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Tortoise 3 時間 前
Realistic graphics 😳
DragonStarPlanet 3 時間 前
This game is perfect for gamers and people for starting out their home flip jobs and such.
Akash Roy
Akash Roy 3 時間 前
Tom Holland as Nathan Drake? hmm...
Ardillita Troll
Ardillita Troll 3 時間 前
Some Guy Person
Some Guy Person 3 時間 前
stop hiring capeshit actors oml
Ramya Suresh
Ramya Suresh 3 時間 前
I still can't believe that this director who directed avengers game because this is the best uncharted game ever in uncharted history but avengers no comments simply waste
Cobraaa man
Cobraaa man 3 時間 前
the game will be released on ps4?
Sweet Jhon
Sweet Jhon 3 時間 前
I am speechless
dylan 3 時間 前
The kid didn't age then he just aged to like 30.
gerard volpato
gerard volpato 3 時間 前
Is this a prank? Even drake could have made a better Nathan drake 🤦🏾‍♂️
The Friendly Elephant 12
Switch version please
Ali Aziz
Ali Aziz 3 時間 前
Crostir Sterqi
Crostir Sterqi 3 時間 前
They really ruined the legacy of Uncharted with this one, huh? I feel like Uncharted didn't even really need a movie, let alone a casting disaster, Tom Holland as Nate.
V 3 時間 前
No, it’s not all in their heads
Dane Smith
Dane Smith 3 時間 前
Just .....meh was expecting more "remaster" this just looks like texture mod.
yulius chandra
yulius chandra 3 時間 前
Holy! Holy! Holy!!!!
P Young
P Young 3 時間 前
Couldn't have miscast this film any more if they tried. Terrible choices for the lead two. But in todays climate I'm surprised they actually cast white men.
The boy 1313
The boy 1313 3 時間 前
Swtor must remastered and looks like this
Adrián Rojas P.
Adrián Rojas P. 3 時間 前
So... is like... the moustache for Sully a $100 pre-order bonus or...
DarthRanger56 3 時間 前
When I look at Tom Holland I just hear and see him as Peter Parker. I can't believe him as another character.
Sub-Zero-Dark 3 時間 前
Zoot Boot
Zoot Boot 3 時間 前
Cookie Puss
Cookie Puss 3 時間 前
I'm impressed
Fénix 3 時間 前
I think they showed a bit much in this trailer..
Schwarzz 3 時間 前
Tom Holland looks like 15-year-old Nathan Drake. I wish PlayStation had bigger budgets and Tom Cruise would have to appear in movie as Nathan Drake...
Isaac Mifsud
Isaac Mifsud 3 時間 前
Mad fan of the games, bought each on the day they came out... I’m not too disappointed so far anout what I have seen from the trailer. Having a non-Australian Chloe is a real killer though, that’s what she’s famous for! Also, they are not reconning the way Drake and Sully met. If you’re a fan of the game, you can tell it’s just banter between the two! They already know each other 🤗
Minji Lee
Minji Lee 3 時間 前
Well, I thought it was about uncharted 4 but, it seems a prequel cause the actors are way too young, there's no Sam but they included some cool scenes from every chapter of the saga so it's like a mixture or something??? Chloe is literally a cosplayer but they preffered to cast Tom as Nathan, and a mustache-free Sully. I'm not gonna lie I'm really disappointed
Thanujan99 3 時間 前
So Sam gonna appear?
Deathblow17 3 時間 前
Another forgettable video game movie based off of one of my favorite franchises. When will they learn!?
Александр Волков
Abhi 739
Abhi 739 3 時間 前
bad cast for uncharted, tom cruise would have suited perfectly
Buckeyeboi 3 時間 前
I know that this is just a movie but c'mon bro. I've been to Iraq before and I've been in those dust storms over there. There's no way you cannot wear some type of eye protection with all that sand coming from everywhere and being in your face like that. That sand would tear your eyes up lol. At least attempt to make it somewhat believable. It's obvious that someone didn't think this all the way through.
wareth Ali
wareth Ali 3 時間 前
András Mocsár
András Mocsár 3 時間 前
We are all gamers, let's enjoy games together no matter what is your main platform. SONY, you did a great job!
Atlan Ta
Atlan Ta 3 時間 前
Can't wait to replay this on PC.
Wow this cosplay fan film look awesome!!!🤪
tachikoma81 3 時間 前
Gameplay not enchanced......nope
Negativitron Prime
Negativitron Prime 3 時間 前
Mmmmmm no
Kevin 3 時間 前
I think gran turismo should try its hand at open world. Forza horizon series is my favorite way to play racing games
ABPlaz 3 時間 前
That goat can beat goku
Atlan Ta
Atlan Ta 3 時間 前
THIS is Nathan Drake.
suelane Sousa
suelane Sousa 3 時間 前
Lançar o PlayStation 6
Jay xD
Jay xD 3 時間 前
Wow Ningún comentario sobre Rubius xD (1:01)
ayamjoget 3 時間 前
Is this the guy that in a raising dion
Arnab Gupta
Arnab Gupta 3 時間 前
waiting for this
Kingdom Of Finance
Kingdom Of Finance 3 時間 前
I wanted the transformers Unicron Trilogy guys... Especially in Cybertron but oh well this is still dope asf.
Nyrex 3 時間 前
excuse me but who decided to put tom holland as nathan drake no offence but liken am i the only one who finds this a bit odd
editor gaming
editor gaming 3 時間 前
Roastistaan 3 時間 前
best part of the game would be kratos vs Thor
Pooping Buffalo
Pooping Buffalo 3 時間 前
This looks boring.
Nnchiwi Maglass
Nnchiwi Maglass 3 時間 前
Spiderman pose at 2:12
Fiky Zulfikar
Fiky Zulfikar 3 時間 前
Fix Tara arts is cenayang ... 🤣
Fiky Zulfikar
Fiky Zulfikar 3 時間 前
Share this if u Tara arts fans 😆
Luiz Henrique
Luiz Henrique 3 時間 前
rjrex8 3 時間 前
New game please
محمد ضرغام
محمد ضرغام 4 時間 前
Spooder Man
Spooder Man 4 時間 前
I wish this releases on ps4 to cuz I can’t find or afford a ps5
Get Green
Get Green 4 時間 前
i really dont know what to think
Dart 4 時間 前
Something just doesn’t feel right
jesus Leonardo cosme siles
Basura de actores
Funk Machine909
Funk Machine909 4 時間 前
why spoil how the creatures look like in the trailer??? stupid
Karthick venkatachalam
Waiting for for this 😍
Dhruv 4 時間 前
Tom would've been better as young Nathan like in uncharted 4 when he chases after his brother
Frazier Fox
Frazier Fox 4 時間 前
It’s pathetic how people let’s nostalgia kill it.
Adam Demou
Adam Demou 4 時間 前
Jam a man of fortune
uncharted 2 train scene > uncharted 3 plane scene
Cho Koon
Cho Koon 4 時間 前
the new Starfield game is looking great
RS232 4 時間 前
Coming to PC at 2025
Hrithik Muttin
Hrithik Muttin 4 時間 前
Squall Ranger
Squall Ranger 4 時間 前
Just like I've platinum all the game in the series I hope they platinum the movie
black eyed kids
black eyed kids 4 時間 前
Nice movie 👍
Alejandro Campos
Alejandro Campos 4 時間 前
FF XV vibes
Diego Lechuga
Diego Lechuga 4 時間 前
Wow this and Horizon 5 are such a display of quality for racing games
RD Parialated
RD Parialated 4 時間 前
National treasure vibes... But the casting isnt ideal, but i"ll probably watch it, its probably a narcissistic director or producer who feels giving it their own twist can make it better.... Sony should be more protective of their ip, reminds me how in the miles morales spiderman game they changed peter parker's look to resemble Tom Holland, seems like they went the opposite direction this time, just hope they don't change the look of Nathan drake in the upcoming game, that would be doodoo
G-M 4 時間 前
Aww the Forever made me teary-eyed <3
Against AllOdds
Against AllOdds 4 時間 前
Real uncharted fans WE MUST DECIDE It's up 2 US the ones who played these awesome games
Unbridled Pancake
Unbridled Pancake 4 時間 前
This movie is going to be a lot of fun I can’t wait! Hopefully video game purists don’t ruin it 🤞
memegameranimation 11
Pls put a demo hunting pls I want to play this 2 years
I AM AMOGUS 4 時間 前
Does this mean gow ragnarok will come to pc?
Сергей 3 時間 前