前
Is jeff realy 12
Ambika Jagadeesh
Ambika Jagadeesh 13 時間 前
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman 13 時間 前
Imagine in level 1000 someone just pulls out a glock💀
Minecraft master girl
Minecraft master girl 13 時間 前
FOR JEFF ONLY Jeff you could of put spikes in the back then when someone is behind you SLAM THE BRake OK
yan sof
yan sof 13 時間 前
Why do you copy athers videos ideas like zealous
yan sof
yan sof 13 時間 前
Lady Lady
Lady Lady 14 時間 前
You said “for it to count we have to eat every single drop of it” and you guys barely even do that so this challenge might be disqualified
Khushbo Raezada
Khushbo Raezada 14 時間 前
Photographers Blog
Photographers Blog 14 時間 前
‘Subscribe to see the full video’ or just watch on YT
drsarmstrong1 14 時間 前