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Guy du Toit
Guy du Toit 37 分 前
How is no one else talking about Method mans performance? I didn’t even realize it was him as the nurse!!
Closed Eye Visuals
For everyone you smoke, i smoke half haha the beginning of smoking laws
ابو صكر
ابو صكر 37 分 前
عود يظهرون انهم منتصرين بالأفلام وبالواقع نعلنة والديهم وكلناهم تبن بالعباس
You'd Look Better In Red
This was by far the best scene of the movie
Crazy Dayz
Crazy Dayz 37 分 前
I wanna shoot that one guy
TheDudeofDudes 38 分 前
Landmine bends a rifle, but still can't straighten Owen Wilson's nose.
Stellar performance. She really made me feel for her. What happened to her still haunts me.
ZLVlogs 0
ZLVlogs 0 38 分 前
Panda desiigner
grimfear AMVs 強
LucyLo4 39 分 前
like jewels singing for some reason
I'm not crying, my eyes are sweating 😭😭
TravellingVoid 40 分 前
How can he feel the spider man clones when they are just holograms???
Tyler Murdock
Tyler Murdock 40 分 前
Ok so does pregnancy and all that work in this movie, or does it work normally until the mother goes to the hospital where they then ( and here’s where it get a bit dark ) they then kidnap the infant to be raised until their a few months old based on the babies we see leaving baby co to be given to possibly different parents and that why boss baby is blonde when the rest of the family has brown hair. Someone explain this monstrosity. And have a nice morning, noon, or night wen u reading this
Army Animal Nerd MyDays
Nostalgia 😢 I own 5 horses now all live in pasture, bitless and shoeless. My companion pony I have named Marylegs off this movie.
its_giovanni 40 分 前
Tom Holland is nothing compared to this
PirateGamer VJM
PirateGamer VJM 40 分 前
1:48 when u convinced the whole class that he had the gum
Joshua Jose
Joshua Jose 41 分 前
Hot Damn! Sofia and John can wipe out an army of soldiers together!
Jes Cruz
Jes Cruz 41 分 前
Where is Hans when you need him?
Shahar Bar-tor
Shahar Bar-tor 41 分 前
Emo’s would love this
Kimberly Terasaki
All the parents are partially responsible for the events of this movie (they never should have gotten on the boat in the first place), but Stu is a special kind of stupid, even for him, the guy who thought winning a $500 toy competition would make up for a lack of insurance/savings when he had a wife and two kids under two. Charlotte and Betty get a bit of a pass for being total badasses and literally saving everyone else.
BloxyGum 42 分 前
Worst movie why did I pay for this
Hot Cheetos
Hot Cheetos 42 分 前
I gotta say he looks a little handsome 😏😏😏I’m talking about the boi who punched da boi
Bearpaw 42 分 前
"The older i get the more things i gotta leave behind thats life" fk that hit me hard
Polisch Soviet
Polisch Soviet 43 分 前
Ehm It’s me yeh
Tsunamis are breathtaking ngl even in a movie 2012 was the best
MiKyle Unseld
MiKyle Unseld 43 分 前
Illuminati confirmed😂
King lords
King lords 43 分 前
This is Requiem..
Beth Dale
Beth Dale 43 分 前
Horrible movie
Kahrul Aloatuan
Kahrul Aloatuan 43 分 前
Aoife Cantwell
Aoife Cantwell 44 分 前
Imagine if the chandelier broke......
Ace Of Spades
Ace Of Spades 44 分 前
*_Why is Santa Russian?_*
Wheel Of Fortune Animations
This is the movie 2012, made in 2009, being viewed in 2019
Ehm It’s me yeh
Ugh stark I don’t feel so good
Pat Aherne
Pat Aherne 45 分 前
Churchill was a useless tactician.
JvZtin TV
JvZtin TV 45 分 前
everyone played this their school
kyle white
kyle white 46 分 前
Could you imagine the uproar if this was remade today?
blue knife
blue knife 46 分 前
In the beginning they finally got what he wanted
M. Rijean
M. Rijean 46 分 前
Guys if you're in their situation knowing that you can get killed anytime the human mind would go to their instincts first and that is to survive in moments like this you can't help but get selfish
Kawaii Spinner Princess
If nobody joined S.P.E.W after this scene, what's even the point anymore
Klik B
Klik B 47 分 前
The directors were telling us that she's not a wolf by cutting her out of the second movie.
The Knight of Green
You know Mysterio, without Tony’s sacrifice you would be erased and you wouldn’t be able to make this disturbing scene
teigh. 47 分 前
Well alright then
Minh Tú
Minh Tú 47 分 前
0:18 when i can't chase my friend but i take his bag
Aoife Cantwell
Aoife Cantwell 47 分 前
He’s gay.... Ok dude!👍🤘
F15E Strike Eagle
He got his Berretta pistol in this scene,however at 0:49 it turned into a Walther PPK
slippery_ fish
slippery_ fish 48 分 前
Boy:'breaks ice' Also boy:here come the money!
the man
the man 48 分 前
They need to remake this movie or do a part 2
sk8den 48 分 前
By order of the Peaky Blinders
Maximum Effort
Maximum Effort 48 分 前
1:23 I think mysterio is talking about peter quill
Scales JRツ
Scales JRツ 49 分 前
Why wouldn’t you just take the ball when you have it?
Bxcrimez 20
Bxcrimez 20 49 分 前
When there’s a hacker in your team so u just sit back and watch
Ehm It’s me yeh
For once in a movie when they see a natural disaster they actually run instead of stand and stare
Nhân Nguyễn
Nhân Nguyễn 50 分 前
Lion dane 😂😂😂😂
5 SOS- Dont Stop The Vamps- Rest Your Love
When the cgi was an enemy
WETRICE246 - 50 分 前
Everything about this movie is wrong
Osore Akumu
Osore Akumu 50 分 前
One of the reasons why I love mysterio
Kris Cipywnyk
Kris Cipywnyk 50 分 前
This movie is underrated and gets too much hate imo, there’s some actually funny stuff in it
Owen Benjamu
Owen Benjamu 50 分 前
The swingers back together.
Gunship_ Serrano
Gunship_ Serrano 51 分 前
Robbing a liquor store in 2019 GTA V be like
Hazar the meme brain
2:55 it sonded lile he ran over a bird
The part when they realized it was the flowers still haunts me.
Cathy Souc
Cathy Souc 51 分 前
Sé trop bien
Razorstorm21 51 分 前
I love how the autobots look human sized when obviously they are way taller than humans.
Mx Flix
Mx Flix 51 分 前
I got you 1:28
청량 51 分 前
LOL He snapped his finger at 3:42 Was he trying to follow Iron man??😂😂
Abhishek Srivastava
That was the most docile gun shop owner ever. he was just waiting to "abide". No wonder this movie flopped. such bad script
Eric4bz 51 分 前
1:22 aaaaaand wow, perfect example of bad CGI in a movie with very bad acting. This is why you do make up, costumes and props.
Jackaboiii498 __
Jackaboiii498 __ 52 分 前
Tom Holland is bebe
Almost gutted Knoxville there at the end 😬😬😬
Gaming Celebrity
Gaming Celebrity 52 分 前
I can’t believe this movie is 15 years old.
Ese Fiahau
Ese Fiahau 52 分 前
Tu rigoles non mais un problème c'est qui c'est rigolo il y a un problème je qui a un problème sur qui fait peur pour les petits Chucky
The Living Meme
The Living Meme 53 分 前
alfredo Senon
alfredo Senon 53 分 前
Storm shadow.and mother of deckard shaw
casa casa
casa casa 53 分 前
1:58 Fillioo de puttaaaaaaaaaaa!!! 😵
청량 53 分 前
In 2:59 , the bullet mark on the car explains that it was a drone all along
aime Heth
aime Heth 53 分 前
This one is so brutal😧😧 classic in his own way.
михaил трифонов
Spider-Man Shaterd dimentions
Amilia C. Aquino
Amilia C. Aquino 54 分 前
Arent they in that movie sisters... woah
Sebastian Szwagruk
cyborg 89 miałem na VHS jeden z najlepszych filmów z Vandamme
You gotta do all this for one person?
The Devil's Favorite Demon
JPvid Has Brought All Of Us Together Again...✌️
Otaku King28
Otaku King28 55 分 前
Man I love the song that’s playing at the end. My mom introduced it to me and I grew up on it🔥🔥
Catherine Besa
Catherine Besa 55 分 前
You we're always like a son to me!
Ese Fiahau
Ese Fiahau 55 分 前
Chucky c'est rigolo
John Cunningham
John Cunningham 56 分 前
The thumbnail made me laugh out loud.
the gaming Brothers Pranada
Maria Ralita
Maria Ralita 56 分 前
Se nul
Anno S
Anno S 56 分 前
I wish it was a love story between adele and william. Alice or whatever he spoiled all story. I cringed when i was watching him
Sehhan 57 分 前
Please tell me this is not the end of HTTYD I hope there will be more movies to come or some new series
Roy Zhang
Roy Zhang 57 分 前
At 1:58 Marcus or whatever his name is a I forgot knew that his dad f*cked up
DerpyDerpDeDerp 57 分 前
Bruh her bowstring is caught on her nose in the thumbnail
ever martinez
ever martinez 58 分 前
When you get caught in a genjitsue
Mizer Mustard
Mizer Mustard 58 分 前
Well...now I’m crying again, after the one millionth time I’ve seen this incredible scene! And I love it! ROCKY!!!!! 💪🏻
Ada yang disini yang indonesia like disini,yang tau ini film nabi Nuh komentdan like
Arfistic Wolf
Arfistic Wolf 58 分 前
There dumbass would have been dead with that mega drop
GeeShinee 17
GeeShinee 17 58 分 前
I hate live action movies
Crib818Hungry GAMER
What movie is it
ACCastell737 58 分 前
Your dogs are GAY
Loli4lyf 59 分 前
Wadiya : *exist US : *heavy breathing*
Not All But Few A ShortAnswers
No real thought it's all about the fight