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80 コメント数
Alexis Santiago
Alexis Santiago 34 分 前
OMG BROOOOO!!!!!!! tell me this movie isn’t gonna be god tier, BRO IM SOOO HYPE!!!!!
Redfox 38 分 前
What music is this?
The baby just said ima end this whole mans career.
Adrian Herrera
Adrian Herrera 47 分 前
This is the money movie
James Carter-Hobbs
Seeing Tobey at the start made me smile
Mecca Ars
Mecca Ars 時間 前
i think tobey is the best
Dountlord 時間 前
You know this ain’t real when they put old aunt may
Blueout23 時間 前
Bruh if they really do this.... they better make it more than just a cameo.
base head fitness
Strainer 時間 前
Se que este trailer no es real pero esta muy bien hecho es verdad
TD Gibby
TD Gibby 2 時間 前
I wish this was real bruh
Firdan Harbima
Firdan Harbima 2 時間 前
Guys the last part is from methlokaijufan97 not an official but fan teaser
swirl_ thunderousyt
swirl_ thunderousyt 2 時間 前
Bruh 2 movies later dinsours bring back humans
Xellier Guerra
Xellier Guerra 2 時間 前
Give me rent
Luciano Leyes
Luciano Leyes 2 時間 前
SOS Grant
SOS Grant 2 時間 前
Even tho imma miss isla nublar I’m just glad to see the Jurassic park and Jurassic world movies aren’t going to end anytime soon
Claire L
Claire L 2 時間 前
I. Want a new Star Wars movie now!!!
Hannah Loesch
Hannah Loesch 3 時間 前
I feel just like what Audrey Wilder said.
Ah447 3 時間 前
This trailer alone has got so many hyped
TTV_Xlapz77 3 時間 前
You put Caroline from vampire diaries
Kaylin S
Kaylin S 3 時間 前
Kong is going to die if he face GODZILLA
Mr. Loner
Mr. Loner 4 時間 前
“You’re like me”
Farmageddon 4 時間 前
if they make galactus look like a space cloud again i will hate fox forever
"I will learn how to stop people from dying" he spoke that into existence which was the deception.
Darth Vader was the Revenge of Annikans Heartache, he really loved her.
TMLink 4 時間 前
Yo what is the soundtrack for this
faris zakwan
faris zakwan 5 時間 前
if this real i swear this is my most fav movie ever
Alexandra 5 時間 前
francesco liguori
francesco liguori 7 時間 前
What is the name of the song that sounds almost at the end of the trailer?
Austin Carlson
Austin Carlson 7 時間 前
He looks like Edward
Q.A Channel Tk
Q.A Channel Tk 7 時間 前
Purvy101 8 時間 前
6/10 needs more fading in and out
Athar Intro
Athar Intro 8 時間 前
Is this my Favourite Spider-Verse Trailer! Please Love My Comment
Pamela Moriel
Pamela Moriel 8 時間 前
Matluangi Pachuau
Matluangi Pachuau 9 時間 前
Is there gonna be Gwen stacy and Harry Osborn
is it real!!!!!!!
Hachem Hachem
Hachem Hachem 9 時間 前
This is sick
Jelsa frostyX
Jelsa frostyX 9 時間 前
1 day ago the Sony didn’t confirmed to deal with Tobey maguire and Andrew garfield in Spiderman 3
Alif Rohan
Alif Rohan 10 時間 前
By this movie it comes to an end of Jurassic park/world series...... 😭😭😭😭😭 That's mean after this movie we can't see any new series of Jurassic park/world........ This is the end of Jurassic park just like Avengers End Game 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Muhammad Shawaiz
Muhammad Shawaiz 10 時間 前
Roses are red Violets are blue Me and you got scammed For a view
Nanorex tv
Nanorex tv 11 時間 前
ITS Not extintion ITS Dominion oo
Ronald Johnson
Ronald Johnson 11 時間 前
are you fucking kidding me? you stole this.
Vanilla Gorilla
Vanilla Gorilla 11 時間 前
Weren't there less than 100 dinosaurs released? And, like, they can be taken down by high calibers. How is this a threat? Just start selling dino tags and they'll be taken down in one season easily.
Gerardo Arcos
Gerardo Arcos 11 時間 前
Para que hacen estás mamadas es obvio que son parte de las películas ya existentes y de dr.strange
DrXppy Matt
DrXppy Matt 12 時間 前
Let's be honest no one wanted vulture to become a new captain america Honestly I didn't
Mikayla Winkler
Mikayla Winkler 12 時間 前
I lost it when he said "I will even learn to stop people from dying" 😭😭😭😭😭
Kamilo Muliaga
Kamilo Muliaga 12 時間 前
No raw wow that's sad
Cynthia Jackson
Cynthia Jackson 12 時間 前
Is this real
Ghost741 Simon
Ghost741 Simon 12 時間 前
Every SpiderMan will Collab
Diaval Moon
Diaval Moon 12 時間 前
This looked very cool it was very believable good job
Vikkiloo 12 時間 前
They'd make millions on this
COD ProCamp
COD ProCamp 12 時間 前
Looks like a video game
Family of 9
Family of 9 14 時間 前
Spider man is the least favorite Supet hero I have ever experienced Its so Awesome how he can shoot webs and some can be dark and some can be Sad And now sorta depressing but I noticed that That movie is real...there are real just not the Person who can climb walls and shoot webs but We will love spider man no matter what will happen.
AviSek2k17 14 時間 前
Uncle Ben: Aww Shit, here we go again.
Storytelling Man
Storytelling Man 16 時間 前
The editing was very good, but probably if there is a multiverse, Garfield and Maguire, will only make a participation in the film, they should not have so much focus.
Alexandra Terrero
Alexandra Terrero 16 時間 前
Tobey, the best!!!
Todd Nixon
Todd Nixon 16 時間 前
If nobody has played the game Beyond 2 Souls with Ellen Page it's a marvel of a game I would rate it two or three points under The last of us remastered phenomenal graphics and gameplay I did get it for the PS4 so graphics were a bit better than the original PS3 but Ellen Page would be the absolute perfect Ellie.... If you have not played Beyond 2 Souls yet definitely play it....
Spongiebob Loosepants_24
Let’s hope Sony decides to do Spider-Man 4 or the amazing Spider-Man 3 but I’m just going to keep dreaming
Argenis Lopez
Argenis Lopez 16 時間 前
Really ??
ZTails 327
ZTails 327 16 時間 前
I believe that Tobey Maguire Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland are going to be together in the MCU or a future Spider Man movie
Corey Ciepiela
Corey Ciepiela 16 時間 前
Conceptually it could be good, but I have zero faith in Hollywood
Mr Therxpyyy
Mr Therxpyyy 16 時間 前
Graciel Viernes
Graciel Viernes 16 時間 前
My favorit marvel character ever
kevin 17 時間 前
this is cap
Grevie reza
Grevie reza 17 時間 前
Imagine if this real i would be happy
Syifauddin Al Zuhri
Syifauddin Al Zuhri 18 時間 前
now they can point each other, just like the meme said
2live. mall
2live. mall 18 時間 前
I smell edit
Fishy Gamer
Fishy Gamer 19 時間 前
I cant wait for this movie
Jorge Alvarez
Jorge Alvarez 19 時間 前
How come Marvel and Sony not see that this would make them Millions if not Billions 💰💰🤑
YuliGamer ­
YuliGamer ­ 19 時間 前
esto es real?
Skittles07 19 時間 前
Imagine if they bring the 1977 spider man
Павел Саркисьян
Если это не фейк. То я рад, что экранизируют. Только надеюсь экранизируют 2 часть
Black Boa
Black Boa 19 時間 前
I still cant believe that the original Avatar was made in 2009. The visuals look like they were made in the far far future! Which I love!
Trista Cooper
Trista Cooper 19 時間 前
This movie is a need
Salmaan GAMING
Salmaan GAMING 20 時間 前
why u make it so sad
Christian Carroll
Christian Carroll 20 時間 前
Something we would all love to see happen
ThePerimeter 20 時間 前
This may not happen.
Gurilla_ Bushido
Gurilla_ Bushido 20 時間 前
Can i just say i love this and yes with great power comes great responsibility💥🙏🕸️
Dylilah Piglet
Dylilah Piglet 20 時間 前
I know I am about to get rinsed for this... but I thought that the prequels were an amazing addition to the trilogy, it really gave the backstory to the storyline we all know and love! It gave it a very powerful, political and dark tone that I think that hard core fans to the original films are overlooking. I agree the original films were a masterpiece, for it's time, and that we thought that nothing could carry the story on. Wich of course was proved right😂 But the prequels were set in the past and are somewhat a story of there own.
Carlos eduardo Cadu
Carlos eduardo Cadu 21 時間 前
Eu sou do brasio e voses